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Navagio Beach Guide

If you are familiar with the new and trending South Korean series, “Descendants of the Sun,” then you should definitely know what this beach looks like, that’s considered as the most beautiful beach of Greece.

Navagio is an isolated island beach worth seeing. Commonly known as an exposed cove or the shipwreck beach in Greece, it was originally known as “Agios Georgios.”

The Shipwreck
Navagio Beach Guide-mv-panagiotis

Known as “MV Panagiotis,” the ship was actually built in 1937 as Saint Bedan and was wrecked in 1980. It was alleged to carry contraband cigarettes and wines for Italian Mafia and was chased by the Greek Navy and ended up wrecked during the stormy weather and washed ashore. The crew abandoned the ship and remained as fugitives.

White Pebble Promise
Navagio Beach Guide-white-pebble-promise

As the myth says, couples who take a white pebble from Navagio Beach will have eternal love if they can return the rock on the paradise and still be together. This explains why there are several white pebbles placed on the shipwreck. It’s kind of romantic, but this tradition remains a myth.

Cliff View
Navagio Beach Guide-cliff-view

We do recommend for you to see the top view of Navagio Beach, the same spot where the female protagonist stands atop to reminisce her memories of her leading man.

Now, how? The best suggestion we have is to rent a car and drive around. But, if you don’t drive, a public bus to the island’s capital could be an option. Though, you have to walk 5 km to get to the actual viewing platform.


In the hit series, the protagonists created a fictional country “Urk” as the location of Navagio Beach. But in reality, this awe-inspiring isolated beach is situated at the northwest coast of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Islands of Greece: not Urk, but Greece.


There’s only one way to get there and that’s by sea. Since it has been a top destination, several tour companies offer boat trips to this famous attraction in Greece. Now, it’s your call which offer or package deal you would like to deal with.
But, you have to keep in mind, it is not as peaceful as it is in the series. It is the most commercial place on the island. You are lucky if only a few tourists booked on the same day. And, sorry, you can’t stay there as long as you want. Because, the next batch of tourists awaits for their turn to experience the beauty of Navagio Beach.

You could also try to watch this 3-minute video of Navagio Beach to be fully inspired of other activities:

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Travel Guide to Vanuatu
I dare you to grab a map and confidently point Vanuatu in less than a minute. If you were successful then you’re a better geographer than most. The paradise island state drifting in the Pacific Ocean has a lot to offer intrepid travellers and is all the more appealing for its obscurity. But first things first, before travelling to a certain country better make sure of the do’s & dont’s, rules & regulations and culture & beliefs.

In this article we’ll give you the Travel Guide to Vanuatu! Sink your teeth into more learnings today.

Vanua means “land” in many of Vanuatu’s one hundred five languages (principal language: Bislama, English, French), and translations of the new name include “Our Land” and “Abiding Land.”

What’s in It for Me?

Isn’t it that obvious? Well, that large body of water and isolated location. Of course, the geologically active archipelago is a natural playground of colourful coral reefs, bubbling volcanoes, bountiful beaches and lush rainforest. Plus a dollar is converted into 108.83 Vatu (Vanuatu currency)

The People
Travel Guide to Vanuatu-ni-vanuatu

They are largely Melanesian and the people are called Ni-Vanuatu. These indigenous ni-Vanuatu people greet visitors as friends and are keen to share stories about their country, which was declared the happiest nation on the planet in 2006. Some 80% of people live in rural areas, mostly in small clan-based villages of less than 50 people and headed by a chief. But beware of their Village Protocol:

  • Stick to the road when passing through a village. If you want to enter, wait at the outskirts until approached.
  • Most land is owned by islanders or their families. If you leave the road and walk on a bush path, ask permission from the first person you meet.
  • Do not pick fruit from the roadside, as it usually belongs to someone under customary law.
  • Bathing suits, shorts and skimpy clothes are considered disrespectful in villages. Visitors to villages should be fully dressed.
  • Outside of Port Vila, kava is generally drunk only by men. Often, it is acceptable for women travellers to try, although it can cause offense to local women.


Vanuatu has all the tropical variances possible. From hot and humid in the north, to mild and dry in the south. The Capital Port Vila on Efate can expect 27°C in July to 30°C in January. Nights can drop to 12°C. Humidity from December to February is around 82% and 70% around July.


