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Antalya Airport Reviews 2017 Antalya Turkey

Antalya Airport Reviews 2017


Antalya Airport Reviews 2017 entranceAntalya Airport is the third-busiest airport in Turkey in terms of passengers served, and is one of the major airports in the southwest of the country. It is located in and serves Antalya, Turkey. Antalya Airport was built to accommodate the tourists who visit the area.

In our latest Antalya Airport reviews, we look into this airport from Turkey, their main services, amenities, and establishments, location and how to get there, and what travellers think of them. We hope that these Antalya Airport reviews help.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Based on 32 Antalya Airport reviews, Antalya Airport got a rating of 3 stars out of 10. The most recent positive Antalya Airport reviews said “Antalya airport is very manageable. We used the domestic departure area as a family with 2 young children, both 4 years old. After the check in, you enter the elevator or stairs to the first floor where the departure gates are. The hall is big and bright, there are many shops and restaurants, The only downside is that the toile[t]s are one floor below, but you use elevator. There is also kid’s toys shop, which we just could not avoid. There is plenty of seating and we managed to wait for our call with no problem. The airport staff were very friendly, especially at the security gate.They treated the young ones very well, not to be scared the security detector. Nice experience and would recommend this airport to use as a family.” Read more Antalya Airport reviews, here from Airlinequality.


Antalya Airport Reviews 2017 interior

Antalya Airport has a Domestic Terminal and two International Terminals. WiFi is available for a fee throughout the rest of the airport, and comes for free at the CIP terminal, VIP terminal, and at Via Pub and at Via Cafe.

Information desks are located at the Arrival and Departure Halls of the terminals. The following are other services at AYT: ATMs, kids’ playgrounds, health clinics and pharmacies, and prayer rooms. There are a number of food concessionaires, Duty Free shops, and retail and gift shops.


Antalya Airport is located 13 km northeast of the city center of Antalya, in Turkey. Exiting the main road between Antalya and Belek, pass the IC Hotel and you’ll reach the airport.

Antalya Airport Reviews 2017 exterior

You can sleep at the following nearby hotels if sleeping at Antalya Airport is not an option: IC Airport Hotel, Antalya Farm House, and Seven Stars Exclusive Hotel.

Location – Traffic – Service

Antalya Airport Reviews 2017 runway

The airport has three long runways that accommodated 18,741,659 passengers in 2016. Antalya Airport serves as a hub for the following airlines according to Antalya Airport reviews: Anadolujet, Turkish Airlines, Corendon Airlines, Freebird Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, and SunExpress.

Antalya Airport Reviews 2017 airlines

For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Antalya Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

For the first half of 2017, Antalya Airport saw an almost 50% increase in tourists compared to the same period in 2016.

Contact info:

Concluding Words

I read some Antalya Airport reviews and found this airport to be better than what the Antalya Airport reviews write. Their services are accommodating and the other establishments are sufficient.

Antalya Airport Reviews 2017 building

What can you say about our Antalya Airport reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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Nantes Atlantique Airport Reviews 2017 France

Nantes Atlantique Airport Reviews 2017


Nantes Atlantique Airport’s military origins began in 1928. An aircraft factory was then opened next to the airfield, and a paved runway was built in 1939. Nantes Atlantique Airport is operated by the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Nante. With a code NTE, they were formerly known as “Aéroport Château Bougon.”

Nantes Atlantique Airport Reviews 2017 entrance

In our Nantes Atlantique Airport reviews, we take a closer look into one of France’s airports, their main services, amenities, facilities, and establishments, location and how to get there, and what travellers think of them.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

On Airlinequality, 3 Nantes Atlantique Airport reviews gave the French airport a rating of 2 over 10. Of these, most of the Nantes Atlantique Airport reviews were complaints about how crowded the facility was, how little there was to do inside, or how unhelpful the staff were. The most recent Nantes Atlantique Airport reviews said he had a “Terrible experience with security – although there was a huge queue it actually went pretty fast which concerned me more as they obviously were under pressure to clear the passengers as quickly as possible – this is a very overcrowded airport and not one I would want to use often.”

