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The British are known for their excellent writing and literature. This is the birthland of Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe and Batman’s Christian Bale. However do you know that they are also part of the pioneers in air services? Let us all fasten our seatbelts and learn how is it to fly with British Airways.

The Beginning
British Airways traces its roots back to following the World War I, August 25, 1919 when Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited (AT&T) launched the pioneer international air services between London and Paris. In 1924, Imperial Airways was created under the British government. Moving forward to 1939, Imperial Airways merged with Empire Air Mail Scheme and gave way to the birth of British Airways Limited.
British Airways Reviews-International Airlines Group (IAG)
On my previous article, about Iberia, these two airlines merged on January 2011 and made large improvements ever since. Now known as “International Airlines Group” (IAG)

Current Standing
Recently this January 2015, British Airways was just honored with “Best Airline in Western Europe” by Business Traveler Awards 2015, in which last year they were awarded by the same event for “Best Airline”, “Best short-haul carrier” and “Best frequent flyer program”

British Airways Reviews-Keith Williams
Keith Williams

Their current CEO, Keith Williams, has an extensive background with the British Airways since 1998. However, in April 2016, the CEO of Vueling Airlines: Mr. Alex Cruz will replace Williams as CEO of British Airways. This change is part of their executive reshuffle to broaden their operating profit margin from 10%-14% to 12%-15% target.

The flag carrier of United Kingdom’s main bases are at Heathrow and Gatwick Airport serving over 200 locations with 265 aircraft. Founding member of Oneworld together with American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Qantas.

British Services
British Airways Reviews-services
The airline has four cabin classes: Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class. These are differentiated between privacy and meal services. Premium Economy passengers enjoy more space and comfort in a smaller, secluded cabin compared to Economy Class. Business Class mainly focuses on customer’s working privacy provided with sumptuous meals and drinks. First Class passengers gets to enjoy dedicated services such as exceptional comfort and British elegance. All of these cabin classes are included as pointing system with their frequent flyer, Executive Club.

PC and Mobile version
I was quite disappointed with the interface of the airline. It’s pretty outdated compared to other airlines. This might be one of the reason why consumers are complaining about the efficiency of the official website of British Airways. The font size are also too small to be readable by all customers. However, given the simplicity of the site, the page lets travelers to book flights and hotel reservations. These services are located on the left hand of the page alongside with other options to car rental services. The background flashes images of their latest promotion or package deals.

British Airways Reviews-Mobile App
This might be the reason why their mobile app was rated 4 out 5 by overall consumers from the Google Play store and the App Store. The travel app offers same functionality with the official site. Wherein customers can book, manage and check their flights. Plus the fact, that they can also have mobile boarding passes for easy access.

British Airways Reviews of Passengers
In this British Airways reviews, the airline had gathered a total score of 4 out 10 stars by This evidently shows that British Airways is getting a below average rating from its customers. It was even considered as the worst, ridiculous and stupid airline you can travel with based on some British Airways reviews of passengers. The most recent reviewer said:

“The flight BA0235 from London Heathrow to Moscow was cancelled on 15th of September 2015. Nearly three months after , I still haven’t received the refund and compensation, for which airline confirmed to have all the documentation on 30th of September, and promised a soon refund on 20th of October – way over seven days, required by the Regulations. At no point airline offered anything required by Articles 9 and 14 in the Regulations. The customer service was very dismissive throughout, required continuous chasing, only agreed to pay compensation and refund when threatened with court action, and wouldn’t offer anything more sensible than “we are sorry for the delay” in response to complaints and requests to provide an explanation of the Regulations breach.

At this point, they are “investigating”, and I still haven’t received a refund or compensation. This case was reported to CAA.” he gave the airline a poor 1 out 10 rating on November 6, 2015.
British Airways Reviews-LOGO
Contact information

  • Website URL:                
  • Contact number:                    +44 20 8738 5050
  • Contact Email:             
  • Fax Number:                          +44 20 8738 9898
  • Head Office Address:             PO Box 365, Harmondsworth, West Drayton, Middlesex,
                                                  UB7 0GB, United Kingdom

In The End
Based on British Airways reviews, the airline is not really generous in providing quality inflight services. However, this year they are ranked with the 20th spot from the The World’s Top 100 Airlines, I wonder where did they base this on? This is contradicting in a lot of ways. If you flew with British Airways, feel free to share your story below.



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  1. Athens to London Heathrow return. British Airways really annoyed me with paying for seat selection. As a result, I try my luck and board the plane last without paying for seat selection. For short haul flights, it is worth the risk. Otherwise, the usual British Airways service. Food has improved over the past few years, pilots and cabin crews quite pleasant to interact with. Planes in decent condition.

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