Coconut milk and cream are used to flavor many dishes. Most food is cooked using hot stones or through boiling and steaming; little food is fried. Since Vanuatu is one of the few South Pacific regions influenced by the outside world, Vanuatu’s food has a multicultural nature.

The multicultural nature of Port Vila is reflected in the cuisine一there’s French, Mediterranean, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Asian Fusion, tapas and seafood. There are about 40 cafes and restaurants in and around Port Vila, many of them are excellent and worth trying for.
laplapLap Lap (grated yam, banana or manioc smothered in coconut cream and cooked in an earth oven) can be sampled at the markets.
Travel Guide to Vanuatu-coconut-crab
Coconut crab is a Vanuatu specialty but many restaurants have put a moratorium on serving it as the species is becoming endangered.

Places to Visit and Activities

Travel Guide to Vanuatu-diving-snorkelling-kayaking
There are a lot of tourist attractions in Vanuatu. Those less disposed to physical exertion can always while away lazy days on Vanuatu’s beaches or charter a boat and hop from one island to the next. Diving, kayaking, snorkelling in the abundant and colourful marine life of Vanuatu are also one of the best-few things to do in Vanuatu. Here are the places you need to see while at Vanuatu:

Port Vila:
Espiritu Santo:
Travel Guide to Vanuatu-espiritu-santo
SS President Coolidge:
Travel Guide to Vanuatu-ss-president-coolidge
Mele Bay:
Travel Guide to Vanuatu-mele-bay
Mele Cascades:
Mt. Yasur:
Mt. Benbow:
Mt. Marum:
Travel Guide to Vanuatu-mt-marum
Millenium Cave:
Travel Guide to Vanuatu-millenium-cave
National Museum:
Travel Guide to Vanuatu-national-museum

Tourism Offices

Tourism in Vanuatu is largely centred on the islands of Tanna, Espiritu Santo and Efaté, with most international visitors arriving on the latter. From here it is easy to travel by boat or plane to the rest of the country, which caters for travellers of all stripes. Sure, it’s skewered to the well heeled, but amongst the high-end beach resorts are a smattering of wallet friendly options. Proof that paradise needn’t break the bank.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to visit the nation called “Vanuatu”, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being,, or


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Surfboards, Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Most Affordable Beach Resorts in Hawaii

Hawaii embodies the ultimate dream vacation for many travelers: the sparkling ocean water, the golden sand, volcano hikes, and consistently perfect weather. But, if you’re not careful, this paradise can get pretty pricey. It’s easy to get caught up in the stunning beauty of Hawaii, but that doesn’t mean you have to toss your travel budget out the window. Whether you’re planning to travel to Hawaii for the first time or have an annual tradition in the islands, then here are the Most Affordable Beach Resorts in Hawaii!

1. Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel
Most Affordable Beach Resorts in Hawaii-aston-waikiki-beach-hotel

Found at Honolulu is a budget hotel that has rates that typically range between $100 and $150 per night. It also has one of the best locations you could ever hope for. Situated right along the beach, most rooms come with a beautiful ocean view. This is a great hotel for families traveling in Hawaii because it’s very close to the Kuhio section of Waikiki Beach, which is known to be one of the most family-friendly areas. When you stay here, you can enjoy private balconies, complimentary Wi-Fi access, mini-fridges, large flat-screen TVs, and the Tiki’s Grill & Bar.

2. Maui Coast Hotel
Most Affordable Beach Resorts in Hawaii-maui-coast-hotel

One of the most affordable beach resorts in Hawaii is located in Maui near a few other budget resorts and hotels a few miles away from the pricier options. However, you can walk to the beach in just five minutes from the Maui Coast Hotel, and there are lots of restaurants nearby as well. There are 265 rooms in this hotel, which has modern furnishings, flat-screen TVs, and free laundry facilities. The pool and poolside bar are fun places to hang out at night when live bands take the stage.

