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Discover the Palace of Versailles

I was actually playing an RTS game, when I met a guy with a character name, “Legnakrad Le Versailles;” his last name actually caught my attention. I randomly asked him where did he derive that name from. He actually said, “I am a fan of this Japanese metal band named Versailles, which was originated from a manor house in Île-de-France region of France.” His statement alone piqued my interest, not with the band, but with the manor house. Why would they use a royal château as a name for their band?
Discover the Palace of Versailles-versailles band
Today, we’ll be exploring not the mainstream stuff about France. Let us see the beauty of this country house of nobility. Feed your brains; discover the Palace of Versailles!

Hall of Mirrors
Hall of Mirrors

If you want to discover the Palace of Versailles, then you shouldn’t miss the most famous room, also known as the Grande Galerie. A 75-meter-long ballroom with 17 huge mirrors on one side and, on the other, an equal number of arcaded windows looking out over the formal gardens.

This same room later witnessed one of the defining moments of 20th-century European history when the Treaty of Versailles, ending the First World War, was signed within its walls in June 1919.

Gardens of Versailles
Discover the Palace of Versailles-Gardens of Versailles

A garden which actually took 40 years to complete. Europe’s quintessential royal residence was the principal home of French kings from Louis XIV to Louis XVI. One of the most special aspects of the gardens is the 50 fountains which act as focal points, enhancing the geometrical design.

The garden alone gives a pleasurable visit. This can be spent simply perusing paths and admiring fountains and flowers without setting foot inside the palace or Versailles’ other notable buildings.

Grand Trianon
Discover the Palace of Versailles-Grand Trianon

The incredible array of pink marble buildings was built in 1687 by the famous architect Mansart, as a tranquil getaway from court life for Louis XIV.  Setting the benchmark for Italianate garden conservatory design, the elegantly long and low palace of pink marble and porphyry features geometrically-ordered rows of columns and windows, topped by a balustrade roof.

While the Grand Trianon is open to the public, it is also an official residence of the French President.

Official Website

One of the best ways to learn several facts about the Palace of Versailles is through their official site. The site alone provides information categorized by The Palace, The Garden, The Grand Trianon, and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate. Information about the history and updates about the château’s news, subscription, and admission are also shown here. What’s more? An interactive map optimized for tablets and smartphones is accessible on the official site.

How to Get There

Versailles is some 10 miles (16 kilometers) from Paris, and is easily accessible by car (parking available), taxi, bus, or train. The RER C line links central Paris with the Versailles Rive Gauche station — five minutes from the palace on foot. Trains also run from Paris Montparnasse to Versailles Chantiers and from Paris Saint Lazare to Versailles Rive-Droite, each a ten-minute walk from the palace. The RATP bus 171 runs from Pont de Sèvres metro station to Versailles.

When to Visit

There’s no bad season to visit Versailles, but its extensive gardens are at their best in spring and summer. While the gardens and park remain accessible, the buildings of Versailles are closed on Mondays.

Ticket and Rates

There are actually several ticket rates offered for different services for the Palace of Versailles, which are the following: a passport, 2-day passport, and the Palace ticket.  To see the tickets’ descriptions and services, click here.
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5 Most Popular Cities in Canada by FlightHub

Canada is one of the countries tourists and travellers do not just dream to visit, but dream to live and start a family in. Did you know that roughly 30% of Canada’s total landmass is occupied by forest? How should we put this, “Prostitution is legal in Canada.” Well, not all can make this legal.
Some of Hollywood’s biggest and hottest stars come from up North. Name one? The actor who played Deadpool. Well, he’s not just famous in Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds sure had made his name legendary.

Hint! National flag: Canada’s flag became official on February 15, 1965, almost 100 years after it became a country in 1867. Canada had used approximately 13 different flag designs since 1497, before the maple leaf.

1. Quebec
5 Most Popular Cities in Canada by FlightHub-Quebec

Known as the largest province in Canada, the city plays host to some of Canada’s most beautiful countrysides. Quebec City is one of the oldest settlements in North America, French-speaking, and home to the Château Frontenac, a 19th-century hotel that dominates the city’s skyline.

