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Pana Reviews

In 2014, two senior computer science majors at the University of Colorado Boulder, Devon Tivona and Lianne Haug, decided to start a tech company. Yes, they actually turned down offers at big-name companies and charted an entrepreneurial path, later adding fellow graduate Sam Felsenthal. They experimented with a few ideas all built around the notion of leveraging the wisdom of real humans, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and mobile. This is pretty much how Pana began. Today, let’s see how Pana has been productive for two years.

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How Does Pana Work?

It is quite noticeable that the travel app is only available in the App Store; reasons why it’s not on the Google Play Store or Android have not been determined until now. Pana was not actually the original name of the travel app by Devon Tivona. Initially known as “Native,” a buzzy startup, it now had been renamed to “Pana” which means good friend or confidant.

Pana Reviews-Devon Tivona
Devon Tivona

Aside from making it simpler with a four-letter domain, CEO Devon had confessed the main and good reason for the switch: search engine optimization. He actually said:

“Because a ‘native app’ already describes a type of app (how it is coded), we were always competing for SEO against coding articles and developer tools. ‘Pana’ means good friend or confidant in Latin American Spanish, and we liked how that could serve as a message about how we do customer service.”

There are only three easy steps in using Pana. First, make a request by sending Pana a message using their mobile application on iOS, SMS or by email with any request for an upcoming or current trip. Second, review the options within minutes. Pana’s team will send you the information that you need to make a fast decision. Lastly, book with one tap: tap one button and you’re done. That’s it. No fields, forms, or opting-out of the five offers you don’t need.
Pana Reviews-app iconThey also have a welcome call wherein a real person or an on-demand virtual travel agent will get to know your travel preferences. They will even monitor flight prices and send you the best options when the time is right, straight to your phone. They’ll make sure customers’ accommodations are also tailored to their travel. They’ll search expertly-curated collections for options that fit a customer’s needs.

Pana Reviews of Users

Since it’s just a new travel startup, there are still no Pana reviews shown online. But, on their official website, it seems like high-profile personalities had commented about Pana:
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact Page:       
  • Head Office Address:     1624 Market Street #211, Denver, CO 80202, USA
                                          33 Nassau Ave, Suite 89, Williamsburg, NY 11222


Whether for work or play, Pana arranges your travel to save you time and headaches. Pana is one of the new yet reliable travel concierge apps that you can actually trust. Although, I wonder if there will come a time that they’ll think of creating an Android version, especially since half of the world are Android users. But so far, kudos to the continuous development and growth of Pana!

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TouristEye App Reviews

One of the famous mobile travel apps nowadays is TouristEye and they trace their roots back to 2009. They were more than aware that people are actually tired of paper travel guides and big maps which, honestly speaking, not everyone gets the hang of. Their objective was to create a guide for mobile devices tailored to each person. It actually took them two years to work on TouristEye and now, the Spanish travel app has over 100 employees and more than 500,000 people have already traveled with TouristEye.

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How Does TouristEye Work?

Initially, TouristEye will be asking you to Sign In on their official site. Signing up can be by using the customer’s Facebook or Twitter account. If you already have an account with them, then you don’t have to go through this process. Navigating through TouristEye is easy. Once registered, browsing through TouristEye will be easy; the travel app lets customers search for a place or destination. After making a selection, travellers will be redirected to a page giving a lot of information on the destination, like what are the interesting regions, top attractions, and a list of tips posted by other users or TouristEye App reviews.
One of their mission is to help tourists in all phases of their trip, regardless of their origin, and make a great effort to help tourism companies be able to offer products and services to travelers which properly fit their interests.

Though, we quite noticed that the last update of the travel app was a bit left out since it’s dated back a year (March 2015). This proves one of the reasons why TouristEye had been garnering some complaints recently. Speaking of which, let us share the latest TouristEye App reviews posted online.

TouristEye App Reviews of Customers

On Google Play Store, customers are complaining about TouristEye since using it makes them go round and round. The travel app is often crashing when travellers are trying to save their itineraries. Some reviewers even said that information found on TouristEye are limited wherein Google happens to be a more reliable source than TouristEye. On iTunes, one reviewer actually said “Has a potential, but by far a very minimum of information, unable to turn off notifications, unable to cancel account. Regret I provided personal email, should have used one I keep for spam.”
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How To Reach Them?


TouristEye promises they’ll seek to consolidate as a reference in the trip planning process, providing a starting point that combines all available information about any destination in the world. Since TouristEye just recently started, let’s give them time to prove themselves. But, we should know that some travel apps had performed well in just a matter of months.

