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Frankfurt Airport Reviews
Frankfurt Airport Reviews-cheers
Who doesn’t love beer? Of course, excessive drinking can be harmful to anyone’s health. However, did you know that beer has lots of nutrients such as protein, B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, iron, niacin and riboflavin? I know that it’s far from Oktoberfest yet here we are talking about Germany, but not particularly the country in general, but its major international airport located in Germany’s fifth largest city, Frankfurt. Let’s go to Western Europe for this review and we will talk about Frankfurt Airport.

Frankfurt Airport Reviews of Customers
According to several Frankfurt Airport reviews, the German airport has garnered a below average score of 3/10 out of 442 Frankfurt Airport reviews. It is obviously not a good score. Well, let us check why they had received this kind of rating.

Based on the following reviews, some customers are not satisfied with the time being wasted while at FRA, one reviewer even mentioned “Allow at least 2 hours connection time if you have to use this airport”, wherein it means a higher chance of delay. Another cause of delay was mentioned as no gate number information, layout is a bit confusing which leads to endless walking and many people considered the airport as a total mess.

Frankfurt Airport Reviews-lost
To be honest, it was difficult to find a reference map for the location of the restrooms throughout the 2 terminals of the FRA. It’s kind of sad to know that aside from finding the location of the comfort rooms, we stumble upon several issues with the restrooms by the consumers. Toilets are reported to have pipe issues and as for cleanliness, it’s not even close to being neat at all. In fact, most Frankfurt Airport reviews say the restrooms are difficult to find.

On a positive note, help desks are easily located in the arrivals and departure halls of both terminals and it’s 24 hours a day. There are also several touch screen information kiosks situated throughout both terminals. An estimation of 130 shops and several restaurants, bars and cafes throughout the airport, but to provide you a more specific map view and information for the following shopping and dining guide in each terminal, click here. To keep travelers entertained and connected online, Frankfurt Airport offers unlimited free WiFi access 24/7.

There are several ways to get from and to FRA. One of which is by Free SkyLine, the shuttle trains run between the terminals and shuttle buses can also be found by the roadside outside each terminal. Another option is by driving. Frankfurt Airport is linked to the A3 (Cologne-Munich) and A5 (Hanover-Basel) motorways, this border the airport’s eastern and northern boundaries. These routes are joined at the Frankfurter Kreuz junction to have access to the airport on to the federal B43 road, which connects directly to the city center.

Location – Traffic – Service
FRA’s lies 12 km (8 miles) southwest of central Frankfurt city and its main hub for AeroLogic, Condor and Lufthansa. The Europe’s third busiest airport has 4 runways.

In October 2012 FRA predicted a passenger count of about 90 million in 2020, so they made a terminal section adjacent to Terminal 1 which created an additional six million passenger capacity and exclusively used by Lufthansa for their long-haul flights with eight parking positions to be able to handle four Airbus A380 or seven Boeing 747s at once. Statistics show that in 2015, the airport had accommodated a total of 61 million passengers, which equates to a 2.5% growth in traffic. However, the aircraft movements had decreased by 0.8 percent to about 469,000 takeoffs and landings.

FRA’s busiest routes are to Istanbul, Berlin-Tegel, Hamburg, London-Heathrow and Oslo-Gardermoen with estimation of 740,000-842,000 departing passengers annually.

Airport/Terminal Map
Frankfurt Airport Reviews-terminal map
Past: Frankfurt Airport started as a commercial airport in 1936 and it was a continuous growth for the airport, that in 1950 they were the first airport to operate a jetliner. In 1972, the Terminal commenced operations and started catering international flights.

Present and Future: Last year, Fraport AG or the parent company of Frankfurt Airport had announced their plan for a new Terminal, they will invest $3.2 Billion for the side project that will accommodate the predicted passenger numbers between 68-73 million by 2021 wherein it’s not impossible since currently their capacity is at 64 million passengers. This project will include training service, fully automated check-in facilities with automatic bag drops and an open layout with glass structure for natural lighting. To get the latest news about Frankfurt Airport, click here.

In 2015, here are the list of awards that Frankfurt Airport awarded by Skytrax – World Airport Awards

  • 7th rank for the Best Airports: 50 million passenger per year
  • 5th rank for the Best Airports in Europe
  • 3rd rank for the Best Airports in Central Europe
  • and 13th from the “The World’s Top 100 Airports – 2015”

Frankfurt Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:                   FRA
  • Phone Number:              +49 180 6 3724636
  • Website URL:        
  • Address:                          60547 Frankfurt, Germany

So there, feel free to be the judge of Frankfurt Airport. We both know that reviews are showing negative feedback in chorus but the services and achievements seems have a different lyric. If Frankfurt Airport is a song then maybe it’s out of tune. I think FRA just need to work on some of their facilities and airport information since customer’s time are wasted mostly with looking for the gate and facilities. Even I won’t be happy if I am about to urinate and can’t find where’s the restroom and will be surprised that the restroom are appalling too.


