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5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh skyline

As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh waves the Scottish colours and represents the center of their people’s affairs – from culture to tourism, and more. Edinburgh, Scotland is a beautiful city in its own right, populated by successors to a heritage dating back to the 7th century A.D., and overseeing many historical events, including some of the 5 standout facts about Edinburgh, here:

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh landscape

1. Arthur’s Throne, Edinburgh Castle

One of Edinburgh’s most famous and notable monuments, Edinburgh Castle, has a history as complex and interesting as its facade. The castle is built upon an extinct volcano since dubbed “Arthur’s Throne” or “Arthur’s Seat.” This volcano last erupted 350 million years ago. The massive Edinburgh Castle also had been known as “The Key from the Country” since olden times and is where some precious English and Scottish royalty jewels and coronation Stone of Destiny are kept.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh castle

2. Auld Reekie and its Origins

Edinburgh’s nickname, “Auld Reekie”, can be thought to originate from the stench coming from the city’s primitive sewerage system back in the medieval period. However, Edinburgh’s Auld Reekie nickname refers to the smoke emanating from burning coal and wood in people’s houses and buildings.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh Auld Reekie

3. Production and Inspiration

Some great books were produced and partly written in Edinburgh, a wonderful place for literature and the arts festivals. Controversially, the Encyclopedia Britannica was first produced in the Scottish capital city, featuring scandalous anatomy illustrations of certain body parts deemed inappropriate at the time. Also, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling penned some parts of Harry Potter at Edinburgh cafe, The Elephant, taking inspiration from Edinburgh’s beautiful sceneries and landscape for her book series.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh encyclopedia

4. Green Space

Scottish heads are outnumbered by the heads of trees in the “greenest city in the UK,” Edinburgh. Edinburgh’s Council maintains the city’s clean and green, with 50% of the area dedicated to green space, having more than 130 public parks throughout and many Natural Heritage Sites. Also, Edinburgh has the most listed buildings – with more than 4,500 listed buildings – than any other city other than the United Kingdom’s London or other place in the world, and they make up for this by keeping a lot of trees.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh trees

5. You’ll have had your tea.

“You’ll have had your tea” was once a widespread greeting in Edinburgh if you didn’t want anyone to start a kettle. In fact, some Edinburgh people still use it today to avoid others putting a kettle on. Apparently, the phrase roots back to 18th century nobleman Mackintosh of Borlum who started the trend, not liking the unpleasant sound of tea-slurping during social events.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh tea

Edinburgh, Scotland earned a rich and fascinating folklore and history since the city’s establishment thousands of years before recorded events. With a people who inhabit the glorious city set amongst hills and historic structures like Edinburgh Castle, Calton Hill, and towns old and new overlooking the distinct landscape, Edinburgh continues its long line to become one of the most important gems for travellers and Scotland.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh overview

Tourists to Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh may have a hefty dose of the place’s history but Edinburgh’s nooks and crannies yield more standout facts you can explore – from physical features to fun details, there’s something for everyone in Edinburgh.

What can you say about our Edinburgh culture reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!





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Navagio Beach Adventure Trip Navagio Beach From Above

Is the Well-Planned Trip still an Adventure? – Navagio Beach Example

If I told you that real travel adventure takes a lot of planning, would you believe me? Probably not. It sounds completely illogical.

When someone says adventure, you’ll think of spontaneity, living in a moment, making rash decisions, everything but not thorough plans!

Take it from a passionate traveler; I’ve made that mistake more than a few times. I thought just as you are thinking now, “I’ll worry about that when the time comes“, “I’ll figure it out somehow,“ and so on.

Traveling with that kind of attitude is a valuable experience, and you learn a lot from it. You gain the sense of freedom, and you learn how to deal with situational difficulties. But, you usually end up feeling that you’ve missed out on a lot of things. You could have visited more places, tried more dishes, met more people, and spent less money. You could’ve enjoyed everything better if you only planned in advance.

After I’ve experienced that bad aftertaste for a few times, I’ve decided that I’m going to start planning my trips more carefully. I don’t mean like plan every second of it and leave no place for curiosity, play strictly by the rules. Not like that at all. I’ve decided I’m just going to explore my options in order to make my travelings more efficient.

