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get contact detail of all All Nippon airways offices like phone numbe,r fax, address, email and working hours.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) Reviews

All Nippon Airways or ANA for short, is one of those companies that provides an all around excellent flying service.

Origins and Ownership

ANA is an airline descendant of Japan Helicopter and Aeroplane, which was founded on December 27th, 1952. The airline headquarters is based in the Shidome City Center located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The man in charge is Osamu Shinobe, born on November 11th, 1952 in Tokyo, Japan. Shinobe became the CEO on April 1rst, 2013. There are 12,360 employees working for ANA.

Osamu Shinobe, CEO of ANA airways
Osamu Shinobe, CEO of ANA airways

What people are saying

ANA has been operational for almost 60 years, over the years thousands of customers decided to share their experience with ANA. Kind words are present in most of the online reviews, nice flight, smooth ride, stress free trip, etc. The majority of previous passengers really enjoyed their experience with ANA. One common complaint is that the economy seats are tight, but there were counter-reviews saying that the seats are very spacious. Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

One guy described ANA to be the “saving grace of the trip when it came to traveling back home.” There are tons of positive reviews and most of the negative ones are about the seats. Looks like ANA needs to do something about those seats! However, overall they seem to be doing great according to the reviews and improvements are most likely on the way.

The Website

ANA (All Nippon Airways) Reviews website
ANA’s homepage

ANA’s website is pretty standard for airlines, a picture of a sky, or anything that has something to do with air travel for the background and the company’s slogan (Inspiration of Japan) beside the company name. The website is user-friendly, very easy to use. Flight status can be checked and altered on the site and arrangements for hotels and car rentals. Just like most airline websites, ANA presents their latest flight promos and discounted prices. One thing that’s a little bothersome about the website is the small font size, barely readable, not all people have good eyesight so your browsers magnifying glass may be your friend in this case.

Customer Service

ANA’s customer service doesn’t operate 24/7. Phones lines are open from 6:00 to 22:00 (UTC+09:00) for queries regarding domestic flights and 08:00-20:00 (UTC+09:00) for international flights. Questions can be directed through the website and they of course have a  Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. There are two phone lines to customer service, 03-6741-1120 (Tokyo) and 06-7637-6679 (Osaka).


Unlike most airlines, ANA offers 4 classes, first class, business class, premium economy class and economy class.

First class

Each passenger can rest in square cabin designed for comfort, convenience, and privacy and seats can be easily converted to full flat-beds for a peaceful slumber. ANA has their own group of connoisseurs who select the best ingredients and famous chefs to prepare each serving. The menu for first class includes Japanese kaiseki style cuisine and modern European meals. ANA provides a premium amenity kit including headphones, slippers and lounge wear to all first class passengers.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) first class reivews
First class cabin

Business Class

ANA is the first japanese airline to feature a “staggered seat,” meaning the seats flatten out when you’re ready for a rest. ANA promotes the idea of making their passengers feel at home while while flying 40,000 feet above the ground.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) ANA's business class reviews
ANA’s business class

Premium Economy and Economy Class

The premium economy class and regular economy class only differ when it comes to seat space. Premium economy has a small armrest while economy has a smaller one.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) economy class ReviewsANA (All Nippon Airways) economy class Reviews

Food and Beverage

Each flight serves japanese and international inspired meals cooked to perfection by a professional chef. ANA established a team of connoisseurs to carefully pick the best selection of ingredients and come up with the best meals and desserts. Of course, regardless of class, good quality wine, sodas, coffee and more beverages are evenly distributed to everyone.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) food Reviews

In flight Entertainment

ANA provides full digital AVOD (Advert-supported video on demand) for first class passengers riding selected airliners only. Digital noise cancelling headphones are given to first class passengers and noise cancelling headphones for  business and premium economy passengers. ANA Sky live TV contains various channels for movies, TV series, music, sports and even unreleased movies from Japan.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) In flight entertainment reviews
In flight entertainment


ANA airways has two hubs, the Haneda International Airport and the Narita International Airport both located in Tokyo. ANA has the total of 205 planes in their fleet, including the Boeing 737-500 and Bombardier Dash 8 Q400. ANA is also a member of Star Alliance.

ANA airways was ranked as a 5 star (out of seven) airline by SkyTrax in 2014.

