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Richard Branson

Richard Branson once said “Two heads are definitely better than one and by brainstorming as a team and sourcing ideas from each other, you have a better chance of coming up with a strategy that will allow your business to overcome a setback or challenge.” Let’s see how this thought worked out with Brussels Airlines.

The Merge from Two to One New Airline
On the 12th of April 2015, SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express merged. When the founder of Virgin Group, Mr Branson signed alliance with SN Brussels Airlines on March 31, 2006. On November 7, 2006 officially the merge between the two airlines into one single airline was known to be “Brussels Airlines” and started operating on March 25, 2007.

Brussels Airlines Reviews - Bernard Gustin
Bernard Gustin

In 2008, Mr. Bernard Gustin was appointed as the new co-Chief Executive Officer of Brussels Airlines, which in 2012 Mr. Michael Meyfroidt left the company and making Mr. Gustin the only CEO. He is a 65 year old Belgian member of the Board of Directors at Germanwings GmbH.

His decision to continue operations during the Ebola Outbreak in Africa in early 2015 made a large contribution to the growth and reputation of the company. Mr. Gustin believed that only with proper sanitary and risk management measures the airline didn’t have to stop any operations. In that time Brussels Airlines was catering 21 long haul flights and 19 of them were in Africa.

Early Bird did catch a Worm
The national flag carrier of Belgium is a member of Star Alliance and has been since 2009 with a fleet size of 48 and headquartered in Brussels National Airport. In 2012 the new-to-business airline received a prestigious award for “Best Single Achievement in the Passenger Experience” this happened after introducing the new long haul product. To see the new long haul project, click here.

Get Served the Belgian Way
Brussels Airlines has three cabin classes: Economy, Flexible Economy and Business Class. Each class are served with fine dishes consisting of an appetisers, starters and main prepared by Michelin-starred Belgian Chefs.
Brussels Airlines Reviews - inflight entertainment
To be entertained, the airlines has a seatback AVOD (audio video on demand) with a wide range of the latest movies, TV shows, music, books and games. When customers check-in online they get access to a digital copy of their favorite newspaper free of charge, they call this service “e-newspaper”.
Brussels Airlines Reviews - b.inspired
For customers who are more on reading an on-hand material, “b.inspired” inflight magazine is provided on board. B.inspired is Brussels Airline’s monthly inflight magazine with the several topics about networking covering people, culture, food, fashion, travel and business.

Loop, is the service of the airlines where travellers earn 3 Loops per Euro spent with Brussels Airlines operated flights. Loops can be used for discounted flights, paid return flights, seat selection, and gift flights to a friend or family member. Loop is just one of the inflight benefits customers can avail. Their frequent flyer program is called Miles&More, wherein customers earn Miles as their pointing system similar to other airlines. Miles can be used for discounted flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, shopping or donating.

Website and Mobile site
Brussels Airlines Reviews - page
First and foremost travellers have to select their country and language, after doing this it will direct you to main page of the official website. On this page, customers enjoy the welcoming ambience of the flashing images of tourist attractions worldwide. The center of the page shows the functions to select your location, destination, cabin class preference and passenger count, all of these for their “Where are you flying to?” service.

The other features of the Brussels Airline’s website lets customers book hotel reservations, car rentals, manage booking, check-in online, check flight status and airline policies/services. However if the customer is looking for a place to visit, the “Need inspiration?” section provides information to some worldwide attractions categorized by culture, shopping, sports, gastronomy, beach, discover, party and nature.

The mobile site functions similarly to the regular desktop version. Customers get to select their language, after that they will be directed to the main page. The mobile site lets customers check-in online, view flight details, lost luggage and airline policies information.

Brussels Airlines Reviews of the Customers
I feel sad to scan through several Brussels Airlines reviews. The majority of the reviews are complaints by their customers. Let me share you what one reviewer said In general, flying with Brussels Airlines is ok. However, if you have a problem, that’s where you run into trouble. The airline has no customer service contact number – you have to call reservations and get them to handle issues (lost baggage, cancelled flights etc.) The phone centre staff are poor, they quite simply don’t know what they should do. If you send an email – you’ll be waiting 3 or 4 months for a reply. Generally, they don’t want to deal with problems, they just ignore their customers.” he gave the airline a 1/10 rating according to SkyTrax’s

Contact information

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact number:            +32 0 902 51 60
  • Contact Email:     
  • Fax Number:                  +32 2 754 19 10
  • Head Office Address:     B. House, Brussels Airport Building 26, Ringbaan, 1831 Diegem, Belgium

Overall Thoughts in One Paragraph
In this Brussels Airlines Reviews, the airlines have a good founder and a new leader. Their ideas are syncing into one agenda helped to increase the productivity of the airlines with reduced cost. With this, the airlines have been competitive and dynamic in the battlefield of aviation, holding the 54th spot with this year’s The World’s Top 100 Airlines by SkyTrax evidently shows Mr. Branson’s thought was a brilliant strategy.

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  1. CPH-BRU-CTA return in Champagne on boarding Cold meal CPH-BRU-CPH – and warm lunch BRU-CTA-BRU. Huge difference between service and attitude of crew which gave me an inconsistent impression. Satisfying experience – food was really good.

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