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Endeavor Air Reviews

The airline that operates regional jets for daily flights in the United States and Canada traces its roots back to 1985 as “Express I,” which later on was combined with Express II. In 2002, Express I changed its name to “Pinnacle Airlines.”  A new holding company, Pinnacle Airlines Corporation, had been created earlier that year. Again, in 2013, the airline was renamed as Endeavor Air.

Endeavor Air Reviews-Ryan GummWhat actually caused the airline to rebrand to Endeavor Air, was because Pinnacle’s parent company and its subsidiaries filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code on April 1, 2012. After restructuring, the airline was renamed to Endeavor Air in 2013. Endeavor Air’s current president and CEO is Mr. Ryan Gumm.

Endeavor Air Services

The American regional airline which operates as Delta Connection for Delta Air Lines follows the frequent-flyer program SkyMiles, and is in alliance with SkyTeam. Endeavor Air consists of 134 Bombardiers which have a capacity of 50-76 passengers. Delta’s current fleet plan for Endeavor Air is 81 CRJ-900s. Endeavor Air operates a fluid range of CRJ200 jets.

Official Website

pageBasically, what you can see on the official site is more of a little introduction about Endeavor Air’s company description, and a red button to that gives access to learn more about them. Before we clicked that, we  noticed that the page also provides general information such as career, job postings, contact page, and a short message from Ryan Gumm at the bottom right.

Their official site is not like other airlines’ pages that give travellers the option to search and book for their preferred flight deal but is more on exploring someone’s career options and looking through job opportunities. In a nutshell, the webpage provides more of a way for an individual to navigate their future with their innovative career development and organization. Unfortunately, Endeavor Air doesn’t have a travel app for the mobile version of their services.

Endeavor Air Reviews of Employees

Although Endeavor Air is an airline, feedback online appears on Glassdoor, which means the Endeavor Air reviews posted online are all about the employee comments and postings regarding the airline’s employment services. There 115 comments shown with an overall rating of 2.9/5, which is just average. Feel free to be the judge, click this link to view the Endeavor Air reviews.
Endeavor Air Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact Number:           800.603.4594 / 901-348-4100
  • Contact Email:     
  • Fax Number:                 901-432-5449
  • Head Office Address:    7500 Airline Drive Minneapolis, MN 55450-1101 United States


Even after writing a review about Endeavor Air, we are still not sure about how to rate them or if we should we trust them. Maybe, as a tourism or aviation fresh graduate, Endeavor Air will be a nice choice for your career application but in terms of inflight service, there’s no given information how it is flying with Endeavor Air. Since, the airline is tied with Delta Airlines, we do somehow expect they are as lenient as Delta Airlines is.

Have you flown with Endeavor Air? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Grant Aviation Reviews

The Alaska-based regional airline was founded in 1971 but was initially known as Delta Air Services in Emmonak. This was changed in 1993 with its current name. The new owners of Grant Aviation since 2004 are Bruce McGlasson and Mark “Woody” Richardson. The regional airline that operates flights to over 100 destinations in Alaska with a fleet of small propeller-driven airplanes includes the following:
(3) Beech BE-200, (5) Cessna 207, (10) Cessna 208, (4) Piper PA-31 Navajo, and (3) GippsAero GA8 Airvan.
Grant Aviation Reviews-aircraft

Flying with Grant Aviation

pageAt Grant Aviation, it is their goal to make travel safe, easy, and comfortable. They offer competitive fares, a generous baggage allowance, free ticketing changes, and fully transferable tickets. That’s how they roll. For their philosophy, they believe that air travel isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Safety first, as they aim for every passenger flying with them. Grant Aviation is an active member of the Medallion Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes aviation safety by providing management resources, training, and support to the aviation community

The fleet are composed of aircraft able to carry around 6-9 passengers. Children under 2 are free to fly but in an adult’s companion lap.

Passengers are allowed to carry up to 100 lbs of baggage per person free of charge. Additional luggage will be charged.
Grant Aviation Reviews-aircraftWhat about animals or pets? In keeping with ADA regulations, Grant Aviation makes every effort to accommodate service animals. However, their planes do not have a separation between the cockpit and the cabin, and loose animals can be a threat to the safety of the flight. Pets need to be in kennels, and travelling with them is not free. It costs $30/RT (applies to ENA/ANC only).