3. Royal Kona Resort

If you’re looking for an affordable hotel in an unforgettable and convenient location, Royal Kona Resort might be exactly what you’re looking for. The grounds are lovely and the views are breathtaking. Take advantage of the onsite tennis club, swimming pool, saltwater lagoon, massage and spa center, and fitness center during your stay. This resort is in walking distance of the shopping, dining, and attractions in Kona Town. Make sure to attend a Hawaiian luau, which features a traditional underground oven presentation, all-you-can-eat buffet, open bar with cocktails, and a fire dance finale.

4. Turtle Bay
Most Affordable Beach Resorts in Hawaii-turtle-bay

Located on the wildly lush North Shore – aka the epicenter of the surfing world – this 840-acre playground has a five-mile beach and an even longer activity list (including stand-up paddle boarding and surfing lessons, natch). Just want to chill? Splurge on a lomilomi massage by the pool, or celeb watch by the beach. (Jennifer Lawrence and Courteney Cox have checked in.) All 443 rooms will debut a new look by October 2016.

5. Royal Lahaina Resort
Most Affordable Beach Resorts in Hawaii-royal-lahaina-resort

A 15-minute walk from Kaanapali main strip, the family-owned 350-room Royal Lahaina has what the Kaanapali resorts giants lack: a quiet isolated beachfront. Its amenities include three small pools, a nightly luau, and 11 tennis courts. But, this is still a great pick for peace and relaxation. The newer Tower Rooms, while more expensive, have stunning ocean views.

Hawaii is a bucket-list destination not just for its natural beauty and big waves but also for its price tag. Getting there is expensive – especially for those of us not on the West Coast – and staying there can get pricey for all. That’s the bad news.

The good news? You can still totally afford Hawaii. I hope this article about the Most Affordable Beach Resorts in Hawaii helps.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to visit these Most Affordable Beach Resorts in Hawaii, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being,, or


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5 Best Castle Hotels In the World
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-castle
Once upon a time… that’s how it all started. But, this isn’t any story-telling fairytale or myth. Once upon a time: it’s the ideal way to begin your own fairy-tale holiday, especially if you plan on staying in one of the castle hotels. These properties now offer their aristocratic luxuries to mere mortals like us. From turrets and moats to spas and nouvelle cuisine, these splendid estates blend the best of the past and present to create an experience fit for 21st-century kings and queens.

Now is your chance to feel like royalty; here we gathered the 5 Best Castle Hotels In the World!

1. Burghotel Auf Schoenburg, Germany
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-Burghotel Auf Schoenburg

Located in Oberwesel and having had housed family members of the Dukes of Schönburg for years, it was burned down by French soldiers in 1689; it was later renovated and restored as a 24-room hotel overlooking the Rhine River. A castle-turned-into-a-hotel had exceeded vacationers’ expectations more than just reading the reviews and forum.
Price: rooms starts at around $174/night

2. Ashford Castle, Ireland
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-Ashford Castle

While many vacations to Europe are spent touring medieval castles, the Ashford gives you the ultimate chance to stay in one for a night. From the castle’s entrance through the impressive gate and walls, the Ashford separates itself from other castle hotels by its sheer size alone. This castle has hosted everyone from King George V to John Lennon. The presidential suite is named after one of its most illustrious guests, former President Ronald Reagan.
Price: rooms start at around $270/night

3. Singer Castle, United States
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-Singer Castle

The 5-story, 28-room granite castle was given by a self-made millionaire from New York City, Frederick Bourne, as a gift of his as a new hunting lodge. After his death, it was now open for scheduled tours Mid-May through Mid-October and to a hotel which is nowadays known as “Singer Castle;” the name was in honor of the company that made Bourne rich.
Price: Royal Suite is an entire section of the castle and sleeps 6 guests and costs $700/night.