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O’Hare International Airport Reviews

When you first hear of Chicago, of course, it’s not all about The Bulls of NBA. It’s also the famous place for pizza, hot dogs and Italian beef! This state in the US is rich in gastronomy. Of course, who wouldn’t want to take a picture below The Bean at the Millennium Park. The food-centric state is one of the millions of reasons why you need to visit the United States of America. In this review, let’s talk about the biggest airport in Chicago, O’Hare International Airport.

O’Hare International Airport Reviews of Travellers
O'Hare International Airport Reviews-reviews
It’s not actually nice to start a review about O’Hare International Airport with a negative outlook. However, based on 205 O’Hare International Airport reviews on Skytrax. ORD had garnered a rating score of 3/10 which is obviously very low from at least an average score. As I read some of the O’Hare International Airport reviews, it pretty much tells about the customer’s frustration over the neatness and rudeness of the airport staff. The most recent review was posted on the 5th of January 2016 saying that the ORD needs to be better. One reviewer even said:
“ The entirety of the airport is outdated, dirty, the employees all have an attitude as though they are owed something, and you’re treated like a criminal until you have proven that you’re not.”

There are several restrooms all over O’Hare International Airport, to be specific, a total of eight family restrooms per terminal which are usually located in the north side of baggage area and two on the south side, two near the food courts and the remaining two don’t have similar arrangements like the rest.
O'Hare International Airport Reviews-power_stations
If you need help with ORD’s what about and whereabout, then the information desks are at your service. However, there’s only one designated help desk per terminal which are located near Gate C18 for Terminal 1, near Gate F1D for Terminal 2, near Gate K2 for Terminal 3, upper level ticketing area and lower level arrival area for Terminal 5.

For food & beverage and shopping stores in each terminal:

  • Terminal 1 (Concourse B&C): 32 food and beverage establishments and 17 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 2 (Concourse E&F): 15 food and beverage establishments and 10 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 3 (Concourse G,H,K&L): 36 food and beverage establishments and 21 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 5: 12 food and beverage establishments and 11 shopping stalls.

For reference:

As rich as the service information and airport’s facilities, the wireless fidelity is also available in all terminals but are offered both pre- and post security. They understand that we can’t always keep our batteries full, several power stations are scattered around the airport as well. For more information of the exact location and Wi-Fi tutorial, click here.

Getting To and From?
There are actually several ways to get to ORD via train, bus, taxi or car rentals. But in this review, we advise travellers that transits are the easiest way to get to Chicago airports; there’s no need to pay for parking or taxis with CTA. They provide ‘L’ (train) service directly to both O’Hare and Midway airports. Machines at the station issue new Ventra Cards or load fare or passes onto cards. By helping passengers to plan their route, the official site of ORD had helped travellers not to get lost with “Plan your route” service, see here.

O'Hare International Airport Reviews-trafficLocation – Traffic – Service
Being one of the busiest airports in the USA with a total of 9 runways, ORD is located near the major highways which is actually based 20 miles from Chicago (downtown) or 17 miles northwest of the Chicago Loop. O’Hare International Airport is the major hub for both United Airlines and American Airlines. O’Hare International Airport is usually catering 1,000 daily direct flights to 150 US cities and 119 daily direct flights to 52 international destinations.

Airport/Terminal Map
O'Hare International Airport Reviews-map

O'Hare International Airport Reviews-Edward O’Hare
Edward O’Hare

Past: It started in 1930s when the city of Chicago looked for a second airport since the first airport was a success with continuous growth in the commercial aviation. However, there has been just a little progress initially for O’Hare International Airport due to World War II. The airport was successfully constructed in Orchard Place (1943), manufactured Douglas C-54 and was named “Orchard Field Airport”. But to honor the first US Navy flying ace in WWII, Mr. Edward Henry “Butch” O’Hare, the airport’s name was rebranded to “O’Hare International Airport”

Present and Future: A $1.3 billion project for the 6th runway of O’Hare International Airport will be built as one of the final steps in realizing a fully modernized and efficient ORD. That even the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel added “So today, we’re not only laying the groundwork for a 21st-century airport, but it will power a Chicago for the 21st-century economy.” and added that this investment will be something different, so that everybody from the Chicago participates in the growth.

Last year, ORD again received the award for “Best Airport in North America” and they received this honor for the 11th year from the Global Traveler. O’Hare International Airport also keeps being nominated for other prestigious awards from World Travel Awards such as “North America’s Leading Airport” and “World’s Leading Airport”

Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:                      ORD
  • Phone Number:                  +1 800-832-6352
  • Website URL:            
  • Address:                             10000 W O’Hare Ave, Chicago, IL 60666, United States

Judging through several O’Hare International Airport reviews, the airport definitely deserves “YES”. It is sometimes fatal to seek for growth when you have a massive empire, but to O’Hare International Airport, they’re more than willing to take risks to expand and to provide more quality services. As they say “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”


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Keflavík International Airport Reviews

Iceland had always been one of the few countries I would love to visit. If you never heard of Blue Lagoon then you’re missing almost half of your life. There are more tourist attractions in Iceland such as the Sun Voyager, Gullfoss and the Golden Circle. One of the best airports in the world is located in Iceland. Let us explore the beauty of the world’s best airport layover in Keflavík International Airport.