Contact information

If you need to get in touch with ANA Airlines.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +81 3 6735 1116
  • Fax Number:+81 3 6735 5481
  • Head Office Address: 63 Okadamacho, Higasti-ku, Ohota-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkai, Japan


We hope you enjoyed these ANA (All Nippon Airways) Reviews. Talking about travel services, ANA is truly one of the best. Being a 5 star airline is a big deal. ANA is truly an inspiration and a source of pride for Japan.


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Emirates Airlines Reviews

Humans are not capable of growing their own wings, unfortunately. So as an alternative, we have to rely on technology and machinery to create our own vessel to soar through the skies. How hard would our lives be if airplanes didn’t exist? Transportation is power, travelling is an essential part of human life.

Airline industries all over the world provide the greatest service there is for transportation. One great example is Emirates Airlines.

Origins and Ownership
Emirates was founded on October 25, 1985 by Maurice Flanagan. The current CEO of Emirates is His Highness, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, 56 years old, son of Dubai’s former ruler, Saeed bin Maktoum bin Hasher Al Maktoum. Al Maktoum is also the current chairman of emirates airlines and group. Al Maktoum was born on December 22nd, 1958 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Emirates Airlines belongs to the government of Dubai, but it serves millions of people around the world.

Emirates Airlines' CEO His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum
Emirates Airlines’ CEO His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

What people are saying

Being a 4-star airline speaks for itself. Past passengers were very happy flying with Emirates, according to most Emirates reviews, every expectation was met. There was even one passenger who wrote, “it is a mystery why Emirates is not rated with 5 stars.” So it means that there’s still a lot of room for improvement and innovation. Who knows, probably sooner or later, Emirates will be ranked as a 5-star airline.

Now, going back to the customer reviews, many passengers were very happy with the comfortable seats. The flight attendants were kind and polite. Passengers were delighted with features like the fast wifi and amazing food. The best thing about these reviews is that Emirates manages to gain loyal customers who promote their great service to family and friends.

The Website

Emirates Airlines Website Reviews
Emirates Airlines website

Emirates website is pretty standard and easy to access. Passengers can check in online, they can also check their flight status. One good feature about the website is their page for altering booked flights. Passengers can manage their flight status, like change their date, pick their seat, book hotels or car rentals, and anything else to do with the flight. Their website has a page for special offers, click on it and a daily discounted offer appears, so people looking for value can find it with a little luck. Each flight listed, shows a picture of the destination, in-flight facilities and other features.

Customer Service

Emirates’ customer service functions all day and night, their phone lines are divided according to passenger concern. There is a designated number for flights, another for hotel booking, car hire/rentals and lastly a number for queries about travel insurance.
Emirates is considerate to include a page called “Help Center” for customers who might have physical disabilities. This page allows passengers to browse different FAQs; checking in, baggage, cancellations, etc… Emirates does provide email support and there were many positive reviews about their accurate and helpful customer service


Emirates offers three classes, First class, Business class, and Economy class.

First Class

To start with the best one, the first class truly has amazing features. The best one is probably the seating arrangements, or should I say, room arrangements. That’s right instead of connected seats, first class has small rooms for each passenger to enjoy their privacy. Simply go inside your room, slide the door shut and enjoy your solitude in the air. The room includes your bed/seat and a table for work or play. Each seat can be converted to a bed for a peaceful slumber. Oh by the way, each room has their own mini bar that can be accessed by pressing a button.

Emirates Airlines Frist Class Review
Experience solitude in the sky

Business Class

Besides the room feature for each seat, business class is similar to first class. A convertible seat, a mini bar, space for work, you will surely reach your destination refreshed.

Emirates Airlines Business Class Reviews
Fly with ease

Economy class

This class offers spacious room and an in-seat power supply for your laptop or other devices. You can surf the internet, write an email, or update your blog while flying. Each passenger can also adjust the ambient lighting to their liking.

Emirates Airlines Economy Class Reviews
Simple Brilliance

Foods and Beverage

No matter if you are flying first class, business class, or economy class, you are surely in for a treat. Emirates Airlines serves exquisite and delicious meals for their passengers. For first class, passengers can enjoy meals from around the world. In business class,  the food options are regionally inspired and for the most part, cooked to perfection. Economy class also offers regionally inspired meals like Lamb Brochette with Arabic Spices or Grilled Chicken Breast with Caramelised Plums. Pretty sure that your appetite is ignited just by reading the menu.

