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Travelocity Logo Reviews

Travelocity Reviews

Travelocity started in 1996 as a subsidiary for the Sabre corporation, a travel technology company based in Southlake, Texas, United States. After being founded, Travelocity began helping the world solve their travel dilemmas.

Travelocity provides an array of offers like vacation packages, cruises, hotels and more. They of course promote whatever deal they have going on to customers based on their booking information to ensure customers hit the sky for as little as possible. The interface for the website is quite handy and easy to understand just like most travel agencies. They also have a clean mobile application for customers using smartphones.

With, the company allows customer to book flights, arrange land transportation, and check in at hotels. Nothing new actually, but one fun and unique thing about Travelocity is their advertising campaign called “Roaming Gnome.”

“The Roaming Gnome”

The Roaming Gnome is an advertising campaign of a gnome travelling from one place to another, hanging out on the beach, enjoying some tea on a flight, so on and so forth.

Travelocity Reviews the roaming gnome



Advertising aside, what really counts is the service they provide.

They did a good job with the roaming gnome campaign but  unfortunately, reviews about their actual service is generally bad, really bad.

Customers were furious when some of their expectations weren’t met and complaints were raised for the following;

  • Mistakes in flight arrangements – for example, customers were booked to a destination they did not chose and required them to pay to alleviate the issue, not cool.
  • Bad cancellation policy – travelocity does give refunds on flights, but only serves as the middle-man between the customer and airlines, hotels, and car rentals. If you purchase a hotel and later decided to cancel it, there would be no refund. So, their cancellation policy is quite useless.
  • Best price deals often change at the checkout page
  • Poor customer service

Review status has a review section for Travelocity, and as you can see, the results are devastating. They received a total of 880 reviews, out of that only 211 reviews were considered to be included in the entire rating system. Out of those 211, three were nice enough to give 5 stars, one 4 star, one 3 star, 8 2 star, and the remaining hundred and ninety six were a depressing 1 star! The final average result as you can easily guess was one single star, overall.

ConsumerAffairs Travelocity Reviews

Maybe consumer affairs was just biased for some reason, right? Let’s take a look at Trustpilot as well, just to be sure. This time they got a commendable 3-star rating. Which is an improvement, but is it something to be happy about? You be the judge.

TrusPilot Travelocity Reviews

Some of the people who gave it a one star stated that travelocity even deserves no star at all but unfortunately one is the minimum vote. Ouch.

Travelocity Reviews

“Go and smell the roses” this is travelocity’s slogan, but by the sounds of it more people got pricked by the thorns on those roses before ever even getting the chance to take a whiff.

Hope you enjoyed these Travelocity Reviews. Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below!!





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Webjet Reviews

Webjet was founded in 1998, in Melbourne, Australia by a former Jetset Travel Executive David Clarke. At first, the company was based in a single home office and blew up over time and hard work.

In 2007, Webjet made a bid of $42.3 million to acquire but unfortunately for them they were out bid by who paid $49.8 million.

Anyways this is a review not a history lesson. Getting back on track, Webjet did manage to provide excellent travel service for years.

Webjet Reviews Logo


The Circle to Choose From:

Webjet collaborates with over 150 airline companies to provide flight deals and travel arrangements to millions of people. Just like most online travel agencies, Webjet ensures their customers receive affordable deals. However, there were complaints about Webjet failing to update important details to customers about their flights. For example, some customers were furious when their flights were cancelled and webjet failed to notify them, furthering their fury. Another semi-common issue was refund related,  Webjet only allows a refund for flight cancellation when a death occurs, so anything less, like a sudden illness in the family, Webjet does not allow refunds.

The company upholds their standards of morality and privacy, so far, no breach has occurred. Webjet has a myriad of mixed reviews online, everything from happy customers confirming their credibility to calling them scammers.


The Sale Factor: is organized and clear, making the site very easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. A majority of their offers are vacation packages for travelers seeking leisure time and their goal is to offer the lowest rates possible.

Webjet Website Reviews
Webjet’s main interface


The Customer Service: Quick, Quirky and Smart. or Slow, Passive, and Unreliable?

Like the rest of this article, their customer service receives mixed reviews. People have had fast, courteous and friendly service while others got the bad egg on the phone who could care less about the customers need, resulting of course in many poor and angry reviews!

