CheapAir Review

Founded in 1989 as a product of the desire to travel at a budget a student could afford, the company has been flourishing and blossoming like a flower in the spring. The very proof of the success of the company comes from the fact that the founder and CEO was a law student at the time he decided to take a radical step for all those who wanted to travel, and by the time he launched this company, he had no need to continue law school, and therefore, he didn’t. The name of this man was Jeff Klee.

What is this Company?

Cheapair is a travel planning company, right from the start of your journey till the end. The aim of the company is to provide the cheapest possible air travel to allow every single person to travel, either for work or leisure purposes. For this reason, the company has shaken hands with many of the airline companies. This allows the customers to decide the airline of their own choice.

What sets this Company apart?

It is simple. The company has a single policy, and skimming through the website of Cheapair, It must say that the policy has been followed really well. The company aims at making its customers feel at home, at understanding them and acting like their friend rather than a business corporation. Because Jeff Klee himself was a student when he founded this company, he probably infused his young friendly spirit into the deals and the way they are represented. For instance, the company offers a refund of the difference if it gets created after a flight is booked, so that you do not need to fret about booking at higher rates. Your money will eventually find its way back to you. This has been called the Price Drop Payback scheme.

The company has also a hundred matches as far as airlines are concerned. Before your booking is confirmed, the database runs through all the available options, comparing and churning the options, and then presents to you the cheapest possible options. Isn’t this convenient? Cheapair takes the entire headache itself and you are saved from hours’ worth of research and head scratching while trying to fit a seat into your budget.

Also, the company provides a travel agent to anyone and everyone who book through it. The travel agent is usually based in US and is responsible for making your trip successful.

What do we conclude from this? The company is actually all you need. While looking through the other companies, we noticed that complete packages did not include travel agents, which meant that a portion of your vacation went unplanned. This is not the case here. This is just one company that you need and your entire vacation will be planned without you getting tensed and worked up about it.

This might not sound important, but trust me, it is. For most of the companies, the creation of a complex web interface means a higher professional image and a more intimidating look. While that may sound impressive, it does not, in any way, attract customers. This has been taken care of in the website of this company, which features a simple, easy-to-navigate-around design.

In a Nutshell:

We hope you enjoyed this CheapAir Review. Cheapair is one of those few airline companies that offer every single thing that your vacation needs: a good airline service in cheapest rates, a travel agent to guide you, and a guarantee of your money, including a refund whenever the customer requires. One does not come across such offers on a daily basis. The company is definitely one of a kind.



  1. I am still waiting for my refund, its been a whole month now, customer service keeps putting me on hold. Can you guys help me?

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