Nantes Atlantique Airport Reviews 2017 interior

Mostly, Nantes Atlantique Airport reviews writers found their airport experience “unpleasant,” one adding that the smokers wafted in smoke through the terminals or that the facilities weren’t ready. The oldest Nantes Atlantique Airport reviews, however, concluded, “It could be a great airport with some improvements.”


The L-shaped international Nantes Atlantique Airport has one passenger terminal. The L shape is composed of Halls 1, 2, and 3 on the long side, and Hall 4 on the adjacent side at a right angle.

Nantes Atlantique Airport’s information desk is located on Hall 1’s ground floor. There are ATMs, cash machines, car rental and medical services, and a photo booth. Travellers can choose from La Brioche Dorée, Le Grand Comptoir, La Terrasse, News Cafe, or shop at their Duty Free, boutiques, gift shops, and Relay Bookstore.

Nantes Atlantique Airport Reviews 2017 service desk

To use the airport’s free WiFi, connect to the “Vinci Airports WiFi” network.


Driving from central Nantes, use the westbound D723 towards the E3 ring road, continuing to the Grand Lieu Gate until you reach Nantes Atlantique Airport’s entrance. It will take drivers approximately 18 minutes to drive from the city center of Nantes to Nantes Atlantique Airport.

Nantes Atlantique Airport Reviews 2017 terminal map

Hôtel Oceania, Hôtel Escale Oceania, and Hôtel B&B are all within ten minutes’ walks from NTE, if you aren’t keen on sleeping inside the airport.

Location – Traffic – Service

Nantes Atlantique Airport, located in Bouguenais, 8 km southwest of the city of Nantes – which is noted for its Dukes of Brittany castle, wineries, and seaside resorts – serves Nantes, France. In 2016, Nantes Atlantique Airport handled 4,778,000 passengers and 68,215 aircraft operations on a single runway.

NTE serves as a hub for Volotea and Transavia France. For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Nantes Atlantique Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

Nantes Atlantique Airport Reviews 2017 airlines

News and Awards

A larger better airport was scheduled to begin construction in 2014 to replace Nantes Atlantique Airport, though the plans had been significantly delayed.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: NTE
  • Phone number: +33 24 084 9533
  • Website URL:
  • Address: Bouguenais, Lower Atlantic Region, F-44346, FRA

Concluding Words

Nantes Atlantique Airport gave their travellers mostly negative memories. They had room for improvement back then, and now they’re planning to create better services for the region.

What can you say about our Nantes Atlantique Airport reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!




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Groningen Airport Eelde Reviews 2017 exterior entrance

Groningen Airport Eelde Reviews 2017


Groningen Airport Eelde Reviews 2017 towerGroningen Airport Eelde, before receiving their current name in 1988, was previously known as Hakenkampsveld in 1928 and Luchthaven Eelde in 1933. GRQ started flying to destinations in Europe in 1958. After German military occupation, Groningen Airport Eelde became the present home base of the KLM Flight Academy, Noord Nederlandse Aero Club (NNAC), and General Enterprises.

It started with Hayo Hindriks, whose idea for an air link between Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Groningen lead to an allocation of the 12-hectare Hakenkampsveld. On August 15, 1931, they began their first scheduled services.

Our Groningen Airport Eelde reviews look at information about the airport, what are its main services, amenities, and establishments, how to get there, and what travellers think of their stay.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Based on 54 Groningen Airport Eelde reviews, GRQ airport users rated the airport 4 stars out of 5. After reading through several Groningen Airport Eelde reviews, I noted that most reviewers found their stays at Groningen Airport Eelde pleasant: customs and baggage handling were efficient, airport staff were friendly, the airport was “nice” and “clean,” even large, and it had good connections to the city. Other Groningen Airport Eelde reviews write that “there wasn’t much to do after security” or that the restaurants were expensive.

