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Travelling is better if you get a good affordable deal out of it, let us see how CheapOair stand with that. In this review, we’ll talk about the information you need to know about CheapOair.

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To start of, it was founded in 2005 with Fareportal as its parent company. Since 2005, they’ve provided travelers with affordable flight deals around the world. The travel domain has innovative technology to offer and with the help of Fareportal, CheapOair has access to these intuitive technologies. If you are hoping to save money on  your next flight, this company will definitely help. Don’t worry, CheapOair is as concerned as you are about saving money.

What can CheapOair do for you?
No matter where you wish to go, CheapOair offers great flight deals through more than 450 airlines worldwide. The quick process of booking flights is easy with CheapOair, all you have to do is search, select, and save. CheapOair’s customer service support operates all day long by a professional staff to support all customers and answer their questions. However, there are still a lot of critics speaking out about the agency’s customer service. The agency has received good and bad reviews, that’s why we are doing reviews in 2015. You can’t please everyone.

CheapOair's website interface
CheapOair’s website interface

Serious problem regarding Un-updated flights
There were some customers who shared their experience with CheapOair and had a terrible overall experience. There are instances wherein customers book flights that are no longer available but are still offered by CheapOair. With everything taken care of including payments and arrangements, it would be a nightmare to find out that your flight is no longer available. Talk about passive services. Well these things are bound to happen, but it would still be a huge disappointment and can even damage CheapOair’s reputation because a single negative review can be read by millions of people surfing the web.

CheapOair Reviews of Consumers
Based on several CheapOair reviews, the travel site shows over 1,900 complaints and majority of the concern refers to overcharging, double charge and other extra hidden fees which made most of their consumer annoyed and doubtful. One reviewer even said:

I purchased ticket from CheapOair. While booking they charged me 500 but as it was via and was taking too long time to reach destination I had to cancel the ticket, so I approached back to CheapOair. When I called them they are group of people. The operator told me wait a minute, they discussed among themselves and once again operator came back over telephone saying–”You see if you cancel right now airlines will deduct 500 hundred. So you are to pay 500.00 right now so that you will get the refund.”

Contact Information:

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact number:              1-800-566-2345
  • Contact Email:        
  • Head Office Address:        135 W 50th Street, Suite 500. New York, NY, USA

It’s doubtful why CheapOair does those overcharges and refund after? Are they starting a little loan business that they have to steal their customers money and use it for the meantime then return afterwards. I don’t get what’s the logic in overcharging then refund afterwards? If you experienced similar concern, feel free to share your story below.

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