The good thing is, planning doesn’t take too much effort today. Everything is on a silver plate of the internet. There are a bunch of enthusiasts, like people standing behind the website you are currently visiting and myself who went on trips, searched, organized, planned, and tried things out. The most important part is – those people are willing to share their gathered knowledge with the world!

Navagio Beach Adventure Trip Blue Caves Zante

I travel to Zakynthos every summer and spend my time there helping other travelers have the best possible holiday. That’s why I consider myself a sort of an expert when it comes to that particular island.

One of the most extraordinary places there is Navagio Beach. Its beauty leaves my heart trembling a little bit, every time I visit. Each time I go there, it wakes up a different sensation in me. It is truly heaven-like.

Navagio Beach Adventure Trip Navagio Beach Boar

Because of the love I feel for Navagio Beach, I’ve traveled there numerous times. My goal was to try out all the possible ways to get there and to experience that place.

After all those little excursions, I found out which is the best way to get there, which is most adventurous, most expensive, the cheapest, fastest, longest, best-organized and so on. Gathering information on accommodation and transport options, I wrote my own Navagio Beach guide.

To give future travelers an objective look on Navagio Beach, I asked a bunch of my fellow travel bloggers such as Becki Enright of Borders of Adventure and Inma and Jose of A World to Travel to share their opinions. You can read their words in the Travel Influencers Roundup section of my guide – there are 20+ travel influencers there!

What I want you to remember is following: planning doesn’t always equal boredom, especially when it comes to traveling; you can always find valuable information on sites like and last but not the least, Navagio Beach is a “must-go-to” place for every true traveler.

Enjoy your trip and take care!


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4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok city skyline

The heart and lifeblood of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the most enchanting and fascinating cities in the region. Offering people from all walks of life a unique experience and a never-ending stream of perspective with which to live and travel, Bangkok’s a special place made up of daily quirks. Live life a little differently from the underbelly of Bangkok, where you’ll discover even more riches and time-honoured activities, such as the following:

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok train

1. Chao Phraya River Excursion

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok river cruise Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River, a central attraction of Bangkok, runs through most of the city with ferries transporting tourists and locals to various drop-off and pick-up points throughout. Visitors can get on one of these ferries and watch the scenic view of Bangkok pass by – from rich sites to shanties – from their boat. A great and unique way to experience Bangkok, and a far cry from the congested traffic jams and air pollution the capital city is also known for, Chao Phraya River ferries are some locals’ means of transportation to get to work. Obviously, it’s a perfect sightseeing opportunity for tourists who can literally get the best of both worlds via a Chao Phraya River excursion.

2. Get a special massage

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok massage parlor

Thailand is filled with all kinds of massage parlors. Some of these employ blind masseuses. In Bangkok, there are quite a few of these latter types of massage parlors. More and more kinder, more “ethical” managers are on the mission to improve these special workers’ working conditions; blind massage parlors that prioritise blind employees’ living standards are a great discovery for us customers. In some of Bangkok’s best blind massage parlours, customers going in for a massage are treated with a special touch and more than they paid for.

3. Surf and Other Nature-loving Activities

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok surf

There are a lot of beautiful places to explore, bicycle, trek in Bangkok to get off the beaten path. One thing you can do is surf. Some establishments mimic the real thing in an artificial wave setting, becoming hugely popular to tourists looking for fun in Thailand. Flow House Bangkok, their most popular urban beach club, is where one can “escape the city and go surf,” eat, drink, and enjoy the outdoor beach vibe.

4. Markets and Shopping Paradises

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok market

Bangkok has some of the largest, most colourful markets and shopping malls not only in Southeast Asia but in the world. Visiting the capital isn’t complete without wandering into one of their most famous shopping sites, even for just the sake of wandering. Bring in a map though or study the area to avoid getting lost. Shoppers can encounter all manners of items for sale at amazing prices or ogle at designer products.

The city’s rife with another kind of market altogether: the gourmet food market, basically an open space filled with small gourmet food restaurants serving a mix of local and international cuisine in a “modern” setting.

