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Cebu Pacific Air Reviews-John Gokongwei
John Gokongwei

Cebu Pacific Air was founded on the 26th of August 1988 and commenced operations on March 8, 1996. The regional airline was subsequently owned by JG Summit Holdings in which JG stands for the name of the owner “John Gokongwei”. In February 1998, Cebu Pacific Air ceased operations due to an accident, but continued operations after a month following the re-certification of its aircraft. The airline started with 24 domestic flights within Metro Manila, Metro Davao and Metro Cebu. In 2001, it grew to 80 daily flights to 18 domestic destinations in Philippines.

Now, Cebu Pacific Air has a total fleet size of 56 catering 33 domestic and 24 international flights worldwide. The main hubs of the airline are at Mactan-Cebu, Ninoy Aquino, Kalibo, Clark, Francisco Bangoy and Iloilo international airports. Cebu Pacific Air is still led by the founder and owner John Gokongwei.

In 2014, The Centre for Aviation (CAPA) honored Cebu Pacific Air as “Asia-Pacific Low-Cost Carrier of the Year”.

On Board Services
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Cebu Pacific Air is a one-class carrier which has a 3-3-3 seat configuration. Even if the cabin is known for no-seatback entertainment, the airline keeps their passengers entertained by their in-flight WiFi powered by “OnAir”. However, the internet access usage is not free. Meals on board are not free, though a menu is given with extensive choice of famous Filipino dishes such as Adobo, Caldereta. Snack, soft drinks, beer and wine are included on the inflight menu. Just a heads up, hot meal costs around $12.50. To make the customer inflight experience cozier, a Sleep kit is available for purchase too.

The Website and Mobile App
The official website of Cebu Pacific Air gives out the summer vibe with its yellow theme color. Like other airlines, the site provides option to book flights, hotel reservations and car hire services. The customer can also check their flight status, manage their booking and check-in online. Cebu Pacific Air also has a frequent flyer program called GetGo, to learn more about the program, click here.
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Cebu Pacific Air had extended their services on mobile phones with their travel app available both in the App Store and Google Play Store. Cebu Pacific Air’s mobile application had similar features as the PC version such as booking flights up to 14 passengers, purchase their baggage allowances, seat selection, check-in confirmation/details and mobile boarding passes straight to their mobile devices.

Cebu Pacific Air Reviews of Passengers
However, the airline had an overall score of 1.2 out of 10 rating based on 107 Cebu Pacific Air reviews. The most recent review was also a complaint posted on the 23rd of December 2015 saying that he booked a single flight for his uncle and paid via Debit Card. After the payment, he was able to print the ticket.
But as his uncle arrived at the check-in counter on the designated date, the airline personnel didn’t honor the ticket reservation and even asked his uncle to pay cash instead. He found out the problem the next day and called customer service and complained. It was the personnel’s mistake, however he was told that the company does not process refunds. He considered Cebu Pacific Air as a scam. For reference:
Cebu Pacific Air Reviews-logoContact Information

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact number:                 +63 2 851 9463
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                       +63 2 851 7462
  • Head Office Address:          Airline Suppliers Center, Domestic Road, Pasay City,
                                               1301 Manila, Philippines

In this review, Cebu Pacific Air’s reputation was put on question. Travellers are even complaining about their on board no-free services and booking problems. Once again, Cebu Pacific Air is losing their credibility as one of the best low-cost carriers within Asia-Pacific. I wonder how the airlines are coping up with these massive negative feedback.

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  1. I once flown with Cebu Pacific and I am happy with my overall stay with them. Crew were friendly and professional. But I am not pleased with the in-flight meals. Well what will expect from a regional airline? Anyway I am still giving them a 3/5 score.

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