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RoundAbout Travel Reviews

RoundAbout Travel Reviews-mark-trimOnline travel agencies often offer flight bookings, hotel accommodations, and car rental services. But, all those services are just one-way or connecting flights. Have you ever tried to book for an around-the-world trip? In this review, we’ll go talk about RoundAbout Travel.

They’re the only travel agents who are specialized in providing round-the-world travel. When we say only, it means RoundAbout Travel is Australia’s only round-the-world airfare specialist. Mark and Amy Trim used to be travel consultants who rooted the beginning of RoundAbout Travel in August 2008 from frustration and confusion over around-the-world fares. They kept it simple and decided to do something about it. They expanded to 13 staff with an excess of $60 million turnover per annum in round-the-world airfares to/from Australia.

What is RoundAbout Travel?

RoundAbout Travel looks dull and boring. They could use an update to modernize their website. I bet a good company deserves a good-looking official website. Because, above all, first impressions last. Customers might be dissatisfied upon looking at the layout of RoundAbout Travel alone. Though, given the simplicity of RoundAbout Travel, it provides the company’s news and reviews.
RoundAbout Travel Reviews-page Further down, it provides their deals categorized by Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class. They also show a direct access to Trustpilot and Facebook.
RoundAbout Travel Reviews-services
RoundAbout Travel has exceptional round-the-world tickets from several airlines such as SWISS, Lufthansa, Finnair, Austrian, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, and more. They also offer specialist Concierge services; that includes land arrangements and insurance.

All of their credit card transactions are processed via NAB with the security of eWay; even the founder works as their company director and isreachable at their office every Monday to Friday.

RoundAbout Travel Reviews of Customers

The Australian travel specialist for round-the-world travelling had garnered an almost-perfect score on Trustpilot. According to 169 RoundAbout Travel reviews, they are very knowledgeable and always responsive. These are signs of a good travel agency. One reviewer even mentioned that his booking with RoundAbout Travel was a smooth process with the best price offered. Even after scanning for more RoundAbout Travel reviews, we noticed that the feedback are not just made up, but were actually from real tourists with legit account profiles.

Even on ProductReview, Australia’s largest opinion site, RoundAbout Travel had also accumulated an almost-perfect score rating. This only proves that RoundAbout Travel is not a bluff or scam.
RoundAbout Travel Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:      
  • Contact Number:          +61 8 7324 2656 / 1300 318 227
  • Contact Email:    
  • Fax Number:                 +61 (0)8 83111743
  • Head Office Address:    46 Fullarton Rd, Norwood SA 5067, Australia
  • Mailing Address:          PO BOX 654 Stirling, South Australia, 5152, Australia


Well, after writing this review about RoundAbout Travel, it’s safe to say that Australia had successfully created a unique travel business out of RoundAbout Travel. Though, the only thing we can advise is for them to update or modernize their official site. The rest is almost perfect. Who wouldn’t want a round-the-world travel in one booking? Thanks to a friend who requested for me to write a review about RoundAbout Travel. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Parkopedia Reviews

Parkopedia Reviews-eugene-tsyrklevich
Eugene Tsyrklevich

The online parking encyclopedia traces its roots back to 2009, and was founded by Eugene Tsyrklevich who also serves as the travel company’s CEO. The name Parkopedia is a combination of the words parking and encyclopedia. Think of Wikipedia, but for parking spaces.

What is Parkopedia?

Parkopedia is where you can find a lot of information about parking: where a space is available, if it can be booked, if it can be paid for by credit card or if you’ll need coins. Their aim is to be a Wikipedia for all things parking-related. Parkopedia combines the two concepts in order to allow people to find the cheapest and most convenient parking available, no matter where they are or where they are going.Parkopedia Reviews-features

Parkopedia is the world’s largest parking information provider used by millions of drivers every month online and through its iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone apps. The travel site mobile app works in 75 countries, across 6,308 towns and cities with no fewer than 38,018,900 parking spaces. It can be accessed online, by SMS, as a mobile app or inside the car navigation systems of some of the world’s most recognized car brands.