If you’re planning a visit to Bangkok soon, consider these somewhat odd but ever-present facets of daily life in the city. Partaking in these activities brings you closer to the place and its people, exposing you to another side of Thai culture.

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok explore bicycle temple

What can you say about our Thailand culture review? Inspired to visit this Southeast Asian country famed for its diverse lifestyle and food? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make road trip

The previous year passed and many of you may be thinking or are beginning to think of making new year resolutions, such as travel plans for the year ahead. 2017 entered with a bang and all around the world travellers are busy making travel resolutions they can follow for the year. Make this the year for travel by creating new travel resolutions and living out of the box. That way, your travelling days though structured can be filled with special and thoughtful touches and more opportunities to grow as a person.

The following are some travel resolutions for the year that can guide you as you travel:

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make Plans

  1. Go out of your comfort zone and try visiting a country or city you have never heard of or are not that familiar with. This is one good way to start your travel planning. Your own native country alone may have some off the grid towns, villages, or regions you don’t know that are filled with new places to explore and learn about. You don’t know everything about where you’re from; start 2017 on the right foot by exploring around you. Take that trip overseas and enter a destination that’s off the beaten path and learn things that ordinary traveling won’t teach you. While you’re at it, do things you wouldn’t normally do!

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make adventure

  1. Start learning new languages using travel and language apps. Learning the local language will help you navigate new terrain and make interacting with locals easier and more rewarding. Apps like Google Translate have speech recognition and written language translation features that you can whip up in any situation when you need a quick foreign language fix.

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make language learn

  1. Go off the beaten path. Be more adventurous. Wherever you are, get your creative travel juices running by whipping up unique travel itineraries for the day. This is made even easier with the ready programs already available in most establishments or hotels you visit. Countries from all over the world obviously have something site-specific to offer that are sure to attract you. From fun music festivals to outdoor activities, safaris to water and nature adventures, the options are unlimited. Think out of the box with this travel resolution and always carry with you an open-minded heart to be in the moment and forget where you are.

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make Trek

  1. Live, mingle right in with the locals. A great way to experience a new culture is to see it through the perspective of an insider. Luckily for modern travellers, many apps connect travellers and locals to share a meal, expertly explore the place, or go on a special educational trek that provide you with access to see how people live daily.

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make mingle local

  1. Finally cross that item off your bucket list. Did you live through 2016 always dreaming of that one thing you always wanted to do or travel to but never did? As mentioned, make 2017 your year for travel and make that dream a reality. Live your dream and take concrete steps towards making it come true. If you’d had an interest in a particular destination for a long time but never been to it, try going there this year.

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make DreamThese 5 travel resolutions can guide how you spend your calendar year travelling. What can you say about our list of travel resolutions? Do you agree with them, have favorites of your own, or want to share your own travel resolutions for this year?  If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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JustFly Reviews 5 Essential Books for Travellers book stack

Back then, travel adventures were meticulously documented and reported until the general writing style that characterised travel writing was established among the travel books of the present – bridging the gap between times, generations, and places.

Travel books are an interesting read to broaden your perspective and knowledge about your surroundings. Freshen up your knowledge about the world with these JustFly reviews 5 Essential Books for Travelers:

JustFly Reviews 5 Essential Books for Travellers reading reader

The List so Far

“Arabian Sands” by William Thesiger (1959)

JustFly Reviews 5 Essential Books for Travellers Arabian Sands

Wealthy British-born Thesiger escaped to travel at the first opportunity, Istanbul being the first pitstop of many adventures. Taking in odd jobs and going to weird places in the region, his classic nonfiction work Arabian Sands describes his “crossings.”

Immortalising the sands of time of Thesiger’s travels in the Arabian Peninsula between 1945 to 1950, considered a classic of travel literature by many, including travel writer Paul Theroux who placed Arabian Sands on his classics list. Capturing the dying ways of life of the Bedouins after the Second World War makes Arabian Sands an educating read for those interested in history, culture, and the mores of the Bedu people.