Meals are even served on fancy flatware like royal doulton fine bone china with exclusive Robert Welch cutlery, this enhances the overall aesthetic of the meal.

Emirates Airlines Food ReviewsEmirates Airlines Food Reviews

For their beverages, passengers are satisfied by world-class wines and cocktails. The wine is carefully chosen to compliment the gourmet cuisine. Kids can enjoy tasty snacks and fun drinks for their delight.

In flight technology

For entertainment, Emirates provides the Ice digital widescreen which includes over 2,000 channels for movies, tv series, sports, and music. So each passenger has a wide selection of in flight entertainment.

Emirates Airlines In-Flight Entertainment Reviews
Over 2,00 channels to choose from

Baggage service

Emirates has their own baggage crew who help you as soon as you step out of your car, right up until you check in and reach your seat.

Emirates Airlines Baggage Service Reviews

Chauffeur Drive

To fully enjoy your trip without any hassle, Emirates offers chauffeur driving services. This service is available to first and business class passengers. The driver will pick you up at home and take you to the airport in style. The service works both ways, so once you land you can have a chauffeur take you to your hotel, home or wherever it is that you need to be.

Emirates Chaffeur service
Wherever you want to go

That’s pretty much it, but, what more can you ask for? Each feature and service truly aims to gain customer appreciation.

Emirates Base and Fleet

Emirates core operation is the Dubai International Airport at Al Garhoud, United Arab Emirates. With a fleet of more than 230 plans, Emirates flies to over 140 destinations in 80 countries around the world. They operate 8 types of aircraft including their pride and glory, the Emirates A380. Their fleet includes;

· Airbus A340-500
· Airbus A340-300
· Airbus A330-200
· Boeing 777-300ER
· Boeing 777-200LR
· Boeing 777-300
· Boeing 777-200
· The Emirates A380

Emirates makes sure to innovate and upgrade their airliners from time to time, to give each passenger the best travel experience possible.

In 2015 Emirates annual profit had an increased over 40%. Emirates’ annual profit is about 4.56 billion dirhams, or $1.24 billion. A year earlier, emirates had a total of 3.25 billion dirhams annual profit. Truly massive progress for the entire airline and also the country.


Emirates is a recipient of tons of awards. Aviation Industry Awards named Emirates as the Aviation Company of the year in 2014. Emirates was also named Best Airline Worldwide in 2014 by the Business Traveler (ME) award. The list goes on, Emirates truly made its mark in the airline industry.

Contact Information

For references or queries here is Emirates basic and contact information.

  • Phone number: +971 4286 4066 or +6 005 555 55
  •  Flights: +1 800 777 3999
  •  Hotel booking: +1 514 400 9337
  •  Car Hire: +1 778 806 4896
  • Travel Insurance: +1 866 878 0191
  • Fax number: +971 4295 0758
  • E-mail:
  • Web-site:
  •  Country: United Arab Emirates
  •  IATA code: EK
  •  ICAO code: UAE


We these Emirates Airlines Reviews were helpful. Emirates Airlines is without a doubt one of the best Airlines in the world. Throughout the years, the airline was successful in gaining loyal customers who would fly with them any day. From initial booking to on-flight service, everything is brilliant. This 4 star airline truly deserves their position ranked among the top 5 airlines in the world.


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Austrian Airlines Reviews

Travelling during ancient times was considered to be a survival mission. Since the beginning of time, humanity has been earthbound only able to travel by land or water. With the introduction of aviation, humanity took a giant leap forward. After the birth of the aircraft, airline industries all over the world started appearing one after another. Airline industries didn’t open new doors but also establish bridges for travelling by breaking limitations and taking transportation to a whole new level!

You’ll see why Austrian Airlines is living proof of this.


About Austrian

Austrian Airlines was founded on September 30, 1957 by Walter Barda-Bardenau. SkyTrax gave Austrian a 4 star ranking for their outstanding service. The current CEO of Austrian Airlines is Jaan Albrecht, he held the position from November 1, 2011 up to this very day. Albrecht is half-mexican and half-german born on January 21, 2005 in Puebla, Mexico.

