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Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 computer

Online travel agencies like the ten in this list operate between you and the number of travel services – ranging from airlines, car rentals, hotels, vacations, cruises, and more – to give you the best deals on your searches. Searching for a cheaper deal online is challenging when you are starting out, but if you factor in what kind of traveller you are and match those with the main offers and perks a particular travel website has, travel planning becomes just what you make it out to be: efficient, easy, and simple.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 person websitesThe advent of numerous travel sites influenced the way travel websites do their business. To keep their customers we see some of the online travel agencies in this list introduce new methods to travel and stay loyal to their particular service. Let’s read up about ten top travel websites and what they have to offer:

  1. FlightHub 9.4/10

One of the biggest draws from Canada’s travel scene, FlightHub is the flagship brand of venture capital firm Momentum Ventures, continuing in the latter’s perfect record of successful business launches. What sets FlightHub apart aside from their customer service’s 24 hour availability is their instant e-ticket delivery, a far cry from other online travel agencies’ long waiting for email confirmation. This online travel agency is also reputed for their budget-friendly flight deals and prices which they constantly update and negotiate for with major airlines.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 FlightHub

  1. Booking.com 9.3/10

On this travel website, one can browse and search from 1,154,409 properties worldwide including 590,478 holiday rentals in 106,683 destinations in 225 countries and territories. Booking.com is a part of The Priceline Group. 24/7 customer support – from making travel alterations anytime to managing your booking – completes Booking.com’s service.

One can book all kinds of accommodation, restaurants, and car rental services and browse through the types of properties or themes and categories of their travel services.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Booking.com

  1. Priceline 9.2/10

Like most other online travel agencies, Priceline gives the following travel services and needs: hotels, cars, flights, vacation packages, and cruises. For deeper discounts of as much as 60% on hotels and more, search through their Express Deals; for even more discounts, you can name your price or bid on hotels or rental cars. Priceline guarantees the best prices for these services and easy accessibility to the best places and vacation experiences.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Priceline

  1. JustFly 9.2/10

JustFly searches ticket prices from more than 440 airlines so you won’t have to, and offers hotels and car services. This agency’s efforts yield competitive prices in a user-friendly environment.

What’s great about this website is they show the best deals to destinations from your place of origin and simplified their site for seamless searching and booking. Innovation and keeping on top of technology ensure their advancement and leadership.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 JustFly

  1. Hotwire 9.1/10

Hotwire is for booking hotels, cars, flights, and vacations. It also has a mobile app for more convenient booking and deals, but on their site one can explore destinations and other travel options. The Hotwire team is composed of travel enthusiasts who are responsible for negotiating the best deals, making the travel agency one of the first to offer deep discounts through their specially negotiated Hot Rate deals.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Hotwire

  1. TripAdvisor 9/10

On our list is travel media powerhouse TripAdvisor, headquartered in Massachusetts, United States of America, with a website that provides travel-related reviews, open forums, and other information from different websites to offer you the best prices on hotels. With more than 60 million members worldwide posting more than 250 million reviews and opinions on hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other travel-related businesses, TripAdvisor has a claim to be the world’s biggest travel website.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 TripAdvisor

  1. Trivago 8.7/10

Trivago, founded and headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, helps travellers find the ideal hotel at the best price. In what can be called efficiently German, the site had been streamlined since we last wrote about them and now features a large white expanse serving as backdrop so you can concentrate on your hotel search on the central search engine. Trivago was Germany’s first hotel search engine, founded by a group of college friends in 2005 and they are now majority owned by Expedia, though their services now span multitudes of countries worldwide.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Trivago

  1. Expedia 8.6/10

This travel website is owned and operated by American travel company Expedia, Inc. which was founded in October 1996 as a division of Microsoft then spun off in 1999. Through the years, this travel company acquired others. They explain their company name comes from a combination of the words “exploration” and “speed,” containing the high-point Scrabble letter “X.”