Keflavík International Airport Reviews-low ceilingKeflavík International Airport of Travellers
Though they are famous for their award-winning services and recognition, the Keflavík International Airport reviews contradict the pretty picture the airport had painted. Most of the Keflavík International Airport reviews say that the airport lacks seats, places are not organized and the ceiling is too small making them feel suffocated. Based on 62 Keflavík International Airport reviews, the airport had an overall score of 4 out of 10 rating by

The Keflavík International Airport has a total of 5 terminals designated from Terminal A to E and each terminal had their own respective restrooms and disability facilities. In case travelers get lost, information desks are on both levels of the passenger terminal. In Terminal 1,  self-service kiosks are located in the departure hall, whereas Tourist information is available in the arrivals area.

KEF has an overall of 6 food establishments and 8 shopping stores. It’s easy to keep connected while at KEF, just connect to their WiFi: “Kefairport-FreeWifi” and start surfing for free with their fast and unlimited internet connection.

Going to Keflavík International Airport is easy because it’s at the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik which is along Route 41. If a traveler is from the city they just have to head southwest on Route 41 for about 45 km (28 miles). Other ways are by bus transportation. Flybus and Gray Line operate from to Reykjavik and travel takes approximately 30-40 minutes. If by Taxi, A-Stöðin and Hreyfill Bæjarleiði are the two companies who cater services for KEF starting at kr8, 500 ($65). For more information, click here.

Location – Traffic – Service
The location of KEF is on the Reykjanes peninsula, take a short drive from Reykjanesbaer (a town in Keflavik) and 50km (31 miles) southwest of the capital Reykjavik. Keflavík International Airport is the main hub for the flag carrier Icelandair with 3 runways. Recent reports proved that the airport’s traffic increased by 16% in 2015 from 2014 which reached over 4.5 million passengers from domestic and international flights, including 20 non-stop destinations in United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Europe.

Airport Map
Keflavík International Airport Reviews-map
Keflavík International Airport Reviews-us military Past:
During the World War II the US Military desired increase in military power by operating heavy bombers at Keflavik airfield. The airport’s construction started in May 1942. Initially, the airport’s purpose has been just for military services, but later on progressed to refuelling stop for civil aviation crossing the Atlantic. After the withdrawal of the US Military forces in 1947, the airport was handed to Iceland which was rebranded to Keflavík International Airport in 1951.

Keflavík International Airport Reviews-Björn Óli Hauksson
Björn Óli Hauksson

Present: In December 2008, the new appointed CEO of the Icelandic airport is Mr. Björn Óli Hauksson. Mr. Hauksson was an operational engineer prior to being the leader of Keflavík International Airport . In 2013, the airport faced big challenges during the volcanic eruption where a large area in airspace was closed for a while. Flights were temporarily cancelled and transferred to another country. It is through the wisely planned decisions of their leader that the airport still managed to continue operations during those difficulties.

Future: Due to the constant increase of passengers of KEF annually, the airport expects more than 23% rise this year and following years. Oslo-based Nordic architecture centers are redesigning the new master plan for Keflavík International Airport since the airport is the main hub for bridging flights between Europe and North America.

As evident as it’s shown, Kudos to Keflavík International Airport! They had already won several recognitions and achievements. But let me just enumerate the awards they gathered in 2015:

  • Best Airport in Northern Europe
  • Best Airport Staff in Europe
  • Top 5 on the Best Airports (under 5 million passenger annually)

Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:                     KEF
  • Phone number:                  +354 425 6000
  • Fax number:                      +354 425 6010
  • Email Address:          
  • Fax number:                      +354 425 6010
  • Website URL:           
  • Address:                             Southern Peninsula, 235, Iceland

To Sum It Up
If you would base your thoughts about Keflavík International Airport from reviews you will be unsatisfied, but if you’ll briefly observe the overall performance and services of KEF, it is obvious that this airport is one of the best airports in the world. Plus the fact that their staff was even world renowned to be accommodating and friendly.

I personally never had been at Keflavík International Airport, but after writing this review… I will definitely love to fly with the international airport of Iceland. Have you been to Keflavík International Airport? Feel free to share your recent experience below.


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London Heathrow Airport Reviews
London Heathrow Airport Reviews-london
The place of large cities and popular tourist attractions. Where famous people were born like Benedict Cumberbatch, Prince William, Matthew Macfadyen, Keira Knightley and philosopher Thomas More. One of the most widely read writers in English literature based her works in London. The most famous Pride and Prejudice where Keira Knightley played the role of Elizabeth Bennett and Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy. Join me as I unfold the beauty of London and its major international airport; London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

London Heathrow Airport Reviews of Passengers
London Heathrow Airport reviews are not showing positive, for the London international airport got an overall score of 4 out 10 based on 1,205 London Heathrow Airport reviews. This was rooted from some customers complaining about lack of facilities, unfriendly staff and they even stated that their overall experience was pure chaos. However, not all feedback are negative. Some had appreciated the airport’s organized security, generous shopping and food stores and spacious terminals.

Another reviewer said “It appears to be quite airy and user friendly with wide open spaces and does not feel claustrophobic like some airport terminals. There are plenty of check in counters and some self check in kiosks with staff on hand to assist with check in.

