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Düsseldorf Airport Reviews

Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) traces its roots back on the 19th of April 1927, which is two years after construction. Though, during World War II, civil use of the airport ceased with the airfield being used by the military. The airport reopened in 1948 with the area being under British administration; the first flights were operated by British European Airways to the RAF Northolt. Düsseldorf Airport had a steady growth in the past few years.


As one of the top 100 airports in the world, Düsseldorf Airport has several facilities throughout the airport. Information desks can be found in departures and arrivals. The main information desk is located next to the baggage claim belt 6 in arrivals. The same with restrooms, but showers are available in only one of the lounges.
Düsseldorf Airport Reviews-shop
There are more than 40 bars, cafés, and restaurants at Düsseldorf International Airport, both before and after the security screening area. Options include a Japanese restaurant, ice cream parlour, and bistros serving pasta and salads. foodBoasting more than 70 shops, Düsseldorf Airport covers most retail needs; these range from gift shops, luggage retailers, and fashion boutiques to food shops and duty-free outlets. Shops are open from early morning until late at night, seven days a week.
Wi-Fi is available throughout Düsseldorf Airport, and there are fixed Internet access desks at various locations. Public telephones can be found at numerous locations within the terminal and railway station.


The A44 autobahn runs east-west past Düsseldorf Airport. Follow the sign ‘Flughafen’ at junction 31 to reach the airport. The A44 connects to the B1 (which leads south to central Düsseldorf), the A3 (which skirts the east of Düsseldorf), and the A52 (which leads north to Essen). The journey time from central Düsseldorf is approximately 10 minutes.

The SkyTrain transports passengers from the railway station to the terminal via car parks P4 and P5.

For public transportation, regular trains link to various destinations each day from Düsseldorf Airport’s railway station: Düsseldorf Flughafen. The local S11 S-Bahn metro train runs directly into the airport complex and links to Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof in the city. Also, taxis leave from in front of arrivals.

Location – Traffic – Service

Düsseldorf Airport Reviews-air-berlinThe largest and primary airport for the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region in Germany, Düsseldorf Airport is located 8 km (5 miles) north of Düsseldorf and serves as the hub for Air Berlin and Eurowings. The public international airport has its busiest routes to Munich, Palma de Mallorca,  Berlin, London, Antalya, and Vienna. Last year, DUS had successfully accommodated 22,476,685 passengers. Düsseldorf Airport has two runways and three terminals connected by a central spine, even though the terminals are essentially concourses within a single terminal building.

Airport/Terminal Map

Düsseldorf Airport Reviews and News

After reading through 71 Düsseldorf Airport reviews, the airport had garnered an overall rating-score of 5/10m, which is average yet not pleasant to see. However, on a positive note, given its low rating, the most recent feedback were all positive. One reviewer even quoted, “Very comfortable and spacious airport.” To see more of these Düsseldorf Airport reviews, click here.
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:              DUS
  • Phone Number:          +49 211 4210
  • Website URL:   
  • Address:                     Flughafenstraße 120, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany


We’ll be looking forward to seeing more about Düsseldorf Airport in the future. Consecutively being part of the Top 100 is no joke. Just so you know, Düsseldorf is the third-largest airport in Germany after Frankfurt and Munich.

Have you been to Düsseldorf Airport? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Helsinki Airport Reviews

The airport originally built for the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland, is the fourth-busiest airport in the Nordic countries. 1952-summer-olympicsBut, prior to the idea of providing transport for the Olympics, the planning of a new airport for Helsinki had already begun in the 1940s, when it became obvious that the old airport at Malmi could not handle the increasing number of passengers or the new heavier aircraft. Helsinki Airport opened on 10 July 1952.

Initially, the airport had an air navigation services building, a 2,000-metre-long runway, an apron area, and a shed for passengers. The 1,800-metre-long auxiliary runway was built a few years later. Regular jet flight operations began in 1959. The first actual passenger terminal was built in 1969 and the extension, the international section, was finished in 1983.

Now, let’s take a closer look on how is Helsinki Airport (HEL).

Airport Facilities

Stylish without being self-conscious and home to an eclectic mix of Scandinavian, Russian, and Sami cultures, loveable Helsinki is an accurate reflection of Finland itself. The main international airport of Finland has plenty of facilities. Restrooms are located throughout the airport, while showers are available in the Aspire Lounge for a fee above the standard entrance fee. To know your way around, general airport information desks are situated in both terminals. There is a tourist information desk in the arrivals area of Terminal 2, which also sells transport tickets.
There are plenty of restaurants, cafés, and bars in both terminals, including a 24-hour fast-food restaurant in the Terminal 2 arrival area and a round-the-clock café in Terminal 2 Departures. There are numerous shops at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport selling designer items, electronics, duty-free goods, and souvenirs such as woollen jumpers, Moomin gifts, liquorice sweets, and cloudberry jam.
Helsinki Airport Reviews-food-and-shops
Helsinki Airport is open for 24 hours and has free WiFi available for an unlimited time period. Connect to the ”free wireless internet” network. Additionally, there are six desktop computer stations with Internet access available at the eService Bar. Also, charging points for mobile devices are available throughout and include wireless charging stations.