4. Hotel de la Cité, France
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-Hotel de la Cité

After serving as an important trading post for centuries, the Romans started to fortify the hilltop in 100 B.C. Now, the castle hotel captivates tourists with amazing views of the valley below and is right next to the Basilica of Saint Nazaire. You could also wander the medieval street around the hotel. Most of the magic comes from staying inside the fairy-tale old town of Carcassonne which is basically a giant walled castle the size of a small village.
Price: $750-1000/night and only adults can stay overnight in the Castle

5. Skibo Castle, Scotland
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-Skibo Castle

Sorry we got to kill a little excitement here, but this castle is exclusive and expensive: the Skibo Castle is in the Scottish Highlands. Parts of the castle date back to 1186 when is was built as a watch tower to house bishops, but the first fortified palace wasn’t until 1545.
Price: $1500/night and only adults can stay overnight in the Castle

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to visit the 5 Best Castle Hotels In the World, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being,, or


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5 World’s Deepest Caves

“We are not afraid of the dark, we are afraid of what’s in it.” If you’ll ask me Nyctophobia is not actually legit. Why? Because we are not actually afraid of the darkness, but we fear the unknown that lurks in the dark or what it hides. Our imaginations make up for our lack of ability to see through the shadows. Well, some say being rationally afraid of the dark is a severe disorder rooted from childhood experience and it’s cured by therapy.
Another fear we’ll be experiencing in this article is Bathophobia that came from the Greek word “Bathos” which means deep or depth. To sum it up, it is the fear of depth. Now, after my initial warning to readers who suffer from Nyctophobia or Bathophobia, let me introduce the 5 World’s Deepest Caves.

1. Sistema Huautla
Sistema Huautla

First in our list goes to Mexico with the record of 1,545 m (5,068 feet) deep. The name of the cave was originated from the town and municipality where it is located, Huautla de Jiménez.The cave expedition at Sistema Huautla started in 2014 and has been annually being explored to reach the goal of 1,610 m depth vertical mile by 2023. The expedition was by two non-profit organizations namely: The National Speleological Society and The US Deep Caving Team. The aim is to explore, survey, and conduct a comprehensive speleological study about the cave.

2. Torca del Cerro del Cuevón
5 World’s Deepest Caves-Torca del Cerro del Cuevón

This cave is located at the northwest part of Spain in Asturias. The entrance has an elevation of 2,019 meters above sea level. The entire tour to the bottom takes three days to lower to its record of 1,589 meters (5,213 feet) deep. Inside is an underground stream called Marbregalo river. Torca del Cerro del Cuevón was considered by many to be one of the most technically challenging descents on the entire planet.  For any adventurer looking for a tough and harrowing journey downward into the earth then you are at the right cave.

3. Lamprechtsofen-Vogelschacht
5 World’s Deepest Caves-Lamprechtsofen-Vogelschacht

The limestone karst river is located in Austria particularly in Salzburg with the record of 1,632 m (5,354 feet) deep. It was once known for being the deepest cave in the world, prior to the discovered Krubera Cave. It is only open for visit to the public at a depth of 2300 feet. The name of the cave was originated from a well-known knight “Lamprecht. The cave was discovered way back the 17th century and since then, the cave has been intruded by treasure hunters. Skeletons are found during explorations and are believed to belong to illegal visitors seeking the treasure of the knight.

4. Gouffre Mirolda
5 World’s Deepest Caves-Gouffre Mirolda

The deepest cave in Europe located in the municipality of Samoëns in Haute-Savoie (France). In 2003, an expedition had proved that Gouffre Mirolda was connected to the Lucien Coudlier measuring to a record of 1,733 m (5,685 feet) deep. By then the cave was known as the world’s deepest cave and also the first which was explored more than a kilometer down. However, the cave doesn’t hold either record anymore but is still considered as one of the deepest caves in the world.

5. Krubera-Voronja Cave
5 World’s Deepest Caves-Krubera-Voronja Cave

Our record holder for the deepest known cave is in the Arabika Massif of the Gagra Range of the Western Caucasus in Abkhazia (a breakaway region of Georgia). Voronya/Voronja in Russia means “crow’s cave” in English. The cave extends for 8,346miles (13,432km) and in 1956, French explorers first descended below 1 km (3,281 feet), since then cavers have dreamed of exploring deeper and had reached up to 2,191 km (7,188 feet) down on September 7, 2014. The Plutomurus ortobalaganensis, deepest terrestrial animal, was found living 6,500 feet below this cave.

As for reference, the Statue of Liberty is at 46 m (151 feet), while the Eiffel Tower stands at at 300 m (984 feet) tall. Being on the top to one of these world renowned landmarks will make you feel nausea. Just imagine how 1,545 m, 1,589 m, 1,632 m, 1,733 m and 2,191 m will be?