I was looking forward to flying from the new terminal as it was only opened last year. There are plenty of shops airside if you wanted to make some extra purchases before your flight. There are also plenty of eateries but as with most airports it is quite pricey to eat there.” she then gave them a 9/10 score.

London Heathrow Airport Reviews-restroomAesthetics
Toilets are located throughout the 5 terminals of LHR. They also have unisex wheelchair-accessible toilets available. In Terminal 2 Level 5, toilets are located on both sides of the check-in and departure area. Terminal 3 has a total of 4 restrooms located. 2 in check-in area, 1 in the departure lounge and 1 in arrivals area opposite carousel 4 and 9. To see more about toilet locations, click here.

Same goes with the Information desks, they are also located throughout the airport. In T2, there are 2 restrooms located on both entrances and exit from Security and a help point in T2B. In T3, at Level 1, there are 3 toilets in check-in area, 4 in the departure lounge and a help point in the baggage reclaim area. In T4, there is a total of 6 restrooms in the departure lounge concourse, 1 near the chauffeur services and a help point in the baggage reclaim. For food & beverage and shopping stores in each terminal:

  • Terminal 1: Closed.
  • Terminal 2: 4 food and beverage establishments and 19 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 3: 6 food and beverage establishments and 46 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 4: 4 food and beverage establishments and 42 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 5: 8 food and beverage establishments and 39 shopping stalls.

London Heathrow Airport Reviews-wifiStay connected with the Free WiFi at London Heathrow Airport, to get connected just choose “_Heathrow Wi-Fi” then follow the on-screen instructions. Consumption of WiFi will be free as long as you’re in LHR. Another option to get connected is through their Internet Desks, wherein computer desks have free broadband access, which are located in every terminal and it’s operated by Arqiva.

The fastest way to travel into Central London is by Heathrow Express, trains leave every 15 minutes and the journey take approximately 15-20 minutes to London Paddington. Train to Heathrow Airport are around 5am until 11:55pm. This is not the only way to get to LHR. The customer can travel via London Underground (50-60 minutes), Heathrow Connect (30 minutes), National Express coach (40-80 minutes), Feltham rail link (40 minutes) and Taxi (an hour).

Location – Traffic – Service
LHR is located 14 miles west of central London near the south end of the London Borough of Hillingdon. The location of the airport is surrounded by areas of Harmondsworth, Harlington, Cranford and Longford. It falls under the Hounslow post town in the TW postcode area. The busiest airport in the United Kingdom has 2 runways (Southern and Northern) and is planning a third.

In 2014, the annual air transport movements were reported to be 472,802 with a daily average of 1,290. LHR handled a record 73.4 million passengers, which proves 1.4 percent increase from the previous year. British Airways uses London Heathrow Airport as its primary hub, though 80 other airlines are servicing their flights at LHR. The destinations that the airport served is averagely 185 from 84 countries worldwide with 5 non-stop destinations in New York, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong and Frankfurt.

Airport/Terminal Map
London Heathrow Airport Reviews-terminals map

Past: London Heathrow Airport was founded in 1929 at the Great West Aerodrome located on land southeast of Heathrow. Terminal 1’s location used to be a “Heathrow Farm” of market gardens, farms and orchards. The development of the airport was focused on 1944, when it’s almost done the World War II had ended. It opened as London Airport in 1946 but was renamed to Heathrow Airport in 1966.

London Heathrow Airport Reviews-Patrick McLoughlin
Patrick McLoughlin

Present and Future: The news about the expansion plan for a third runway was again further delayed until the summer of next year. Because research on the environment needed an ample time. The decision was previously promised by the end of this year. The 58 year old British Conservative Party politician, Patrick McLoughlin said “The case for aviation expansion is clear一but it’s vitally important we get the decision right so that it will benefit generations to come”. To see the current news and be updated, click here.


London Heathrow Airport had harvested a lot of awards this year. Let me share you the list of their achievements and awards this year:

  • “Best Airport with over 10 million passengers” by Airport Operators Association Awards
  • “Energy Management Award” by Sustainability Leaders Awards
  • “Best Airport” by ACI EUROPE Awards
  • “Best Airport in Western Europe” by Skytrax World Airport Awards
  • “Terminal 5 – World’s Best Airport Terminal” by Skytrax World Airport Awards
  • “Terminal 2 – World’s Best Airport Terminal” by Air Transport World
  • “World’s Best Airport for Shopping” by Skytrax World Airport Awards
  • “Best Airport” by Business Traveller Awards
  • “Biodiversity Benchmark Award” by Wildlife Trust
  • “Private Sector Fleet of the Year” by Green Fleet Awards

London Heathrow Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:               LHR (IATA) ; EGLL (ICAO)
  • Phone number:           +44 844 335 1801
  • Website URL:    
  • Address:                      Greater London TW6, United Kingdom

Just so you know, not only London Heathrow Airport reviews prove that the airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe by passenger traffic and the fifth busiest airport in the world. LHR is ranked the 8th spot on The World’s Top 100 Airports of 2015 according to the Skytrax’s World Airport Awards. This review itself is not enough to narrate every achievement and growth that LHR had worked on for more than 8 decades. Have you been in London Heathrow Airport? Feel free to share your story below.