Regarding refunds and ticket changes, all tickets are valid for use only on flights operated by Grant Aviation. Tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. No refunds will be issued after 90 days from the date of purchase. Flight changes are permitted free of charge. Tickets can be transferred between passengers.
Grant Aviation Reviews-servicesLike other airlines, Grant Aviation has a loyalty program called “Quyana Rewards” wherein frequent flyers can earn points they call as “segment” in each flight. Members can redeem a free one-way ticket for every 5 segments and a round trip for 10 segments, anywhere Grant Aviation flies. Another good thing about their reward system is it never expires. Signing up for this program is free.

logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:      
  • Contact Number:           888-Fly-Grant (888-359-4726) / 907-248-7025
  • Contact Email:    
  • Head Office Address:    4451 Aircraft Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99502


Though, Grant Aviation is one of the airlines that doesn’t have much feedback shown online. However, after looking further, we found some on Yelp. According to 3 Grant Aviation reviews, the airline is one of the trusted air carriers you should fly with. The most recent even said:

“I choose Grant at every opportunity. The staff is friendly at all levels, they know how to keep a schedule and their aircraft are operationally sound. If you fly local much you’ll appreciate their on-time performance and ease of interaction. I’d fly with them anywhere.”


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Nordwind Airlines Reviews

Nordwind Airlines Reviews-Pegas TouristikPegas Touristik’s Russian and Turkish branches had founded Nordwind Airlines in 2008. The Russian airline initially started with a fleet of three Boeing 757-200 aircraft. Since their parent company is Pegas Touristik, the Russian tour operator is known to be one the best providers of booking needs and services.

Now, Nordwind Airlines has a total of 26 aircraft consisting of 8 Airbus and 18 Boeing routing to 81 destinations. Pegas Fly is a subsidiary, and the airline operates at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Nordwind Airlines primarily links airports in Russia with holiday destinations around the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Flying with Nordwind Airlines

Nordwind Airlines has two cabin classes: Economy and Business Class.

economyEconomy Class passengers never feel they are just flying an economy flight since the cabin offers the most comfortable style. Being stylish and elite are the two traits of this cabin class. Seats are made of luxurious leather with a 75-cm pitch. Customers are provided with meals and other amenities. As they say, “You will feel like a dove; pure and peaceful, while travelling in economy class.”

Nordwind Airlines Reviews-businessBusiness Class customers can finally relish the prospect of travelling with privilege. Passengers are promised with the best, since the cabin class aims to let travellers savour their flight to full extent. Leather seats have a 97-cm pitch. Meals are carefully prepared by chefs who create astounding culinary art. They even said, “Just have a seat and enjoy the exclusive treats we have prepared especially for you.”

The Website

Their official website is one of the few good things about Nordwind Airlines. We all know that the Russian airline is not that famous, but we can assure that their services are exclusive. Online, customers can book for a flight by using the web page. Passengers can also check their flight status and manage their booking. Nordwind Airlines also provides hotel reservation services. If by chance, the site is in Russian by default, the option to change the language from Russian to English (shown as EN) is located at the top right of the page.
Nordwind Airlines Reviews-page
Unfortunately, Nordwind Airlines isn’t very mobile-friendly, as it does not yet have an Android or an iOS application.

How To Reach Them?

  • Nordwind Airlines Reviews-logoWebsite URL:          
  • Contact Number:              +7 (495) 730-43-30
  • Contact Email:        
  • Fax Number:                     +7 (495) 730-25-93
  • Head Office Address:        Sadovnicheskaya Street 14, Building 2, Offices 303-304-304A,
                                             Moscow, 115035, Russia


We were actually reading about Russian tourism until we stumbled upon this airline. Writing this review was out of curiosity at first. But, now, the purpose is to provide you relevant information to be more aware about the services, features, and reviews about Nordwind Airlines.

To be honest, there are not much information regarding Nordwind Airlines. However, their website provided all the needed information. I had never flown with Nordwind Airlines before, but judging through what we gathered earlier, I think travelling with them can be a good option.

Have you flown with Nordwind Airlines? Feel free to share your experience below.