This article was just requested. Feel free to leave your topic suggestion, so we can entertain you further with more educational and factual articles.

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The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail

In this article, we’ll be talking about one of the breathtaking destinations not mentioned on our list last time. So if you are an “Acrophobic” or someone who has a fear of heights, please be warned not to see this destination. But if you are one of those thrill-seeker wanderers, then welcome! Because Mt. Huashan in China, was actually more considered as the deadliest hike in the world.

The History

The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail-stairsMt. Huashan is the King of China’s five great and sacred mountains. One Chinese poet had once defined the mountain as “Soaring above the white clouds and over-shadowing the Yellow River” since the geographic location of Mt. Huashan is located near the southeast corner of the Ordos Loop section of the Yellow River basin, south of the Wei River valley, at the eastern end of the Qin Mountains, in southern Shaanxi province. The area has been considered holy since at least the 2nd century BCE.

Mount Huashan is home to several influential Taoist temples, where many emperors of past dynasties took part in Taoist activities and sacrificed to the God of mountain, making it a holy land of Taoism.

Since ancient times, only one path leads to Mt. Huashan. But now, in some places, the locals have carved stairs into the mountain as well wherein the normal route or network of stairs and trails were actually carved by monks, nuns and pilgrims. Some parts of the mountain are a little steep and ever since the mountain became popular with tourists, trails were reinforced.

The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail-trail1The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail-trail2

Mt. Huashan is 138 kilometers (86 miles) from Xian Xianyang airport. Unfortunately, there is no direct bus from the airport, so you will have to go to downtown Xian and take a train (about one and a half hours) or bus (follows a certain time schedule) from there.

The Hiking and TrailThe World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail-trailtrail4

Your journey atop to the “The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail” begins with the easiest part of the climb, where travellers traverse in the gigantic set of stone stairs called “the Heavenly Stairs” But do not underestimate these beautiful stairs since they are daunting as well.

Once you get high enough, it’s time for your gondola ride to the southern peak, where the plank path awaits.

This is where everything gets exciting for thrill-seekers. Yes, it’s dangerous and that’s what makes your adrenaline hit you while you walk on this path with just merely planks on and a rail of chains to hold onto. To twist your mind, you are actually passing through mostly sidewards, not how you normally walk. There are some routes where tourists should cross and climb by toe holes cut out.

The Peak
trail5The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail-trail6

The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail” or the precipitous mountain’s highest southern peak reaches 2,160 m (7,087 ft) and what you’ll discover at the top won’t be revealed here. For tourism purposes, it is still best to personally experience what will you reach above.

Sometimes, the most essential part in travelling was actually “what you’ve been through” and “how you overcome all the obstacles”一rather than the destination itself. Getting to where you planned is just the reward; but if you’ll observe closely, nothing will be conquered if you never set a foot on.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to visit the island of Borneo, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being,, or


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5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets

Travelling was put at ease with the existence of airlines and online travel agencies around, but that is with the airfare aspect. How about while at the peak of your adventures? Have you ever considered what can make you at ease or what are the things you might be needing? Travels had never been 100% safe, and unwanted events happen along the way.

Today, let us give you the Go! Go! Gadget with the 5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets!

1. Tracker
5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets-Kensington Laptop Lock

Safety First! Due to unwanted circumstances, we lose our luggage and most of the time they got stolen. If you have a tracking device inside your luggage, then we are one step ahead in catching the thief. Prevention is better than cure; if we’ll be more cautious about our valuables and belongings, then that won’t be a problem. To see a list of the most trusted and efficient tracking devices, click here.

Safety precautions don’t apply to our luggage alone. People have already invented gadgets that will help you to prevent losing even your precious laptop. Studies show that in the US, every 53 seconds, a laptop gets stolen; to prevent this, check out the Kensington Laptop Lock (refer to the image on the right).

2. Inflatable Hoodie
Inflatable Hoodie

Comfort over style. Well, it’s pretty obvious that travelling is very tiring with connecting flights and endless routes. We tend to get sleepy along the way. However, we can’t have a handy pillow every time. But, with the new Inflatable Hoodie, travelers can sleep anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is blow into the hoodie’s built-in tab to inflate the pillow, and turn your cool sweatshirt into your bridge to dreamland. Check a review about inflatable hoodie; click here.