Groningen Airport Eelde Reviews 2017 traveller


There is an information desk and WiFi access inside Groningen Airport Eelde. Other services in GRQ’s passenger terminal, according to Groningen Airport Eelde reviews, are the following: rental car counters, ATM cash machine, travel agency, baby room, passport photo machine, and a children’s play area.

Airport shop sells newspapers, magazines, and perfume, among others to people not yet beyond the passport checkpoint. Groningen Airport Eelde’s restaurant Bites and Flights, on the other hand, had recently been renovated. A coffee corner is located at Groningen Airport Eelde’s passenger terminal, as well.


Groningen Airport Eelde, located near the town of Eelde, within the province of Drenthe, northeastern Netherlands, is 9 km south of the city of Groningen in The Netherlands. Travellers can access the airport using motorway A28 (Groningen – Essen).

Groningen Airport Eelde Reviews 2017 parking

Location – Traffic – Service

Groningen Airport Eelde handled 220,710 passengers and 23,456 aircraft movements in 2015 on their two runways. GRQ is mostly served by low-cost airlines flying to popular vacation destinations from all points of the globe.

For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Groningen Airport Eelde, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

Groningen Airport Eelde renovated and reopened their former restaurant, Bites and Flights, in April 2016. It is open between 10am-10pm. Bites and Flights offers unparalleled views of arriving and departing airplanes at GRQ from their newly designed terrace.

Groningen Airport Eelde Reviews 2017 terrace

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: GRQ
  • Phone number: +31 50 309 7070
  • Website URL:
  • Email:  
  • Address: Machlaan 14a, TK Eelde, 976, NLD

Concluding Words

Groningen Airport Eelde Reviews 2017 aerial viewThe Dutch airport knows how to handle passengers and create a comfortable experience during the latter’s stay. Their exemplary services help travellers pass the time enjoyably.

What can you say about our Groningen Airport Eelde reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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Innsbruck Airport Reviews 2017 exterior building

Innsbruck Airport Reviews 2017


Innsbruck Airport Reviews 2017 ski resortInnsbruck Airport has a single runway which mostly accommodates charters and airlines flying within Europe due to its length. The Austrian airport serving Innsbruck is the largest international airport in the region. It is also referred to as “Kranebitten Airport.” INN was opened in 1925, and during winter accommodates a spike in passenger volume due to the rise in skiers and visitors to the area.

In our Innsbruck Airport reviews, we look into the amenities, establishments, facts and figures, and customers’ opinions about INN.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

The most recent Innsbruck Airport reviews wrote that “We flew in and out of Innsbruck during the summer holidays and had a good experience. The airport is small so there are no long walks to leave the airport or to get to the gate, Security checks are quite fast and there are a few outlets to have snacks or drinks and a duty free shop in the security area. After arrival there is a bus station right in front of the airport so you only need about 15 minutes by bus to get to the city center. There is some construction work but that’s not disturbing when waiting at the airport.”

Read more Innsbruck Airport reviews here in this link.


INN has one passenger terminal and one cargo terminal. The facility also has free WiFi access. Some of Innsbruck Airport’s amenities and establishments, based on Innsbruck Airport reviews, are a cafe, bistro, bakery.

Innsbruck Airport Reviews 2017 shopping option

There is an Airport Shop selling reading material, books, and convenience items along with a full-service travel agency, Schenker. A Duty Free and Travel Value shop offer retail options.


Serving Innsbruck in Austria, Innsbruck Airport is 2.5 miles from the city center and can be accessed via the A12 motorway from Voralberg or Germany; it is also accessible using motorway A13 from the Brenner Pass and Italy.

Location – Traffic – Service

According to the most recent counts, Innsbruck Airport handled 1,001,255 passenger movements and 11,650 aircraft movements on its single runway. INN is the base of Welcome Air, and had been the base of the now-defunct Tyrolean Airlines. Other airlines serving Innsbruck Airport are Air Alps, Air Berlin, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, and Easyjet.

