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There’s no possible way to determine which is the best Online Travel Agency these days. The front runners are of course,, Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity and

Another challenger for the top is

History and Present

Bookit was founded in 2000 by current CEO Arthur “Bud” Finlaw. The business started out from a garage office with a single employee, his son, Jamin Finlaw. Bookit’s headquarters is located in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Bookit Review, CEO Arthur Finlaw
Bookit CEO Arthur “Bud” Finlaw

What people are saying

Bookit got a 1 out of 5 star rating on Most of their deals seem to be misleading since many customers were victims of false advertising. One customer was able to find the a affordable deal he wanted, when he received a confirmation from Bookit, the price suddenly increased, he then called customer support regarding his issue. The representative wasn’t able to resolve the problem, so the customer decided to cancel his reservations, the agent then informed him that a cancellation fee is required, after that he swore to never use Bookit again.

One patron was furious when his vouchers provided by Book It weren’t honoured by any restaurants.

It a different story on, Bookit got a 7.9 out of 10 star rating this time.

The reviews on state that Bookit provides good and reliable deals with efficient customer support. Is it possible that Consumeraffairs is being biased, or was it Trustpilot?

The Website

Main interface of Bookit (Bookit Review)
Main interface of Bookit

Their design promotes the idea of vacation, since their target audience are people looking for leisure time. Booking flights, hotels and car rentals is done online or through calling their customer support.

The website does promote deals right on the homepage. Bookit encourages their customers to create an account and become a member of Bookit. Members can modify their bookings and save past booking information, they can also receive exclusive offers, signing up is free.

“”- Mobile Application

Mobile Application Bookit Review
Bookit mobile application

The booking process and searching for flights is doable on the mobile app for a more convenient way of managing your travel itinerary. Direction guidelines is also provided for customers to map out their plans. Bookit is in the middle of improving their application for the sake of all customers.

Customer Service

Bookit provides 7 hours of customer service per day from 8:00am to 3:00pm eastern. They also have a guest support page filled with frequently asked questions for information about travel processing.

Customers are allowed to submit their feedback on Bookit’s website. Their website features the Bookit review, looks like they have no intention of including reviews.


Their main office location is in Panama City Beach, Florida. Bookit’s main slogan is “Where you book matters,” bold and honest, unlike self-proclaimed slogans by other travel sites.

Here is the list for’s contact information.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1-866-269-7360 Toll Free or 1-850-234-8887 International
  • Head Office Address: Panama City Beach, Florida


We how you found this Bookit review helpful. It’s hard to determine whether Bookit is a credible travel agency or not with the mixture of good and bad reviews. Upon reading this review and other research about Bookit, do you think they deserve to be considered as one of the top competitors?



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