3. Language Translator
Language Translator

Getting lost won’t be easy if no one will understand you; a compass won’t help you now to find the nearest restroom or the taxi terminal. Don’t settle with just sign language. Why not try to talk with the natives in their national language? Yes. You can do it without actually enrolling in a language tutorial school. Electronic Translator devices are invented to assist you. Some devices can accommodate up to 15-20 languages. Here is the list of the Best Electronic Translators this 2016.

4. Portable Travel Chargers or Power Banks
Power Banks

When things are about to get fun, that’s when your phone dies on you. Bringing another spare battery is too old-fashioned, especially if your phone’s battery is built-in. Never worry if there’s no electric socket on the mountains, beach or in the middle of the desert. This is the only exemption for “Do not save! Rather, spend; use your phone’s battery up to the full extent,” because power banks are the best portable travel chargers and the new best buddy of your electronic devices. It charges your devices while on the go. To see the list of the best power banks around, click here.

5. GoPro Hero4
GoPro Hero4

You might not want to miss any moment of the world’s most beautiful sceneries. Don’t miss out on the adventures; take time, take pictures safely. There are number of reports of deaths over accidents with selfies and the usage of selfie sticks though they are handy as well. But, Americans had invented a new way to take your exclusive adventure with exclusive documentation prioritizing your safety. With GoPro cameras, you don’t have to mind the camera; let the camera focus on what you see. To see their official page, click here.

You can also add the handy Swiss Army Knife on this list since this can be pretty essential with the tools in one kit which can be used on all occasions and circumstances. Now, the jack of all trades also offers travelers the option to buy their new versions of Swiss knives, even with flash drives to keep your files on the go. To check out their other version of Swiss Knives, click here.
5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets-Swiss Army Knife
With all of these gadgets with you, you won’t miss the world out there. Everything’s safe from departure to adventure. All thanks to our latest technologies that can make our lives and travelling easier and comfortable.

NOTE: This article is not a paid advertisement to endorse the following brands or specific gadgets mentioned above.


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5 Worst Airports in the World

Two days ago, we gave you the Top 5 Best Airports in the World. Today, we’ll give you the 5 Worst Airports in the World. It is not personally made, but is ranked by trusted sites as well. We once gave you the best, but of course if there are the best, there will be the least favored or the worst ones. We’ll try our best to let you know why they are part of the list of the worst.

1. Tashkent International Airport (TAS)
5 Worst Airports in the World-Tashkent International Airport

The main international airport of Uzbekistan and the busiest airport in Central Asia.  These might be the few reasons why Tashkent International Airport is part of this list. TAS has 3 terminals and 2 runways that had accommodated almost 3 million passengers in 2014. However, TAS is first on our list for the 5 Worst Airports in the World, because of reviews and votes due to queues and crowds while at the airport. The airport lacks crowd control that leads to a chaotic waiting game, since most of the passengers are agitated staying in the line that some tend to be pushing themselves forward.

2. Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport (SGN)
5 Worst Airports in the World-Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport

In terms of area, Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport is the largest airport in Vietnam. But, I guess size really matters that this roots bribery in-house. SGN has 2 terminals and 3 runways which accommodated 26.5 million passengers last year. But, Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport had been infamous for corruption or bribery cases where customs officers ask for bribes in order for fliers to move through the process faster, and those that declined paying quickly faced problems or delays with their paperwork. Travellers had advised future passengers to be full and keep money on hand to make their way around this airport.

3. Hamid Karzai International Airport (KBL)
5 Worst Airports in the World-Hamid Karzai International Airport

Afghanistan‘s main international airport and one of the largest military bases, is capable of housing over one hundred aircraft with 2 terminals and a runway. KBL is on our 3rd spot from the 5 Worst Airports in the World since they lack airport facilities. Reviewers are not alone talking about facilities; they also complained about the Hamid Karzai International Airport’s overall cleanliness and lack of comfortability. So, it’s going to be basically your get-there-and-fly-away airport.