2. Vancouver
5 Most Popular Cities in Canada by FlightHub-Vancouver

Some mistakenly think Vancouver is the capital of Canada. It is not. Though, Vancouver has been named the “best place to live in the world” more than a few times. The west coast city in British Columbia boasts a buzzy cultural life, a rich platter of ethnically diverse restaurants, and a cosmopolitan population. One of the popular destinations is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. And, this is the city where Mount Washington Alpine Ski Resort is located.

3. Ottawa

The capital of Canada, Ottawa became known as “Silicon Valley North” during the technology boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Public Service of Canada and the high-tech industry generate the most jobs. Ottawa is the Canadian home to technology heavyweights Bell Canada, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Huawei Technologies, and IBM. More famous for its Niagara Falls and Niagara Wine region.

4. Montreal
5 Most Popular Cities in Canada by FlightHub-Montreal

The second-largest city in Canada, Montreal is France’s home away from home. The city’s official language is French which is spoken by more than half of the population. The French also lend the city its sense of cool laid-back chic. It is a cultural hub with more than a few international flavours, and boasts more than 100 festivals a year.

5. Toronto
5 Most Popular Cities in Canada by FlightHub-Toronto

The largest city in Canada and arguably the best-known. Just so you know, Toronto is not the country’s capital (Ottawa is), but it is the Ontarian. Like a more civilised, clean-cut New York, Toronto has its skyscrapers downtown, glitzy shopping in Yorkville and Bohemian districts in Queen Street West. The most popular destination and landmark of the city is the CN Tower, which hathe world’s tallest, at 1,815 feet.

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5 Reasons to Go to Japan

It’s not really that hard to fall in love with Japan. Travelling to Japan is a chance to visit a country that is most steeped in the tradition and culture of their own country – deeply proud and very generous people. It is a challenge and a massive reward holidaying here. So much so that I am now planning on returning to live there. Today, we’ll be encouraging you, or you might already have it on your list. But, we’ll be telling you the 5 Reasons to Go to Japan!


In spring, the Sakura bloom in Japan and everyone wants to be outside to catch this million dollar view. See the cherry blossoms with your own eyes and most of all wait for the Hanami or flower viewing that signals the end of winter and the beginning of the Sakura bloom.

5 Reasons to Go to Japan-Temples and Shrines

All the beautiful ancient Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines are reason enough to visit Japan. One of the best-preserved cities in Japan, Kyoto offers something like 2,000 Buddhist temples and shrines within the limits of the Kansai Region city, while Nara is home to no less than 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and to some of the best temples not only in Nara Prefecture, but in the country.

5 Reasons to Go to Japan-Mount Fuji

Take a selfie behind the majestic 12,389 ft Fujisan, then post it on your Facebook and be the envy of all your friends stuck back home. Mount Fuji is one of the world’s best known mountains. It’s considerably easier to climb than other famous mountains such as Everest and Kilimanjaro. You should definitely buy a walking stick! Because, each climbing station on the way up the mountain has a branding iron. You brand your stick at each station up the trail.

Japan 2012

Before getting directly to the one of the most visited destinations in Japan, let’s talk about Tokyo. The capital is actually the top tourist destination in the country. And, in the heart of Japan you’ll find the famous mobile suit Gundam Statue (Gundam RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Ver. GFT) at the main entrance of Diver City Tokyo. Inside, tourists can watch a  footage of the 1/1 Gundam taken from a crane, famous scenes from past Gundam series, which reviews show as impressive and highly-detailed. Also, life-sized characters from Mobile Suit Gundam to Mobile Suit Gundam AGE are here. Just don’t forget to drop by the souvenir shops and Gunpla Tokyo, the biggest exhibition having 1,000 kinds of Gunpla models on display.

5 Reasons to Go to Japan-Cosplay

The birthplace of anime. Fanatics are going crazy for the wide variety of anime features, merchandise, commercial businesses, and entertainment only available in Japan. Find your way to Tokyo and storm the entrance gate of the Suginami Animation Museum and meet all the famous anime characters you love so much.

Many people might not have a certain affection as others towards anime, but maybe if they see the rich culture with their own eyes, they’d understand why some people stay up all night just to finish their favorite anime season.

