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The founder of easyJet said “I decided very early on that the way to make a difference in my life and in other people’s lives was to give them services and products that are actually for the many and not for the few.” Now I am really eager to know how EasyJet accommodates their customers. Let us seek our teeth into details.

Brief History of easyJet
easyJet was founded in 1995 by a Greek-Cypriot businessman, Mr. Stelios Haji-Ioannou. Inaugurated its first flight to Amsterdam in 1996 with a Boeing 737-200. After ten years of service with easyJet Mr. Ray Webster stood down and was replaced by Mr. Andrew Harrison in November 2005.

easyJet Reviews - Carolyn McCall
Carolyn McCall

However on 1st of July 2010 Mr. Harrison was replaced by Ms. Carolyn McCall and has been responsible for the airline’s’ growth and competitiveness.

Ms. McCall is a 54 year old British woman and is known for being the Queen of the skies for launching easyjet into the FTSE100 in March (FTSE 100, is a shared index of 100 companies listed in London Stock Exchange). She was able to turn the tables for the airlines from chaos to grandiose.


Did You Know?
EasyJet operates 300 routes in more than 30 countries and headquartered at London Luton Airport with a massive fleet size of 217 consisting of 135 Airbus A319 and 82 Airbus A320. To expand the airlines is ordering three more Airbus A320. The airlines is not a member of the three major airline alliances however have made their way up for two decades with the most recent awards received last year for “Best Short-Haul Airline” by Business Travel Awards, “Inflight Sales Person of the Year (ISPY)” by Airline of the Year and  “Best Mobile Booking Solution” by Mobile Travel & Tourism Awards.

On the 21st of May 2015, easyJet almost collided with another light aircraft. The airline was on final approach to a runway in Glasgow, SC to Palma Mallorca, SP on a Airbus A319-100 flight U2-6895 when the crew received a TCAS warning of an unknown aircraft which was later find out to be a Cessna 150.  The pilot of the Cessna 150 was just a student-pilot who used the gyro directional information without knowledge that was not accurate which caused the wrong alignment of the aircraft’s runway route.

How is it to Fly with easyJet
traveller magazineIn this easyJet review, I took time to study the inflight service and experience with the airlines. I found out easyJet doesn’t provide a common AVOD (audio video on demand) entertainment for movies, music and games. However inflight magazines which they call “Traveller” are given which customers have the option to read while on board or take home.

easyJet Boutique and Bistro, their on board shopping magazine which customers get a wide selection of meals, sandwiches, sweets, hot or cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, confectionery and other snacks. Pandora On Board, is the section of the magazine where it offers exclusive charm sets.

The airlines only has one cabin class wherein seat dimensions are 29” pitch by 17.5 width. The airlines are strict when it comes to baggage allowance. To see more about their baggage policy, click here.

easyJet Website and Mobile
The overall design of the official website is a contrast of bright orange and white which leaves a shocking and eye-catching view of the page. The website provides options for customers to book and search for flights, hotel reservations, car rentals and holiday packages.
easyJet ReviewsThe sub-function of the website shows customers images of their latest promotions and deals in the background, customers can also check-in online, check flight status and manage their bookings. A language selector is located on the top right of the page which is interchangeable from English to 20 other languages.

The mobile version for service of easyJet lets customers personalize their flight information, mobile check-in, see real time flight status, book flights and manage bookings. easyJet mobile is also available on Android and iOS including Apple Watch with its latest update last September 2, 2015
easyJet Reviews - Mobile app

easyJet Reviews of Passengers
Judging through the list of comments and feedback regarding easyJet Reviews. Customers are really dissatisfied with the airline’s service inflight. One reviewer was mad when she said First thing easyJet needs to be addressed, their staff need some training in customer service, what a miserable, sullen and in some cases rude bunch of people that’s from check in staff through to cabin crew, rude and ill mannered. easyjet take note you could have had a lot of irate, angry passengers to deal with and quite rightly so.” she was mad and gave the airline a 2 out of rating by SkyTrax’s Airlinequality.com

Contact information

  • Website URL:                     www.easyjet.com
  • Contact number:               +44 1582 52 53 30
  • Contact Email:                   press.office@easyjet.com
  • Fax Number:                     +44 1582 44 33 55
  • Head Office Address:        don Luton International Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 9PF, UK

In this easyJet review, the airlines overall performing neutrally. I think they should try to add cabin classes to explore their service potential. Their baggage policy  is a little too strict, a lady gets charged for carry-on handbag? Ms. McCall must look into this matter, even it’s a minor complaint this can lead to something big in the long run. Feel free to leave a comment below



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  1. Just a great airline! Always fly out of London Southend Airport with Easyjet. The crew are always extremely pleasant and the service is impeccable.

    Yet again another company who please the majority of their customers!

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