Webjet Reviews


We hope you enjoyed these Webjet Reviews. From their humble beginnings of being a small office to one of the largest online travel agencies, Webjet has been doing an overall great job. They have had their issues, like all companies and therefore doesn’t affect their overall rating too harshly. All in all, Webjet is a pretty great travel agency!


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Flight Network Logo

FlightNetwork Reviews

A man named Naman Budheo started FlightNetwork in 1998, that time there was only one part-time employee working for the company.  After all preparations throughout the years, come 2005 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, FlightNetwork decided to go full-throttle and expand their travel services worldwide to compete with other online travel agencies. What began as a small project, ended up providing air travel services to millions of people.

Founder of FlightNetwork
Named Budheo, founder of FlightNetwork

FlightNetwork’s Mantra, website interface

FlightNetwork’s slogan is “search no further,” the site provides easy access to searching and booking flights from departure to arrival. Their affiliation with different airlines, hotels, and vehicle agencies, provides them a direct connection from the buyer (customers) to the sellers (airlines, hotels). FlightNetwork maintains great service with the help of the seller’s credibility. These days getting a job done, and done well, is a must.

Website FlightNetwork Reviews

The website organizes each category for the customers convenience. Specific and general information can easily appear with one-click. FlightNetwork’s website have been operational since 1998.

Awesome Features Offered

One notable feature of FlightNetwork is “Price Drop Protection”. Most prices offered for different flights can suddenly roll-back, if you think that you might regret paying more if there’s a discounted price, price drop protection has got your back. For example, If you already paid, let’s say $600 (before taxes), then suddenly the flight price drops to $300 dollars, instead of crying about the $300 dollars you could have saved, FlightNetwork allows you to grab the new deal for only half the price so you can use the other half for your next flight. Awesome right? This feature really enhances FlightNetwork’s value.

FlightNetwork Price Drop Protection Reviews

FlightNetwork also includes Price Watch, a very handy feature mostly for regular customers. The website monitors flight deals all day long and sends you updates regarding changes in flight deals. This way, looking for cheaper prices is very easy. FlightNetwork’s customer service is active 24/7 for the sake of the company’s credibility and of course the customers satisfaction.

FlightNetwork Price Watch Reviews

All flight information including offers, destinations, and prices are presented up-front, so searching and choosing the flight you want is easy. Another reminder for all future customers, FlightNetwork promises affordable prices.

How does conduct its work?

Since FlightNetwork features over 1000 airlines, customers are given many choices so they can take their time and look for the best one. The way they do things is pretty common for other Online Travel Agencies, but what they focus on is providing as many deals as possible.

Flightnetwork also caters to the many people who book their flight last minute. No negotiations are required, their database provides customers with a list of last minute flight deals. Why not offer everything they can right? An amazing job for FlightNetwork.

Customer feedback

There were many positive reviews for the way FlightNetwork does its business credible deals, reliable information, and a wide array of offers with cheap prices. I mean, what more could you ask for? Many customers are glad to have chosen FlightNetwork, of course there were some negative reviews but that can’t be avoided. Eventually you’re bound to have disgruntled customers.

FlightNetwork Reviews


These FlightNetwork reviews were done to inform travelers about the services offered by FlightNetwork. Feel free to leave your comments and questions, we would really appreciate that!


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EDreams logo 2015 Banner

eDreams Reviews

Edreams is now a large online travel agency in Barcelona, founded in 1999 by Javier Perez -Tenessa Block. Their journey up to now has been quite long, the two main turning points for them was in 2010 and 2011. In 2010, Permira, a European private equity house became a major stakeholder in Edreams, enabling them a broader market reach. July 2011, eDreams merged with GO Voyages to acquire Opodo and Travellink which resulted to the founding of the ODEGEO group.

Unbelievable Deals

Some of edreams deals are unbelievable! Imagine a trip from New York to Miami costing thirty four dollars, you’d think deals like that would be a rarity, right?  All in all, eDreams offers cheap and convenient deals to its patrons. Their slogan is “Great trips starts with great prices.”

eDreams Price Reviews


eDreams also has a pretty good and unique refund system. When you book a flight, they challenge you to find it at a lower price. If you find one within two days, they’ll ask you to email them the info, they’ll cross check and if it’s legit they’ll match the price. This not only unique, it’s also comforting.