 Jaan Albrecht
Jaan Albrecht, CEO of Austrian Airlines

Back in 2001, Albrecht was appointed as the new CEO of Star Alliance. Under his management the alliance was able to gain 27 news airlines.

Austria Airlines’ headquarters is based at Schwechat, Austria, their main hub is in Vienna International Airport.

What people are saying

Austrian Airlines attempts to provide great travel experience, there were a lot of positive reviews regarding their service and facilities. Previous passengers were even surprised how comfortable the economy seats were. There’s this one guy who wrote a review acknowledging the delicious food being served by a professional chef. Some passengers were overwhelmed by the flight attendants for their kind treatment.

The Website

Their website also offers a list of frequently asked questions with detailed information for individuals with disabilities, for example, a hearing impaired woman can easily choose one of the frequently asked questions and answers are sure to pop out. They also provide email customer service.

Austrians’ website allows passengers to check in as well as check their flight status you can also  change your flight status 24hrs prior to departure. They allow passengers to book hotels and car rentals on their website. The website has a designated page for deals, wherein passengers can easily find the flight they want and book it. For each deal, the price, date, and destination is included.

Austrian Airlines website Reviews
A look at their booking page

Fleet size

Their fleet size consist 80 aircrafts and can reach 130 destinations all over the world. For their long haul fleet, Austria dispatches their Boeing 777-200 ER and Boeing 767-300 ER. While their vessels for short haul flights are, Airbus A321/A320/A319,  Fokker F100/F70, and Bombardier Q400

One with Star Alliance

Austrian Airlines is a proud member of star alliance along with 27 other airlines worldwide since March 2000. Their parent company is Deutsche Lufthansa AG and are also the largest airline in Europe which is a member of Star Alliance.

According to a press release in 2014, their yearly profit is 10 million. In a statement included at the release, CEO Jaan Albrecht said “We are well on track.”


Austrian Airlines offers economy class and business class for both long haul fleets and short/medium ones.

Business class (Long Haul)

This class features a horizontal, two meter, full-flat bed, an innovative air cushion system and an integrated massage function. What more can you ask for? It’s like being at home along your journey

Austrian Airlines Business Class Reviews
Sleeping in the sky

Economy class (Long Haul)

Austrian Airlines redesigned their cabin interior in 2013. Their ergonomic seats offer a unique, relaxed position to passengers so they can enjoy their trip in full comfort.

Austrian Airlines Economy Class Reviews

Business class (Short&Medium haul)

One outstanding feature for this class is that each person has one-free seat between them for a more spacious ride. Each passenger is able to move freely without having to share armrests with your neighbor.

Austrian Airlines Economy Class Reviews

Economy class (Short&Medium haul)

Each seat is wide enough to avoid feeling cluttered. You can even apply for extra leg-room but it will cost you, don’t worry the price is reasonable.

The reservation fee is regardless of fare class and frequent flyer status:

  • Long-haul flights
70 EUR per person & route
  • Medium-haul flights
40 EUR per person & route
  • Short-haul flights
25 EUR per person & route

Outstanding food and beverages

Austrian Airlines prepares an amazing menu of meals and beverages with the help of DO & CO, an austrian catering company. Austrian offers the goodness of Austria’s culinary authenticity. One mouth-watering food on the menu is Austria’s traditional Wiener Schnitzel.  Flight attendants offer quality drinks, beer, and wine. Don’t worry, the flight crew makes sure to regulate the passengers alcohol intake. There were positive reviews about Austrians tasty meals, snacks, and good quality beverages.

Austrian Airlines Food Reviews
Wiener Schnitzel, a traditional Austrian dish

Their special menu is also an outstanding feature for the sake of their passengers specific needs. Their special menu offers;

Dietary Meals:
-Bland meal
-Diabetic meal
-Gluten-free meal

Dietary Meals:
-Low Calorie meal
-Low fat & cholesterol meal
-Low sodium & salt meal
-Lactose free meal
Religious & Ethnic Meal:
-Hindu meal
-Kosher meal
-Moslem meal

Vegetarian Meals:
-Asian vegetarian meal
-Non-dairy vegetarian meal

For our Little Ones:
-child meal (suitable for 2 years old or over

Special Meal:
-Special meal general

OnBoard Entertainment

You can check out their full menu here:  special menu.

