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John Mangelaars

The Dutch online travel agency BudgetAir was established by Travix International BV, which is another online travel agency founded in 2011. BudgetAir also has sister companies, which are CheapTickets, Vayama, Vliegwinkel and Flugladen. A good old friend of mine suggested that I write about this travel meta search engine and seems like I’ll be writing something interesting about this company. BudgetAir has a really bad reputation ever since, plus the fact that their customer service is unreliable makes things even worse.

The CEO of Travix, John Mangelaars, is also the manager of BudgetAir and other online travel agencies under the BCD Group. He once said “I am looking forward to sharing my passion and knowledge with the team and to work together to put the bands on the map internationally”. Prior to being the CEO of BudgetAir, he had over 20 years working experience with Microsoft, where he specialized in sales and marketing of the online products MSN Messenger, Hotmail and Bing

Promptly, BudgetAir is telling consumers that they receive 2.5 million customers annually. However, when I first saw the BudgetAir website, I laughed at the select theme color of the company: Purple and Green. To me it seems like an eggplant. Well, on a positive note, the layout of the site is straightforward and uncomplicated but my concern is the font size. Customers can search, compare and book flights. On the right hand side of the page, right under the flashing images of tourist attractions, it shows 100% safe-fast deals and always cheap.

BudgetAir is very understanding with their customer’s understandability since they have several international site versions: United Kingdom (English), France (French), Germany (German), Netherlands (Dutch), Italy (Italian), Belgium (Dutch), Spain (Spanish) and Austria (German).

As expected, there are a lot of BudgetAir reviews with an overall rating 1.4 out of 5 scoring. The site has always been known to be a scam because most of the time, the consumer who had booked a flight won’t receive any email confirming their payment. As for customers who had already booked and are in need of cancelling, they’ll promise them a refund but it will never get processed.

One recent reviewer encountered this problem and he was not the only one. In his review, he said:

“Worst! Scam and Never ever! Bought a ticket to Maldives from Sri Lanka – no ticket received. Emailed – no response. Called – no answer. Get to the airport, they can’t find my name anywhere. No choice – had to buy a new ticket at the airport. That was 16 July. It’s now 5 November. Still no refund. Scammers! Do not book with them!” similar to others he gave the airline 1 out 5

To check the other complaints, click this link: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.budgetair.com
BudgetAir Reviews-logoContact Information

  • Website URL:                       ww.budgetair.com
  • Contact number:                  000 800 440 2284
  • Contact Email:                     info@budgetair.ca
  • Fax Number:                        +971 4 2678026
  • Head Office Address:           Piet Heinkade 55, 1019 GM Amsterdam, Netherlands

BudgetAir Reviews-empty-pocketAdvice to Revise
Based on ​different BudgetAir reviews, the online travel agency’s credibility is still questionable up until now. Travelers are wary of booking with them since they are proven to fool various customers in large amounts. This is also the reason why I wrote this review, to know as well if they’re really reliable for future use. I hope BudgetAir will at least respond to its customer’s concerns, at least show a little acknowledgement of the trouble they caused rather than completely ignoring the situation.

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  1. Worst scam ever!
    Bought a ticket to Maldives from Sri Lanka – no ticket received. Emailed – no response. Called – no answer. Get to the airport, they can’t find my name anywhere. No choice – had to buy a new ticket at the airport.
    That was 16 July. It’s now 5 November. Still no refund.
    Scammers! Do not book with them!

  2. Terrible customer service
    treated me like a piece of dirt
    refused to contact the airline trade support team to arrange a change in dates due to one of my family members passing away
    they even had the cheek of saying it is not their fault that my family member passed away and implying it was my fault.
    Was repeatedly interrupted whilst on the phone (turned into a shouting match)
    then was put on hod for 1 hour and 20 mins after which i was hung up on


  3. ongoing event with budget air.
    I booked two tickets using budget air on Tuesday 6th, for a flight that leaves on Monday the 12th and got the booking confirmation. BAU-0801274

    My credit card was charged immediately and successfully for a total of just over 900 Aus dollars.
    However up until this moment I have not received any tickets and calling the customer care numbers has been in vain.
    The website says the tickets are sent in 12 hours….it is now 3 days later and whenever I call they respond that they are sending them in a few hours. Today is Friday the 9th and no tickets yet.
    I visited the airline offices in my city today (Ethiopian airlines office in Nairobi) and was informed that Budgetair had not booked this flight…they only reserved it.

    I am now in a panic. I have just been scammed online for all my air fare. Visiting the online fraud police department tomorrow. 🙁

  4. The call centre number they have given to their customers in Australia is +61 282798652. Anyone reading this comment try calling this number before you buy a ticket from them. These people are robbers.
    I wanted to change the flight dates, tried calling on their number for a week, everyday for atleast 20 times a day. Finally I called their ’emergency only’ number and was told that I have to pay $1100.00 to get the dates changed as there’s no seat left. I lost 7 days in trying to get to you, now if there’s no seat left, who is responsible?
    Budget Air deserve no star. If you want a proof, call the number above and proof will come to you.

  5. Terrible experience with this company. Booked a flight in Thailand for a sale price. The booking was confirmed and charged to our card. Later that day we received a booking cancelled email reporting there was a technical issue with the website and the flight booking was cancelled. By this time the sale was over and flight price had gone up almost 40%. We have been trying to contact them since. No answer via email and the phone numbers provided do not work when we try and call them. No other available numbers are listed for us to even discuss the issue with the company

  6. I booked a return flight from Brisbane to Rockhampton for my husband. His out flight was booked for Sunday as he had to attend a funeral early Monday morning and the return flight was for later that same day, so booked out on 14th May and home on Monday 15th It looked to be about $100 cheaper than the Webjet offerings. Silly me . Althought the flight info said 14 th May Brisbane to Rockhampton the flight went to Mackay and the 2nd leg was not till 23hours later so he would have arrived about an hour after the funeral finished . The man at the QANTAS counter cancelled his ticket and told him to go to Virgin and get on a direct flight and contact Budgetair as soon as possible and ask for a refund. I got his message once he arrived in Rockhampton but they flatly refused any refund They said although I had requested a ticket Bris to Rocky. I had booked this 2 day trip via Mackay therefore it was my fault. I was fool enough to assume that what I requested would be what I’d get. They are classifying Darcy as a no show . Has anyone tried the the ICAC or the transport ombudsman and reported these schonks?

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