“The Road to Oxiana” by Robert Byron (1937)

JustFly Reviews 5 Essential Books for Travellers The Road to Oxania

Oxiana in the title of this 1937 diary-type travel book refers to the country of the Oxus, the region along the border of Afghanistan and the Soviet Union: the grail British travel writer and art critic Robert Byron sought throughout his voyage towards the Middle East and then back to England. “A sacred text, beyond criticism,” The Road to Oxiana displays extensive knowledge on regional architecture detailing further the writer’s intimate and amusing accounts of his interaction with locals and local transport in a writing style credited to be the father of modern travel writing.

“In Patagonia” by Bruce Chatwin (1977)

JustFly Reviews 5 Essential Books for Travellers In Patagonia

In Patagonia turned Chatwin into an instant celebrity, placed Patagonia on the map, and served as a Bible for backpackers to South America and the region.

Chatwin himself describes his book “as the narrative of an actual journey and a symbolic one … It is supposed to fall into the category or be a spoof of Wonder Voyage: the narrator goes to a far country in search of a strange animal: on his way he lands in strange situations, people or other books tell him strange stories which add up to form a message.”

“Great Plains” by Ian Frazier (1989)

JustFly Reviews 5 Essential Books for Travellers Great Plains

A runaway favourite among critics and perceptive readers alike, Great Plains takes a “molecular approach” to scrutinizing the author’s cross-country journey, an On the Road-like road trip Travels with Charley-style, described on Google Books as “through the vast and myth-inspiring empty plains – from tumbleweed and American Indian tepees to the house where Bonnie and Clyde did their dirty work to the scene of the murders in Capote’s “In Cold Blood”.

“Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer (1996)

JustFly Reviews 5 Essential Books for Travellers Into the Wild

A bonus travel book in this list, Krakauer’s started as a 1993 essay or article for Outside, then accumulated more material after people related to the events described in it emerged. Essentially a documentary-like account of the escape of a young Christopher McCandless from the American life, it’s a sympathetic lens into why one would want to leave, and hence into the nature of travel.

JustFly Reviews 5 Essential Books for Travellers adventure place

So, What’s in it For Me?

Books can be your friends, and since most people think they can travel through time and space and be different people through the experience of reading, reading travel books is a perfect way to travel to other places without physically doing so!


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Seattle pulls out all the stops during the holiday season – that means that the Christmas fever is in the air as early as November and reverberates until the New Year’s. In the Emerald City, with its proliferation of cultural establishments, Christmas is an unforgettable experience fused with community gatherings, altruism, and artistry, making Seattle such a great place to celebrate the holidays this 2016.

5 Entertaining Christmas Events in Seattle for 2016 tower

To keep you entertained during the Christmas season in Seattle, read these 5 Entertaining Christmas Events in Seattle for 2016:

1. Gingerbread Village

5 Entertaining Christmas Events in Seattle for 2016 Gingerbread Village

Held at the lobby of Sheraton Hotel, a wondrous gingerbread village is set up with a different theme every year. This 2016, it is “Celebrate the Magic of the Holidays!” The ornately-decorated Gingerbread Village is open to the public 24/7 from November 22, 2016-January 1, 2017. By far, it’ll be one of the largest and most unique gingerbread houses you’ll see during the holidays!

Donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation while you’re at the venue; the efforts of teams of architectural and culinary designers can pay off the most with Christmas spirit from viewers.

2. Wildlights at Woodland Park Zoo

5 Entertaining Christmas Events in Seattle for 2016 Wildlights Woodland Park Zoo

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is strung with thousands of lights in anticipation of the festive season: running this year from November 25, 2016-January 1, 2017. If the rest of the 5 Entertaining Christmas Events in Seattle for 2016 are unappealing to you, visiting animals at nighttime with the lights on will make your Christmas merry. These light displays in Seattle are open the day after Thanksgiving until the New Year and can be walked through or driven through. Either way, the view is spectacular.

3. Festival of Trees

5 Entertaining Christmas Events in Seattle for 2016 Festival of Trees

21 trees decorated with their own theme and style. A selection of beautiful Christmas trees is displayed at the lobby and grand motor entrance of Fairmont Olympic Hotel, the proceeds of the sale of which will benefit the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Provided this year until November 30 are entertainment, holiday item sale, visits with Santa, photos available, Christmas stories, and the lighting of the grand lobby tree.