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Narita International Airport Reviews
Narita International Airport Reviews-air traffic

In Japan, there are two airports that service the air networks of Japanese people. Haneda International Airport (HND) and Narita International Airport (NRT). The airports differ in type of traffic they are focused on. HND charters international flights, but focuses on domestic air traffic, wherein NRT handles the majority and most of the international air traffic for Japan. In this review, we’ll be taking you to a tour of Narita International Airport.

Narita International Airport Reviews of Travellers
Judging through several Narita International Airport reviews, the Japanese airport has a 50/50 score of 5/10 rating from 168 reviewers. Even they are mixed complaints and recognition, the most recent comments are positive. Let me share you this review posted on the 2nd of December 2015, she rated them 8/10:

“I usually depart from Narita every year but this year I did not. T1 North arrivals were efficient and pretty easy, even though a little walking was involved. One problem I had was that I could not find many signs directing me to immigration etc.

However, At the time I arrived, there were no other flights coming in, so the Baggage claim, Immigration, and customs were all a breeze, and there were no lines whatsoever either in the non-citizen “line” or the citizen “line”. Overall, Narita is a fine airport for arrivals and departures. Check-in lines can be slow sometimes from past experience, but you should not have a problem with trying to catch your flight. I do recommend this airport.”

NRT has 2 information desks, one is located in the Main building 1st floor near Exit A and the other is on the Central building 1st floor facing the south wing. They have a total of 12 restrooms throughout NRT and their toilets are exclusively designed by Gallery TOTO―eight are found in Terminal 1 and 4 in Terminal. Shower rooms are present on both terminals and it costs 1,030 yen per 30 minutes usage.

In Terminal 1, there are 15 branded boutiques and 9 duty free stores. And in Terminal 2, there are 9 branded boutiques, 7 duty free stalls and 18 food & beverage establishments. Terminal 3 was just recently built in April 2015.

There are several ways to reach NRT. Through Rail, Buses, Taxi, Automobile and even by Helicopter. By Rail, there’s JR Narita Express, JR Sobu, Keisei Skyliner, Keisei Limited Express and by bus, there’s limousine, Tokyo shuttle and the access or via ARK Hills Heliport which will take the customer to the airport in approximately 20 minutes. To get more brief information on To/From Narita Airport, click here. To go around and through 3 Terminals of the airport,  just takes a 10 minute free shuttle bus connecting drive to each terminal area.

But, if travelling via personal vehicle from Central Tokyo route to east/northeast from Higashi-Kanto expressway or Keiyo Road, either of which, just make sure travelers will reach Shin-Kuko Expressway because this directly connects to the airport.

Location – Traffic – Service
NRT is located 60 km east of Tokyo and with the current statistics it shows that Narita International Airport receives 35.5 million passengers annually making NRT the major international airport. NRT was ranked 13th place worldwide based from volume of international passengers and 7th place in terms of international cargo. NRT is the main base for the following airlines: All Nippon Airways, Delta Air Lines, Japan Airlines, Jetstar Japan, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Peach, United Airlines and Vanilla Airㅡserves with 2 runways.

Aside from this airline making the airport as their main hub, 80 more carriers are flying to and from NRT, which caters over 100 cities in 30 countries and 3 regions across the world.

Terminal Map
Narita International Airport Reviews-Terminal Map
*For reference:

Past: Narita International Airport (NRT) was formerly known as New Tokyo International Airport. Initially, it was planned in the 1960s with an aim to help Haneda Airport’s traffic. It took them a decade to finally finish the first NRT’s runway. In 2004, the privatization of the airport was the gateway for routing and endless success of the renamed Narita International Airport (NRT).

Narita International Airport Reviews-Kosaburo Morinaka
Kosaburo Morinaka

Present: NRT temporarily cancelled flights of Japan Airlines to Paris. This follows the fall in passengers, after November’s deadly terror attacks in the French capital, from 80 down to 40 percent. On a positive note, the new Terminal (Terminal 3) of NRT won an award for “Good Design Gold Award” by the METI Minister’s award. The current leader of the major international airport is Mr. Kosaburo Morinaka. To be updated with the airport’s news, click here.

Future: It’s evidently reported that NRT is undergoing several expansion programs to enhance their services. The airport’s vision: “As a multifunction airport capable of meeting the diverse needs for air transport in the Greater Capital Area of Tokyo, Narita aims to attain the position of key international hub airport of East Asia well into the future, to be the airport that is relied, trusted, favored and preferred by the customers”

NRT was continuously nominated as “Asia’s Leading Airport” since 2005 up to present and a nominee as well in 2007 as “World’s Leading Eco-Friendly Airport”, this was recognized by World Travel Awards. In 2014, NRT had gathered a lot of awards: 3rd Best Airport in 30-40 million passengers annually, 10th Best Airport, shopping, 5th Best Airport security, 3rd Best International Airport, 4th World’s Cleanest Airport, 9th best airport in Asia and 10th with the best staff in Asia.
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:                    NRT
  • Phone number:                +81 476-34-8000
  • Website URL:         
  • Address:                           1-1 Furugome, Narita, Chiba Prefecture 282-0004, Japan

Based on Narita International Airport reviews, the airport had a high reputation to take care of, from the moment they started operating their mindset was to aim higher and improve wider. This kind of attitude led them to their obvious several awards. With those massive traffic, NRT can smoothly accommodate their passengers with exclusivity. I wonder how do NRT looks like up close.

