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The South Korean budget airline traces its roots back to 2007 when in less than a year, they acquired their Air Operator Certificate and launched their initial flight from Seoul to Jeju with a Boeing 737. Eastar Jet was able to have its first international flight in 2009 to Kuching, Malaysia.

Now, the low-cost airline has a total fleet size of 13 Boeing 737 catering to over 18 destinations: (5) domestic and (13) international routes. The airline is owned by KIC Group, has a base at Gimpo International Airport, and a hub at Jeju International Airport.  They’re being led by their current President and CEO, Jung Shik Kim.

Flying with Eastar Jet

inflightThere is only one type of service on board with Eastar Jet either for domestic or international routes. Flight attendants greet every customer with a warm welcome. Passengers are offered a free choice of fresh tangerine juice or mineral water. To keep them entertained, travellers are included in the per-flight activity of the airline called Onboard Photography. Despite that, passengers are given the option to select from their onboard gift event. For medical assistance, medicines are prepared on board. Just so you know, Eastar Jet also offers paid services to provide more options and benefits.

Official Website and Mobile App

The official site is organized nicely to let customers understand the services of Eastar Jet. As noticeable at the top right, the language of the site can be changed from Korean to English and 3 other international languages. Basically, the web page helps travellers search and manage their booking online. It also offers information regarding Eastar Jet services, policies, and news updates.
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Another good thing about this budget airline: they have the courtesy to have a mobile version of their services. Their mobile app is only available in the Google Play Store. However, users are complaining because the mobile version is all in Korean characters. One reviewer even said “ENGLISH is a must!”

Talking about customer feedback, let’s look at Eastar Jet reviews…

Eastar Jet Reviews of Travellers

Browsing and reading through what people have to say about Eastar Jet, it seems like the airline had been holding a great reputation and impression to its passengers. On Skytrax, based on 7 Eastar Jet reviews, the budget airline had garnered a 8/10 overall rating. This was according to the reviews stating that they had a comfortable and smooth flight with Eastar Jet. The majority of the reviews have no major complaints over the airline but are more on praising its quality of customer service.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                 http://www.eastarjet.com/book/index.htm
  • Contact Number:           +82-1544-0080 / +82-70-8660-8000
  • Contact Email:               recruit@eastarjet.com
  • Fax Number:                 +82 2 2665 7470
  • Head Office Address:     2nd Floor, Yangseo Building, 534-9 Banghwa-dong, angseo-gu, Seoul,
                                          Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Eastar Jet might not be the national airline of South Korea, but is definitely one of the best airlines in the world. It’s an important factor that an air carrier knows how to maintain its services and quality. These will make customers keep coming back. Did you know that last year, Eastar Jet was one of the airlines being awarded by CAE for training solution contracts? Come to think of it, they were just established in 2007. We look forward to hear more about Eastar Jet in the future.



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  1. Price is unbeatable and cheapest option. Flights early and free juice and water offered which is unusual for LCC. Outbound aircraft was B737-700. Emergency row at the entry door has masses of leg room. Interior looked tired and forward toilet door was faulty. If there is a downside to choosing Eastar it is that they operate out of the satellite terminal. Other than that I wouldn’t fly anyone else unless they can offer better price combined with decent flight times.

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