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Shaheen Air Reviews

Shaheen Air International (SIA) traces its roots back to 1993, but the name was changed to Shaheen Air in 2004 when SIA introduced a new livery and corporate website. The first Chairman, Khalid Mehmood Sehbai, is also the founder of Shaheen Air.  At first, the airline introduced nationwide flights to countrywide destinations. The airline introduced many different flights mainly from Karachi, Pakistan to    Quetta, Pakistan.
Shaheen Air Reviews-falconUnfortunately, Shaheen Air was grounded on the same year since they owed millions of rupees in debt to the CAA (Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. But, it only took three days for the airline to be cleared of charges and resume its domestic and international operations.

Now, Shaheen Air has 17 Airbus and Boeing aircraft, and serves as the second national carrier next to the flag carrier, Pakistan International Airlines. Just so you know, the word “Shaheen” means “Falcon” in Urdu.

Flying with Shaheen Air

inflightShaheen Air cabins are not small but they designed their cabin with comfort with extra leg space. As their aim is “To keep your smile with each mile all the while.” Their cabin crew on ground and on board make their passengers feel at home with their warm welcome. With these value added services, it’s a pleasure for Shaheen Air to welcome you back onboard, every time you fly with them.

Meals are prepared and well-cooked since they have their own flight kitchen in Karachi, and have arrangements with leading hotels in other cities. In a nutshell,  fresh and mouth-watering meals are prepared in the most hygienic environment under strict quality standards.

Official Website and Mobile App

The official website of the airline is carefully organized to provide services including the managing or booking of flights online. Online travellers can also book for a hotel reservation, and be inspired to other several destinations in Pakistan and international tourist attractions. Navigating through the site makes it more convincing to book with them, since the site’s functionality is modernized and user-friendly – getting lost is not an option. To keep in touch with their social media site, the links are found at the bottom part of the page.
Shaheen Air also has a mobile app wherein customers can access the PC services on a mobile version. The airline is looking forward to upgrade the mobile application where, in the future, they will add a new functionality on the travel app in which customers can purchase tickets via this application.
Shaheen Air Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:     
  • Contact Number:         (92-21) 111 80 80 80 / (92-21) 3280 3017- 20
  • Contact Email:   
  • Fax Number:               (92-21) 3280 3021
  • Head Office Address:   Ground floor, IEP Building opp, Regent Plaza Sharah e Faisal, Karachi


Reading several Shaheen Air reviews on Airlinequality, the Pakistan airline gathered an overall score of 7/10 from 11 Shaheen Air reviews. More of the feedback are commenting with how nice the airline is given its size as a low-cost airline. However, some are showing complaints over check-in lines taking forever, that some passengers get delayed in their flight. But, despite these complaints, Shaheen Air is globally-recognized as one of the best airlines in the world.

They might not be at the top yet, but we are looking forward to see them there soon.

Feel free to leave comment below.


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Air Georgian Reviews

Air Georgian began as an airport developer in 1985 and started  commercial operations in 1994. They subsequently developed an air carrier business in 2011 which made this their major role in their travel industry. Eventually, Air Georgian became a codeshare partner of Canadian Airlines and also became a Tier III partner of Air Canada. In a nutshell, Air Georgian operates with Star Alliance.
Air Georgian Reviews-aircraftAir Georgian is currently led by their President & CEO, Eric Edmondson. The privately-owned Canadian airline has a fleet size of 32 Beechcraft, Bombardier, and Cessna which serve routes to several destinations within Canada and United States. Georgian International is their parent company. It was in December 2013 when Air Canada announced that commencement wherein Air Georgian will operate additional routes in Canada and the United States using Air Canada Canadair CRJ-100 aircraft.

Flying with Air Georgian

inflightThe Canadian airline had provided aviation services and charter flight solutions for more than 25 years, be it safe, convenient, fully-integrated charter services, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance or comprehensive aircraft training programs. Air Georgian had inspired passengers to why you should fly with them.

Flying with Air Georgian, travellers can feel confident every detail of their aviation experience will be handled by their dedicated team of professionals. They work to understand customers’ unique needs then tailor a solution that exceeds tourists’ expectations. From the initial choice of aircraft during an acquisition, to proper maintenance and regulatory compliance, to exceptional in-flight care, Air Georgian is everybody’s personal flight director.