Parkopedia’s information also appears inside the navigation systems of companies including Audi, BMW, Ford, Garmin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Peugeot, Toyota, Volvo, and VW.

Navigating through the official site of Parkopedia, it’s quite noticeable that the web page is similar to an online library search site. Thus, it gives you the option to “Where would you like to find parking?” The website of Parkopedia gives you more of the option to download and install their mobile app from the App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store. Options to get the link are found at the bottom left or at the top right of the page.
Parkopedia Reviews-pageTravellers could also add parking maps to their website, license their parking data or promote their parking space. Either of which, the features are found at the center of the page next to the search box.

Parkopedia Reviews of Customers

We looked at several Parkopedia reviews; we found comments at the Google Play Store, and iTunes. The good news: they got an overall score of a 4/5-star rating. The bad news is the most recent feedback are actually complaints. On a positive note, one reviewer recently said, “Find places to park wherever I go I hate paying for parking. This app finds me free or cheap parking in every city I visit.”
Parkopedia Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact Number:             +44 77 2952 1888
  • Contact Email:       
  • Contact Page:        
  • Head Office Address:       24 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9HF, United Kingdom


After reading through several comments and reviews about Parkopedia, we are convinced that this travel site is one of the best reliable sources to find parking you prefer. It might have been that Parkopedia was recently established, but the idea was actually a great help for people like us who travel to places we are not aware of: especially since some places have their own parking rules. Have you used Parkopedia before? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Suiteness Reviews

Just by hearing the travel site’s name this will make you think about sweets more than suites. Suiteness is not actually a site about dessert or cakes. Basically, Suiteness is a hotel suite booking site that lets travellers to books the finest luxury hotels in the greatest cities. Suiteness makes it easy to rent suites and connected hotel rooms. Though there’s no actual story stated on their site as to how Suiteness started or where it was inspired from. The suite booking site was founded in 2014 by Robbie Bhathal, Stephen Caudill and Kyle Killion. Each of the founders has their own designated roles for the productivity of their travel company. Suiteness is funded by world class investors such as Structure Capital, Keystone Capital, Scott and Cyan Banister, Vegas Valley Angels, Omar Amanat, and Bobby Jadhav. Let’s discover more about Suiteness.
Suiteness Reviews-founders

What is Suiteness?

Suiteness has been the first end to end solution in luxury travel, by connecting hotels with known luxury consumers. Their goal is not only on the consumer side, but on the hotel side as well. They see the value in providing our hotels with brand protection, visibility, data transparency and flexibility. Ultimately they want to showcase the hotels most prized inventory, services, brand, and amenities through our unique platform. By doing this they connect hotels to the right consumers and build long lasting consumer relationships. They also have offices in Vegas, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and London.
Suiteness Reviews-page
With Suiteness travellers are able to get easy access to the perfect luxury suite tailored specifically to their every desire, but working your way around the Suiteness web page is quite complicated. The site is undeniably modernized, but confusing. On a positive note, Suiteness’ language can be changed to 6 other languages and a live chat option is found at the bottom right. They also provide inspiring suggestions at the middle part of the page.

Unfortunately, Suiteness doesn’t have a mobile version of all these PC services. They promised customers that booking a suite with them means knowing you’re getting the best stay possible. Space, comfort and a luxurious environment, all you have to do is kick back and relax. Suiteness select the very best when it comes to suites & hotel partners; hand picked all of inventory to ensure that customers will have the highest quality suite experience.

