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Destinia is not a Spanish word for “Destiny” (fate) but it is related to that root word. Destinia is a stylized version of the word “Destination” which means a place where someone ought to go. Join me as we fully understand what kind of destiny Destinia is leading as to. Let’s scrutinize them!

The genius behind other online travel agencies such as Troovel, Onlinetravel and Globalclick was Amuda Goueli who was also the founder of Destinia in 2001 and is operating as its CEO as well. Destinia is a limited liability company with offices internationally. Now, it has over 150 employees and millions of clients. The travel site caters services from 300,000 hotels and 600 airlines, permitting reservations in over 30 languages. Destinia was said to be one of the Top 3 Online Travel Agencies in Spain.
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Destinia also has a social media account on Facebook, wherein this is an extended version of their official page’s services. On their Facebook account, they inspire travelers with different wonders of the world and with their blogs too. They call travelers “Destinians”. To visit their Facebook account, click here.

The travel site is similar to other online travel agencies that allow travelers to search and choose the best flights, hotel reservations and car rentals. In this review, I tried searching for flights from Montreal, Canada to Boston, Massachusetts from December 14 to 18 as 1 adult.

The result page of Destinia is very confusing and hard to understand. It is too complex that I don’t know where to start scanning. But on the left wing, options to customize the result can be filtered by number of stops, direct flights, selected airline company and flight duration.

If a customer will try to search for Destinia Reviews, there won’t be a lot of results showing up but that doesn’t mean that the company is fully trustworthy. One of the few results showing Destinia reviews is on Trustpilot. Consumers on that said rating site are debating about Destinia’s bad behavior and one reviewer even said that we should beware of the company. To see what I mean, click here.

Another credible reviewer posted in Reddit, where in his review he included some evident pictures for reference, and not alone, his review stands as witness to Destinia’s indolence and act of fraud with comments starting right below the Reddit post. To go to the said post, click here.
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Contact information

  • Website URL:                 
  • Contact number:                     (+34) 915 24 24 00 or +(44) 20 80992901
  • Contact Email:              
  • Fax Number:                           (+34) 902 196 339
  • Head Office Address:              Gran Vía, 22 Dcdo. Madrid, 28013 Spain

Advice to Revise
They stated that: “In order to maintain a good atmosphere on the fanpage, we will remove offensive comments or insults directed on Destinia, to his team or to any other member of the community.” That’s kinda one sided. They are just letting us see the beautiful side but knowing this revealed the ugly truth. I think, Destinia should learn how to accept mistakes and use them as their tool to improve their services.



  1. I would not recommend anyone to buy from Destinia. They are not just lying about the cost, but also completely ignores those who get in touch! I’m complaining about this kind of treatment, It was incredible, one day before travel, telling me that, 6 months after did the reservation and payment.

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