Entertainment features differs in all classes. Business class passengers can enjoy visual and audio entertainment in front of a high-resolution, digital quality, 9 inch touchscreen monitor. With a single tap on the screen, you’ll enjoy over 50 movies and 60 tv series’ updated monthly, so you frequent flyers won’t get bored. Music lovers are  going to enjoy the latest music selection. For the economy class, passengers can enjoy some leisure time while reading the latest newspaper and international magazines.

Austrian Airlines onboard entertainment ReviewsAustrian Airlines inflight entertainment ReviewsThe better class you avail for the more features await.

Customer Service

Austrian headquarters is based at Office Park 2, PO Box 1, Vienna-Airport, 1300 Vienna, Austria. Hopes these set of information is useful for future travelers.

Austria Airlines’ customer service doesn’t operate 24/7.

Opening Hours

Monday 07:30 - 22:00

Tuesday 07:30 - 22:00

Wednesday 07:30 - 22:00

Thursday 07:30 - 22:00

Friday 07:30 - 22:00

Saturday 10:30 - 19:00

Sunday 10:30 - 19:00

Holiday 10:30 - 19:00


Austrian Airlines truly deserves a 4 star ranking, probably even a 5. CEO Jaan Albrecht is right when he said their company is on the right track.  A few years from now, Austrian might be able to expand to even improve their excellent services. There are still a lot of room for improvement so who knows, next year, Austrian might be on top.



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Qatar Airways Reviews

Qatar Airways really lives up to its name as the “best airline in the world.” Founded on November 22, 1993, Qatar Airways has provided excellent travel services to millions of people worldwide and In 2013, became a member of Oneworld alliance. Qatar airways entire service is truly spot on, from quick access booking flights, to providing the best facilities inside air vessels. Skytrax recently announced the top 100 airline’s in the world, Qatar Airways reigned as the top airline of them all with 156 fleets, offering a total of 146 destinations.

“World’s 5-star airlines”

Qatar Airways Reviews

This is Qatar Airways slogan, and to be honest, it’s quite true from what I could find. Processing flights is quick and easy, checking-in can be done in a breeze, the planes are clean and very pleasant on the eyes. Every single seat is spacious and comfortable. All of the supplies, foods, and beverages provided to passengers is top of the line. Just Imagine an aircraft with the brilliant features of a 5-star hotel!

Efficient Website access

The Qatar Airways website doesn’t only provide convenience when booking a flight, but also full control of your flight status. Each customer has the freedom to pick their own seat and meals. This simplicity and flexibility is present all the time.

Qmiles and the Privilege Club membership

Qatar Airways Qmiles Review

Qmiles are points earned by Qatar Airways passengers to serve as incentives for their loyalty. Qmiles benefits are categorized by 4 Privilege Club tiers; Burgundy, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The higher your tier, the more benefits you’ll enjoy. But each tier already offers a wide variety of benefits; like free lounge access, discounts for excess baggage, and priority boarding. Qmiles are distributed not only to Qatar airways passengers, but to Oneworld affiliate airlines as well. An individual member can even nominate one of their family members to reap the same benefits.

Mobile Application

Qatar Airways Mobile App Reviews

To expand on the efficiency of their service, Qatar airways designed a mobile application to establish a better and faster connection for their customers. Flight status can be easily checked through a timetable search.

Customer Reviews

We hope you enjoyed these Qatar Airways Reviews. With the integrity and dedication of the company and everyone behind it, many customers have been expressing their gratitude through positive reviews. Most feedback was about the proper organization of facilities and crews. There are of course some unavoidable bad reviews about passengers having a rough time during their flight, however,  Qatar Airways is without a doubt, the best airline in the world.


Please feel free to leave a comment below!



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TACA (Transportes Aereos del Continente Americano) airlines was founded in 1931 by the Synergy Group based in El Salvador. For 75 years, TACA provided service for air travel to millions of people. In 2009 it was announced that TACA would  merge with the Colombian airline Avianca which is affiliated with Star Alliance. Upon the completion of the merger, on May 31. 2013, Avianca took over the management but upheld the great services TACA was renowned for. With a fleet size of 44, TACA, which is called Avianca El Salvador now offers 50 destinations and 22 countries.

