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Online Travel Agencies can sometimes fail to provide the services they promise. It’s hard to keep up with the everyday distribution of information and things are stirred up by complaining customers. It takes a lot to run an OTA, mental prowess, physical and strong guts to deal with unending stress.

Let’s see if CheapTickets manage to make life easier for travelers or the other way around.

Origins and Ownership

CheapTickets was founded in 1986 by Michael J. Hartley and Sandra Hartley. The current CEO of Cheaptickets is Barney Harford.

Barney Harford, CEO of CheapTickets
Barney Harford, CEO of CheapTickets

Cheaptickets’ is a subsidiary of Orbitz, meaning that Hardford is also the CEO and President of Orbitz. Harford has been the CEO since January 2009, with his guidance, Orbitz manages to be one of the biggest travel agency in the world. How about CheapTickets?

Orbitz logo
Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. Parent Company of CheapTickets

What people are saying

Online reviews towards Cheaptickets are not looking good. The company managed to receive only one star in and It seems that notifications regarding cancelled flights is not always sent. This one guy was furious when their flight was cancelled one day prior to departure.

Another thing that seems to be their weak point is their customer service. Customers complained regarding the unresponsive customer support agents who keeps on hanging up on them. One customer said that he was on hold for 45 minutes for no particular reason and the agent wasn’t even able to resolve his issue. It seems that Cheaptickets needs to do some evaluation and improvement with their customer support.

All in all, most of the reviews are negative ones, subjected to immediate recovery.

The Website

Cheaptickets Review website
CheapTickets’ homepage

Customers can easily search for flight deals and book them in seconds. Checking for flight status can be done by making an account on their website. They also allow customers to manage their itineraries like, hotel reservations and car rental arrangements.

No doubt about it, Cheaptickets promote their deals, it’s pretty obvious just by looking at their name. Cheap prices are shown on the homepage for customers to easily select the destination they want.

Customer Service

Their customer service is functional 24/7. There are instances wherein customers looking for information may be suffering from disabilities like being hearing impaired. The website includes a support topics page for general information regarding the flight process.


Their main office is in, Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.  500 W. Madison, Suite 1000 Chicago, Illinois 60661 U.S.A. The company was originally founded in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:00 1 312-596-5786 or 1-888-922-8849
  • Head Office Address:Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.  500 W. Madison, Suite 1000 Chicago, Illinois 60661 U.S.A


CheapTickets seem to be dodging simultaneous bullets, with a slew of negative reviews, it’s unbelievable how CheapTickets stays alive. How long can they keep this up, looks like it’s time for major improvements, really major.

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  1. A co-worker was making a reservation and their system changed the dates from a Mon-Wed to a weekend stay, charged him, and then told him it was non-refundable. Fraudulent at best. Stay away from this company!

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