Suiteness Reviews of Customers

We checked online for Suiteness reviews and to be honest the comments are close to none. We actually found an article written about Suiteness, but it was quite noticeable that it’s a paid article just to promote the travel site. On their Facebook account 5 star rating are shown, but no actual comments to how booking with Suiteness is like.
Suiteness Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact Number:              +1 415-857-2359
  • Contact Email:       
  • Head Office Address:       344 Thomas L Berkley Way Oakland, California United States


Since Suiteness is still considered one of the travel startup, I guess that would answer our queries as to why there are no legit Suiteness reviews or feedback shown online. Which makes it hard to determine if it’s safe to book with this suite booking site. It is still best not to make a decision without being uneducated of the possible consequences. Have you book or used Suiteness before? Feel free to share your story below.


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Hipcamp Reviews

Hipcamp Reviews-Alyssa Ravasio
Alyssa Ravasio

The CEO and founder, Alyssa Ravasio, grew up camping and adventuring where she was born: Northern California. But, when California’s state parks were announced to close due to lack of funding, Alyssa believed it could be prevented and the California State Park system could benefit from an increase in traffic and funding.

It was in spring in 2013 that she took a Lean Product Development course; she was awarded their Github scholarship in June 2013 to fund Hipcamp’s launch. In September 2014, Hipcamp raised $2M in seed funding led by O’Reilly Media’s AlphaTech Ventures and Slow Ventures, with participation from Dave Morin, Sam Shank, Gregg Brockway, AngelList’s Syndicate Fund, and Maiden Lane Ventures.

What is Hipcamp?

Hipcamp is everywhere you want to camp. Search, discover, and book ranches, farms, vineyards, nature preserves, and public sites for camping across the U.S. Hipcamp is basically a consumer-oriented online travel company designed to help people discover and book camping experiences.

pageUsing their website is very simple. All you have to do is input the zip code of the area where you are hoping to camp, and they will show you all the available sites in that area. You can choose to only search their land sharing properties, if you are specifically interested in unusual and more unpopulated camping options.

Navigating through Hipcamp is inspiring since the featured image shows several campings sites, tourists, and activities which entice customers to look into this activity through Hipcamp. The search engine icon promptly shows the option to “Discover camps near me,” which directly defines what’s the whole purpose of Hipcamp. The choice of their white and turquoise color theme is also pleasing to the eye.

Hipcamp results are from over 280,000 campsites across the United States. From public parks to private land, Hipcamp is the most comprehensive guide to camping across the nation. Hipcamp has guest and host services, wherein customers have the option to search and book for a camping site or arrange the rental of their private land for camping.

They also promote online the best camping sites which include featured images as well. Plus, they make sure customers will be inspired by their journal located at the bottom part of the page. Unfortunately, Hipcamp doesn’t have a travel app for the mobile version of their PC services. Using Hipcamp to locate campgrounds and parks is completely free of charge.
Hipcamp Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:      
  • Contact Number:          (415) 845-1890
  • Contact Email:    
  • Head Office Address:    1 Lombard St Ste 303, San Francisco, California,
                                         94111-1130, United States


Hipcamp Reviews-searchingWe tried looking at Hipcamp reviews online, and we found no comments posted on Trustpilot, TripAdvisor or ConsumerAffairs about Hipcamp. What we only found was a review done by reviewopedia, but it doesn’t mention any customer feedback at all. However, on Hipcamp, they display hosts’ comments which are found at the middle part of the page. Apart from that, there’s no way to know what people have to say about Hipcamp.


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Mozio Reviews

Mozio Reviews-David Litwak
David Litwak

Mozio was established by David Litwak in 2012. The founder also serves as the travel company’s CEO. Mozio’s idea was originated from the experience of David after travelling to over 60 countries, and struggling to find the best local options for getting around. This had helped Mozio to focus on helping connect customers, local companies, and global travel brands to turn what can be one of the most confusing parts of any trip – getting to and from the airport – into a delightful experience. Today, we’ll be looking through this travel site, and see how it’s like to trust your travel plans with them.

What is Mozio?

transportationMozio is a ground transportation technology platform. They partner with all the local shared-ride shuttles, airporters, taxis, limos, express trains, ferries, helicopters, and give Online Travel Agencies, Airlines, Hotels, and Car Rental agencies and websites one API, white-label solution or widget to help our partners make money off of airport transfers.