Fly with Ease

Booking flights within this airline is a piece of cake. First search for the flight deal you want according to your destination, then book it, after that enjoy your flight. The company promotes the idea of convenience for the sake of each customer. Most customers find it very easy to book flights and even check in to the airline. Avianca promises all customers that each flight will take-off and land on time.

Avianca’s website is organized for customers to have easy access to deals and information. They can also check the status of their flight and new updates issued by the company itself.

Ups and Downs

Avianca El Salvador airlines is known to provide good quality service to their customers. But there are certain people who would beg to differ. There have been some good reviews and some bad ones. A number of people appreciate the convenient and excellent service of the airline staff. According to some feedback the attendants for every flight were very generous and polite when catering to their passengers. However, there were many complaints regarding the slippery leather seats and less than appetizing meals. There were negative comments stating that Avianca has the tendency to change flight status on the spot, for example; adding stopovers, this might be a counter-statement to other reviews saying that all flights land on time.

Avianca Mobile

Just like other airlines and travel companies, Avianca created its own mobile application to provide a more-convenient way to search and book flights for its customers.

LifeMiles program

To expand their services, the company decided to establish a certain program to reward loyal customers for their trust and faithfulness. LifeMiles covers a variety of benefits, like offering VIP lounges for some leisure time with your family and friends while you wait for your flight to take off, as well as great discounts for travel necessities. This program is distributed not only for Avaianca El Salvador but to other affiliated airlines as well. LifeMiles was the improved version of AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA to enhance the companies service and also compete with other airlines.



Customers conclusion

For some customers, Avianca El Salvador offers great service, from booking right up to the destination. Unfortunately, bad reviews are quick to catch up saying that Avianca may not be the ideal airline to book with. Despite all of that there are still a number of loyal customers who would prefer to fly with Avianca.

This review is written to inform everyone about Avianca’s current situation including their service and customer’s feedback. Feel free to leave a comment or question!


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Porter Airlines Logo

Porter Airline

Established privately with the Porter Aviation Holdings, the Porter Company has history with some of Canada’s best airports, Billy Bishop being one of them (dating back to as far as 1939). Since its establishment, the Company has been able to harness and harmonize with a number of investors.

Porter Airlines

The Interface of an Advantage:

As an online portal of the company, the website acts as a perfect communication tool between the business corporation and the customers. With its easy to understand and easy to use software, the website’s homepage is self-explanatory and simple. Critically viewing this aspect, this kind of interface simply adds to the customer service credits. Furthermore, user reviews report a high degree of satisfaction regarding the queries asked, and a commendable 24/7 service. The overall reputation of the website and the company rates to excellent on online polls.

The Offers of a Lifetime:

The Company proves now and again that it puts its customer’s first rather than money making tactics. As opposed to most of the other flight companies where business is gold and the customers have to deal with hassle of customs and airports, unanswered queries and fluctuating prices, Porter comes with a reassurance of being customer-friendly, with some simple, yet highly important gestures. These gestures begin from the strategic placement of its airport right down to every staff member that the company has ever employed.

The airport in question is in Toronto, and is downtown. What does this mean? It means you have easy access to it. It means that the area of maximum traffic has been organized. It means that the company has struck gold again. Furthermore, it promises a quick service, so that the airport is not a scene of hustle and bustle and harassed faces checking watches every minute. According to online polls that have been conducted to review the company’s reputation and check for scams, the customer service reaches a level of excellent, with most claiming that the flights were on time.

Thirdly, the company brings a friendly staff for its customers. Added to this is the bonus of- wait for it- free wine and snacks, delivered to your seat in glassware and well cleaned plates. The very gesture of this first class VIP treatment of everybody makes this review even more flattering for the company. The planes have been made more comfortable, with the omission of the middle seat in the second and third class areas, and the expansion of the place per seat to 32 inches. You want to stretch your legs? You can.

The lounges of Porter have been made comparable to the flights in terms of comfort. A critical appraisal of this step must be mentioned because waiting for a flight is the most cumbersome part of travelling. The lounge offers newspapers free of cost, with Wi-Fi and light snacks, also completely free.