Innsbruck Airport Reviews 2017 airlines service

For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Innsbruck Airport , using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

Innsbruck Airport had expanded their departure gates 1 to 8. Another level will be added to the house airport operations, and extensions are ongoing in the check-in halls of both ground and first levels.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: INN
  • Phone number: +43 512 22525-0
  • Website URL:
  • Email:
  • Fax: 102
  • Address: Furstenweg 180, Innsbruck, 6020, Austria

Words of Conclusion

Innsbruck Airport Reviews 2017 runwayAnother of the Innsbruck Airport reviews enthuses, “Car hire is fine quality food available but all very cosy and empty of huge hordes of people! The best airport I’ve been too.” Highly efficient and pleasant, Innsbruck Airport satisfies customers with its excellent maintenance and services.

What can you say about our Innsbruck Airport reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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El Salvador Romero International Airport Reviews 2017 El Salvador place

El Salvador Romero International Airport Reviews 2017


Military and public Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport, serving El Salvador,  was previously known as Comalapa International Airport with a previous official name El Salvador International Airport. It is the primary airport of the Central American state of El Salvador and is the third-busiest airport in Central America.

El Salvador Romero International Airport Reviews 2017 building

It was built in the 1970s with funding and main engineering and work from the Government of Japan, and commenced operations on January 31, 1980 with a maiden flight to Guatemala City. El Salvador Romero International Airport’s name comes from priest Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero. El Salvador Romero International Airport reviews give us added information about the airport based on travellers’ experiences.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

One of the El Salvador Romero International Airport reviews wrote, “Wow, El Salvador International Airport is the biggest, modern and beautiful airport of all Central America.”

According to the airport’s profile, however, SAL has been described as “A modern and ever-expanding single-terminal international airport with clean facilities, efficient airport procedures and several good shops and restaurants… Overnight stays are only allowed in the main hallway, but reviewers describe their overnight experience as safe and secure.” People’s experiences with the friendly staff, customs, and dining were all positive.


El Salvador Romero International Airport has airport lounges Aeroconnections VIP Lounge and Avianca Sala VIP which are located at airside, near gates 5 and 8 respectively.

There are Duty Free shops, a variety of local artisan shops, fast-food and a full-service restaurant with domestic and international fare, rental car services, and hotel desks at SAL. An information desk is located landside at the Arrivals Hall. There are some food options both landside and airside and a number of stores selling souvenirs and travel accessories.

El Salvador Romero International Airport Reviews 2017 interior

Free WiFi is available at El Salvador Romero International Airport.


El Salvador Romero International Airport is located approximately 50 km (31 mi) from the capital city of San Salvador in El Salvador, where it is situated near Comalapa on the central Pacific coast of El Tamarindo, La Union. Driving from San Salvador, you can reach the airport using motorway 2, taking the exit to RN 5 south which will take you 45 minutes.

El Salvador Romero International Airport Reviews 2017 direction

Two hotels are located near El Salvador Romero International Airport if sleeping in SAL does not appeal to you; these are Quality Hotel Real Aeropuerto and Pato Canales Hotel and Resort.

Location – Traffic – Service

In 2016, El Salvador Romero International Airport had accommodated 2, 984,746 passengers and 18,345 commercial aircraft. SAL has two runways and serves as a hub for Avianca El Salvador and Veca Airlines.

El Salvador Romero International Airport Reviews 2017 location

For a comprehensive list of the destinations of El Salvador Romero International Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

In the Phase II of the “Program for Modernization and Management,” SAL’s parking capacity is to increase by 74% by expanding the parking lot through better redistribution of spaces, internal roads and conditioning of added areas, roof structures for VIP parking, internal and external lighting, and vertical and horizontal signage.

Contact info:

Concluding Words

El Salvador Romero International Airport Reviews 2017 exteriorI would personally love to experience El Salvador Romero International Airport’s excellent services based on their accommodating attitude towards travellers and the number of interesting amenities and establishments.