Official Website

It took several attempts before we were able to access the official site of Air Georgian. We got to admit that the interface is not modernized, but it’s not that complicated to navigate because it’s simple and user-friendly. Unlike other airlines’ official sites, Air Georgian doesn’t directly show the option to search and book for flights on their main page. Booking of scheduled flights is done through the Air Canada website. For reference, customers refer to the link below:

Air Georgian Reviews-pageUnfortunately, Air Georgian doesn’t have a mobile app for the mobile version of their service. The best way to get in touch with them is through their website or contact numbers and the information below. The official site provides several information about the airline’s management, maintenance, training, and careers.
Air Georgian Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:            +1 905 676 12 21
  • Contact Email:      
  • Fax Number:                  +1 905 676 11 51
  • Head Office Address:     2450 Derry Road East, Shell Aerocentre, Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario,
                                          L5S 1B2, Canada


According to several feedback online, most of Air Georgian reviews are based on employees’ comments on Glassdoor.Air Georgian got an average total score from its former employees. But, with regards to inflight service reviews, there are none to be found online.

Since the airline serves Air Canada, it is safe to rate them as one of the most reliable airlines in the world when it comes to US and Canada routes.

Have you flown with Air Georgian? Feel free to share your experience below.


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BMI Regional Reviews
BMI actually stands for British Midland Regional, which traces its roots back to 1987 as “
Business Air” commencing operations in August of the same year. However, in the long run, it was purchased by British Midland that lead to its rebranding in 2001 as “BMI Regional.”

Please do not confuse Business Air of Thailand, which is now known as “Intira Airlines,” with Business Air of the United Kingdom, which is now known as “BMI Regional.” They are not related at all.
BMI Regional Reviews-aircraftBMI Regional was recognized in 2014 as the most punctual scheduled airline in United Kingdom for its ninth consecutive year. The British regional airline’s operating bases are in Aberdeen, Bristol, East Midlands, Karlstad, Munich, and Newcastle. The airline serving scheduled passenger services across United Kingdom and Europe has 18 Embraer aircraft on its fleet.

Peter Simpson serves as the airline’s CEO while Stephen Bond is the Chairman. It was in 2015 that BMI Regional became part of a new regional group called Airline Investments Limited (AIL).

Perks of Flying with BMI Regional

BMI Regional Reviews-inflightCustomers flying with BMI Regional are entitled without bag fees. No queues. An all-jet Embraer fleet with complimentary snacks and drinks. Advanced seat selection and all-leather seating. They are not just snacks, they are actually healthy meals. So sit back, relax, enjoy each flight, and get home on time.

To see more about the inflight experience with BMI Regional, click here.

The Website

Navigating the official site was easy, since the interface was understandable and user-friendly. The site normally shows the option to search and book for flights, manage a booked flight or check flight status online. Scrolling further down will give more about the best destinations and guides about top tourist attractions in Europe. A link is also given to redirect customers to the airline’s social media account.
BMI Regional Reviews-page
BMI Regional does blogs too. But, if travellers are looking for more options to browse the website, the bottom part provides several categories about the airline, including policies, services, and customer service support. A newsletter service is also offered.

BMI Regional Reviews of Customers

We browsed through several BMI Regional reviews and we found out that the British airline had been garnering good scores from its passengers: so much to say they even prefer changing all airlines to how BMI Regional works. But, even though there are positive reviews, some complaints tell about the negligence of the airline’s services. On a positive note, they got a total score of 7 out of 10.

To see more of these BMI Regional reviews, click here.
BMI Regional Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:            0330 333 7998 /  +44 330 333 7998
  • Contact Email:      
  • Fax Number:                   02 725 83 92
  • Head Office Address:      Pegasus Business Park, Herald Way, East Midlands Airport,
                                           Castle Donington, DE74 2TU


BMI Regional Reviews-crewA premium, full-service airline that offers much for its small scale and fleet. BMI Regional operating an all-jet fleet across the UK and Europe had been popular to most tourists and frequent flyers in Europe. One more good thing about BMI Regional is they value their employees as well. It shows how decent and presentable their crew looks like. Plus, the fact that there are not much negative BMI Regional reviews shown online only proves that this airline is one of the air carriers travellers can trust.