Getting To and From

The terminal buildings are only 300 m (328 yards) apart and are linked by an internal walkway.

Driving your way to HEL: from Helsinki city centre, drive north along the Helsinki to Tuusula motorway (motorway 45), and follow signs for the airport. From the west and the east, travel on motorways E18 or 50 respectively, and turn onto the northbound motorway 45, before following signs for the airport.Helsinki Airport Reviews-hsl-bus

Though, the best option to reach Helsinki city centre is by using the bus. There is an express bus operated by Finnair that connects the airport with Helsinki Central Station. In mid-2015, it is expected that the rail arrives directly in the airport, being easier and quicker to communicate with all cities and destinations.

Location – Traffic – Service

Helsinki Airport Reviews-FinnairHelsinki Airport is located 19 km (11.5 miles) north of Helsinki. HEL serves as the hub for CityJet, Finnair, Norra, Jet Time, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and TUIfly Nordic. The public international airport of Finland has 3 runways and 2 terminals. Terminal 1 was called domestic terminal, but today is used for the Schengen area flights. Terminal 2, former international terminal, is the non-Schengen area, and was expanded in 2009. HEL is the largest airport in Finland and is one of the busiest in Scandinavia. Last year, they had successfully accommodated over 16.4 million passengers.

Airport/Terminal Map

Helsinki Airport Reviews and News

According to 111 Helsinki Airport reviews, the airport had garnered an overall rating of 5/10. Mixed feedback are shown and posted online. Unfortunately, the most recent posts were actually negative. The main concern of the travellers is that actually the airport is not organized that they end up sitting on the floor because it’s too crowded. One reviewer even commented on the frequent under-construction of HEL, which never helped to make things convenient. Feel free to check these Helsinki Airport reviews, click here.

The first stages of a €900 million project to improve the airport began in 2014. Plans are currently under consideration regarding merging the two current terminals into one. Additionally, as of February 2015, there has been a proposal to rename the airport as “Sibelius Airport” after Jean Sibelius, Finland’s most famous composer.
Helsinki Airport Reviews-logo
Contact Information:


It seems like it actually takes a lot of reading and analyzing to come up with a conclusion as to how it is like transiting through Helsinki Airport. After reading Helsinki Airport reviews and discovering their facilities and origins, it is actually safe and reliable to trust HEL. The airport is part of the world’s top 100 airports in 2016. HEL ranked up from the 18th to 15th spot. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Sydney Airport Reviews

The only major airport serving Sydney traces its roots back in the No-Aviation history of Australia. Nigel Love, a former wartime pilot, was looking into the possibilities for aviation in Australia. He was interested in establishing the nation’s first aircraft manufacturing company. This idea required him to establish a factory and an aerodrome. Nigel established Mascot as a private concern, leasing 80 hectares from the Kensington Race Club for three years. Though when the lease expired, it was acquired by the Commonwealth Government from the racing club.

Now that we know how Sydney airport originated, let’s get to know more about Sydney Airport (SYD)’s airport facilities and services.


infomation deskAs the main airport serving the Australian metropolis of Sydney and is among the world’s busiest. You might be wondering where and what are the facilities of the Sydney Airport. First and foremost, rest assured that restrooms are available throughout the airport and free showers are available, but you need to bring your own soap and towel. To know your way around, Tourism NSW information desk is located on arrivals level 1 in terminal 1. This desk provides information and help with accommodation, tours and attractions in Sydney.

There are many restaurants, cafés and bars at Sydney Airport offering a wide variety of international and Australian cuisine. Places to eat and drink include sushi specialists, Chinese eateries, Italian restaurants and licensed bars. There are more than 150 shops at Sydney Airport, ranging from souvenir retailers and designer outlets to wine merchants and speciality stores. Duty-free shopping is available at terminal 1.
Sydney Airport Reviews-facilitiesSydney Airport allows sleepovers, though most benches have armrests, and the marble floor is too cold for sleeping. Therefore, the waiting area at the international terminal is the designated area for airport sleepers spending the night. Just  so you know, the domestic terminal closes at night, so sleeping there isn’t possible. To keep connected, free WiFi is available throughout the airport, just connect to the “-FREE SYD WiFi-” network. Additionally, free internet kiosks are available throughout terminal 1.


Most routes to Sydney Airport are well signposted. From central Sydney, follow Elizabeth Street south and turn right onto Bourke Street. From here, take a slight left onto O’Riordan Street at the first set of traffic lights. This road leads directly to the terminal. The total drive time from central Sydney to the airport is approximately 25 minutes, depending on traffic. More detailed driving instructions are available on the airport’s website.