Expedia.com features last minute deals, other deals, and their own content as the site’s main sections. This site indicates they have more than 321,000 hotels worldwide and increased savings if you book flight+hotel packages.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Expedia

  1. Kayak 8.4/10

On Kayak, one can search for travel needs through hundreds of websites at a time, including packages, rentals, and cruises. Private Deals can help you save as much as 35% when you sign in. Their main offer is searching through hotels made easy by the main categories showing on the site by which they mainly feature hotel accommodations in the United States where they are headquartered. Along with options to book and search for reservations, Kayak’s mobile version offers packing list and currency converter features.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Kayak

  1. OneTravel 8/10

OneTravel is an online travel agency that has deals from more than 450 airlines and a variety of other services such as hotels, cars, and vacations. They also display percent-off coupon codes and scrolling down their search engine reveals more advanced options for searching for these travel services. You can find cheap tickets and travel deals by destination, or cheap tickets by airline.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 OneTravel

Using a travel agency is a phenomenon that is seen to rise in frequency and popularity as more people travel. There are more than these 10 online travel agencies, yet the ones in our list give users a spectrum of the advantages one has when choosing to travel using this service.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 airplane

What can you say about our list? Do you agree with our selection, have favorites of your own, or have any online travel agencies you want to see or wish to read about? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami vehicle

Miami is one of the coolest, most posh places to visit in the United States of America, and be seen in at the same time. If travelling and making the most of your time in Miami are on your mind, yet you don’t have transportation, these 5 luxury car rental companies give you a chance to drive the car you always dreamed of in the Miami area.

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Miami

1. Elite Luxury Services

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Elite Luxury Services

This car rental service company offers the widest range of luxury sedans and exotic sports cars, a selection that includes the following models: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Audi, Aston Martin, and Cadillac, all ready to be driven next time you are in Miami. Elite Luxury Services offers pick-ups or transportation to meet travellers at their hotels or airports, and services that mean these amazing luxury cars can be used for whatever need or purpose throughout the city.

2. Dynasty Luxury Rentals

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Dynasty Luxury Rentals

“A new luxury concept,” Dynasty Luxury Rentals features the most recent extensive selection of models, 2015 and 2016 car models with low miles. Gain access to more than 30 different models, with 2017 cars included in their fleet. They offer these 5-star services at competitive rates, and specialise in exotic car rentals, luxury sedans car rentals, convertible car rentals, and  SUV car rentals to make cruising around Miami in a stylish new car possible at a good price.  

Check out their newest models arrivals on their official website.

3. Luxury Car Rentals Miami

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Luxury Car Rentals Miami

A massive and sleek Range Rover fronts Luxury Car Rentals Miami’s official homepage: a perfect representation of the strength in services and high glamour that the car rental company gives. Their wide array of luxury cars are delivered to clients anywhere in South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Miami Beach to boost in part Luxury Car Rentals Miami’s adherence to excellent customer service. BMW, Cadillac, Corvette, Mercedes, Porsches, Masarati, Bentley, and Viper are some cars that make up their selection which can be rented, always delivered in pristine condition.

4. Prestige Luxury Rentals

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Prestige Luxury Rentals

This company humbles the luxurious nature of their business with their belief that creating and maintaining great relationships with clients is what it takes to be a world-class company. Prestige Luxury Rentals makes dreams possible, allowing anyone an affordable path to drive around Miami’s most stunning attractions and landscapes in a luxury vehicle of their choice. No matter what the purpose, event, or what sights you intend to see, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Aston martin, and Jaguar can take you towards the best satisfaction with 50% of their customers being repeat ones and 25% referrals,

5. Ventura Luxury Car Rental

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Ventura Luxury Car Rental

Ventura Luxury Car Rental is apparently Miami’s number 1 luxury and exotic car rental provider. Among their roster are shiny exotic cars, convertibles, luxury cars, and SUVs that can be rented with Daily Specials advertised on their secure online system. Their cars can take you anywhere in Miami and Miami Beach in high style, and all look brand new and astonishingly sophisticated, just view their pictures. Their deals for daily or weekly usage attract more customers to try out this kind of service. Ventura Luxury Car Rental is available in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, pickups and delivery to hotel included.

Free wheel in Miami with the city’s culture of renting luxury and exotic cars for any occasion.

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami hotel service

What can you say about our 5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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Navigation Apps icon apps

Navigation is something travellers need help with and an immediate solution to this problem is one of the travel or navigation apps that has certain features and services you may be looking for. It’s very easy nowadays to explore a new place like a local, and the following navigation apps for Android have something different and buzzworthy to bring to the scene beyond the basics.

Navigation Apps direction

1. Waze

Navigation Apps Waze

Since Waze, the world’s largest community-driven traffic and navigation app, is fueled, pun intended, by the information actively shared by the app’s online community, one can contribute on the news and state of the road by having it on while you’re travelling or driving. The community drives real-time traffic and road information, alerting you of any incidents or accidents ahead to save you time; save money with knowledge of the cheapest gas stations around, as reported.