Have you flown with BMI Regional before? Feel free to share your experience below.


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Sharp Airlines Reviews

Sharp Airlines Reviews-Malcolm Sharp
Malcolm Sharp

In 1990, an air facility was established, but only with a single Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain, a twin-engined aircraft known to be a vulnerable yet popular choice of aircraft back then. The airline had slowly grown in time, and had acquired the aircraft of Fairchild Metro to replace the Chieftains. It was then that the airline added a new network to Essendon Airport. In time, Sharp Airlines added several more route networks to Port Augusta, Portland, and even to the largest island in the Furneaux Group, Flinders Island.

Now, Sharp Airlines has 10 aircraft of Cessna, Piper, and Fairchild which can accommodate 3-19 passengers. Their parent company is Sharp Aviation Pty. Ltd and they are still being led by the founder and managing director, Malcolm Sharp.

InFlight Services

Sharp Airlines Reviews-on boardPassengers flying with Sharp Airlines are allowed up to 15 kilos of checked luggage and 6 kg of carry-on luggage per paying customer.

Sharp Airlines provides a fly in fly out service in support of the resource sector to remote localities across Australia. Crew and roster rotations, carriage of freight and equipment, emergency support, and specialised aerial services are all part of Sharp Airlines’ expertise.
inflightThe Australian regional airline basically offers a charter service which is available to fly throughout Australia. Offering first-class personal service, Sharp Airlines will ensure that your experience is rewarding and memorable. Whether it is for a business trip or a special occasion, Sharp Airlines’ specialised charter service can deliver on all of your expectations.

Not-so-sharp Website

Sharp Airlines Reviews-pageThough, their official website doesn’t look updated or well-maintained; given it’s not modernized, the web page still functions normally wherein customers can search and book for their preferred flight deals with Sharp Airlines. The page shows a flashing image of their holiday packages and services. They also show several tabs of information regarding the airline’s policies and news. However, Sharp Airlines doesn’t have a mobile version of their PC services.

Sharp Airlines Reviews of Passengers

We tried reading and checking through several Sharp Airlines reviews online. To be honest, there weren’t much, but acknowledgement and appreciation are shown by their customers with their experience with Sharp Airlines. One recent feedback was even posted on the 10th of July 2016, saying, “Thank you Sharp, you are so easy to deal with whether it is travelling or booking, changing a booking or cancelling it is never a problem. Keep up the great service.” To see more of Sharp Airlines reviews, refer to this link below:

How To Reach Them?

  • logoWebsite URL:          
  • Contact Number:              1300 55 66 94 /  +61 3 5574 8216
  • Contact Email:        
  • Fax Number:                    +61 (0) 3 5574 8258
  • Head Office Address:        Hamilton Airport, PO Box 710, Hamilton Vic 3300, Australia


Sharp Airlines might not be the very best regional airline or air carrier in the world, but at least they are good at providing services to their passengers and loyal customers, given the size of the travel company and its numbered fleet. Based on Sharp Airlines reviews, the airline had accommodated them properly and accordingly. They also wish that Sharp Airlines will keep on growing in time.

Have you flown with Sharp Airlines? Feel free to leave a comment below.


1 1990

SATA Air Açores Reviews

A group of Portuguese investors and Bensaúde & Co. Lda. established “Sociedade Açoreana de Estudos Aéreos” in 194, which in English, means “Azorean Aviation Studies Company.” The purpose of the creation of the inter-island airline was to link the Azorean archipelago and continental Portugal, and to obtain the governmental concession. The Portuguese government granted temporary concession to the airline, which operated mail, cargo, and air passenger services between São Miguel, Terceira, and Santa Maria airports. They initially started with two de Havilland DH.104 Dove aircraft.

Moving forward, SATA Air Açores has a current fleet size of 6 Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft and serves 11 routes to Azores, Madeira, and Spain. The airline is currently headquartered at João Paulo II Airport and they are currently being led by Paulo Menezes.