Erratic price changes

Edreams is partnered with more than 100 flight companies, they’ve had issues relaying accurate, updated pricing information and much of the online negativity stems from customers being lured to a purchase by one price then given another, post purchase. .

In a Nutshell

Edreams isn’t perfect, like most travel companies. Yeah, the prices they display aren’t always accurate, but all in all their rates are pretty low and because of all of this they get mixed reviews. Some people are quite satisfied, while others are not at all.


Hope these eDreams reviews made your decision a little easier, feel free to leave a comment below!


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Expedia Airplane

Expedia Reviews

Initially was just a software that provided information about various air travel matters like flight status, prices and hotel arrangements. In 2001, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates decided to turn Expedia into a public company as an internet-based travel website. Throughout the years Expedia grew and became a multi-billion dollar company providing services to millions of travelers.

Expedia Reviews
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates


Flight process issues

Certain conflicts between Expedia and customers still arise due to un-updated changes in prices when Expedia fails to confirm with the airline offering it. With that, a customer might finalize everything, including payments and suddenly have to deal with increased prices.

To help curb this issue, Expedia offers customers the option to refund or cancel their flights easily. A unique feature they offer is that you can book a flight on their website, and also cancel it right there without having to contact the airline. Each customer can receive a full refund, however there are certain policies which need to be followed. One example is cancellation of flights. To receive your refund immediately, notify the policy holder for your cancellation and inform them the reason. If the reason is a certain illness, simply provide medical documents and your attending physician if applicable.  Failure to notify the company regarding your cancellation and just simply not showing up for your flight should be avoided. Expedia is doing their part, so each customer should also exert effort if they want something done, like receiving a refund. It’s a give and take relationship, basically, remember to do your part.

Unreliable Information

Unfortunately, like any international company, negative reviews are inevitable and have begun to surface, even recently. Many Expedia customers have stated complaints such as; flight delays, sudden price changes, conflicts with car rental agencies, and additional fees for cancellation. Information about deals and arrangements on their site may be true, but are subjected to change.


Marketing is also an important factor Expedia takes into account. All online travel agencies, not only Expedia should keep-up with the latest changes in online marketing and promotions. The primary reason for marketing is of course keeping things interesting enough for the customers to build trust toward Expedia. Expedia really needs to shake things up from time to time by coming up with new ideas to promote and increase their credibility by fulfilling their responsibilities to the customers well. One thing they did was initiate the Expedia’s platinum marketing program. This program guarantees the same cheap offers and prices for flight deals. With this more and more customers were attracted to do business with Expedia.

Expedia’s  convenient interface

Expedia assists people in gaining access to flights, hotels, vehicle rentals, and anything else to do with travelling. The website presents everything up front and simple. Their main value is honesty. The information provided is summarized for the customers to fully and quickly understand what they’re getting into. The initial process of searching and booking flights is essential, but the real focus for every service is to fulfill everything they offer.

The Ultimate Scratch Pad

Expedia includes the Ultimate Scratch Pad function for their returning customers to find great deals on upcoming flights, as well as keeping track of their current reservations such as their flight status. All you have to do is login and you’ll receive any relevant updates.

Expedia Scratchpad Reviews
Here’s a glimpse at a customer’s account


Expanding Horizons: the Mobile App

Creating a mobile app is a common thing these days. Better connection and easier access to information is their priority. Looking at it, the Mobile application is a portable version of the Ultimate scratch pad.

Expedia Reviews - Mobile App
Expedia’s handy application


Customer Conclusion

Many customers were left with a bad taste in their mouth when they decided to do business with Expedia. Keeping up with major changes really is hard. Credibility should be maintained to keep loyal customers. Unfortunately, the ratings for Expedia were very low and recovery may seem a bit hard. But, there are still methods to get back on track and since Expedia has done a great job of staying alive all these years, they will surely find a way to turn the public opinion around.

We hope you enjoyed these Expedia Reviews. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment or question!



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orbitz logo 2015

 Our 2015 Orbitz Review

As an offspring of the merger of many large airlines, this Company has been around since 2001; the two major milestones in its journey occurred in 2007 and 2015. In the 2007, the company gave its IPO and in 2015, Expedia publicly declared that it would purchase Orbitz. This massive purchase by Expedia is enough to create a critical review of the reputation of the Company. With a rating of 9.5 out of 10 according to the reviews submitted by the customers online, the Company is fast becoming the pride of its nation. This is why we are doing a review of Orbitz in 2015.