Otaku is actually term to describe someone being obsessed over something. But, the term is more prominent now-a-days as someone with an obsession over anime. Forget about Comic-con for now or any convention for now, go to Japan and ask the citizens for advice about cosplaying.
5 Reasons to Go to Japan-vocaloid
There are actually more than 5 Reasons to Go to Japan; but, in this article we narrowed it down to five. Believe us, Japan is one of the countries you shouldn’t be missing. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to visit the Land of the Rising Sun and do all these 5 Reasons to Go to Japan, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being,, or


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Top 5 Foods in Sweden

Today, let’s talk about food. Have you been to Sweden? The country in between Norway and Finland, the most generous country in the world regarding aid to poor countries. It is the only nation where donations exceed 1% of the GDP. Enough of these brain-feeding facts about Sweden. Let us feed your tummies today with these cravings you shouldn’t miss in Sweden.

Just so you know, Swedish food is about more than just meatballs. There are so many tasty things here that I genuinely had a really hard time coming up with the list because as soon as I put one item down, I ended up thinking of two more that I like equally, or more so. However, after food-tasting and surveys about the most delicious Swedish foods of them all, here, we give you today the Top 5 Foods in Sweden!

1. Princesstårta
Top 5 Foods in Sweden-Princesstårta

First-timers and natives of Sweden had never stopped loving this color green marzipan dome cake: the famous cake of Sweden. So basically, it has layers of sponge cake, jam, and almond paste; to top that, it has plenty of whipped cream. If it sounds too sweet for you, then you are mistaken. The Princesstårta is not too sweet nor too filling, it is ‘just enough or right’.  Simply, it is delicious and always worth the try. This cake is mostly given in events as gifts to celebrants.

2. Västerbotten Cheese
Top 5 Foods in Sweden-Västerbotten Cheese

For your info, this is not just a cheese. Yes, it is a cheese – infamous at some places – but it’s the known cheese of Swedish people. If France was renowned to be the “Cheese capital of the world” for its soft cheeses, Sweden might not have that title but they have a rare and versatile cheese that you can use in all-around cooking, baking or whatnot. It is actually firm with a bitter taste like parmesan and yes, it’s made from cow’s milk. Those who have tried eating this are satisfied with just bread and the cheese alone.

3. Flying Jacob
Top 5 Foods in Sweden-Flying Jacob

Have you ever imagined mixing banana with chicken? Never heard of the recipe yet? Well, you should try Sweden’s Flying Jacob. It’s a chicken recipe which has banana as his partner. Just savour the idea of a chicken with soft and sweet bananas, crunchy and salty bacon pieces, plus nuts and creamy sauce. Travelers were even shocked that bananas can taste that delicately with chicken. That was merely the description of the Flying Jacob, it is still best if you’ll try it yourself. For a simplified recipe, click here.

4. Gravlax
Top 5 Foods in Sweden-Gravlax

Of course, who doesn’t love bacon? To love it more, try the Bacon of the North which was considered as Sweden’s Best Food. Well, it consists of raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar, and dill. To get an idea of the taste, it was said to be a cross between smoked salmon and sashimi. It’s beneficial in a way that is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals in which the salmon itself is a good source of Vitamins B6,  B12, magnesium, and omega-3 which will promote joint health and aid in brain development, and will reduce cardiovascular health risks. Tasty and healthy!

5. Smörgåstårta
Top 5 Foods in Sweden-Smörgåstårta

When it comes to healthy food, then all you need is a cake. This is the cake that will not make you fat. Well, it is not literally a cake, it looks just like one though. But, this sandwich cake is basically a huge multi-layered sandwich, filled with paté, sliced meats, smoked salmon, shrimp, and then it’s covered in a good layer of something like crème fraîche and mayonnaise — decorated as above –and then served up in slices. I am still wondering why a list is showing that Smörgåstårta is part of the most terrible Swedish foods. I don’t think so.

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Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016
Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016-cruise
Today, let’s set sail and welcome the cruise world. You don’t normally take extra research of which cruise is better or best? Well, eventually speaking they are all at their best. If you are imagining that cruising means no happy hours, sunsets or even dinners on dry land, think again, because there’s a lot more shipcraft can offer.

