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Did you know Bulgaria is actually a country in Europe? How old do you think the country is? Well, just a heads up; Bulgaria is the only European country that never changed its name since it was established. They also have the oldest gold treasure in the world, dating back to more than 6,000 years. Rose Valley is in Bulgaria too. Since the country is vintage, let’s try to check how it is to fly with Bulgaria’s national airline: Bulgaria Air.
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The airline was founded in November 2002 and commenced operations in December as “Balkan Air Tour” by the Minister of Transport and Communications of Bulgaria. The inception of the airline is the end of the insolvent Balkan Airlines. The rebranding of the airline to “Bulgaria Air” was determined by a public competition and rooted the airline to be privatised in 2006.

Now, the airline has a growing fleet size of 13 aircraft based in Sofia Airport. Bulgaria Air serves over 30 destinations worldwide. The flag carrier of Bulgaria has codeshare agreements with Aeroflot, Air Berlin, Air France, Air Serbia, Alitalia, Czech Airlines, Iberia, KLM, LOT Polish Airlines and TAROM.

Official Website
The site is in Bulgarian by default, to change the language of the page click the United Kingdom flag icon appearing at the top right of the page. The official site of the airline looks a bit confusing and not user-friendly, though it offer services for customers to search, book and manage flight online. It’s not quite obvious, but Bulgaria Air also offers car rental services which appear at the rightmost of the headings. The center of the page offers a 3-minute video of the airline’s advertisements, services promoting their airport facilities in Sofia Airport and the sudden flash mob dancing of the cabin crew members.
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Bulgaria Air Reviews of Customers
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Based on 66 Bulgaria Air reviews, the airline has an average rating from those feedback. However, they are not happy that the airline doesn’t have at least decent inflight entertainment. The seats are not comfortable and the staff service was inconsistent. The most recent review was posted in March 2016 and it was to complain about the extra luggage of the passenger: skis. Mr. Machiels from Netherlands booked a flight with Bulgaria Air and indicated their skis on their booking to a ski vacation with the airline. The flight going to Sofia wasn’t a problem, but returning from Sofia, he had encountered a problem.

His skis were refused, he was required to have a special document and an additional payment of €30. Due to the hassle the airline had caused, the passenger just decided to leave the skis at the airport, to avoid delay and missing their flight. He felt inhumanly treated.
Bulgaria Air Reviews-logoContact Information

  • Website URL:                     www.air.bg
  • Contact Number:               +359 02 402 04 00
  • Contact Email:                   office@air.bg / callFB@air.bg
  • Fax Number:                      +359 02 984 03 03
  • Head Office Address:         Boulevard Bruskel 1, Sofia Airport, 1540 Sofia, Bulgaria

We should mess with the Bulgarians since the first air drop bomb in military was developed by their Air Force. I am quite shaky on flying with the airline after all the Bulgaria Air reviews I read, it seems like an average airline. Anyway, just to avoid casualties, the reviewer was right. Don’t bring extra luggage if you want to be treated fairly humane.

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  1. Overall satisfied – very friendly and professional crew good onboard service. The only thing which can be pointed out as negative are the old British Aerospace plains which operate the internal flights – small and crowded. Recently have spotted the new Embraer 190 jets I am sure this will improve the overall quality of their fleet.

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