The airport ground transportation search engine will help you travel that final mile from the airport to your final destination. Whether by train, bus, shuttle, sedan, taxi, limo, water taxi, motorcycle or helicopter, travelers using Mozio’s technology can search for and book the right options.
Mozio Reviews-pageOn Mozio, it is easy to get your way around. The page will promptly give you the option to select either To, From, What, Where, and When would you like to be picked up or sent to. The site is foreign-friendly, since the language version is interchangeable to 35 other nationalities.

The bottom part shows an option for popular rides. Mozio’s technology solutions enable travel brands to drive customer loyalty and effectively monetize on the “last mile” of every trip. Search results are based from more than 2,000 airports around the world.

Mozio Reviews of Customers

Looking through Mozio reviews, it seems like customers are being appreciative over the new travel search engine. One customer actually said:

“The cab was waiting at our apartment as requested for 4:45am Morning. Driver was professional and ride was smooth. Reservation was simple and quick. Highly recommend without a doubt.”

However, some complaints are contradicting the efficiency of Mozio. The reviewer actually felt scammed, and called Mozio a fraudulent company. Other Mozio reviews are saying, once you make the deal they are hard to keep in touch with. One customer experienced waiting forever at the pick-up spot, and was continuously being transferred when he tried to call their customer service.
Mozio Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:           
  • Contact Number:               +1 855 980 5669 / +1 415 969 7669
  • Contact Email:        
  • FAQ Page:               
  • Head Office Address:        San Francisco, California


After writing a review about Mozio, it seems like the airport ground transportation search engine had been getting a lot of mixed reviews. Though, we shouldn’t just not notice these complaints. It might be twice or thrice, but these little mistakes can cause a lot of problems in the future. Since the travel company had recently started, it is best to give time for them to prove their worth.

Have you used Mozio before? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Musafir Reviews
Musafir Reviews-foundersIt was founded by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, Sachin Gadoya, and Albert Dias in August 2007. Musafir has several offices around the world which include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Mumbai. The Indian online travel agency’s name is pronounced as moo-saa-fir, meaning “traveler” in Arabic.

Musafir lives by three promises to all travelers in everything they do – great choice, no-nonsense convenience, and a premium experience. The IATA-accredited travel agency is the UAE’s first premium-experience travel website. We offer flights to over 3,000 destinations, hotel stays in over 85,000 properties around the world, holiday experiences, and much more.

Did you know that Musafir launched their services in India in 2010, and signed an exciting partnership with cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar in 2013, which saw him represent Musafir as a global brand ambassador until April 30, 2016. Now, let us take a closer look at Musafir reviews and services.

What is Musafir?

Musafir Reviews-pageMusafir is easy to navigate; it will promptly show you the option to search and book for flights. The search engine can change its category of search from flights, hotels, visas, holidays, and business trips. The language of the site can be interchanged between the default and Indian version. Musafir promptly shows its highlight of the month right below the option to find flights. It also offers up to 11% off travel or flight deals.

Musafir Reviews-mobile appThey also have gift cards, just in case customers want to surprise someone with the gift of travel. But, I am quite confused as to why are they celebrating their 11th years if they were just established 9 years ago? Moreover, another good thing about Musafir is they have a mobile version of all the PC services mentioned earlier. The travel app is free to download from both the App Store and Google Play Store.

An easy monthly payment plan with installments spread across 3 or 6 months helps customers to save or chunk down their travel fees, and with 0% EPP. Though, this offer is only valid when you use select participating credit cards.