Location – Traffic – Service

Sydney Airport Reviews-QantasSydney Airport is located 9km (6 miles) south of central Sydney serve as the primary hub for Qantas, secondary hub for Virgin Australia and Jetstar Airways. The public international airport of Sydney is made up of 3 terminals: the domestic terminals (T2 and T3) are connected to the international terminal (T1) and 3 runways. SYD has nonstop domestic destinations to Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth. While for international: Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Los Angeles. The large, spacious airport had successfully accommodated almost 40 million passengers last year.

Airport/Terminal Map

Sydney Airport Reviews and News

According to 388 Sydney Airport reviews, SYD got an overall score of 4/10 on Skytrax. And it seems like some passengers are not happy with their experience at Sydney Airport. However, on a positive note, the most recent feedback are all positive. One reviewer actually said:

“Travelling back to Jakarta from Sydney and it was a nice airport. Two things I really like are that the staff are extremely helpful and the tax refund is not as crowded as other airports I’ve visited. The shops and duty free offer quite good things and there’s a few restaurants. Signage is also good.”

Sydney Airport’s Master Plan 2033 was approved by the government in 2014. The plan revolves around long-term, large-scale expansion and modernization of the three current terminals to cope with the predicted 74 million annual passenger flow in 2033.

Contact Information:

  • logoAirport Code:               SYD
  • Phone Number:           +61 2 9667 9111
  • Website URL:    
  • Address:                      Sydney NSW 2020, Australia


I guess keeping the balance of volume passengers everyday and maintaining quality service was the problem of Sydney Airport. Sometimes we have to understand, accommodating such number of travellers every day is not an easy task. As far as we observe, being one of the busiest airport in the world and as the 23rd best airport only defined Sydney Airport as one of the reliable and efficient airport you could transport with.


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Copenhagen Airport Reviews

The main international airport of Denmark was inaugurated in 1925. However, during World War II, the airport was closed for civil operations except for periodic flights to destinations in Sweden, Germany, and Austria. After the war in 1945, Copenhagen Airport was the most modern international airport in Europe, because the airport remained untouched by actual acts of war. Throughout the 1970s, airport traffic continued to grow, but the airport was not expanded further. Expansion of the airport began in 1982, after the necessary period of planning. The intention was not to build Europe’s largest airport, but to build transit passengers’ favourite airport.

Today, we’ll be looking at how Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is today.

Airport  Facilities

Copenhagen Airport Reviews-insideIt’s the largest airport in Scandinavia and one of the most popular airports in the world. As a traveller, you need help to get your way around. First things first, Information desks are located in the arrivals areas and transit halls of Terminals 2 and 3. There is also a visitor centre in terminal 3. Restrooms are found throughout the airport, though shower rooms are not available. As an alternative, the Ni’mat Spa has a saltwater pool, aroma steam bath, massages, and a fish spa where Garra Rufa fish have a go at your gnarly feet.

There are plenty of bars, cafés, and restaurants at Copenhagen Airport, offering everything from seafood to fast food. Places to eat include a restaurant serving Danish fare post-security in terminal 3, and a couple of restaurants in the on-site Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel.  There are over 120 different stores at the airport, with designer boutiques, newsagents, and duty-free shops among the many options. There is also a good selection of shops selling the best of Scandinavian fashion and design. A pre-order and pick-up service is available.
Copenhagen Airport Reviews-shop

Copenhagen Airport is large, airy, and spacious. Staff and security are tolerant of sleepers. To stay connected, free WiFi is available to members of the CPH Advantage program. Membership is actually free. Banks and ATM machines are found in both terminals. For those who need money exchange services, the bureaux de change is in Terminal 3.

Getting To and From

If you are driving from central Copenhagen, head southbound across Langebro Bridge and continue along Amager Boulevard and Amagerbrogade. From here, follow the signs to the airport complex. The total drive time from central Copenhagen to the airport is approximately 20 minutes.
Copenhagen Airport Reviews-transportation
By public transportation, direct high-speed trains to Copenhagen Central Station are available.  The Metro M2 line connects the airport to the city centre. Several buses run from Copenhagen Airport to the city centre, as well. Also, Taxis pick up passengers from ranks outside Terminal 3.

Location – Traffic – Service

Scandinavian AirlinesCopenhagen Airport is located 8 km (5 miles) southeast of Copenhagen, and operates as the hub for Air Greenland, Danish Air Transport, Jet Time, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Scandinavian Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Scandinavia, TUIfly Nordic, and SAS Cargo. The public international airport is by far the busiest airport for international travel in Scandinavia. CPH has two terminals – known as Terminals 2 and 3 – and three runways. These handle all flights and share a common airside passenger concourse as well as the arrivals section which houses customs and baggage claim and is physically located in Terminal 3. The airport successfully accommodated 26 million passengers last year.

