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Stuart Crighton founded ClearTrip on July 4th, 2006. For nine years Crighton, with the help of many brilliant minds working behind the scenes, managed to provide travel services to millions of travelers around the world. The company worked hard to establish its reputation for excellent service. Here, you’ll get to know ClearTrip and what people are saying about them.

Stuart Crighton Cleartrip CEO
ClearTrip founder, Stuart Crighton

Clear as a Crystal:

Less is more, simplicity at its best. exudes simplicity. With ClearTrip’s simple and direct interface, most customers finds it convenient to process transactions. Clear as crystal, everything can be done with ease, from looking for flights to booking hotels located around the globe.

The website is organized and easily understandable.  However, despite having a user-friendly website, the entire design is unappealing and plain. But still, ClearTrip really out-did itself when it comes to easy access flights, which is the entire point of the site, right?

ClearTrip website Reviews

Flight Deals:

All current deals appear in a box on the side of any page. The company does not promise the lowest possible fares for every destination, however one certainty for every customer is that every flight will be within their budget. Prices are indeed ranked among the lowest. The company also offers good discounts on selected flights. Here are some great features offered by ClearTrip:

  • Calendar- The website presents a calendar that marks certain dates with cheap deals. For example, you are looking for a cheap flight from Montreal to Mexico, in August, the calendar highlights certain dates with the description “Best price.” Amazing feature right?
  • Bus and Train travels – ClearTrip makes sure to assist everyone with transportation whether by air, land or sea. ClearTrip also shows available bus and train rides with routes and price info.
  • Weekend Getaways – ClearTrip’s website created the Weekend getaways function for all travelers looking for a cheap way to enjoy their weekend elsewhere.

Expansion of the Horizons:

To expand the services they offer, the company decided to create its own mobile app, Playstore and all other OS’s now provide access to. It’s called “ClearTrip Mobile.” The application enables customers to receive updates on the latest deals straight to their phone. With the mobile application the customers can:

  • Search and book flights
  • Check flight status
  • Search for train and bus routes
  • Arrange car rentals
  • Search for available hotels
  • Get updates regarding changes and cancellation of flights

All you need is your phone and internet and you can benefit from these fantastic features. 

ClearTrip Mobile App Reviews

A flaw with providing information

To fulfill their main purpose, ClearTrip has to provide what they promised to each customer. ClearTrip shouldn’t mislead their customers with unreliable information. For example, false deals and hotel prices were reported by frustrated customers. Furthermore, some customers gave negative reviews regarding ClearTrip’s unreliable  customer service.  To make things even worse, many reviews concluded with customers advising other customers to never, ever book their flight with ClearTrip.

In a Nutshell:

We hope you enjoyed these ClearTrip Reviews. All in all, ClearTrip managed to stay alive and is still able to provide great deals despite the bumps along the way, including strong negative reviews that will stay online forever. Recovery may be difficult but not impossible if they decide to sharpen up their customer service department. There were satisfied customers of course, but these days, negative reviews are more often to appear rather than jolly and cheerful ones. Who goes online to talk about how satisfied they were with their experience with a company?

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ClearTrip Reviews


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