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“We are committed to shaping the future of online travel business through Innovation”, was Bravofly’s mission from 2006. Now I am curious to know how this innovate-centered group has shaped the future of the travel industry. Let’s pry it open!

The bravo start of flying
Bravofly is a product of Bravofly Rumbo Group which was founded in 2006. The founders, Mr. Fabio Cannavale and Mr. Marco Corradino, when their first product Volagratis moved its head office to Chiasso, Switzerland it improved their services internationally including Spain, France, Germany and United Kingdom. In the end of 2013, Jetcost was released as a French OTA and Lastminute for British OTA in March 2015. Bravofly has 2000 employees and support staff in nine other countries.

The current Chief Executive Officer of Bravofly from mid of 2010, Mr. Francesco Signoretti, is a 49 year old Italian graduate of engineering from University of Rome La Sapienza.

Bravofly Reviews - Francesco Signoretti
Francesco Signoretti

Services and Mobile app
Bravofly’s interface is a simple white and blue coloured page. This doesn’t attract customers that much to look legit. However it provides customers the option to compare deals from traditional and low cost airlines and the option to find a deal at your desired price and date of leaving. That also includes hotel reservations and car rentals. Though, once customers click on Hotel button at the top part of the page, all fonts are suddenly not visible.
Bravofly Reviews - Page

Reservations and assistance button, located at the top right of the page before the language selector gives the list of customer service numbers. The list depends on the country, language, call costs and operating hours.

The lower part of the page provides customers the top destinations and routes with a list of estimated prices.
Bravofly Reviews- top destinations and route
The Bravofly mobile app lets customers book flights, book hotel reservations, car rentals, check flight status and check airline information.The same feature as its PC version. The mobile app is available in the App store and Google play store.
Bravofly Reviews - Mobile app

Not so Bravo with Bravofly
In this Bravofly reviews, the online travel agency is really coming to a bad end. They are receiving several and consecutive bad reviews from potential customers and their own customers. One reviewer said “Having booked my flights for an event in Düsseldorf through skyscanner, my event has changed dates. I have been directed to contact bravofly to arrange new flights.

Communication with bravofly is an absolute nightmare, their phone system is that quiet I can barely hear the foreign accents that obviously do not understand me no matter how slowly or clearly I speak. on requesting a change of flights I was only given options of am or pm flights, I was told I need to wait up to three days for a quote for how much this change would cost.

On receipt of said quote and a non responsive accept icon on the email I find myself repeat calling to get through to customer service to accept the quote. Eventually after another frustrating call this is done and I am told I need to have someone call me back to take payment, this is worrying as my work restricts my access to incoming calls.

I need not have worried I received no call the following day so call customer care again in the evening. 5 repeat attempts are being booked daily and I cannot book my accommodation until this has been sorted.


Will never use one of these company’s again. Direct with airline next time for me.

Still no new flights or accommodation, no supervisors available to talk to.d eventually get through to be told again to wait on a call back. I am fully aware that flights.”

This review is was published 2 days go in, and he gave Bravofly a 1 out 5 rating for this.

Contact information

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact number:            0423 402040
  • Head Office Address:     Vicolo de’Calvi 2, 6830 Chiasso, CH

Bravo or Not? Here are my final thoughts
In this Bravofly reviews, the online travel agency isn’t that consistent with their service. Maybe because Bravofly Rumbo Group can’t handle more than one OTA? I think they should try to be more organized. What can you say about this Bravofly reviews? Feel free to leave a comment below!



  1. This is terrible! An OTA from Switzerland but doesn’t know how to accommodate customers properly?! Seriously ,I won’t recommend Bravofly!!!

  2. I’ve been yanked around by this company for a couple of years now, trying to get a refund for a flight that was cancelled (by an airline that was headed towards bankruptcy). My saga with them is too ridiculous to recount in detail besides, I requested a refund, got a voucher instead, requested the refund three times more (I’m forgetting to tell you about the nightmare, if not impossibility, of talking to anyone on the phone), gave up an used the voucher, got stranded when this new flight was ALSO cancelled, waited for the refund they promised me for over a year, only to receive a voucher again that in the end was unusable due to a glitch on their website and them being unreachable on the phone. On top of all that and losing my money, their customer service is downright insulting.

    Perhaps it’s just a problem of serious disorganization, but I doubt it. This company uses their ‘disorganization’ as a ruse to rip people off.

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