Airport/Terminal Map
Copenhagen Airport Reviews-map

Copenhagen Airport Reviews and News

After reading Copenhagen Airport reviews, we found that the airport had received a 4/10-star rating from 148 comments posted online. What bothered us was the most recent posts were all complaints. One customer even said:

” I spent more than an hour in their security check queue during the time when they expect low traffic. They worked at 40% capacity and continued to close checkpoints instead of opening new ones, even though the queues kept growing. Staff were also not willing to assist in that situation.” To see more of these Copenhagen Airport reviews, click here.

Terminal 1 closed in March 2015, leaving all passenger flights being handled by the interlinked Terminals 2 and 3. Check the airport’s website for the most current news on the situation.
Copenhagen Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:          CPH
  • Phone Number:      +45 32 31 32 31
  • Website URL:
  • Address:                  Lufthavnsboulevarden 6, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark


Denmark is also known for its generosity with world aid. Despite being one of the smallest countries, it gives freely to nations in need. As their main international airport is large and generous, and despite the Copenhagen Airport reviews, the airport is still one of the best. In fact, CPH is at the 18th spot on the “World’s Top 100 Airports” this year.


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Vancouver International Airport Reviews

The location of Vancouver International Airport was actually a purchased land on Sea Island in 1929 that served by being leased to the Federal government, and was operated by the Department of National Defence and the Department of Transport during World War II. The main terminal was actually built in 1968, while the north runway was completed in 1996. Now, the airport is owned by Transport Canada.

Did you know that YVR won several notable international best airport awards? That is just a little fact. In this review, we’ll check more about Vancouver International Airport (YVR).


galleryOne of the most recognized galleries is found at Vancouver International Airport. As one reviewer even said, “Vancouver International Airport has great plane-watching, which is a necessity for AvGeeks, of course, but also has fabulous architecture and design, and is a wonderful place to spend some time. ” As a popular airport in Canada, YVR actually has several facilities. Customer service counters can be found on the departures level of both the Domestic and International Terminals. Green Coat Volunteers can also assist with queries.

Tourism British Columbia information centres are located on the arrivals level of the two main terminals; these can help with accommodation booking, sightseeing, and ground transportation tickets. Multi-lingual services are also available at these desks. Restrooms are located throughout the airport, while shower rooms are located at the Plaza Premium Lounges. The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel also offers drop-in access to the Health Club, saunas, and showers.

Vancouver International Airport Reviews-facilitiesA plethora of licensed bars and restaurants, fast-food outlets, snack bars, and coffee shops are located throughout Vancouver International Airport. Most shops are located in the international and domestic departure areas. Duty-free shopping is available in the International Terminal, with one outlet also available in the domestic departure area.

The airport is operational for 24 hours, and the airport’s interior is warm and welcoming, with water features and lots of local native artwork everywhere. YVR allows sleepovers. To keep connected, Vancouver International Airport has free WiFi available for unlimited access, but please expect that some places have weak connections. Additionally, a full-service post office is situated before security on Level 1 of the Domestic Terminal.


By means of driving, from the city centre, follow Highway 99 southwards, and then head across Arthur Laing Bridge to Sea Island, where the airport is located. From nearby Richmond, cross to Sea Island via Gilbert Road or Bridgeport Road, and follow signs to the terminals.

Canada Line rapid transitBy public transport, Canada Line rapid transit rail link offers frequent services between the International and Domestic Terminals and central Vancouver. Buses are also available from Bridgeport Station and nearby Marpole to various destinations in Richmond and Vancouver city. Numerous licensed taxi companies operate from outside the Domestic and International Terminals, 24 hours a day.

Location – Traffic – Service

Vancouver International Airport is situated 13 km (8 miles) south of Vancouver city, in the city of Richmond on Sea Island, and serves as a hub for Air Canada and Pacific Coastal Airlines. The public international airport has 2 terminals, 3 helipads, and 3 runways. It has non-stop flights daily to Asia, Europe, Oceania, the United States, Mexico, and other airports within Canada. As the second-busiest airport in Canada, YVR had accommodated more than 21 million passengers last year.
Vancouver International Airport Reviews-Air Canada

Airport/Terminal Map
Vancouver International Airport Reviews-map

Vancouver International Airport Reviews and News

Even though the airport is the one of the busiest in North America, based on Vancouver International Airport reviews, the airport garnered a 5/10 rating from 185 comments posted on Skytrax. Another good thing about YVR is their latest reviews are actually scored with 10/10, wherein the reviewer said:

“Excellent transit as usual at Vancouver airport. I had separate airline bookings so I had to exit the secure area and check in again, and the process was quick and easy. The food is great, but as of June 2016 the international departures section was getting work done on its restaurants, so the selection was below what it usually is.”