4. King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED)
5 Worst Airports in the World-King Abdulaziz International Airport

The third-largest and the busiest airport of Saudi Arabia, JED has 3 terminals and runways, wherein one of the terminals was the reason why King Abdulaziz International Airport was famous: the Hajj Terminal. This terminal is specially built for Islamic pilgrims going to Mecca annually and can handle 80,000 passengers at the same time. The estimation of the total passengers they accommodated last year was around 30 million+.

However, what makes them have the Top 2 position on the 5 Worst Airports in the World? It is their unprofessional staff that rooted everything. One reviewer even said, “Too few staff and when they are behind their desks they have no sense of urgency and will fiddle with their mobiles or chat to others;” and, it doesn’t end there: JED was considered as the Worst Airport in the Middle East.

5. Port Harcourt International Airport (PHC)
5 Worst Airports in the World-Port Harcourt International Airport

The international airport of Nigeria is on the infamous number one spot in the 5 Worst Airports in the World. I don’t know if this should be considered a recognition or more like an insult, but they received this title in 2015.

Port Harcourt International Airport consists of a single terminal with separate facilities for international and domestic flights. In 2009, PHC accommodated an estimate of 1 million and 1.2 million in 2012. Why are they are at the top rank? Well, let the reference pictures answer most of your “whys.” No seating facilities, broken air-conditioning, and what made it worse was that tent for Arrivals Hall. It feels more like a sidewalk than an airport. Moreover, PHC is also the worst airport in Africa.

Well, I hope you never experienced the same complaints as our reliable reviewers had been through with the airports listed above. I never imagined that these kind of airports actually exist. I wonder if they’ve done something to improve their airports. The others at least have developments or future expansion plans; I hope soon they will too because you never start a business just for profits: running a business means you are also capable of handling customers’ concerns.

Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Top 5 Best Airports in the World
Top 5 Best Airports in the World-airport
Today, we thought of a way to inform travelers of the best airports in the world. We list down the Top 5 Best Airports in the World. Please be reminded that the list is not personally made, but is ranked by trusted sites such as Skytrax: The World’s Top 100 Airports of 2015. Some sites had already written reviews about each airport that will be mentioned. We’ll try our best to let you know why they are part of the list of the best.

#5 Haneda International Airport (HND)
Haneda International Airport

Formerly, the 5th spot was owned by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), but last year Japan had raised their glass from 6th up to the 5th rank. HND is located in Ōta, Tokyo, 14 kilometers (8.7 mi) south of Tokyo Station. The hub of the flag carrier of Japan, Japan Airlines, and also of All Nippon Airways, Skymark Airlines, Air Do, and Solaseed Air, HND has 4 runways and 3 terminals wherein in 2014, the airport had accommodated a total of 72,826,862 passengers; 90% are domestic flights

#4 Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
Hong Kong International Airport

The list of Top 4 to 1 is always consistent with its ranking and had always been on the spot. Last year’s number 4 is still on the fourth spot, Hong Kong. HKG is located 34 km (21 miles) northwest of Hong Kong Island. The hub for the famous airline “Cathay Pacific” and also for Air Hong Kong, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines, HK Express, Kalitta Air, and UPS Airlines, HKG has 2 runways and terminals which are home to one of the world’s largest passenger terminal buildings. Statistics show that last year, the airport had accommodated a total of 68,488,000 passengers.

#3 Munich Airport (MUC)
Top 5 Best Airports in the World-Munich Airport

The defender of the 3rd spot is Germany’s international airport. MUC is located 28 km (18 miles) northeast of Munich. The airport is the hub for the largest airline in Europe: “Lufthansa,” and also for Air Dolomiti and Condor. Known as the 32nd busiest airport in the world and yet again keeping winning the “European airport championship” against other European airports in eight years, MUC has 2 concrete runways and 2 passenger terminals which accommodated 40,981,522 passengers in 2015.

#2 Incheon International Airport (ICN)
Incheon International Airport

The gatekeeper of the second rank is the descent from South Korea. ICN is located located 50 km (31 miles) west of Seoul. The hub for the national and largest airline in South Korea, Korean Air, and also for Asiana Airlines, Eastar Jet, Jeju Air, Jin Air, and Polar Air Cargo, ICN operates with a single terminal and 3 runways. However, plans are made to develop a second terminal for expansion in 2017. In 2015, Incheon International Airport had accommodated a total of 49,281,420 passengers according to IIAC.