The Livery

liveryIt is basically a geometric composite of nine-shapes, representing the nine islands of the archipelago, joined to form the ubiquitous Açor identified in legend. When exploded, each shape can be placed alone in geographical context to form a modernist map of the Azores. This new logo was introduced from a year-long-effort design by Ivity-Corp to express new fleet revitalization, referred to as Blue Island Açor.

Flying SATA Air Açores

SATA Air Açores Reviews-inflightThere’s no information shown as to how services are done on board. But, because the airline uses two model aircraft of Bombardier with 37- and 80-passenger capacity, it’s quite expected that they only have one class of service inflight. But, SATA Air Açores makes sure travellers get the best services they could ever have.

For children (under the age 2), flying with SATA Air Açores is being paid for only 10% of the fare. Milk bottles and food containers can be heated during flight and coloring books are distributed on board. A special accompaniment service is available for children between 3 months and 4 years who travel alone. Though, please be reminded that this service should be requested when the booking is made and is subject to a fee.

Official Website and Mobile App

SATA Air Açores Reviews-pageOne of the good things about the official site of SATA Air Açores is their theme color. The choice of different shades of blue gives a calm and clean effect to its customers. However, the font size of the text content is too small to be readable at times. But, basically, travellers can search and book for flights, car rentals services or hotel reservations. Unlike other airlines, SATA Air Açores has an option to provide their activities (things to do in Portugal) services located right next to booking flights option. Additionally, the website lets customers manage their bookings online.
SATA Air Açores Reviews-mobile app

If travellers are more of a mobile-user, no worries, because SATA Air Açores has a mobile app available for Android and iOS users. The travel app has almost similar features and services with the PC version. Mobile check-in then is also an option and it’s easy to access in 5 simple steps. This option is available 48 hours before your flight departure.

SATA Air Açores Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:      
  • Contact Number:          707 22 72 82 / (+351) 296 209 720
  • Contact Email:    
  • Fax Number:                (+351) 296 288 631
  • Head Office Address:    Avenida Infante d Henrique 55-4, 9504-528 Ponta Delgada,
                                         Azores, Portugal


We also checked on some SATA Air Açores reviews and based on 56 feedback shown online, they got a total rating of 5/10. However, for some reason, the most recent posted comments are showing complaints over SATA Air Açores’ services on board. But, to be honest, the concern of these passengers was the minimal flight entertainment or close-to-none. On a positive note, the Portuguese airline was being complimented for their crew’s attentiveness.

Have you flown with SATA Air Açores? Feel free to share your experience below.


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Arik Air Reviews

Arik Air Reviews-Michael Arumemi-Ikhide
Michael Arumemi-Ikhide CEO

Arik Air was established when it took over the air facility of Lagos in 2006. The airline started with 2 Bombardier CRJ-900 to domestic routes. On the same year, Arik Air was granted an authorization by the Federal Ministry of Aviation to extend their flight networks to Trinidad and Tobago, Amsterdam, London, and Madrid. It was in 2008, when the airline was granted permission to fly to the United States (by US Department of Transportation).

Now, Arik Air is headquartered at Arik Air Aviation Center on the grounds of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos State. They are being led by their Chairman, Sir JIA Arumemi-Ikhide, and carry the company slogan “Wings of Nigeria.” Arik Air now has a total of 32 aircraft serving 26 extended domestic networks and some international destinations.

Official Website and Mobile App

The official site looks formal and decent and the purple and navy blue theme colors make it more professional. The web page provides services including the option to search or book flights and hotel accommodations. Passengers can also check-in online or manage their booking online. Apart from that, Arik Frequent Flyer program information can also be accessible on the main page. In a nutshell, Arik Air lets travellers learn more about the airline’ service, policies, and news.
Unlike other regional airlines, Arik Air has been more prominent on their mobile services. The Nigerian airline has a mobile app that can be accessed by Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone users. The travel app lets customers search, book, and manage their flights. Another quick method of paying their payments is by using the Interswitch Verve “Remember Card” feature. To make sure the purchase had been made, customers can also view their flight purchase history on their mobile phones.
mobile appHere’s the “Scan the QR code page” for the mobile application of Arik Air.

Arik Air Reviews over Service & Experience

inflightChecking through online feedback regarding the Nigerian airlines of over 39 Arik Air reviews, the air carrier has been garnering not-good scores from its passengers. An overall rating of 3/10 was given. What’s worse, is the most recent posts are all negative and complaints towards Arik Air’s services. Majority of the comments state that they had the worst experience with Arik Air.