From innovative new ships to pioneering itineraries, we’ve sifted through the many cruises making headlines and narrowed them down to five. Yes, we’re looking forward to making your next trip a memorable and enjoyable one. All aboard to the Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016!

#5 Norwegian Cruise Line:
Norwegian Escape
Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016-Norwegian Escape

This cruise has a lot to offer: over 28 dining experiences and 21 bars and lounges. This year, passengers will experience the first at-sea bar and new waterfront-restaurant with an extensive range of wine over 120 bottles and choices of Asian cuisines; order your choice using an iPad. Treat yourself with Dolce Gelato ice cream aboard and be entertained with their multi-level sports complex, walk the plank extending 8 feet over. and go casino gambling at sea. Norwegian Escape is the best escapade with Norwegian Cruise Line.

#4 Carnival:
Carnival Vista
Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016-Carnival Vista

After 4 years. a new ship will hit the sea from Carnival Cruise Line. Hop on board and ride with Carnival Vista that can accommodate as much as 3,954 passengers, to set sail in November 2016. Roam around the cruise on top with their SkyRide, a pedal-powered ride that will let you view the shipcraft in high perspective. It’s the first-ever cruise with IMAX as their on-board entertainment. Treat yourself in an amazing ride with this fun and adventurous cruise line.

#3 Regent Seven Seas:
Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016-Explorer

The new ship to add up in the fleet of Regent Seven Seas cruise line that carries 750 passengers will sail in July 2016. On board, travelers will enjoy the view of the deceiving infinity pool at the ship’s stern and the first-ever at-sea spa, Canyon Ranch SpaClub. This includes infrared sauna and an aromatic steam room. There is a total of six on board restaurants serving French, Chartreuse, and Asian-inspired cuisines. These sum up to the goal of the ship as “Most luxurious ship ever built”.

#2 Seabourn:
Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016-Encore

You might not want to miss the on-board Restaurateur Thomas Keller’s famous dishes. Encore being the largest of its small-shipcraft family of Seabourn will carry 600 exclusive passengers, who will experience high designed interiors by another renowned designer, Adam Tihany. Scheduled to hit the ocean in December 2016, the elegant luxurious cruise will provide every passenger the first-class experience, exclusive shopping with the chef, and an evening under the stars or morning with the scenic sunrise at a 270-degree view.

#1 Royal Caribbean:
Ovation of the Seas
Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016-Ovation of the Seas

Of course, the number one spot goes to the world’s largest cruise ship line, Royal Caribbean, as they will provide Ovation of the Seas in June 2016. Top of the line services are offered aboard with the new flying-in-air machine and 360-degree view, with their jewel-shaped capsule, North Star, located at the top of the ship. Improved and enhanced staterooms, spectacular aerial shows in venues while experiencing dynamic dining: these are only a few of their several on board activities and services. Dare to ride with the most awaited cruise-ride of the year.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to book with one of these Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online cruise booking site as they tend to, on average, reduce costs by about 43%, a few good ones being Cruise Critic, Cruise Timetables or Cruising Excursions


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World’s 5 Best First Class Airlines
World's 5 Best First Class Airlines-budget class
If you are planning a trip overseas and are looking to do it as cost-effectively as possible, this is not your list. These first-class cabins are the best of the best—the most lush, lavish, and at times ostentatious cabins operating routes to and from different parts of the world.

Now, let’s see the best of the best when it comes to flying in style with these World’s 5 Best First Class Airlines!

#5 Lufthansa
World's 5 Best First Class Airlines-Lufthansa

Expect the exceptional with this airline’s First Class. Lufthansa will provide passengers the harmonious travel experience at a high level, both from the ground and while on board. Just so you know, on Skytrax, they have a five-star rating and were recognized for their outstanding comfort and comprehensive inflight service. Tied along with their exclusive cabins are high-quality delicious cuisines. Your First Class ticket doesn’t start and end within the aircraft. As soon as  you arrive at the airport, you’ll have your own personal assistant. They also provide Private Jet services to save yourself from the hassle of delayed and connecting flights.