Too see more of Vancouver International Airport reviews, click here.

Vancouver International Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:          YVR
  • Phone Number:       +1 604-207-7077
  • Website URL:
  • Address:                 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC V7B 0A4, Canada


Vancouver is Canada’s densest most ethnically diverse city, with more than half a million in population. Just imagining that number alone gives you the impression that Vancouver is not just an ordinary place. The airport had won Best North American Airport in 2007 and 2010 until now. With these facts alone, it is safe to say that YVR is one of the best airports you can fly with.

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Montréal Trudeau Airport Reviews

You might be wondering why whenever you search for YMQ, it goes directly to Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport which is YUL. Well, to enlighten you, YMQ is a sort of one-size-fits-all code that encompasses all airports in the Montreal metro area.  In a nutshell, YMQ is the general code for all Montréal, and YUL is the specific airport code for Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. And, besides, you’ll never see “YMQ” on anyone’s luggage tag!

Montréal Trudeau Airport Reviews-Pierre TrudeauMoving forward, Montreal’s original airport, Saint-Hubert Airport, was no longer adequate for the city’s needs. The Minister of Transport purchased a land that was considered the best location for a new airport. The airport was opened then (in 1941) as Dorval Airport with three runways. During its continuous growth, the airport’s name was changed to Montreal–Dorval International Airport in 1960.

In 2004, in honour of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the airport was renamed Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport by the federal government.

Airport Facilities

Montréal Trudeau Airport Reviews-foodAs the largest airport in Quebec and one of the most busiest airports in Canada, Montréal Trudeau Airport sure is a busy airport everyday. But, that won’t be a problem because several facilities are available throughout the airport. Information desks are located on the arrivals and departures levels. Courtesy telephones are situated throughout the airport, and self-service information points can also be found in various parts of the terminal building.

A good range of bars, restaurants, and cafés is available in the main departure and arrival halls, while there are also options near the gates. These include well-known international coffee and fast-food chains, as well as local bars and eateries. Duty-free outlets and specialist shops can be found on the departures level and in the departure concourses. Among the options are retailers selling gifts and souvenirs, confectionery and electronics shops. Newsagents are located in all areas of the terminal.

Montréal Trudeau Airport Reviews-Aéroport Montrèal-TrudeauThere are a multifaith prayer room, video games for children, baby feeding rooms, and shoeshine booths. The airport patrol staff are trained in first aid, and can be reached by pressing the emergency button on all public phones in the terminal. Restrooms are everywhere but, unfortunately, shower rooms are not available. Sleeping at the airport is allowed, although passengers are restricted to landside only.

The airport is open for 24 hours, and free WiFi is available but only for 60 minutes. Travellers just have to connect to the “YUL Wi-Fi” network. Additionally, internet kiosks are available throughout the terminal.

Getting To and From

Montréal Trudeau Airport Reviews-Société de Transport de MontréalThe airport can be reached from Montreal directly along the Côte-de-Liesse Highway 520. Other means is through public transportation: a free minibus service links the airport with Dorval station. Or, the Société de Transport de Montréal runs a 24-hour express service between YUL and central Montreal. Taxis and limousines are readily available outside the terminal, on the arrivals level, with a set fare of C$40.

Location – Traffic – Service

Montréal Trudeau Airport Reviews-Air Canada
Montréal Trudeau Airport  is situated 20 km (12 miles) west of Montreal, and serves as the hub for Air Canada. The public international airport still has three runways which had successfully accommodated 15,517,382 passengers last year. There are plans to construct a light rail service, titled Train de l’Ouest, with a station at the airport, by 2020.

Airport/Terminal Map
Montréal Trudeau Airport Reviews-logo

Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:         YUL
  • Phone Number:     +1 514-394-7377
  • Website URL:
  • Address:                Québec, Canada


Though, it seems there’s another story told online in Montréal Trudeau Airport reviews. Based on 109 reviewers, the airport deserves a 3/10 rating. As one reviewer said, “there is just too much chaos.” Another reviewer complained that he lived for years in Montreal and used the airport often. This past week demonstrated how antiquated YUL is. Getting off a US flight from Vegas, for hundreds of metres, neither myself nor other passengers could locate, find, and figure out where to find Air Canada’s transit check in. To see more of these Montréal Trudeau Airport reviews, click here.


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Geneva Airport Reviews

It started from a simple field in Cointrin in 1919, to around 1931 when the wooden sheds were replaced by three concrete ones. At the time, there was a small amount of air traffic, with Lufthansa flying from Berlin to Barcelona via Halle, Leipzig, Geneva, and Marseille. In the long run, there were six airlines that flew to Geneva Airport, flying seven different routes. Though, the construction of the first concrete runway took place in 1937. The next year, eight airlines were already flying to Geneva, which are the following: Swissair, KLM, Lufthansa, Air France, Malert (Hungary), AB Aerotransport (Sweden), Alpar (Switzerland), and Imperial Airways (UK).