The Booking Issues

Flight booking has never been a simple and smooth process. What time suits you best? Is a flight available within that time? Is the plane comfortable? Orbitz brings a solution to all these worries through a single website. provides details about all of its flight destinations, giving the customers a variety of airlines to choose from. The incentive of earning points with each flight booked has been considered one of its greatest pro’s. What do these points do? They knock down the prices on your future tickets. These points are termed as Orbucks.

The company also offers fast and rapid booking. Looking at the interface of their website, it’s easy to see the website is designed with the customer in mind. Last minute bookings are allowed and easy enough with everything displayed on a single page. You scroll down, take a look at the flight destinations list and then scroll back up to fill the form. The efficiency and swiftness shows that the Company is concerned about its customers getting things done in a timely fashion.

There is an added bonus of saved searches on the website. Create a history of search on this website to allow you to quickly revisit your old searches and view updated pricing.

Expanded Horizons

Orbitz offers an array of deals and discounts on its flights. Because these deals are worth checking out, a mobile application now exists and is available on all OS’s. The last minute booking also holds a certain discount according to the destination selected.

Nutshell Analysis

For the most part, Orbitz has been found to be a reliable and trustworthy, its efficiency and reputation speaks for itself. According to the reviews that have been submitted online, the company gets a five star rating, an astounding 9.5 out of 10, and a huge appraisal of the many offers and discounts that it provides. Introducing Orbucks has been called fun and convenient at the same time. Limited information is available on the facilitation of flight cancellations, but apart from this the company has proved its worth. Working hard since 2001, the company is now able to offer deals of a lifetime, like tickets to Disney and so forth without hefty costs.

So without further ado, we proclaim Orbitz to be a trustworthy and well priced way to buy flights online!


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CheapOair Reviews

Travelling is better if you get a good affordable deal out of it, let us see how CheapOair stand with that. In this review, we’ll talk about the information you need to know about CheapOair.

CheapOair Reviews-fareportal

To start of, it was founded in 2005 with Fareportal as its parent company. Since 2005, they’ve provided travelers with affordable flight deals around the world. The travel domain has innovative technology to offer and with the help of Fareportal, CheapOair has access to these intuitive technologies. If you are hoping to save money on  your next flight, this company will definitely help. Don’t worry, CheapOair is as concerned as you are about saving money.

What can CheapOair do for you?
No matter where you wish to go, CheapOair offers great flight deals through more than 450 airlines worldwide. The quick process of booking flights is easy with CheapOair, all you have to do is search, select, and save. CheapOair’s customer service support operates all day long by a professional staff to support all customers and answer their questions. However, there are still a lot of critics speaking out about the agency’s customer service. The agency has received good and bad reviews, that’s why we are doing reviews in 2015. You can’t please everyone.

CheapOair's website interface
CheapOair’s website interface

Serious problem regarding Un-updated flights
There were some customers who shared their experience with CheapOair and had a terrible overall experience. There are instances wherein customers book flights that are no longer available but are still offered by CheapOair. With everything taken care of including payments and arrangements, it would be a nightmare to find out that your flight is no longer available. Talk about passive services. Well these things are bound to happen, but it would still be a huge disappointment and can even damage CheapOair’s reputation because a single negative review can be read by millions of people surfing the web.

CheapOair Reviews of Consumers
Based on several CheapOair reviews, the travel site shows over 1,900 complaints and majority of the concern refers to overcharging, double charge and other extra hidden fees which made most of their consumer annoyed and doubtful. One reviewer even said:

I purchased ticket from CheapOair. While booking they charged me 500 but as it was via and was taking too long time to reach destination I had to cancel the ticket, so I approached back to CheapOair. When I called them they are group of people. The operator told me wait a minute, they discussed among themselves and once again operator came back over telephone saying–”You see if you cancel right now airlines will deduct 500 hundred. So you are to pay 500.00 right now so that you will get the refund.”

Contact Information:

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact number:              1-800-566-2345
  • Contact Email:        
  • Head Office Address:        135 W 50th Street, Suite 500. New York, NY, USA

It’s doubtful why CheapOair does those overcharges and refund after? Are they starting a little loan business that they have to steal their customers money and use it for the meantime then return afterwards. I don’t get what’s the logic in overcharging then refund afterwards? If you experienced similar concern, feel free to share your story below.