#4 Cathay Pacific
World's 5 Best First Class Airlines-Cathay Pacific

Because we pay to have our privacy, with Cathay Pacific, get a taste of the luxurious privacy from top-of-the-line facilities (StudioCX in-flight entertainment system, a 17-inch screen, BOSE  noise-cancellation headphones, and of course, tons of the latest movies and TV shows for you to watch) to the dedicated culinary team which will prepare your meals. Aesop amenity kits are given along with a cozy sleep suit made out of 100% organic cotton that you can wear to have a comfortable sleep on board. In 2015, Cathay Pacific’s Business Class was also ranked on the Top 3 by Skytrax’s World Airline Awards.

#3 ANA All Nippon Airways
World's 5 Best First Class Airlines-ANA All Nippon Airways

For their esteemed First Class passengers, their journey starts before the flight with an exclusive check-in, with priority security check, and the “First Class” tag will be issued at the baggage service. Unwinding for a moment in their lounge makes you want to stay there for good. For the main course, get the private space you are aiming for while being served with meals carefully selected by a connoisseur. Be indulged with their inflight entertainment while using their Sony headphones. Amenity kits are also given to ensure the  traveler’s pleasant journey and rest. In 2015, ANA All Nippon Airways’ Business Class was also ranked on the Top 4 by Skytrax’s World Airline Awards.

#2 Singapore Airlines
World's 5 Best First Class Airlines-Singapore Airlines

Are you wondering what made Singapore Airlines achieve the second spot? To answer your queries, the airline had recently upgraded their cabin classes and, yes, it finally includes First Class. Now, passengers can enjoy their exclusive and private sanctuary with every facility’s exquisite detailing, which are carefully crafted by the BMW Group to provide the luxurious ambience and experience in the sky. The bed length is 82 inches and reviewers said that it was the most spacious First Class they had ever ridden. In 2015, Singapore Airline’s Business Class was ranked as Top 1 by Skytrax’s World Airline Awards.

#1 Etihad Airways
World's 5 Best First Class Airlines-Etihad Airways

There’s no doubt why Etihad Airways was ranked as Top 1 with their First Class suite. This is because passengers are taken care of not only from the airport, but right before they arrive via Etihad chauffeur. With class and style, priority check-in, premium lounge with five-star dining experience, travelers can even be pampered prior to boarding with their Six Sense Spa. Another first.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to book with any of these World’s 5 Best First Class Airline, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being,, or


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5 Places to Visit in Croatia
5 Places to Visit in Croatia-Croatian
Since then, Croatia has tried to build a new identity, combining both its natural and cultural heritage with a clear vision of the future. “The Mediterranean as it once was,” says the Croatian National Tourist Board motto, with a 21st-century nod towards respect for the environment and sustainable tourism. Let’s take a tour in this article. Let it be known the 5 Places to Visit in Croatia!

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park
5 Places to Visit in Croatia-Plitvice Lakes National Park

This famous attraction in Croatia is first on our list: and, not only first on this list, but also the most beautiful natural wonder in Croatia and all of Europe. This park consists of several breathtaking lakes, waterfalls, and lush forest. Though, the most-visited are the 16 interconnecting lakes that are divided into upper and lower clusters. The lakes give a contrast of distinct colors from turquoise to blue, green and gray. We are pretty sure, you would admire how the “Veliki Slap” looks like during winter season.

Tourists can see face-to-face this natural wonder and surrounding area by walking along the assortment of wooden walkways as well as by boat.

2. Pula
5 Places to Visit in Croatia-Pula

The Pula city is located at the southern tip of the Istria peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. This city is popular for its rich ancient-Roman-times view of the arena (well-preserved Roman amphitheatre found in the heart of the city). This will take you as far back as when fans flocked the city’s amphitheater to watch gladiator fights. Though, we all know, during those times, various governments ruled by power over centuries. No worries, because Pula belongs to Croatia today. Aside from Roman ruins and mix of cultures, the city also has a long tradition of winemaking, fishing, and shipbuilding.

3. Trakošćan Castle
5 Places to Visit in Croatia-Trakošćan Castle

“I’m not a princess, this ain’t a fairy tale
I’m not the one you’ll sweep off her feet,
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain’t Hollywood, this is a small town.”
– Taylor Swift|White Horse

Taylor Swift was right about that. This Trakošćan Castle ain’t a fairy tale or Hollywood. Because, the most amazing Croatian castle is sitting atop a hill in the small town of Varaždin. How old is the castle? It dates back to the 13th century. The man-made lake built at the foot of the castle makes the Trakošćan Castle a total package. In 1953, the castle was opened to the public as a museum until now.