Today, we’ll be looking at the changes, reviews, and services of Geneva Airport (GVA).


facilitiesServing  as  an important regional hub serving Geneva and other destinations in the Alps, GVA has several facilities. To start with, information desks are located on the arrivals level and transit area of the main terminal. The French sector of the terminal has additional services. There are various tourist information offices for both Swiss and French regions, located in the arrivals areas of each sector.

Restrooms are located throughout the airport, and showers are available in three locations within the arrivals and departure area.

Geneva Airport Reviews-shopThere is a range of bars, cafés, and restaurants at Geneva International Airport. A good choice of sit-down eateries, fast-food outlets, and cafés can be found in the food court on the departures level, while a restaurant serving Swiss specialities is located in the arrivals area. Shopping options include duty-free outlets selling cigarettes, alcohol, and perfumes. Other shops at Geneva International Airport include confectioners, watch retailers, and gift boutiques.

Unlike other airports, GVA is not open for 24 hours. The operating hours of Geneva Airport are from 4:00 AM-12:00 AM. To stay connected, WiFi access is available. Additionally, pay telephones are dotted throughout the terminals, and a post office facility is available to passengers.


The Swiss sector of the airport is accessible from the N1 motorway. From central Geneva, take Rue de la Servette northbound and turn eastbound onto the N1, which leads to the airport.

transportationFrom France, take the D1005 from Ferney or the D984F from Saint-Genis-Pouilly to the border, and then turn onto the N1 westbound or eastbound respectively.

In order to avoid Swiss territory entirely, drive via Ferney-Voltaire near Collonges on the D984; at Ferney-Voltaire, follow the signs for Geneva and, just before Swiss customs, take the road on the right to the airport’s French sector.

Location – Traffic – Service

Geneva Airport Reviews-EasyJetGeneva Airport is located 4 km (2.5 miles) northwest of Geneva city centre, and serves as the hub for EasyJet Switzerland and Etihad Regional. The international airport of Geneva, second-most-populous city in Switzerland, serves as a public airport mainly to European metropolitan and leisure destinations as well as some long-haul routes to North America, China, and the Middle East, amongst them, Swiss International Air Lines’ only long-haul service (to New York) outside of Zürich. GVA has 2 terminals and 2 runways which had successfully accommodated 15,152,927 passengers in 2014.

Airport/Terminal Map


A new eco-friendly terminal project, involving the upgrading and extension of Pier C into a replacement for the terminal’s non-Schengen area, is expected to be completed in 2020, following several lengthy delays.
Geneva Airport Reviews-logo
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:         GVA
  • Phone Number:     +41 22 717 71 11
  • Website URL:
  • Address:                Route de l’Aéroport 21, 1215 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland


Though, unfortunately, Geneva Airport had an overall rating of 3/10 on Skytrax. This was based on 122 Geneva Airport reviews complaining particularly about the airport’s signages, directions, and facilities. Other passengers are not happy to experience the bad organisation, and were even given little information about the policies and restrictions. To sum it up, this will cause long queues, which mainly is the reason for their concerns.


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Brisbane Airport Reviews

Brisbane Airport Reviews-Eagle Farm Airport Brisbane’s first airport was actually Eagle Farm Airport which was built in 1925. Brisbane was the headquarters of the Supreme Commander of Allied forces in the South West Pacific Area, General Douglas MacArthur, during the Second World War. But, by the 1970s, it was clear that the facilities at Eagle Farm Airport were inadequate for a city of Brisbane’s size and anticipated growth. This had led to the construction of Brisbane Airport in 1988, to be built immediately north east of Eagle Farm Airport.

Let’s learn more about Brisbane Airport (BNE) in this review.


departureSleeping at the airport is allowed according to Brisbane Airport reviews. Comfy couches are available both landside and airside. Those who have visited both the International and Domestic terminals favor the International terminal for better sleeping options. Free showers and restrooms are available in both terminals.

To know your way at BNE, a visitors’ information center is located on the level 2 of the international terminal, and passenger information desks are on the ground floor of the domestic terminal. Since the airport is open for 24 hours, free WiFi is available for 8 hours or up to 500mb. Additionally, Internet kiosks are available on Levels 2, 3, and 4 of the International Terminal. Rate is AUD 2.00 (20 minutes).

facilitiesThere are plenty of cafés, fast-food outlets, and bars at Brisbane Airport. Options in the International Terminal include a pizza outlet, bakeries, and a pub. In the Domestic Terminal, options include snack bars and cafés. A large selection of fashion and gift shops, as well as duty-free shopping options, is available on levels 3 and 4 of the International Terminal. There is a newsagent and a surf clothing shop in the Domestic Terminal. A free shuttle service connects to the nearby Skygate shopping precinct, which offers further retail options.