These simple yet flattering gestures have won the company many customers, and as though this wasn’t enough, the company has come up with the VIPorter Rewards idea. The idea states that the customers earn points when they use Porter and sign up on the website. The more the points, the more you have the chances of flying to the destination of your choice, and that too free of cost.


The word “free” seems to be second nature to the Company. With a customer service of one of a kind and facilities that do not only make your journey easy but also understand you, the company has received excellent customer reviews and high ratings on online polls. Conclusively speaking, attempts to prove that this all is a scam have failed miserably. The Company is safe, efficient and should be given a try once if you are in Toronto.


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WestJet Airplane

WestJet Reviews

The first WestJet flight took place on February 19, 1996 and signalled the beginning of an elite air travel company. Clive Beddoe, the founder, promoted a policy to offer the best and most affordable prices to make travelling possible to millions of people. 

WestJet Reviews The first Westjet flight ( Boeing 737-200)
The first Westjet flight in 1996 using a Boeing 737-200


Couldn’t be Simpler: makes booking a flight painless,  with a couple of clicks you can your next getaway, flight, car and hotel ready and waiting for you, and the most important part, they do make an effort to ensure you’re not paying outrageous sums of cash, in fact, They made a name for themselves for their cheap rates, can’t be sad about that, right?

Special needs are even taken into consideration, here’s a fun fact; if you happen to be claustrophobic or have no problem lying about it to secure a more spacious seat, WestJet will accommodate you by giving you one of those illustrious seats with extra room, making you the envy of the other passengers.

Helpful 24/7 Customer service:

Their customer service and support lines are open 24/7 as well, so they’re ready when you are and are notorious for resolving any and all issues in a single call.

That’s it:

Hope you enjoyed these WestJet Reviews. Westjet, is truly one of the best airlines out there they stick to their user-friendly policies. Efficiency is default setting for WestJet and their reputation speaks for itself!


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Air Canada Reviews

Air Canada is a member of Star Alliance, an extensive airline network in the travel industry which is made up of 27 airlines. Air Canada is one of the largest and most reliable air transport service providers in Canada. Trans-Canada Air is the former name of the airline when it was founded in 1937 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Besides providing air travel services, Air Canada has subsidiaries to enhance the flexibility of the services they provide. Here are a few;

  • Air Canada Cargo- Provides shipping services for over 150 destinations worldwide.
  • Air Canada Vacations- Deals with offering vacation packages with different means of travel like plane, bus, train, and even cruises.
  • Air Canada Rouge- This is Air Canada’s leisure oriented branch, based in Toronto, Ontario. It provides flights to The Carribean , Mexico, and more.
  • Air Canada Express- Is primarily a cargo shipping service partnered with carriers including; Jazz Aviation, Air Georgian, Exploits Valley Air Services, and Sky Regional Airlines.
  • Air Canada Jetz- Established to solely provide travel services to sports teams, professional entertainers, and corporations.

Sky Domain

Air Canada 737-8 & -9 MAX Artwork K66087 Air Canada Reviews
Air Canada 737-8 & -9 MAX Artwork K66087

With a total of 174 commercial planes in their fleet, Air Canada reaches 182 destinations. Service starts from helping people find flights, then attending to their need during the flight. Air Canada ensures to serve every customer the best way they can.

Air Canada as a Gateway to the various Deals offers various packages and programs to give customers a more personalized experience. One such program being the altitude program, which notifies frequent customers reduced prices on their flights. A customer simply creates an account for the altitude program or aeroplan and they now have access to enjoy the many different privileges provided by Air Canada and other star alliance members.

For a more convenient way to provide services, Air Canada created their own application for Android and iOS. The handy application allows customers to;

  • Book flights
  • Check for discount updates
  • Check flight status, and more.

The feature isn’t particularly unique, but hey, it is still amazing!

Air Canada's website
Air Canada’s website

The Honors of the Company

Air Canada had been the best airline in North America for five consecutive years, and it was the public who made that possible and according to SkyTrax they are the only four-star airline in all of North America.

Air Canada Reviews

In a Nutshell

Air Canada has done an amazing job and goes beyond standard expectations. They take pride in the service they offer and the best part is of course the discounted packages available to regular customers. Hats off to Air Canada and the wonderful job they have been doing!

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