Musafir Reviews of Customers

We read several Musafir reviews online. On MouthShut, the Indian travel site garnered an overall  ⅕ star rating since complaints are everywhere. One reviewer even complained about wrong and misleading information shown on their airline ticket. Some reviewers are in chorus when they mentioned Musafir is a total sham. Looking on ConsumerComplaints, 30 Musafir reviews are shown as all complaints. To be honest, this is not a good thing to know about Musafir; I wonder if they are doing something to fix this.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact Number:          600 544 405 (open from 9am to 8pm)
  • Contact Page:      
  • Head Office Address:    Ibn Zaydoon Street, Umm Al Tarafa, Rolla, Sharjah, UAE Sharjah,
                                         Sharjah United Arab Emirates


After gathering information about Musafir, we are not quite sure if they are the best travel site you should book with. But, feel free to be the judge by reading through those Musafir reviews. It is still best to do your research first before placing a booking online. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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ZergNet Reviews

In 2011, ZergNet started an Internet startup company that is said to be a content recommendation company.  It was in no time that Zergnet became a popular travel site. Their aim is to distinguish themself from their competitors by focusing on high-quality, less spammy offerings.

We’ll share a little fact as to how ZergNet started. They got the name ZergNet, after the gamers’ term for annihilating a foe with overwhelming force. By late 2011, ZergNet was up and running, but not exactly zerging anything. Only a few game sites had signed on by early 2012.

Now, in this review, let us discover if these are facts or just made up. Let’s dig in deeper.

What is ZergNet

Browsing on ZergNet at first made me think that ZergNet is actually just a travel blog where a certain someone just freely uploads random travel-related articles and listings they wish to show the visitors. But, we had to admit that ZergNet is one of the best travel sites that provides travel tips, guides, and facts. But, ZergNet is not particularly focused on travel. Their homepage gives more about news around the world regarding movies, gaming, sports, entertainment, food & drink, lifestyle, and health, etc. ZergNet is a big article site; as their company slogan says, “Discover Interesting Articles”
ZergNet Reviews-topics
ZergNet Reviews-left hand barZergNet is the only content recommendation company focused on sending incremental traffic and unique visitors to our partners at scale. In exchange for implementing our content recommendation module, they promote their content with their publishing partners including the following: Conde Nast, Time, NBC, AOL, Viacom, Warner Bros, Rodale, Wenner, Fox, American Media, and most major media companies. ZergNet drives millions of highly engaged users to our publisher partner sites every day.

Another good thing about ZergNet is it almost has all the topics which means that includes Travel. Customers just have to hover their mouse at the top left and click on the three-line menu bar to get a full access of all the article topics. We picked on Travel once and we are really happy to see these good article ideas about Travel.

ZergNet Reviews of Consumers

We tried looking for ZergNet reviews online and we have found none from TrustPilot or SiteJabber. Pretty much, people just treat ZergNet as one of the websites that provide general information. Since booking is not an option, there’s no rise of complaints shown online but rather appreciation on the travel topics randomly posted.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact Number:              630-930-4052
  • Contact Email:         
  • Fax Number:                    (303) 493-5490
  • Head Office Address:       5686 Castor Way, Noblesville, IN 46062, United States


Helpful sites like ZergNet make tourists and travellers happy. Though, information might not be factual, at least no money-stealing cases are involved and no unreserved booking was paid. It seems like ZergNet has placed a good role model to other travel sites. But, we certainly hope that one day, ZergNet will make a separate site for travel accommodation.

Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Kiwi Reviews

Not only online, but also on Reddit, Skypicker has been famous or maybe infamous all over the net. But today, we are not going to talk about Skypicker; rather, we’ll see more about its new development to Kiwi. Let’s discover why a travel site which started in 2012 had to change their name in just
four years.

Kiwi actually started from a 2-guy basement with nothing but an idea of revolutionizing the online travel industry. In 4 years, they now have over 560 employees making their dreams happen. All team members of Kiwi are passionate and that got the company off the ground.

Kiwi had advised customers that previous bookings with Skypicker will be carried over to the new branding, and the booking management or reservation won’t be affected. As promised, Kiwi will remain with the same relentless dedication for cheap flights and complete customer satisfaction. Now, let’s look at the domain of Kiwi.