Here, have a 360° look at the Trakošćan Castle:

4. Rovinj
5 Places to Visit in Croatia-Rovinj

Now, let’s go to the star attraction of the northern Istrian peninsula. In the 5 Places to Visit in Croatia, Rovinj is actually one of the most visited. Why? It is also known as a traditional fishing village.  Discover the verdant islands, hike through the woodlands of the Golden Cape or seek out a little-known sunbathing spot along the coast. This archipelago of 20 islands has an old town set on a small peninsula. Just by imagining that, it feels like you are personally on a one-of-a-kind island where narrow streets of cobblestone, stairways, arches, and other interesting architecture are found. Some of the world-renowned structures in the city are the 12th century town clock and St. Euphemia’s Basilica.

5. Veli Rat Lighthouse
5 Places to Visit in Croatia-Veli Rat Lighthouse

This place will actually fulfill two of your wish lists: travel to see a prestigious lighthouse, and swim on clear sea water. This active lighthouse serves as a specific landmark of the village (Veli Rat). Veli Rat Lighthouse is frequently visited by guests from all over the world since the lighthouse’s location is dense or surrounded by  pine trees, beautiful bays, and pebble beaches; it is considered one of the most beautiful, popular vacation destinations in the Adriatic.

How old is the lighthouse? It was built in 1849 during the Austro-Hungarian rule and was used by seamen by then. The 40-meter (130 feet)-high lighthouse now serves as a tourist attraction. How is it maintained? The lighthouse keeper and his family live in the lighthouse, so expect a warm welcome with every visit.

5 Places to Visit in Croatia-flag map This combination of timeless unspoilt nature coupled with beautifully-preserved centuries-old architecture and a lively contemporary cultural scene, including an ever-growing number of electronic and alternative music festivals, promises rewarding memories for anyone who wishes to explore it now.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to fullfill the 5 Places to Visit in Croatia, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being,, or


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6 Facts about Maldives

MaldivesWe are 99% sure that almost all wanderlusters have Maldives on their destination list. Who wouldn’t dream of visiting this paradise with its rich marine life. If you are not aware of Maldives, then you are missing half of your life. Hit Google and search for Maldives. Be enticed with its awe-inspiring diving sites and underwater activities. Since the tropical nation is strategically located along major sea lanes in the Indian Ocean and is one of the world’s top island destinations, Maldives has a lot more to offer than its known marine vastness.

But, how well do you know this magnificent paradise? In this article, we’ll be sharing some interesting ideas and things you would love to hear and know about Maldives. Tune in to 6 Facts about Maldives!

Underwater Meetings
6 Facts about Maldives-Underwater Meetings

Maldives is composed of 99% water and 1% land. Due to the unpredicted climate change and rising ocean level in 2009, the first underwater cabinet meeting was ordered by their President, Mohamed Nasheed. All the government officials, including the president, wore scuba gear. This act was to raise concern and awareness to climate change.

Zero Tolerance to other Religions

Tourists are advised to worship their own God or follow their own religious belief privately. Likewise, travellers are prohibited from bringing religious materials into the country. Maldives is a Muslim country and disobedience may act to disrespecting or offending their own religiosity. This might lead to a prison sentence or lifetime imprisonment as well.

Coconut under Arrest!

Coconut under arrestMaldivians believe in black and white magic. This lead to a report in 2013, where a coconut was under arrest due to loitering around during presidential elections. The reason for the detainment of the alleged coconut, was because studies show that coconuts are used as a frequent ingredient for magic spells and rituals. However, no spell caster was proven guilty and it was released on the same day. To see the news, click here

Safest Travel Destination

6 Facts about Maldives-Safest Travel DestinationIt’s pretty much obvious that Maldives is one of the top tourist destinations worldwide. Rich with over 1200 corals islands, the tropical country last year won the award for “World’s Leading Beach Destination” and “Indian Ocean’s Leading Beach Destination” according to the World Travel Awards 2015. Weekends are during Friday and Saturday and alcohol is forbidden outside resorts.