2. Maps

Navigation Apps Maps

I think that the Maps app wraps up disparate ends of real-time navigation and supports the traveller every step of the way, with transit and navigation updates, and information along your route which include reviews, ratings, and insider photos of restaurants and businesses. Aside from giving you the heads up on the traffic situation, then rerouting you, you can basically find your way around easily with lane guidance.

Maps has comprehensive, accurate maps in 220 countries and territories, transit schedules and maps for over 15,000 cities, and detailed business information on over 100 million places.

3. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

5 Top Navigation Apps for Android Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

This app has 3D offline maps from TomTom, accurate door-to-door voice guided navigation, and free map updates. Find the fastest route by learning about any road delays and know the prices and availability of a parking space, ahead of time. Project the GPS navigation on your car’s windshield using the Head-up Display (HUD). Finally, you can share your route, estimated time of arrival (ETA), and location with Glympse.

4. Maps.ME

Navigation Apps Maps.ME

These maps are constantly being updated by OpenStreetMaps contributors, which is an open-source alternative to Google Maps, Mapquest, and Waze. Everything in it – maps and features – can be saved for offline use saving a lot of memory space. You’ll need Internet to learn about the traffic conditions and fastest driving routes in select countries, however. What’s more is Maps.ME branched out to other aspects of travel with their booking of hotels via Booking.com through the app, and discovery of places or transport.

5. Citymapper

5 Top Navigation Apps for Android Citymapper

Touted as the the best travel app that ever happened to busy New York City, Citymapper helps commuters on their daily grind across transport modes and cities from all over the world. It will suggest the best route with walking, bus, subway, train, ferry, taxi (Uber, Lyft), car share, and bike share to your destination. You’ll know the live data – schedules – on buses and trains along with any disruptions, and it gives you the chance to follow your trip in real-time and be alerted in time when to get off.

Navigation Apps icon apps

What can you say about our 5 Top Navigation Apps for Android reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA USA
San Diego Skyline

Finally quitting your job and entering the retirement stage is a looming occurrence for today’s population who are seeking to make the rest of their lives productive and comfortable after a certain age. Of course, they wouldn’t want to be a burden to the rest of their family – who are just beginning to hit the stride of their lives – though this is also a reason why some seniors and the retired are looking to invest their life’s savings on a destination in the 4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA to simply enjoy what else life has to offer beyond work: more on leisure, hobbies, recreation, and the small things that can make it worthwhile.

4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA activityThough there are many factors behind someone’s decision to choose a specific destination to spend their retirement years, the most common are an ideal weather condition, financial friendliness, low cost of living, attractiveness of lifestyle, and even opportunities for future employment, if necessary. In the United States of America are located some 4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA that for their desirable qualities, also top the world lists on the topic.

4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA savings

1. Florida

4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA Florida

Florida always makes it to the lists – at one point topping it – due to its favourable weather condition and location near the Gulf of Mexico, and a lively art and cultural scene, with numerous shopping opportunities and beach excursions to keep people of all ages happy. Despite all this, the cost of living makes it even more attractive; retirees can get the best out of their retirement here in Florida.

2. California

4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA California

Soak up the sun and countless entertainment options wherever you are in California, where art and cultural activities also reign and where a number of retirees flock to retirement communities that leave the luxury in the standard of living.

3. Arizona

4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA Arizona

A site of wondrous natural attractions that, just like the rest on the list, has a retiree-friendly situation, Arizona’s often considered as a top spot in the country to retire by the experts, simply judging on its warm weather and activities.

4. Texas

4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA texas

Texas makes it to the list for its comparatively cheaper cost of living and low mortgage rates, its lack of an income tax, its peaceful nature-oriented lifestyle, and the beauty of its landscapes and surroundings. The dusty state strikes big on retirees and impresses experts as the 7th best place to retire in the USA, overall, for 2016.

In this note, we reviewed the 4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA, which had obviously included some crowd pleasers yet again such as Florida and California.

4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA activity

Remember that though climate is a major factor behind your decision to move to a certain place, selecting from among the 4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA actually depends on what kind of lifestyle you envision for yourself – whether you want to keep your mind or body active, or whether you simply want to be near certain places, things, or people that can ease the rest of your days.

4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA retiree

What did you think of this 4 Ideal Places to Retire in the USA review? If you are interested in retiring to any of these places in the United States of America, feel free to leave your comments here below!