4. Westlake Christmas Tree Lighting

5 Entertaining Christmas Events in Seattle for 2016 Westlake Christmas Lighting

At Westlake Center Plaza in downtown Seattle, people can gather to watch their massive Christmas Tree lit at 5 pm, and can meet Santa, and dive right into other Christmas traditions. In 2016, Westlake Park will also host the Holiday Market; shopping period is between November 25-December 24. Reports for this year’s Christmas Tree Lighting note that it’s more of a community gathering than a big production.

5. Winterfest

5 Entertaining Christmas Events in Seattle for 2016 Winterfest

The Seattle Center comes alive from November 27-December 31, from 10am – 6pm with Seattle’s take on Christmas: light displays, an ice skating rink, and a model Winter Train and town. Have fun with your children riding the train, listening to music, or watching local theatre and ballets. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Stellaluna, and George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker are slated for the 2016 Christmas season Winterfest.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year; it’s the time of giving and receiving and being thankful. The holidays in Seattle are priceless and heartening, so don’t miss out on how you can celebrate Christmas wherever you are.

5 Entertaining Christmas Events in Seattle for 2016 night

What can you say about our 5 Entertaining Christmas Events in Seattle for 2016 reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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4 Perfect Places for a Weekend Away in England bridge

A weekend away is the perfect time to experience the best that England has to offer – from its quaint towns and villages, rustic countryside, and coastlines, there’s something for everyone come rain or shine in one of the most magnificent and sought-after destinations in the world. With the varied experiences in the country, people from all walks of life are bound to find something that’ll suit their preferences for an ideal activity or someplace they can go to in the weekend.

4 Perfect Places for a Weekend Away in England place

Try travelling by train – to get a matchless view of the passing scenery from your train seat window – to a spa in Bath or to sandy beaches, and gaze at the stars and craggy cliffs and somber moors in the distance to culminate your stay in one of the United Kingdom’s getaways.

1. Lake District

4 Perfect Places for a Weekend Away in England Lake District

Poet William Wordsworth drew inspiration from Lake District National Park for his work – the place’s rolling green hills and breathtaking mountains, lakes, and quintessential market-towns and traditional villages dot the expanse of Lake District. Spend the better part of the weekend touring the scenic vista from fells to feet after a day visiting their plenteous heritage sites and unwinding their way.

2. Bath

4 Perfect Places for a Weekend Away in England Bath

The countryside town of Bath is most popular for its ancient Roman Baths and bath houses, where several boutique hotels in the English town now offer luxury spa breaks. In July and August of the year, these Roman Baths are open until 10 pm, lit up, turning an evening stroll around the ruins into a nostalgic night memory.

Another trip down memory lane for travellers eager to visit one of the 4 Perfect Places for a Weekend Away in England owes to Bath’s beautiful honey-coloured Georgian architecture, constructed using mainly one type of stone as seen in Bath Abbey.

3. Cornwall

4 Perfect Places for a Weekend Away in England Cornwall

Go to Cornwall if you want an outdoor adventure with your family: learn to kayak, paddleboard, surf, or waveski on your own or through one of the lessons offered by the coastline county that’s friendly for trekking through land and clear waters, aside from being among the United Kingdom’s best places to surf and enjoy music.

Cornwall’s dunes and cliffs, medieval harbours, and creeks stretch for a good 300 miles, all distances of which are accessible on foot making for a very energetic weekend and learning experience.

4. Brighton

4 Perfect Places for a Weekend Away in England Brighton

Brighton, popular for daytrips, is a thumping wild-ride seaside resort town in England also known for its glittering nightlife, arts scene, shopping, and festivals. It’s a mere hour’s journey from London by train, and instantly transports you to a vision of amusement and colourful entertainment options such as arcades, quirky shopping finds in The Lanes or the North Laine, walks along beach sides and piers, and seafood.

Weekends are meant to be periods of rest, and the English can afford to spend their times wisely by choosing which places are accessible and interesting for them to visit on their days off where they can spend a couple of days unwinding and appreciating the country.

4 Perfect Places for a Weekend Away in England travellers

If you intend on visiting one of these 4 Perfect Places for a Weekend Away in England, kindly share your opinions here below!