#1 Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)
Top 5 Best Airports in the World-Singapore Changi Airport

The sin that has consistently ranked as number one since, then goes to Singapore. SIN is located  at the eastern end of Singapore in Changi, approximately 17.2 kilometers (10.7 mi) northeast from Marina Bay. The hub for the second best airline in the world, Singapore Airlines, and also for Jetstar Asia Airways, Scoot, SilkAir, and Tigerair, Singapore Changi Airport was considered as one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia that has 3 runways and terminals. Well, it explains everything how they accommodated 55,448,964 passengers in 2015.

If you were actually expecting Hamad International Airport (DOH), sorry they didn’t make it to the Top 5 rankings. HMD is on the 22nd spot in 2015, which was a big jump from being 75th in 2014. Next time, we’ll be providing you the list of the Top 5 Worst Airports in the World.

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1 1813

Discover the Palace of Versailles

I was actually playing an RTS game, when I met a guy with a character name, “Legnakrad Le Versailles;” his last name actually caught my attention. I randomly asked him where did he derive that name from. He actually said, “I am a fan of this Japanese metal band named Versailles, which was originated from a manor house in Île-de-France region of France.” His statement alone piqued my interest, not with the band, but with the manor house. Why would they use a royal château as a name for their band?
Discover the Palace of Versailles-versailles band
Today, we’ll be exploring not the mainstream stuff about France. Let us see the beauty of this country house of nobility. Feed your brains; discover the Palace of Versailles!

Hall of Mirrors
Hall of Mirrors

If you want to discover the Palace of Versailles, then you shouldn’t miss the most famous room, also known as the Grande Galerie. A 75-meter-long ballroom with 17 huge mirrors on one side and, on the other, an equal number of arcaded windows looking out over the formal gardens.

This same room later witnessed one of the defining moments of 20th-century European history when the Treaty of Versailles, ending the First World War, was signed within its walls in June 1919.

Gardens of Versailles
Discover the Palace of Versailles-Gardens of Versailles

A garden which actually took 40 years to complete. Europe’s quintessential royal residence was the principal home of French kings from Louis XIV to Louis XVI. One of the most special aspects of the gardens is the 50 fountains which act as focal points, enhancing the geometrical design.

The garden alone gives a pleasurable visit. This can be spent simply perusing paths and admiring fountains and flowers without setting foot inside the palace or Versailles’ other notable buildings.

Grand Trianon
Discover the Palace of Versailles-Grand Trianon

The incredible array of pink marble buildings was built in 1687 by the famous architect Mansart, as a tranquil getaway from court life for Louis XIV.  Setting the benchmark for Italianate garden conservatory design, the elegantly long and low palace of pink marble and porphyry features geometrically-ordered rows of columns and windows, topped by a balustrade roof.

While the Grand Trianon is open to the public, it is also an official residence of the French President.

Official Website

One of the best ways to learn several facts about the Palace of Versailles is through their official site. The site alone provides information categorized by The Palace, The Garden, The Grand Trianon, and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate. Information about the history and updates about the château’s news, subscription, and admission are also shown here. What’s more? An interactive map optimized for tablets and smartphones is accessible on the official site.

How to Get There

Versailles is some 10 miles (16 kilometers) from Paris, and is easily accessible by car (parking available), taxi, bus, or train. The RER C line links central Paris with the Versailles Rive Gauche station — five minutes from the palace on foot. Trains also run from Paris Montparnasse to Versailles Chantiers and from Paris Saint Lazare to Versailles Rive-Droite, each a ten-minute walk from the palace. The RATP bus 171 runs from Pont de Sèvres metro station to Versailles.

When to Visit

There’s no bad season to visit Versailles, but its extensive gardens are at their best in spring and summer. While the gardens and park remain accessible, the buildings of Versailles are closed on Mondays.

Ticket and Rates

There are actually several ticket rates offered for different services for the Palace of Versailles, which are the following: a passport, 2-day passport, and the Palace ticket.  To see the tickets’ descriptions and services, click here.
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