Since it has been a year, we will be starting to write new reviews about the travel sites we once wrote about last year, just to give you a heads up of the current status or changes of a particular online travel agency. Things can change in a span of a year, that’s why we decided on re-writing some of the written travel search engines and give you the freshest feedback for 2016.

In this review, we will be re-talking about CheapTickets.

CheapTickets Reviews 2016
It all began in 1986 from the advertisement of the Regency Media Group for 3,000 tickets on a newspaper which were sold out in two weeks. Regency Media Group is an Australian-owned manufacturing media and home industry, and was the employer of Michael and Sandra Hartley. Where did the 3,000 tickets come from? It was a payment of service from the regional airline Mid Pacific Air. It grew in no time to an airline ticket consolidator and that’s the story how CheapTickets started.
CheapTickets Reviews 2016-Oribitz_Worldwide
The website was launched in 1997 and was acquired by Cendant in 2000 but was bought by Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. in 2006. The current chairman of the CheapTickets is Mr. Jeff Clarke, while the president and CEO is Mr. Barney Harford.

​​How does CheapTickets work?
The American-based online travel agency is part of the best travel sites in 2015. However, this award was questioned since the site doesn’t even accommodate travellers properly. What’s on CheapTickets? Customers have the option to search and select the booking they prefer, either for flights, hotel reservations, car rental services, cruises and vacation packages. It is also mentioned that they provide the best price guaranteed. They even have a membership program called “CheapCash” wherein customers can sign up for exclusive promos and other deals.
CheapTickets has a travel app for the mobile version of these services mentioned above. Travellers can download the app on their smartphones from AppStore, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore.

CheapTickets Reviews 2016 of Customers
Did you know that CheapTickets was sued by the state of New Jersey back in 2009? It is because of the alleged violation to state law: Consumer Fraud Act. They offered sales for the concert of Bruce Springsteen prior to the first public sale date.

Speaking of consumers, let us check the consumer’s CheapTickets Reviews 2016.

According to Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs, CheapTickets has maintained a bad reputation. Yes, BAD reputation because from both consumer commenting sites the online travel agency only has a total rating score of 1 over 5. One review on Trustpilot was published yesterday and another review on ConsumerAffairs was published on March 7, 2016. Here’s an access:

CheapTickets Reviews 2016-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:             
  • Contact Number:                 00 1 312-596-5786 / 1-888-922-8849
  • Contact Email:           
  • Head Office Address:           500 W. Madison, Suite 1000 Chicago, Illinois 60661, USA

CheapTickets Reviews 2016-thumbs_down
I had gathered and provided all the reliable sources and information. Just a reminder: all of the things we mentioned above have supporting evidences and aren’t just made up stories. Now, feel free to be the judge if you still want to trust this travel site after all the allegations and feedback they had received. With the CheapTickets Reviews 2016, you can’t just make 156 reviews on Trustpilot, 367 reviews on ConsumerAffairs and 45 reviews on SiteJabber.

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  1. Booked a vacation and flying on west jet. Booked from Canada and compared prices to other on line sites such as and it was $100.00 cheaper so I booked.
    Later I found out that this was in US funds and now I am paying $400.00 extra
    I called to cancel the vacation but to late and no refunds…

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