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JustFly App Reviews

JustFly? Well, this is not Nike’s shirt message about soaring high, but it somehow relates to what they meant to express. JustFly as a leading online travel agency, aims for two things, which are to: sell the cheapest airline tickets and innovate, not imitate. JustFly is operational with a team of technological experts and travel savvy individuals. Their 4 core values are, Passion, Innovation, Execution and Dedication. Their team developed a way for travellers to continuously book with them even by using electronic devices一mobile or tablet. The links below are the direct access to the App Store and Google Play Store:

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Navigating JustFly is easy; the site is pretty simple and user-friendly. Information are just there on a click. JustFly reminds me of Facebook with its one-page view, but it gives the relative and essential information needed by the user.

JustFly App Reviews-travel appJustFly provides not only the cheapest airfare services, but also hotel reservations and car rentals. Basically, the travel app of JustFly is the mobile version of the PC services. This extended service developed by their team had helped a lot of tourists to book their dream holiday whenever and wherever.

Just imagine the comfort of booking without turning on your PC or laptop. Grab your phone, access the JustFly app, search, and book. Simple, quick, and easy. No more waiting to get your e-tickets.

JustFly App Reviews of Customers

Frequent customers of JustFly had noted that the travel site has the best purchase guarantee; they also said they had the most exclusive service ever. Looking at Google Play Store, JustFly had scored ⅘ while on App Store, they garnered an overall rating of 4+.

JustFly App Reviews-feedbackWe checked on TrustPilot; it wasn’t that easy to find JustFly App reviews. But, with patience of scanning through feedback and positive comments of customers, we found some reviewers who actually rely on booking via the JustFly app.

One reviewer even said, “I found the travel app easy to use, user friendly and informative. I needed time to confirm my entries and thank goodness the APP did not time out I was very pleased with my first encounter with JustFly! Yes, it was my first and I wasn’t disappointed. First impression last.” To see more of these JustFly App reviews, click here.
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How To Reach Them?


JustFly had evidently been evolving throughout these years. Not all new travel startups were successful as JustFly had done so far. The continuous development and projects helped both sides to grow productively. Their innovative platform is the main reason why travellers love to keep booking their trips, accommodation, and transportation with JustFly. Of course, who wouldn’t trust a travel company that treats you right, more than just a mere consumer, but a customer.

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FlightHub App Reviews

The creative team of FlightHub had finally come up with a mobile version of their services found on the official site. To get a direct link or access to download the free travel app of FlightHub, please refer to these links below:

FlightHub traces its roots back to January 2012. In Ontario, Canada, a group of innovative individuals worked hard and now had made FlightHub as one of the most successful and fastest growing travel companies in Canada. The company is operated by software engineers and travel specialists with over 25 years of experience combined. This alone engages tourists and travellers to use FlightHub over the years.
employeeAs a traveller, we know everybody’s dilemma over looking for the best flight deals and the cheapest if possible. Travelers are hoping for their flight experience to go as smoothly as possible with no drama, no lost baggage, no snoring seatmates, and most of all, no frustrations from travel agencies. It would be unfortunate if they had to deal with bad service from an airline or travel agency. FlightHub had carefully checked on several complaints, feedback, and suggestios to improve their services.

One good factor about FlightHub is they put their customers as their top priority. Since the last time we wrote a review about this Canadian travel site, they are not in doubt to be one of the world’s best online travel agencies. Even with just navigating on the PC version, customers won’t get lost and the technically challenged won’t feel frustrated using the page.

FlightHub App Reviews of Consumers
FlightHub App Reviews-happy customer

As we all know, Canadians are known to be the type of person who excessively say “Sorry” even on minor things. For me, it’s an advantage and a disadvantage. For others, it is a weakness. But, I guess in the business aspect, this is a great weapon to acknowledge mistakes and show empathy. But, that doesn’t mean FlightHub keeps making mistakes, to keep saying sorry. What we meant: this Canadian travel site had been courteous and honest on their service. They treat every customer fairly and provide exclusive and genuine service.

According to some of FlightHub App reviews posted online, the travel app is one of the most reliable mobile travel apps they had ever used. One reviewer even showed a lot of appreciation since he was using FlightHub via a mobile site. The new travel app had made his travel-booking life easier, and he’d been booking with FlightHub ever since.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:      
  • Contact Number:          1-800-900-1431 or Direct – 1-647-689-2956
  • Contact Email:            
  • Head Office Address:    11½ Second Street West, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 1G3, Canada


As part of the growing travel industry, it’s important that never being left out is a must. FlightHub is definitely aware of this notion. With the recent developments and upgrades, it only proves the Canadian travel site keeps booming and blooming these years. This made their loyal customers happy and satisfied. If I were to be asked, I would definitely consider and book with FlightHub. There’s no reason not to.

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