Since it has been a year, we will be starting to write new reviews about the travel sites we once wrote about last year, just to give you a heads up of the current status or changes of a particular online travel agency. Things can change in a span of a year, that’s why we decided on re-writing some of the written travel search engines and give you the freshest feedback for 2016.

In this review, we will be re-talking about Cleartrip.

Cleartrip Reviews 2016

Cleartrip Reviews 2016-Stuart Crighton
Stuart Crighton

The Indian based travel site rooted its beginning in 2006 by three key people: Stuart Crighton, Mathhew Spacie and Hrush Bhatt. The company slogan by then pretty much explained what’s the travel site’s purpose, “Make Travel Simple”. Cleartrip provides simple travel solutions for travellers booking online along with useful travel tips. Their first international branch was with United Arab Emirates in 2010. The continuous growth of the company till now made them one of the popular travel sites nowadays. As of now their founder, Mr. Crighton serves their CEO, responsible for the overall profitability & performance of Cleartrip while Mr. Bhatt is the Director, responsible for the definition of Cleartrip’s corporate strategy and implementation of the website.

How does Cleartrip work?
One reader requested for a Cleartrip Reviews 2016, that’s why we are writing a review about the Indian travel site. She wants to know the origin, ownership and functionality, since she personally had a problem with the travel site’s booking and payment.
Well basically, we find Cleartrip as one of the rush sites made to lure customers into a bait. Others consider this clean white, but the fact remains that the page lacks effort on their interface, the more consumers are being doubtful about the site. On the left wing of the page, tabs appear to offer services for booking flights, hotels, trains and buses which also include activities and weekend getaways. Cleartrip also lets travellers manage their booking online.
Cleartrip Reviews 2016-mobile app

Their mobile app is the mobile version of Cleartrip’s full-service portal or all features from the PC version. Customers can search, compare and book for flights, seat reservation, car rental services and even make a hotel reservation. Their mobile app is available for Apple, Android, and Symbian devices.

Cleartrip Reviews 2016 from Customers
As part of the reason why we wrote the review, our dear customer wants to know if she was the only one who experienced problems with Cleartrip and it seems like, she’s not alone. Her concern regarding hidden fees and unprocessed refunds were actually one of the general topics on a complaint forum regarding Cleartrip.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                       
  • Contact Number:                           +91 9595 333333
  • Contact Support Link:         
  • Fax Number:                                 +91 22 67347888
  • Head Office Address:                    Unit No. 001, Ground floor, DTC Building, Delisle Road, N.M.
                                                         Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (E), Mumbai 400011, India

Overall Findings
Judging through several Cleartrip reviews 2016, ​travellers are anxious with the overall credibility of the company.  Let me remind anyone who’ll be reading this review to stay away from Cleartrip. My friend once gave me a useful advice一she said “If it’s too good to be true, then it’s not true.”



  1. I have been calling for my refund since so many days and all they say is that I will get a call back in 3 to 4 hours. No clear answers.
    My suggestion is to avoid them. When will our country improve it’s act and when will we learn to treat our customers fairly?

  2. SHAME ON YOU CLEARTRIP!! Blaming us after all the hassle, physical & mental stress of my family, ruining our planned vacation. Its your responsibility to rebook my families ticket right away after the airlines cancelled the said flight. I didn’t pay you 8,700dhs for nothing, its a hard earned money. Its not my fault that I didn’t receive any generated email from you, you should follow up or call me on my mobile. Stop fooling people!! ##SHAME on YOU cLEARTrIP##BAD KARMA FOR YOU%#^*notocleartrip/::/theyfoolpeople$$
    You guys keep on saying, GIVE AS SOMETIME! This problem happened Dec 15,2016@ 11pm.. I already bought a 1 way ticket going to manila, i have to shell out another 15,000 dhs from my own pocket as attached. Now,the least that you can do for my family is to make sure that the return ticket from MNL-KUL-DXB is still active/valid. This is your negligence, you can get an expert to tumble my email & mobile & I’ll prove that I DIDN’T receive any advisory from your team.It’s a worst nightmare, Planned everything 11 months ago, its my children’s first christmas in phil & they are looking forward to it. $$$no conscience cleartrip.$$Sorryisnotenough$$$giveUsSometimeAgain&Again$$$sweartoGod! #Cleartripshameonyou

  3. I had to cancel a pre-paid, non-refundable hotel booking in December 2016 due to a family bereavement. Cleartrip was amazing. They called the hotel and spoke with the manager and got them to agree to refund the full amount that I had paid. I received at least 6 phone calls from the call center letting me know what was going on and what they planned to do next. My only criticism is that I can’t find a way to email Cleartrip to compliment them on their outstanding service.

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