Know More About Kiwi

Kiwi is an online travel agency with groundbreaking Virtual Interlining technology and a focus on exceptional customer service. Their unique flight search algorithm allows their customers to combine flights from airlines that do not normally collaborate into a single itinerary, often resulting in significant savings.
Kiwi Reviews-page
There are more than 600 notable passenger airlines operating in the world. Some of them operate autonomously; some of them cooperate with others, creating alliances to be able to offer more destinations. Unfortunately, many low-cost carriers do not have cooperation agreements with the big airlines, severely limiting the combination options available to travelers.
mobile app
Kiwi removes this limitation by allowing travelers to create itineraries from nearly limitless flight combinations. The German magazine Focus found them to be, on average, 28% cheaper than the competition while, in some cases, the savings can be as high as 90%.

Kiwi also has a mobile version of all these services which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. The functionalities and features of the travel app are a complete replica of the PC version. The travel app will provide customers with one-click access from mobile to their boarding passes and e-tickets.

For any questions regarding flight search or  booking, their customer service is available 24/7. However, given that the customer service is operational for 24 hours a day, Kiwi reviews are not as pleasing as the company sounds.

Kiwi Reviews From Customers

Remember earlier when we said that they are actually infamous on Reddit? A topic actually started on Reddit wherein travellers had been commenting about false results showing on the travel search engine. Low-cost airfare which are non-existing is the top-ranking topic from those comments. Apart from that, Kiwi reviews on TrustPilot show several complaints about Kiwi, but we can’t read them since they are in a foreign language.
Kiwi Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:            +1 202 844 4159 (US)
                                           +44 203 808 5910 (UK)
                                           +1 613 699 4479 (CA)
  • Contact Page:        
  • Head Office Address:       Bakalovo nabrezi 2, 639 00 Brno, Czech Republic


Kiwi Reviews-kiwiIf you’ll base your deduction with just the appearance and features of Kiwi, undoubtedly, the travel site seems to be one of the unique structures and services. However, if you’ll take time to read and understand consumer complaints, these make you think that Kiwi is just a show. The reason of changing the name for betterment seems to be in question. Why Kiwi? What does it have to do with the fruit with brown fuzzy skin and pale green flesh? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Wegolo Reviews

Wegolo traces its roots back to 2011. Please be advised that Wegolo and Wego are two individual travel sites. Wegolo’s parent company is PR Aviation, which is owned by Walter Goffin. But, apart from that, there are no supporting facts if such Walter Goffin really existed. In this review, we’ll be looking on Wegolo to see how has the online travel agency been working. Let’s see their performance in the travel industry.

What is Wegolo?

Wegolo Reviews-pageBrowsing on Wegolo wasn’t easy since the site is not modernized and the choice of theme color is kind of blurry — grey text over white background. There is not much information given on their website about Wegolo.

Wegolo is basically a travel site which provides a list of low-cost airlines. Their key values and unique selling points are the following: Transparency, Efficiency, Innovation, Service, and Low Cost. Wegolo also has car rental services and hotels or hostels.

There are 4 basic steps in using Wegolo. Search, select, book, and fly. Customers are asked to enter their flight criteria on the search box, and Wegolo will analyze results from the given preferences of the customer. After having a list of results, traveller just have to select, then book. But, they advise travellers to make sure of their booking  since low-cost airlines do not refund cancelled flights.Wegolo Reviews-ssl secured

Wegolo protects consumers’ private details during the booking process by using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) recognizable by the padlock icon on the bottom of your screen.

Though, we quite notice that keeping in touch with them was possible yet not easy. Their customer support is only available in the English, German, Dutch, and French language. It took us forever to find the contact number, fax number, and head office address. We are also unsure if the mentioned owner was actually legit. Let’s take a closer look on what consumer has to say

Wegolo Reviews of Customers

Wegolo Reviews-complaintsWe are not surprised to see several complaints online regarding Wegolo services. Some had problems while booking but still got charged and never got a refund. Other complaints include feedback regarding hidden charges and unreserved booking. They had even been considered a scam or a fraudulent company.