Feel free to share your experience below.


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Incheon International Airport Reviews
Incheon International Airport Reviews-T.O.P
Did you know that Incheon International Airport has the third largest terminal in the world in size? The land of Kimchi and the best place for romantic holidays. The 28 year old Korean singer-rapper, songwriter, member of Big Bang and actor was born in South Korea as Choi Seung-Hyun or a.k.a. “T.O.P”. Join us as we study the international airport in South Korea; Incheon International Airport (ICN)

Incheon International Airport Reviews of Passengers
The largest airport in South Korea has a total score of 4.6/5 rating out of 1,049 Incheon International Airport reviews on Google. It is an obvious perfect score, this airport had been known to be organized, well-mannered and neat. They are even noted for their generosity that seats are everywhere.

One reviewer even said “Incheon is probably the nicest airport I have ever traveled through. It’s a really easy airport to navigate and also very modern and clean. Most of the signs are in english/korean so it’s not a problem at all. One of the things I found during my 4hr layover in Seoul was the showers travelers are allowed to use. You can purchase a towel to use for 2 dollars and it makes you feel great to get a shower in for your next flight.”

ICN information counters are located on the first and third floors in the boarding gate areas at the Airport Transportation Centre. Aside from toilets, ICN also have shower rooms wherein travelers can refresh themselves after a long flight. They have a total of 17 shower rooms, 7 in the East and West Passenger Terminal and 10 in the concourse, operating from 7:00AM-10:00PM. Internet connection via WiFi is available in ICN, just connect to “NAVER” for an unlimited free access.

The following are list of stores and establishments available in ICN:

  • First Floor: 5 food establishments, 2 telecom and 2 spa & salon
  • Second Floor: A post office, information board and a coffee shop
  • Third Floor: 2 food establishments, check-in, boarding, oversized baggage area, bus and taxi stops.
  • Fourth Floor: 4 food establishments consisting of 3 food courts and 1 restaurant

*There’s only one Terminal for this airport and it connects to Concourse A by 2 underground passageways.

To get to Incheon International Airport from central Seoul, travelers should take the Gangbyeonbuk-ro route, turning northwards, then exit to eastbound of Incheon International Airport Expressway. This route leads them directly to the airport site. The toll is payable to/from Incheon and Seoul. Coordinates of 37°27′48″N 126°26′24″E.

Another way to get there is 52 kilometers west from the capital of Seoul, the location of the airport is on Yeongjong Island to be exact. ICN can be reached from downtown via city buses and taxis. There’s no rail service, then it only means that the vehicle can be dropped to nearby subway stations for connections to the city.

Location – Traffic – Service
ICN was listed one of the world’s busiest airports. To be exact in March 2015, statistics by Airports Council International show they ranked the 7th spot for busiest airports with over 12.5 million flights exits on international and domestic flights from 3 runways and 1 helipads with a total of around 33 million passengers. Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Eastar Jet, Jeju Air, Jin Air and Polar Air Cargo are headquartered here. The airport serves Seoul metropolitan areas and has over 300 international and domestic nonstop destinations.

Airport/Terminal Map
Awards The airport has been continuously awarded as “The Best Airport worldwide” for nine consecutive years (2005-13) by Airports Council International. And at this year’s Global Traveler Tested Reader Survey Awards, ICN won the award for “the Best Overall Airport in the World prize”, the airport took home the victory even among the other giant participants followed by Changi Airport and the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol-terminal map

Past: Building the airport started in 1992 and was officially opened in March 2001. The aim of the new airport was to cope up with the increase of air traffic in Gimpo International Airport as observed after the Seoul Olympics held in 1988. The initial start of any business or company tags along problems. However, such problems were fixed within a month and the airport was able to operate to smoothly after that.

Incheon International Airport Reviews-Park Wan-su
Park Wan-su

Present: The public international airport of South Korea is fully owned by the Government of the Republic of Korea. Now, led by President and Chief Executive Officer, Park Wan-su. Prior to being the leader of ICN, during his youth he used to be an electronics manufacturer then was nominated in time as Mayor of Changwon city. In an interview with Global Traveler in the mid of 2015, he revealed the uniqueness of the airport when he said “Employees share the goal of providing the world’s best service while maintaining safety, speed and convenience, and try their best in their positions. Sharing information and know-how through collaboration is especially effective in improving service.


We also differentiate Incheon Airport as a “culture-port” — more than a mere transportation means, a venue offering culture and art. K-pop, classical and Korean traditional music performances take place 23 times a day throughout the airport, and 12 centers feature Korean culture programs.”

Future: Ongoing development work includes construction of a second terminal building (expected to open towards the end of 2016) and further expansion set for completion by 2020.

*To get the latest and up-to-date news about Incheon International Airport, click here.