What can you say about our El Salvador Romero International Airport reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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Ministro Pistarini International Airport Reviews Argentina

Ministro Pistarini International Airport Reviews

Ministro Pistarini International Airport, the largest airport in Argentina, is also known as Ezeiza Airport and is an important hub in South America, handling 85% of international traffic. The airport had been operated by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 S.A. since 1998. In 2007, Ministro Pistarini International Airport was voted as “2007 best airport in the region,” dropping to third on the list in 2010.

According to Ministro Pistarini International Airport reviews, the airport was named after Juan Pistarini, the Minister of Public Works who placed the cornerstone of the project. At the time of its opening, Ministro Pistarini International Airport was the third-largest in the world.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

One of the Ministro Pistarini International Airport reviews writes: “An airport in transition…the international section is pretty new, clean, and modern.  But the outside infrastructure is definitely in need of some upgrades. Overall, the people were friendly and the immigration process was pretty smooth.” Other Ministro Pistarini International Airport reviews agree that it’s a small nice airport.


The airpoMinistro Pistarini International Airport Reviews diningrt has three terminals – Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C – which are within walking distance of each other. You can find a 24-hour bank in Terminal A, while a number of bureaux de change and ATMs are in each terminal. Other services in Terminal A Arrivals and Departures are Ministro Pistarini International Airport’s public telephones and mobile phone for hire.

Each terminal has dining options such as fast-food outlets, cafés, and eateries offering local and international fare. Duty Frees are found in the Departures area of Terminals A and B.

Free WiFi is accessible throughout Ministro Pistarini International Airport by connecting to the “AA_2000” network.


Ministro Pistarini International Airport Reviews direction

The airport is located in the Ezeiza Partido in Greater Buenos Aires, 22 km south-southwest of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Furthermore, it’s found in the City of Ezeiza, in the Province of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. Driving from central Buenos Aires, take the Avenida 9 de Julio, turn onto Autopista 25 de Mayo westbound, and then merge onto Avenida TGL Dellepiane and Autopista TGP Ricchieri, wherein the Ministro Pistarini International Airport shall be clearly signposted.

Location – Traffic – Service

Ministro Pistarini International Airport Reviews aerial viewIn 2015, Ministro Pistarini International Airport had accommodated a total of 9.127.908 passengers. This public airport owned by the Argentine government serves as a hub for Aerolíneas Argentinas and LATAM Argentina.

For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Ministro Pistarini International Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.


News and Awards

These are some awards and recognition which Ministro Pistarini International Airport received throughout the years:

2013 World Airport Awards: Best Airport Staff in South America, 3rd Place

In 2016, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced that 11 more foreign airports had been selected for possible preclearance – of which Ministro Pistarini International Airport was one – which would clear immigration, customs, and agriculture inspection before boarding towards the United States rather than upon arrival, preventing high-risk travelers from entering the United States, and reducing wait times at domestic gateways.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: EZE
  • Phone number: +54 11 5480 6111
  • Website URL:
  • Email: @aa2000oficial
  • Address: Autopista Tte. Gral Ricchieri Km 33,5, Buenos Aires, B1802EZE, Argentina


Ministro Pistarini International Airport Reviews exteriorMinistro Pistarini International Airport had been well-received. They’re one of the major air hubs in the world, and their reputation so far had been positive.

What can you say about our Ministro Pistarini International Airport reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport Reviews France

Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport Reviews

Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport is a French airport known as Aéroport de Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées, located in Tarbes, France, where it derives its name. Nearby Lourdes is one of the top pilgrimage destinations in France for Catholic pilgrims who use Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport as an arrival point for their vacation. The region surrounding the airport is known not only as a pilgrimage site but as a natural attraction and adventure playground for tourists eager to begin their journey from one of the world’s most famous landmarks and leisure centers. The French airport handles mainly scheduled and charter flights throughout Europe allowing even the larger bodies of aircraft like Boeing 747 in service.

Our Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport reviews look at the airport’s main services and features, and what people think:

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Based from 31 Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport reviews, the French airline had garnered an overall rating of 3.9/5 through a mix of positive and negative feedback:

One of the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport reviews wrote that it was a “Small airport. Just 1 bar for drinks and food. Safety and other procedures seems slow.” Most of the recent Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport reviews note the airport’s slow customs procedures and lack of amenities.


Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport Reviews dining meetingAn Aélia Duty Free is one of Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport’s shopping options, located in the boarding lounge and which sells tobacco, newspapers, confectionery, souvenirs, and perfume. Other services and facilities at the airport include their dining options: Café-Bar, Restaurant-Brasserie, and Caterer – Air Catering, with bars, newsstands, mailboxes or post boxes, information desks, and a chapel also available. A business center on Level 2 is open for usage as a meeting room for work-related activities.

There is one hour of free WiFi within the airport.


Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport Reviews roadLocated in the Hautes-Pyrénées département of France, Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport is found 9 km south-southwest of Tarbes in the town of Ossun, 10 km from Lourdes. Travellers can access it using the Highway A64 (exit 12 Tarbes-ouest) and Road N21.

Location – Traffic – Service

Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport Reviews aerial viewThe airport handles an average of 425,000 passengers in a year on their single asphalt runway. Their most recent counts actually showed their increase in passenger volume compared to the year before. Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport is served by a number of commercial airlines flying direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe, with charter airlines arriving and departing from the airport throughout the year.

For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport’s passenger terminal had been recently updated and offers its main services throughout the airport, from Departures, to the boarding area, to the area across Arrivals – Wikiwan shops are also an addition to the airport’s services, and offer their dining and shopping options in the area.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: LDE
  • Phone number: +33 56 232 9222
  • Website URL:
  • Email:
  • Address: BP3, Juillian, F-65290, France


Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport Reviews viewTarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport’s setting contributes to its ongoing success, though they should improve measures on their screening and make the airport more interesting to stay in so people wouldn’t feel that all they’re in for is getting through.

Do you have anything to add to these Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport reviews? If you do, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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Skellefteå Airport Reviews place

Skellefteå Airport Reviews

Skellefteå Airport Reviews brand logoAccording to Skellefteå Airport reviews, Skellefteå Airport is among Sweden’s top ten largest airports in terms of domestic flights. The public-type airport serving Skellefteå, Sweden, is operated by the Skellefteå Municipality and consists of a runway and a passenger terminal.

Serving Norrland or Northern Sweden, Skellefteå Airport actually oversees a sparsely populated area that had since been the target of the government for the operation of a service of general economic interest (SGEI). This aims to protect the interests of the airport until December 2023.

Since, Skellefteå Airport had been represented in various ways by citizens and by Skellefteå Airport reviews which detail people’s first hand experiences with the airport.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Skellefteå Airport Reviews gateBased on 15 Skellefteå Airport reviews on Google, Skellefteå Airport had garnered a 4.⅕ star rating based on mostly positive Skellefteå Airport reviews. Though most of these Skellefteå Airport reviews are written in Swedish, the most recent Skellefteå Airport reviews called it a “lovely little airport just the right size,” while the rest rated the Swedish airport highly for its services.


Car rental services like Avis, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt are available at Skellefteå Airport’s arrivals area. Meanwhile, hungry airport visitors can dine at the Fly Away Bistro & Shop which offers filled baguettes, salads, hamburger menus, sausage menus, à la carte dishes, coffee, pastries, and even reading materials and tobacco.

Domestic and charter service passengers can shop at Skellefteå Airport’s store, located beyond the gate, which offers perfume, accessories, and sweets; and, for those travelling outside the EU, there are alcohol and tobacco. The airport’s main store is open all days except on Saturdays and gives travelers the experience of shopping at Skellefteå Airport. Free Wifi Internet service is also available at the airport to all travelers.


Skellefteå Airport is located in Falmark, where it is situated approximately 17 km from the town of Skellefteå, Västerbotten, Sweden which it serves.

Location – Traffic – Service

Skellefteå Airport Reviews control towerAs of the most recent counts, Skellefteå Airport has an estimate of 225,000 passengers in a year and is being served by domestic airlines that offer flights to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and by seasonal charters – these airlines are Aegean Airlines, Croatia Airlines, and Scandinavian Airlines. Skellefteå Airport, according to Skellefteå Airport reviews, is operated by the Skellefteå Municipality.