Driving your way to the airport, BNE is located on Airport Drive, with direct links off the M1 Gateway Motorway (Exit 108) and East West Arterial Road. From central Brisbane, take the northbound M3, which leads onto the M7. This road leads directly to the airport complex. The journey time from central Brisbane is roughly 15 minutes.
Brisbane Airport Reviews-Airtrain
Hotel shuttles in several areas provide airport transportation service to their guests either for a fee or as a courtesy. Airtrain operates train transportation between the airport, Brisbane City, and the Gold Coast from the Domestic and International Terminals. Taxi service is provided by Black & White Cabs and Yellow Cab. You can pick up a taxi at the northern end of arrivals on level 2.

Location – Traffic – Service

Brisbane Airport is situated 13 km (8 miles) northeast of Brisbane, and is the major hub for Virgin Australia and a secondary hub for Qantas, and is also a hub for Alliance Airlines, Jetstar Airways, and Tigerair Australia. BNE is the primary international airport serving Brisbane and South East Queensland, and has 2 terminals and a private flight facility for Hawker Pacific and Brisbane Jet Base. It has 3 runways.
Brisbane Airport Reviews-Virgin Australia
Since Brisbane has the third-highest number of domestic connections in Australia following Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane Airport is the third-busiest Australian airport by aircraft movements; they were able to accommodate almost 22 million passengers last year.

Airport/Terminal Map
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Contact Information:

  • Brisbane Airport Reviews-logoAirport Code:        BNE
  • Phone Number:    +61 7 3406 3000
  • Website URL:
  • Address:               11 The Circuit, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia


Checking through Brisbane Airport reviews on Skytrax, the airport only got an overall score of 4/10 based from 151 feedback posted online. Being at a below-average score was because the most recent comments of passengers are negative. Complaints arose from disorganized lines, unfriendly staff, and poorly managed facilities. However, given the continuous complaints of customers and passengers, BNE has always been one of the best airports to use when it comes to Australian destinations.


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Cairo International Airport Reviews

Cairo International Airport Reviews-payne airfieldThe airport traces its roots back to the mid-1940s which was during World War II, when the USAAF (United States Army Air Forces) built an airfield in Cairo, Egypt to serve the Allied Forces, rather than take over the existing Almaza Airport. By then, Payne Airfield was a major air transport command air cargo and passenger hub in Egypt. After the war, when American forces left the base, the Civil Aviation Authority took over the facility and began using it for international civil aviation.

This is how Cairo International Airport (CAI) was established. Today, we’ll be looking more about the airport’s services and reviews. Join us as we discover how has the busiest airport in Egypt been doing.

Airport Facilities

insideThe main air transport hub for Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, has a lot of facilities throughout the airport. First of all, please be aware that information desks are located in the arrivals and departures halls and in the transit hall, while tourist police can also provide information and are located within the terminals.

If you want to get your way between terminals, shuttle buses and an automated people mover system link the terminals. Since the airport can accommodate more than 15 million passengers annually, restrooms are located almost everywhere and in every department. However, it’s quite unfortunate that showers are not available.
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There are numerous restaurants at Cairo International Airport, including a range of international fast-food and coffee chains. Bars are located in the departure halls of Terminals 1 and 3 and are open 24 hours a day. Many shops, including duty-free outlets, gift retailers, clothes shops, bookshops, and newsagents, are located in the departure halls of Terminals 1 and 3 and in the transit hall.

CAI is open for 24 hours; sleeping is allowed. According to Cairo International Airport reviews, Terminal 3 has a lot of lightly padded benches to spend a relatively comfortable night. There are public telephones throughout the airport, and paid-for Wi-Fi internet access is also accessible in most areas of the terminals.

Getting To and From

The airport and Heliopolis are well signposted from the city centre. From the city, head across the 6th October Bridge onto Salah Salem/El-Orouba Road. This leads directly to Heliopolis where the airport is located. Cairo International Airport can also be reached via a link road from the Cairo Ring Road. The approximate driving time from the city centre is 25 minutes.
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By means of public transport, public buses run to a number of destinations in the city from outside the terminals. Also, a shuttle bus service connects the airport with Heliopolis and central Cairo. Taxis to central Cairo are available from outside Arrivals.

Location – Traffic – Service
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Cairo International Airport is situated 22 km (13.5 miles) northeast of Cairo in Heliopolis. CAI serves as the hub for Air Cairo, AMC Airlines, EgyptAir, Nesma Airlines, and Nile Air. The public international airport of Egypt has 3 terminals and 3 runways. Statistics show that the airport had accommodated over 14 million passengers in 2012. There’s actually a fourth terminal which is just seasonal and was designed to handle 1.200 passengers per hour.  Its purpose is to ease operational strains on the existing terminals during pilgrim seasons.