The airport has been continuously awarded as “The Best Airport worldwide” for nine consecutive years (2005-13) by Airports Council International. And at this year’s Global Traveler Tested Reader Survey Awards, ICN won the award for “the Best Overall Airport in the World prize”, the airport took home the victory even among the other giant participants followed by Changi Airport and the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
Incheon International Airport Reviews-logo
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:                       ICN
  • Phone number :                  +82 1577-2600
  • Fax number:                       +82 (0)32 741 2270
  • Website URL             
  • Email:                        /
  • Address:                             272 Gonghang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea

In A Nutshell
Incheon International Airport Reviews, the airport might have started late but age is just a number for them. Their performance matches other pioneer international airports worldwide. ICN keeps growing and extending their network of destinations. This evidently had been one of the main reasons they are the one of the most busiest airports by passenger traffic overall.

Have you been at Incheon International Airport? Feel free to share your experience below.


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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews-tfiosThe Fault In Our Stars shot their dating scene in Amsterdam. Reminisce how the two cancer-couples, Augustus and Hazel Grace lived their forever in just numbered days. The famous tourist destination where the best way to get around the Dutch capital’s famous canal is by riding a bicycle due to the traffic of approximately 50%. It might not be easy to get there but it’s worth the shot. Line of museums, brown cafe and restaurants. Even the house of Anne Frank is located right at the corner. Join me as we write a review about the main international airport of Netherlands一Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews of Travellers
However, based on some Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Dutch international airport harnessed a total of 5/10 star rating according to Skytrax, this is average but not good enough. Customers are commenting about the sudden changes to centralize the security checks which delays them and waste most of their time falling in line. But some reviewers, see the improvements as it was done to enhance the services inside the airport. This was like the break even of the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol volume of passengers.

AMS has 2 information desks located in between arrival halls 2 and 3. The other one is located behind the passport control in departure lounges 2 and 3. Transfer desks are also seen throughout the concourses which provides information on transfers and connecting flights. If traveler seems out of the way, there are also touchscreen-kiosk which offers general information regarding the airport. Another good thing about AMS is they have public shower room in each restroom wherein travelers can take a 45 minute shower for only 15 Euro. There’s an unlimited access of internet connection via Free WiFi service from the airport.

The following are list of stores and establishment available in AMS:

  • Food and Beverage:  16
  • Fashion 9
  • Flowers and Gifts:  6
  • News and Books:  2
  • Personal Care:  3
  • Shoes:  2
  • Supermarket:  2
  • Chocolates, Department Store
    Jewelry & Watches, Liquor and Sport:  1 *each
    *To see the list of stores according to classification and location refer to the Terminal Map below

To get to the busiest airport in Netherland there are two ground transport available. Either through  Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the national Dutch train operator which has a terminal railway located just underneath the passenger terminal complex of AMS. Or by bus, the airport is just located 14km outside the capital, Amsterdam (located 20 minutes southwest of Amsterdam, in the municipality of Haarlem, province of North Holland)

Location – Traffic – Service
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews-KLM
Being the busiest and international airport of Dutch people, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol caters annually to over 52 million mixed tourist and business passengers. The oldest airline operating, KLM Airlines is based at AMS. Aside from KLM, there are over 100 airlines flying into Schipol not to mention 20 more budget airlines catering low budget flights across Europe.

AMS has more than 100 carriers that serve a total of 301 domestic and international destinations on a regular basis. Direct (non-stop) destinations grew by 9 to a total of 274. Regular destinations serviced exclusively by full freighters (non-passenger) grew by eight to a total of twenty-seven. The international airport of Netherlands has non-stop connections with an extensive range of cities throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

Terminal Map
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews-terminal-map-AMS

Past: The airport name was originated from Fort Schiphol from the defence works, Stelling van Amsterdam, which was established in 1852 (AMS commenced operations in 1980). Schiphol was derived from English “Ship Hole” defines ship grave, as a reference to its geographical location (prior to Haarlemmermeer) wherein it was once had been a large lake whose violent storms destroyed several ships.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews-Jos Nijhuis
Jos Nijhuis

Present: AMS is back to the ball game by being included again in the 5th spot from The World’s Top 5 Airports (now fourth spot from last year’s sixth). The airline operator of AMS is Schiphol Group and led by Jos Nijhuis. The 57 year old Dutch CEO of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol since 2009 had long been planning the growth of the airport, he said “If it is very busy at the airport, I always go to see how we manage it. We are constantly remodel; I want to see the impact on passengers. Cup of coffee, sit and observe.” Sales rose by 8.1 percent to 1.47 billion euros, net profit by 19.5 percent to 272 million.

Future: In reference to the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s Mission, their aim is “To permanently connect the Netherlands to the rest of the world in order to contribute to prosperity and well-being in this country and elsewhere; Connecting to compete and to complete. We conduct our domestic and international operations in a balanced manner, and in doing so reflect our key values: reliability, efficiency, hospitality, inspiration and sustainability.” To see the whole Mission description of AMS, click here.

