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World Explorer - Travel Guide App Reviews 2017 world

World Explorer – Travel Guide App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

World Explorer - Travel Guide App Reviews 2017 worldTravelling the world is a great way to discover new things about life, and for an important experience an app like the World Explorer – Travel Guide app will guide you every step of the way. Like a travel guide in your pocket, the World Explorer – Travel Guide app gives you information on points of interest and places in the form of articles to keep you informed while travelling.

In our latest World Explorer – Travel Guide app reviews, we take a look into this travel app’s main features and what people have to say about their service. We hope that these World Explorer – Travel Guide app reviews help.

Services and Features

The World Explorer – Travel Guide app is your handy travel guide that’ll help you discover the best places to visit in the world. The app has an in-app feature or in-app purchase: a powerful search engine that searches through a massive database for information about any place in the world be it a country like the United States of America, Canada, or France or a city like New York or Paris.World Explorer - Travel Guide App Reviews 2017 place

How the World Explorer – Travel Guide app works is you can access more than 350,000 articles or 350,000 points of interest of places, monuments, museums, or more, whether nearby your home or nearby while you’re exploring. Another feature of the World Explorer – Travel Guide app is the World Explorer Tour Guide, where you can plan your trips and localize places on a map. The articles and, in World Explorer Tour Guide, the places are rated.

World Explorer - Travel Guide App Reviews 2017 mobile screen

You can download the World Explorer – Travel Guide app from the App Store, Google Play, Mac App Store, and for your Windows Phone, here in this link from their official website.

Reviews of Customers

World Explorer - Travel Guide App Reviews 2017 mobile screenshotThe most recent World Explorer – Travel Guide app reviews were a mix of positive and negative World Explorer – Travel Guide app reviews. These are what the app’s users had to say about the service: “Loved It Makes for great adventures when exploring your local city or when traveling. I feel l find I never saw before,” and “World Explorer. Good App. Works Great. Anywhere I am looking to go, this app puts the information in the palm of my hand,” though other World Explorer – Travel Guide app reviews writers complain the app had a lot of advertisements or didn’t work.

Overall, World Explorer – Travel Guide app reviews on Google Play gave the app 4.3 stars out of 5.

How To Reach Them?

Useful and Convenient App Service

World Explorer - Travel Guide App Reviews 2017 languageBased on reading several World Explorer – Travel Guide app reviews, I can see that this app’s one of the best in the industry nowadays. It’s convenient and responsive to your needs; travelling will be complete with this professional app in your pocket. Despite it having a few problems, the World Explorer – Travel Guide app still manages to work well generally, constantly giving people valuable information and travel guides.

What can you say about our World Explorer – Travel Guide app reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



Rome2rio Reviews-lineRome2rio Reviews-frustrationRome2rio Reviews
The Australian multi-transport search engine was founded in September 2010 by Michael Cameron and Bernhard Tschirren, who werel formerly Microsoft software engineers. The idea sprouted from frustration over lack of quick and easy-to-use search engine with global coverage. Rome2rio was officially launched on the 7th of April 2010. The current CEO is Mr. Rod Cuthbert, a frequent speaker at industry conferences and founder as well of ‘Viator’, another travel site.

Why Rome2rio?
One big factor with Rome2rio is they also use API solutions, wherein API stands for application programming interfaces. They are focused on delivering great multi-modal travel search technology to other API users by point to point search, super-fast search speed, extensive global coverage and in-house geocoder technology. To sign up, click here.
Rome2rio Reviews-page
Search results while using Rome2rio are filtered from 73033 train lines via 300 operators, 262083 bus routes via 2711 bus operators, 3724 Ferries via 400 ferry operators and 134325 flight paths via 670 airlines. The search result of one place to another is understandable since it provides the price range, trip duration and even indicate if it’s by bus, train, ferry or airplane.

Rome2rio Reviews-Mobile AppRome2rio extended their services to mobile application; with the travel app customer can access similar services and functions like the PC version, in a smaller screen version. However, some users of this mobile application are not as satisfied as the rating shows. One reviewer said:

“I tried using this app on a recent trip to Mexico. The information was wholly inaccurate — the actual taxi prices were about 2-3X more expensive than the app quoted. In my own city, for only transportation to/from the airport from downtown, there are options not listed and wholly inaccurate and missing information. When I emailed them to comment on the inaccuracies, they repeatedly made excuses and told me how hard it was to keep their information comprehensive and current. Um. But that’s what you do! This could be a really useful app, but they have a very long way to go before they get there.”

Why NOT Rome2rio?
There’s always just one review per site from a illegit reviewer. All praises to Rome2rio which obviously sound very scripted and fake. It has been 5 years and saying that they are the best doesn’t show. The best travel site receives daily feedback from consumers both negative and comment. I think they should at least be aware of this. Nobody’s perfect and we weren’t born yesterday. However, some unhidden complaints are slipping through articles and reviews, saying that Rome2rio is a scam and unreliable. That they prefer using Avis, Kayak or FlightHub instead.
Rome2rio Reviews-LOGO
Contact information

  • Website URL:                     www.rome2rio.com
  • Contact page:                    http://www.rome2rio.com/faq#Contact
  • Contact Email:                   feedback@rome2rio.com
  • Head Office Address:         1/41 Stewart Street Richmond, 3121, Australia 

Rome2rio Reviews-conclusionFinalization
Company slogan “Discover how to get there”, really confuses me. I thought they will assist us, why do we need to exert an effort to ​’discover’ maybe they should rephrase their slogan to “At least inspire us how to get there”. There are no Rome2rio reviews to be found. Well, in my case, I just actually stumbled upon Rome2rio somewhere in Google and decided to write about them. I was never disappointed as I am now.
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