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One of the oldest airlines in Europe traces its roots back to October 6, 1923 as “
Československé státní aerolinie (Czechoslovak State Airlines)”. For the first seven years of the travel company, it only operated domestic flights between Prague and Bratislava. In 1930, they started international routes in Zagreb. However, during the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia in 1939, wherein the country was divided into three, the airline was terminated by then. However, this was suspended in 1948 and the fleet was replaced with Soviet-built airlines.

Now, the airline is known as CSA Czech Airlines and it’s headquartered at Václav Havel Airport Prague operating with a total fleet size of 16 serving over 43 destinations worldwide. CSA became a member of Skyteam in 2000, which actually makes the ownership 56% Czech Aeroholding and 44% Korean Air.
aircraftOn Board Services
The national airline caters scheduled, charter and cargo services and has two cabin classes on board: Economy and Business. The difference of the cabin class depends on the on board and before flight services. The Business Class passengers have a dedicated check-in counter, baggage allowance of two luggages weighing up to 32 kg, priority boarding, offering of a  welcome drink, a range of meals prepared by a prestigious cook of Zátiší restaurant network and even an extensive selection of wine and soft drinks.

The Economy Class passengers are offered the following, click here for the list of services.

PC and Mobile version of Services
The official site of Czech Airlines looks clean and organized. The flashing images of their latest offers and deals as background made the whole layout of the site a total package. Travellers find it easy to work around the page because the language selector is visible on the top of the page and the features are easily understood by even technically challenged individuals. The search option found on the top right helps customers easily find the information they were looking for on the website.
Czech Airlines Reviews-page
To receive the airline’s latest special offers and discounts, a newsletter service is found on the bottom of the page, right next to it, an option to reach them such as their customer service number and FAQ page link is located. Czech Airlines also has a mobile version of all these services which is available on iOS, Android, Windows and other operating systems.
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Customers’ Comments
According to several Czech Airlines reviews, the airline is providing not only good quality services but also humane airfare prices. On Skytrax,  a total of 108 Czech Airlines reviews proves that the flag carrier of the Czech Republic gathered an overall score of a 6/10 star rating. However, three of the most recent reviews are narrating a different story about them. Here’s the latest review:

“Our flight from Milan to Prague was delayed by half an hour, we didn’t get even get a glass of water, you have to pay for everything. I ordered instant noodles for 3.50EUR, but when they served them to me they told me that the water was not hot enough and so the noodles were brittle and crunchy! In the end, we flew in a tiny propeller plane. The service at the airport was the slowest check-in I have gone through, long waiting for the bus to the aircraft, then long waiting inside the bus in cold weather. All this for 3500 CZK/129 EUR for a one-way flight.”
(-Zdenek Sychra|February 21, 2016)
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Contact Information

  • Website URL:               
  • Contact Number:                   +420 239 007 007
  • Contact Email:             
  • Fax Number:                          +420 220 562 266
  • Head Office Address:              Building APC Street, Jana Kaspara 1 Airport Ruzyne, 160 08
    Prague,  CzechRepublic

In the End
In this Czech Airlines review, they are still here today because they have proven a lot in this industry. When they overcame the dismemberment of their country and being the world’s first victim of a triple hijacking in 1950, it didn’t hinder their goal in achieving their aim for efficient quality of service at a reasonable price. Good luck in their future endeavors.

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  1. Flew to Madrid 11/1/2015 on CSA 701. Landed on time. Plane was older Boeing 737-700 owned by Smartwings airlines who operate for Csa. Everything inside was written in Hungarian. Very odd experience. Seats so close to each other that I could not move. Crew young and spoke English. Not CSA experience though expected it to be.

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