One reviewer on the 3rd of July 2016 said:
“By far one of the worst experiences I have had flying out of the country. After a 12 hours layover in New York, when it came time to board, they were late checking their passengers in and then when we got to gate we sat there for another 4 hrs before they told us to line up for boarding.

We waited another hour and they proceed to tell us that the flight was going to be delayed for an hour, 45 mins later we were told they were having technical issues that could last for hours. If you ever going to west Africa, Arik Air is not the airline.”

To read the complete review posted by the unhappy passenger and read more Arik Air reviews, click here
Arik Air Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact Number:                +234 1 279 99 99
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                       +234 1 497 59 40
  • Head Office Address:          Arik Air Aviation Centre, Murtala Muhammed Domestic Airport,
                                               PO Box 10468, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


Arik Air is not one of the popular airlines nowadays. Maybe, because it is majorly routed to Nigerian destinations. However, it’s quite sad that the airline is not good at maintaining a good standing even on domestic flights. This can be a big problem if they would compete internationally. They should fix some of their loose ends first, then maybe they could be part of the growing airline industry.

Have you flown with Arik Air? Feel free to share your experience below.


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EasyFly Reviews

EasyFly Reviews-Alfonso Ávila
Alfonso Ávila

One of the prominent cities in the world is Bogotá. The capital of Colombia, known for its colonial-era landmarks, has touched the tourists’ love for Spanish culture and destinations. If you recall, we already wrote a review about Avianca. Today, we’ll be talking about a newly established low-cost airline named EasyFly. Join me as we discover if it is easy to fly with EasyFly.

EasyFly was actually founded by Alfonso Ávila who was also the founder of Aero República or what is more known now as “Copa Airlines,” founded in 1992. The Colombian low-cost airline started with one British Aerospace Jetstream 41 aircraft. Now, it has grown to 17 aircraft and 25 more ATR are expected and ordered by EasyFly to expand its fleet. EasyFly uses the slogan “Hace fácil volar,” which means “It makes it easy to fly.” It operates 18 destinations and is adding 2 more routes in the future with Venezuela and Aruba.

Official Website and Mobile App

Accessing the official site of EasyFly is easy. Though, we had to inform users to be advised that the web page is in Spanish by default. To be honest, we can’t find an option to change the version of the site to English. So, for the sake of this review we translated the site via Google Translate. Basically, EasyFly lets customers book their reservations online but only for flight options with no car rental or hotel accommodation services.
EasyFly Reviews-page
The web page shows a lot more about the services, deals, and policies of the airline. It also promotes the tourism of Bogotá or other places of Colombia by mentioning their top destinations. Customers having difficulties on using the travel site or understanding the services can actually call their customer support. But, please be informed that their call center hours operates from Monday to Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

These services are also available on their travel app, though are only available in the Google Play Store for Android users.

EasyFly Reviews and Services

EasyFly had an overall score of 9/10 on Skytrax. It is based from 2 EasyFly reviews, wherein both comments are positive and dated this year. The first review mentioned that the EasyFly ground staff were helpful and professional. EasyFly Reviews-happy passengerHe even complimented on the smooth and punctual flight he had with EasyFly. The passenger actually had a short-haul flight but left no complaints about his overall experience with EasyFly. He even ended his review by saying “Would consider it if needed.”

The most recent review was posted on the 27th of March 2016. Mr. Flores had given his best opinion about EasyFly. Similar with the first review, he mentioned that the staff are nice. His flight went quietly, was comfortable, and clean.
EasyFly Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:            +57 1 414 80 95
  • Contact Email:      
  • Fax Number:                   +57 1 414 81 11
  • Head Office Address:      Avenida El Dorado 10308, Entrada 1 Interior 14,
                                           Aeropuerto Internacional, Bogota, Colombia


Based on these EasyFly reviews online, it is safe to say that the airline will be reliable for domestic or regional flights within Colombia. Since their goal is to be the leader in the travel market with the best airfare, reliable service, and high efficiency customer service, these evidently prove that it is easy to fly with EasyFly.