For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Skellefteå Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

According to a 2016 press release, “Sweden notified to the European Commission its plans to entrust the two airports with the operation of a service of general economic interest (SGEI) requiring the operators to manage the airports in a way that allows them to receive all airlines that wish to fly to and from these airports. The local authorities who own the airports would grant the operators compensation to cover the annual losses linked to fulfilling this SGEI until December 2023.” Read the rest of the news article, here.

Contact info:


Skellefteå Airport Reviews entranceWith Skellefteå Airport’s recent developments, their operations are going to be secure for the long run, provided their Skellefteå Airport reviews also improve in the interim.

If you have anything to add to our Skellefteå Airport reviews, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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Gatwick Airport Reviews

Gatwick Airport initially started as an aerodrome back in the late 1920s; the first terminal was built in 1935. Though, the major development of the airport was made in the 1950s. Now, Gatwick Airport is known to be the second-largest airport in London. Today, let’s discover more about the airport’s origins.


Gatwick Airport Reviews-foodWith the airport that serves more destinations in the United Kingdom, LGW or London Gatwick Airport had carefully prepared for the number of passengers that travel through them every day. Their information centers are handled by a multi-lingual staff and they’re operational for 24 hours. This  is one  of the ways of knowing the whereabouts of the airport’s facilities.

There are several restrooms located throughout the airport, and showers are available at the Regus Express Business Lounge. There are also free charging ports at the airport, just to keep your devices fully charged. To stay connected? WiFi connection is free for the first two 45 minutes. Because, it will require you to sign up again after the first 45-minute consumption.Gatwick Airport Reviews-shops

Since the airport is open for 24 hours, they tolerate overnight travellers. But, it should be expected that the most available spot to sleep on is the floor, though their benches have armrests. Food establishments are not all open for 24 hours as well; they operate depending on the stores’ varying schedules. The same goes for the stores, but three of the duty-free shops are open all-day long.


Gatwick Airport Reviews-national-expressThe cheapest way to get to and from London and LGW is by airport bus services. But, there are also other means of transport, such as the National Express which approximately takes 2 hours’ travel time. Taxis can be more accessible because they can take you to London in just an hour. If by means of driving, the airport is directly accessible from the M23 motorway.

Location – Traffic – Service

Gatwick Airport Reviews-british-airways
Gatwick Airport is about 28 miles south of London. LGW operates as the hub for British Airways, and had successfully accommodated 40,269,087 passengers last year. The public international airport has more destinations served in the United Kingdom compared to other London airports. Gatwick Airport’s top destinations are Barcelona, Dublin, Malaga, Amsterdam, Madrid, Dubai, Geneva, Copenhagen, Alicante, and Faro. LGW has only 1 runway and 2 terminals.

Airport/Terminal Map
Gatwick Airport Reviews-map

Gatwick Airport Reviews and News

We tried to read 503 London Gatwick Airport reviews posted on Skytrax, and the only thing we noticed was that travellers were not that happy with LGW’s services. Majority of the feedback are complaining about the airport’s long and unorganized lanes. One reviewer even said:

“I think that Gatwick airport is one of the worst I use as a chauffeur. Short stay car park never fully open and very difficult to navigate. No heating in arrivals. Even writing this the phone signal connection is bad. I can’t believe they think they should have an extra runway as they can’t even manage what they have now.”

Though, on a positive note, a plan of creating a link rail between Gatwick and Heathrow Airport is being on project and they will consider it being called “Heathwick” once it’s done.
Gatwick Airport Reviews-logo

Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:            LGW
  • Phone Number:        +44 844 892 0322
  • Website URL:            RH6 0NP, United Kingdom
  • Address:          


Despite the low rating online with 4/10, Gatwick Airport had been more than keen on managing their ways to fix their flaws. They’ve been continuously working on developments and adjustments for their future in the travel industry. It was never easy to accommodate thousands of passengers on a daily basis. But, even so, LGW is on the 45th rank on the top 100 airports in the world.

