Aerophobia or Aviophobia is the fear of flying. There is a fine line between people who find joy in flying and those who would rather take the train. The risk of a plane crash is very, very low, but not impossible, still flying can be one of the greatest things in life.

Origins and Ownership

Cathay Pacific Airways was founded on September 24th, 1946 by Australian Sydney H. de Kantzom and American Roy C. Farrell, it cost them each HK$1 to register the airline name.

Sydney de Kantzow and Roy Clinton Farrell, founders of Cathay Pacific Airways
Sydney de Kantzow and Roy Clinton Farrell, founders of Cathay Pacific Airways

The current CEO of Cathay Pacific is Mr. Kwok Leung Chu or Ivan Chu. He’s been CEO since March 14th, 2014. Chu has been with the company since 1984. Ivan was born in Hongkong, China in 1962. He has a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and master’s degree in commerce.

Ivan Chu, CEO of Cathay Pacific Airways
Ivan Chu, CEO of Cathay Pacific Airways

What people are saying

Cathay Pacific was the former number one airline in the world according to SkyTrax. The airline was dethroned by Qatar Airways in 2014 and lost the second spot to Singapore, making Cathay the third best airline in 2015.

According to the latest online reviews for Cathay Pacific, it seems that Cathay Pacific managed to gain great ones and bad ones. The seats were fine according to most customers, but there are those who find the seats uncomfortable. The cabin crew were “kind, professional and second to none,” looks like a pretty good job.

In Airline Quality, Cathay Pacific was given six points out of ten, hard to believe knowing that Cathay is one of the 5-star airlines in the world. In Airline Ratings, Cathay Pacific got seven stars in total. It’s hard to keep consistency regarding services, but it’s the airlines job to provide the best service every time.

The Website

Cathay Pacific’s website allows passengers to book a flight, check in and manage flights. So everything can be process online including checking flight status. Cathay Pacific offers packages including hotel reservations and extra 10kg for baggages on your return trip. The website also divides vacation activities, honeymoons, getaways, adventure trail and more.

Cathay Pacific Airways homepage
Cathay Pacific Airways homepage

Mobile App

Their mobile application allows customers to book flights, check in, get boarding pass and even pick your seat by using your phone. The airline also established an affiliation with Google, for their NotiFly feature, customers can get the latest info regarding flights and offers via Google Now.

Customer Service

Their customer service offers 24/7 operation for selected countries only, they mostly function during the weekdays. They have a FAQs page for the general questions and answers, easy access to info. For complaints, compliments and enquiries, the website provides a feedback form so each passenger can submit their comments and concerns regarding their travel experience with Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific also allows fax messages and mails so their fax number and head office address for each country.


Cathay Pacific bed

Cathay Pacific has four in flight classes, first class, business class, premium economy class and economy class.

First Class

Being the best class there is, each passenger can rest in their own suite in the sky. An LCD touchscreen controller is included for each seat so passengers can easily adjust or recline their seat to a full-flat bed and turn lights on and off. Amenity kits are also distributed to each passenger for the best flight experience.

Business Class

The class features a 28cm (11 inches) seat. Passengers can move their seat back for privacy and then turn it up front to converse with their travelling companions. A comfortable sleep awaits every passenger on a fully flat bed 2 metres (82 inches) with extensions for the knee.

Premium Economy Class

Each passenger can rest with comfort on a 26 to 34 seats with 8 inches to recline. Headrests have four-way movement to support your head and neck.

Economy Class

Each seat has a cradle mechanism that allows you to recline for 6”. Each headrest has side wings that can be adjusted 4-ways for maximum neck and head support.

Food and Beverage

Each passenger is fed with authentic meals from around the world, with signature Chinese dishes. In first class, Cathay Pacific is one of the first airlines to have rice cookers, toasters and skillets on board for freshly prepared meals.

Special Meals

Cathay Pacific offers special meals with specific contents like diabetic meals, fruit platter, kosher meal and more. For more info click here, Special Meals.

Entertainment and In flight technology

Cathay Pacific airliners are equipped with innovative technologies for convenience and entertainment purposes. LCD touchscreen controllers are given to first class passengers so they can easily adjust their seats. Each passenger can choose from a hundred movies and tv programs. To experience the ultimate in flight entertainment, BOSE QuietComfort 15 acoustic noise cancelling headphones is given to each passenger for enhanced audio.

In business class, passengers can view their favorite movies and tv shows via 15.4 inch touch-screen personal TV with noise cancelling headphones.

The StudioCX inflight entertainment systems contain a variety of movies, tv programs and music for premium economy and economy passengers with noise-cancelling headphones for better audio quality.

Premium economy flights are equipped with 10.6 inch touch-screen Personal TV and a 9-inch for economy passengers.


Passengers luggage allowance are different according to class.

  • First class passengers have 15kg for cabin baggage and 40kg for check in baggage.
  • Business class passengers have 10kg for cabin baggage and 30kg for check in baggage.
  • Premium economy passengers have 7kg for cabin baggage and 25kg for check in baggage.
  • Economy passengers have 7kg for cabin baggage and 20kg for check in baggage.

For added information about baggage and extra charges click here, baggage.


Cathay Pacific airways main hub is the Hong Kong International Airport located in Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong.

Their entire fleet size is 146 airliners including the boeing 777-300 and Airbus A330-300, in 2024, Cathay Pacific is expecting 85 brand new aircrafts ready for take-off. Cathay Pacific is one of the founding members of OneWorld alliance and is also a proud member.

Ming Pao Weekly Elite Awards 2014 named Cathay Pacific as the best airline. Their first class garnered the award for best first class lounge (The Pier Kong Kong) and best first class amenity kit from the Australian Business Traveller Awards 2015.

The list goes on.

Contact information

Here’s Cathay Pacific Airlines’ contact information.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +852 2747 3333 or +852 2747 1234
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number:+852 2560 1411
  • Head Office Address:Cathay Pacific City, 8 Scenic Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong. China


After falling to the number three rank, Cathay Pacific Airways have a lot to prove in order to get back on top. Regarding the average rating, consistency in service should be maintained for customers to receive the same top class satisfaction during their flight. One awesome thing about Cathay Pacific is their versatility, catering to different countries worldwide.

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5-star Airline!


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  1. I flew economy, extra leg room, very spacious chair, polite attendants, everything was good except the meal was cold. But all in all, everything was perfect.

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