Founder was an Exiled Indian Prince

Prince Sri Soorudasaruna Adeettiya established the first kingdom in Maldives. By then, Maldives was known as “Dheeva Maari” and legends say that the King of India was displeased and sent away his son to the island.

98% Literacy

98% Literacy“Education is the key to success;” this applies to Maldivian people where residents make the education program difficult. A hundred percent of children are enrolled in primary school, which requires above-average grades to move on to the next level. Annually, 99% percent of students graduate.

They are weird in a unique way. Maldives is beautiful, nuff said. This only proves why tourism is the largest economic industry there. There’s a whole lot more about the Sunny Side of Life: sunny all year long, waves like nowhere else, underwater beauty like paradise! Visit Maldives for a perfect holiday.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to visit this paradise and personally know the 6 Facts about Maldives, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being,, or


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Two year old boy in a pool of coloured balls

5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks
5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks-theme park

Taking your children on a vacation he/she would love is almost as hard as picking the right school. For young children, a ride on a carousel’s painted pony, a spin with dad around the bumper car track, and a dripping swirl of frozen custard are the stuff happy childhood memories are made of.

Actually, there’s an overwhelming number of theme parks around the world, but we got to admit not every theme park appeals to every kid. In this article, we gathered the 5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks for you to take a look at.

1. Harmonyland
5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks-Harmonyland

If your kids love Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Chococat or the Sanrio characters, then Harmonyland in Japan is the best place for them. The theme park includes Kitty Castle, Angel Coaster, Wonder Panorama or the large ferris wheel, and the Sanrio Characters Boat. Those are just the few attractions, not to mention Harmonyland’s daily parades and shows best for the season. Special assistance is provided such as stroller, wheelchair, and hot water for baby formula. Prepare your sweet tooth with the four food establishments found within Harmonyland.

2. Angry Birds land
Angry Birds land

The famous mobile-gaming application where different short-tempered birds are fired by a Y-shooter to stop the army of bad green piggies now had grown massively and had inspired people of the United Kingdom to build a theme park focused on the game itself. Rovio Entertainment, the creator of Angry Birds, was excited to cross the world between digital to the real world. From the place itself, studios, prizes and merchandise, everything has the Angry Birds brand. The Angry Birds land is located at Lightwater Valley Park, United Kingdom.

3. Nintendo Amusement Park, New York
5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks-Nintendo Amusement Park

Do you want to get into the world where Mario hops and hits his head for prizes? Well, this is basically the Super Mario World. From the creators of Mario, Nintendo joining hands with Universal Parks & Resorts resulted to a prestigious bridging to dimension of the Nintendo characters brought to life. Imagine yourself as Mario and run in a real-life obstacle course, with the hype of jumping while you are strapped into a bungee system for safety. And yes, moustache is provided.

4.  Legoland
5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks-Legoland

Talking about kids who didn’t play Lego during their childhood years: building buildings and battle tanks out of colorful blocks. Lego kept improving generation after generation. Have you seen how a shapeless boat turned into detailed submarines? Or how about X-Men made out of Legos? But, wait there’s more: there are now several theme parks which are made out of Legos, called Legolands. However, this kiddie theme parks are not fully owned by the Lego Group. Well, what you see is what you get. Everything in Legoland is made from just Legos. Imagine a world of Legos! There are already 6 Legolands world wide and 4 more under construction for Dubai Resort, Korea, Japan, and Shanghai.

5.  Disneylands
5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks-Disneyland

As kids, we love fairytales: story of a prince finding his princess and living happily ever after. The magical world of Disneyland where the characters of Mickey and the gang, Ariel and the other princesses are meeting and greeting every visitor of each theme park found across the world, with their theme parks in the United States particularly in California and Florida.

They extended their branches to Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Disneyland has a ton of activities for all ages, where customers can get the hype in finding hidden Mickey games, rides inspired by Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Children love magical and exciting adventures. So what are you waiting for? Treat your kids and yourself to the 5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks. Besides, they won’t be kids forever and we’re once a kid too. Take this opportunity to let the child in you come alive too.
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