Airport/Terminal Map

Cairo International Airport Reviews and News

We read through several Cairo International Airport reviews and we are not happy with the feedback status of the airport online. One frequent fryer had even commented that he flew several times with CAI, but he still said  so much quality is missing, considering the fact that this is an international airport. Yet, another reviewer had considered Cairo International Airport as possibly the worst airport he had travelled through. And, majority of the complaints are due to disorganization and lack of maintenance over lines and halls. To see more of these Cairo International Airport reviews, click here.

Terminal 2 is currently closed for a total renovation and is scheduled to reopen towards the end of 2016. The construction of a new Cairo Metro line linking the airport with the city is planned to open in 2019.

Contact Information:

  • logoAirport Code:          CAI
  • Phone Number:      +20 2 22655000
  • Website URL:
  • Address:                 Airport Rd, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11432, Egypt


It seems like Cairo International Airport is going through a lot of projects, constructions, and future plans lately; it might be because of the very low score they got from passengers and travellers online. CAI got 4/10 on Skytrax and is not part of the World’s top 100 airports in 2016. However, we are looking forward to see changes and developments in the future.

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Billund Airport Reviews

airportWhat do we actually know about Denmark? The Danish nationals being outspoken and punctual? The country with the  oldest state flag in the world still in use by an independent nation (1219)? Or, more commonly being visited  and known due to Legoland Billund, Tivoli Gardens, and the Little Mermaid.? Sure, Denmark has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism, but the question is how do they handle the number of passengers coming in and out of their country?

Having said that, transportation means had been essential not only to Denmark, but around the world. With the the Danish country’s top destinations, let us find out one of the airports in Denmark. In this review, let’s talk about Billund Airport (BLL).


As the key international airport of Denmark, passenger volume sure is a big thing in BLL. But, they don’t even fret about this since Billund Airport has several airport facilities throughout the airport. Everyone will eventually start with an information desk and tourist information counter which are located in the terminal building. There are plenty of restrooms located around the airport, but showers are unfortunately not available.

To stay connected, free WiFi is available at BLL. Travellers just have to connect to the “FREEinternetBLL” network. Though, the bandwidth or usage download is a maximum of 1 Mbit/s per client. Public telephones are also available within the terminal.
Billund Airport Reviews-foodThere is a café, sandwich bar, fast food diner, and a bar within the terminal. Any food bought from these outlets can be taken on to the flight. Please be informed there are no 24-hour food concessions.

Duty free is available for non-EU departures. Within the terminal, there is also a Lego shop (selling a special Billund Airport Lego Architecture kit not available for purchase anywhere else), a general kiosk, a fashion outlet, and a shop selling Danish household goods and jewellery.
Billund Airport Reviews-lego shopATM machines are located to the left of the exit in the Arrivals Hall, the same with currency exchange where it is possible to change up to €100 at the Square Café & Kiosk.


For a sense of direction by driving, from the centre of Billund, follow Nordmarksvej north past Legoland before turning right onto Båstlundvej. The airport will be directly at your right hand side. But, if you prefer taking public transportation, numerous bus services stop at the airport, running from destinations all over western Denmark. And, cabs are also readily available immediately outside the airport.

Billund Airport Reviews-Sun-Air of Scandinavia

Location – Traffic – Service

Billund Airport is situated 2km (1.2 miles) northeast of central Billund and serves as a hub for Sun-Air of Scandinavia. The international airport has 2 terminals and a runway that handles an average of more than two million passengers a year, and millions of pounds of cargo. Statistics show that in 2015, Billund Airport had successfully accommodated almost 3 million passengers.

Airport/Terminal Map

Billund Airport Reviews and News

Judging through several Billund Airport reviews online, the ones being posted on Skytrax are pretty much outdated back to 2013. We actually tried looking for Billund Airport reviews in 2016 and we stumble upon Yelp. The Danish airport got an overall score of 4/5 from 5 Billund Airport reviews.

One customer even said:
“This airport has been my home airport for a long time. This is the airports that I have flown in/out from most – and I generally enjoy Billund Airport.

The terminal is bright, airy and very enjoyable. The ground staff is, for the most part, very smily – and there are always a homely feeling to the service. You feel like a friend to them rather than a customer, in a good way of course.”

To see more of their stories, click here.
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:         BLL
  • Phone Number:     + 45 76 50 50 50
  • Contact Email:
  • Website URL:
  • Address:                Passagerterminalen 10, 7190 Billund, Denmark


Billund Airport focuses on growth so that they can maintain and develop their position as Western Denmark’s international airport. If you’re going to ask me how I found out about Billund Airport, it was actually through a friend, and I am really not surprised to find out that BLL is part of the World’s Top 100 Airports, being on the 79th rank.

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