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Beijing Capital International Airport Reviews

What is known to be the main international airport serving Beijing traces its roots back to March 2, 1958. The airport then consisted of one small terminal building – which still stands to this day – apparently for the use of VIPs and charter flights. The first international flight to China and Beijing Capital International Airport was of Pakistan International Airlines from Islamabad. From then on, the progress of the airport had been steady. Fresh from hosting the 2008 Olympic Games and adding its new terminal building, Beijing Capital has overtaken Tokyo Haneda to be the busiest airport in Asia based on scheduled seat capacity.

Airport Facilities

Beijing Capital International Airport Reviews-insideAs one of the busiest airports in the world, Beijing Capital International Airport is expected to be prepared accommodating volumes of passengers daily. They see to it facilities are complete and ready for use. To know your way around, airport information is available at staffed desks in all terminals. Tourist information is available in the arrivals lounge of Terminal 3. Restrooms are located throughout the airport, while showers are located in the hourly lounges.

There is a good choice of places to eat and drink throughout the airport. These include tea houses, fast-food outlets, Chinese and Western restaurants, ice cream parlours, and bars. Beijing Capital International Airport Reviews-shopThere are numerous shops in each terminal, selling everything from jewellery and gifts to children’s toys and tea leaves. A large selection of duty-free shopping is available to international passengers in Terminals 2 and 3.

The airport is open for 24 hours and to keep yourself connected, Wi-Fi Internet access is available throughout BJS. Passengers without mobile phones can still access the Wi-Fi service, but they will need to use the self-service terminals near the information desk to activate the service.

Getting To And From

Beijing Capital International Airport Reviews-beijing-subways-airport-expressThe Airport Expressway links Beijing Capital International Airport with the city centre. From the centre, take the ring road to the expressway and follow it in a northeasterly direction to the airport site. The total drive time from central Beijing to the airport is approximately 45 minutes, varying greatly depending on traffic levels.

Passengers can travel between the terminals via the free terminal shuttle bus service. Out from the airport? The Beijing Subway’s Airport Express runs from Terminals 2 and 3 directly to the city, while buses to the Shunyi District depart from outside Terminals 2 and 3. Also, metered taxis are available at the officially-designated taxi ranks.

Location – Traffic – Service

Beijing Capital International Airport is situated 32 km (20 miles) northeast of Beijing and serves as the hub for Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Hainan Airlines. The public international airport has 3 terminals and 3 runways.
Beijing Capital International Airport Reviews-air-china
Terminal 1 serves the domestic routes of Hainan Airlines and its subsidiaries.

Terminal 2 serves China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, SkyTeam members, and other domestic and international flights.

Terminal 3, the newest terminal, serves Air China, Star Alliance, and Oneworld members, and some other domestic and international flights which do not operate from either Terminals 1 or 2.

BJS had successfully accommodated 90,130,390 passengers last year.

Airport/Terminal Map
Beijing Capital International Airport Reviews-map

Beijing Capital International Airport Reviews and News

After we checked on 216 Beijing Capital International Airport reviews online, we found out that the airport got an overall rating of 4/10 from several customers. One recent review posted was actually a complaint when the customer said, “Unhelpful and rude staff, horrible restaurants at Beijing Capital Airport. Long and inefficient lines for security checks. The airport could be cleaner too. Overall experience quite negative, especially considering that we are talking of the airport of the capital city of the country that wants to be the global power.”

Due to capacity limitations at the current airport, an additional airport facility is planned for the Daxing area, scheduled to open for business in 2018.

Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:          BJS
  • Phone Number:      +86 10 96158
  • Website URL:
  • Address:                 Shunyi, Beijing, China


As we all know, China is the most populated country and they also hold the most densely populated city. With these facts alone, it makes us aware that it’s not easy to run Beijing Capital International Airport. However, they were still able to be part of the Top 100 Airports in 2016. Kudos to BJS!