On ComplaintBoard, a reviewer posted a complaint about the unlawful delayed and unconfirmed flight charges done by Wegolo. He actually said, “Waking up the next morning, I have found out that Wegolo has charged me for the flight upon me already purchasing the same flight with an other travel agency.

Upon informing Wegolo about this issue even before the actual flight (I was able to cancel my flight through the airline web site) and requesting a reimbursement of the penalty, Wegolo has just carelessly washed their hands informing me that it is not their fault.” (To see the whole story, click here.)

To see more of these Wegolo reviews and stories, click here.
Wegolo Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact Number:           +31 -(0)-20-702-7200
  • Contact Page:      
  • Head Office Address:     Piet Heinkade 55, 1019 GM Amsterdam, Netherlands


We are glad to write a review about Wegolo. Not all tourists or travellers are aware of this travel site’s services or if such a fake online travel agency exists. It is quite obvious that Wegolo is one of the travel sites you shouldn’t be booking with because they don’t even have the courtesy to upgrade or develop their website or services.


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TripFactory Reviews

TripFactory Reviews-Vinay Gupta
Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta is the founder and CEO of VIA, which was India’s first startup that transitioned into a multinational organization with half of its workforce being global. The globally-recognized travel site had inspired Gupta to create TripFactory, yet another online travel business which had been known lately to be India’s largest holiday store.

TripFactory was established in 2013, and might have been just recent, but its contribution to the travel industry had been well-acknowledged until now. In this review, let us go further and discover more about TripFactory.

Get your Trip on TripFactory?

pageTripFactory is a privately-held online travel agency which provides holidays curated by travel experts and leading travel operators from 40+ countries across the globe. The company is based in Bangalore, India with offices in the United States, and allows packages to be customized based on location, activities, and budgets. TripFactory was built with the belief that consumers should get the largest choices and best prices, that are powered by the best discovery tools, so that finding the perfect holiday and booking it is simple and easy.

Exploring TripFactory wasn’t a problem since the travel site is user-friendly and the overall layout is pleasant to the eye. TripFactory gives a lot of options for customers planning for a random trip either honeymoon, pilgrimage, beach, luxury or plain adventure. The flashing image gives more flavor to the totality of the site’s travel humor. Scrolling down TripFactory will give more of their bestseller, popular domestic and international destinations, holiday themes, and of course, to promote their tourism, the best of India.
TripFactory Reviews-services

With TripFactory, consumers can buy holidays the way they like, either by customizing it online or with the assistance of Travel Experts who can plan it for them. TripFactory uses an advanced algorithm to help users search for, customize, and book holidays in real-time using search, content, and social recommendations combined on a single platform. The platform offers over 10,000 vacation packages to over 100 destinations. It also partners with leading hotel chains and airlines such as Jet Airways, Go Air, SpiceJet, and Air Costa.

TripFactory Reviews of Consumers

Checking through several TripFactory reviews, on SiteJabber, 8 feedback posted show a total score of 3/5 which might be the average, but the comments are majorly focused on complaints regarding TripFactory negligence and fraud action, as they say. On TripAdvisor, one forum was started stating that “TripFactory is fraud Company , Please don’t use to book”.
TripFactory Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact Number:             +91 80676 61661 /  080-3951 1859 (9 am – 10 pm)
  • Contact Email:       
  • Fax Number:                    7733429510
  • Head Office Address:       No 885, Azygos Building, 6th Cross Road, 4th Block,
                                            Near Bhima Jewellers, HBR Layout, Bengaluru,
                                            Karnataka 560043, India


TripFactory might be the largest holiday store online in India where consumers can buy their holidays the way they want either by customizing online themselves or seeking assistance by talking to experts who can plan for them. But, complaints are somehow bringing them down. Maybe, if they’ll just work on little things to acknowledge and change some of their most-complained services. Then, TripFactory might be a good travel site to book with.