Passengers have awarded AMS as being the “Europe’s Best Airport”, it was the first time they have been recognized for this honor. Alongside with that glory, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol had been awarded as well several times for “Western Europe’s Best Airport”. And all of these achievements were granted and fulfilled by Skytrax. To see more of their achievements, click here.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews-logo
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:                    AMS (IATA) and EHAM (ICAO)
  • Phone number:                +31 20 794 0800
  • Website URL:          
  • Address:                            Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol, Netherlands

Based on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol reviews, AMS was built as a single-terminal airport concept which makes massive intake of passenger flow more concise. This strategic idea led the Dutch international airport to gather over 200 awards for almost 4 decades. This only proves the consistency of the airport’s stability in sustaining happy passenger flow.

An anonymous traveler once said “Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination.”


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Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews

Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews-new ideaMost of our reviews here on “The Flight Reviews” are regarding about Airlines, Online Travel Agencies, Hotel Sites, Transportation Sites and any other travel related online sites and search engines. Let us take you to a new step, but still travel related; Airport Reviews. We’ll provide you information on your initial step towards your destination—at the airport. Now, we’ll talk about “Baltimore–Washington International Airport.”

BWI Customer Reviews
Not as prestigious as Baltimore–Washington International Airport sounds, the airport had been rated by Skytrax’s with a 3 star rating over 10. This below average score shows that the airport has been putting up a bad reputation lately with its customers. They even consider BWI with the worst service ever. One of the most recent reviewer said she spent a lot money, but the services are awful, because there are no power at the workstations and internet has security issues.

Another reviewer said “I like that we have security but damn it’s slow here. With how many people that must come through this airport and all the fees they charge each person you’d think they could have enough staff to make the lines move faster or be shorter or better yet, both. 30 minutes and still moving like cattle.”

To see more Baltimore–Washington International Airport reviews, click here.

BWI has 2 information desks on the upper level ticketing area and on the Southwest Airlines baggage claim area. Hours for information desks may vary due to staffs are Pathfinder volunteers. They have a total of 14 restrooms throughout the BWI―four at the terminal building, five in the Concourse B area, one at Concourse C, another one on B/C Connector and three more at the Concourse D. For food and shopping stores:

    • Terminal:                 6 food and beverage establishments and 3 shopping stalls.
    • Concourse A/B:      22 food and beverage establishments and 12 shopping stalls.
    • Concourse C:            5 food and beverage establishments and 5 shopping stalls.
    • Concourse D:            9 food and beverage establishments and 8 shopping stalls.
    • Concourse E:             1 food and beverage establishment and 2 shopping stalls.

In 2012, for wireless internet connection service, WiFi is available in BWI. However, it’s complimentary that will only last 45 minutes consumption and users are required to watch the brief advertisement before usage.

The official site of BWI has been really generous and helpful in providing information on how to reach the airport. They use Google, MapQuest, Yahoo! And Live Search to assist customers with directions how to get to the airport from specific locations or cities within Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, West Virginia and Virginia. If the traveler uses GPS, they can get specific location from their units by using “BWI Airport, MD 21240”

Location – Traffic – Services
BWI is easily found because it is surrounded by highways I-695, 295, 100, I-97 and I-195 and found in between Baltimore and Washington which pretty much explains why it was called Baltimore-Washington. The airport serves both metropolitan areas. In 2014, from BWI’s report, the total commercial passenger count was 22.31 million on international and domestic flights from 3 runways. BWI has 16 international and 67 domestic, nonstop destinations.

Terminal Map

Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews-terminal map 1
Upper & Lower Level
Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews-Thurgood Marshall
Thurgood Marshall

Past: Origin of BWI began before the end of World War II in 1944 from an idea of a new airport on 3,200 acres that will serve the Baltimore-Washington. In 1973, with an aim to attract more passengers from the Washington metropolitan area, the name was changed to “Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport”. As an honor to the late Supreme Court Judge, Thurgood Marshall.

Present: Recently, on the 17th of November 2015, a report rose that four passengers of Flight 969 of Spirit Airlines at BWI were removed from the flight to Chicago due to a reported suspicious and unusual behavior. But were released after without charges. This was spread throughout news channels and other news providers. To see more than the current news and more press releases, click here.

Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews-Ricky Smith
Ricky Smith

Future: The newly appointed CEO of BWI, Mr. Ricky Smith, vows to continue the growth of the airport. He was chosen to be the leader of Baltimore–Washington International Airport for US Senator Ed Degrange believed in his straightforward personality and he knows that Smith knows the structure of the airport and the industry all too well. Mr. Smith’s aim for BWI is “We want to engage in a very aggressive effort . . . We want to make sure our friends in Washington recognize that BWI is a Washington-based airport.”

In 2010, BWI was awarded with the 2nd Place Award for Best Food and Beverage Program in Annual Airport Concessions Contest. The aim of the yearly contest was to inspire creativity and innovation in airport concessions. To get a brief background of the airport’s achievement in time, click here.
Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews-logo
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:             BWI
  • Phone number:         +1 410-859-7111
  • Website URL:  
  • Address:                   7062 Friendship Rd Baltimore, MD 21240 United States
                                    *For more information on how to reach them, click here.

In this Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews, BWI had gathered an overall score of 4 out 5 star rating from 499 customer reviews based on Google reviews. This let alone makes the BWI a renowned airport internationally.

In this review, we aimed to provide our consumers essential travel information. Keep reading our reviews and future airport reviews. Feel free to leave a comment below. We are glad to help!