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Basically, writing a review about Boliviana de Aviacion was challenging because almost all of the information are in Spanish and it gave me a hard time understanding some of the facts. However I was able to learn a few things about the airline and let me share them to you. I hope these will help you be guided if you plan on using them for your future travels.

History and Facts
Boliviana de Aviación also known as BoA was founded under the order of Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Services and Housing and the president of Bolivia: Evo Morales on October 24, 2007. However it started operating on the 30th March 2009 as a replacement to the previous flag carrier, Lloyd Aero Boliviano.

Boliviana de Aviacion Reviews - Ronald Casso
Ronald Casso

Now, BoA has 16 Boeing aircrafts with its main base at Jorge Wilstermann International Airport catering to  12 destinations internationally. The rapid growth of the airline is due to the utmost support and effort of their government. Ronald Casso, is the 68 year old American chairman and CEO of Boa. He said “We are very excited about this important step being taken by Boliviana today and we greatly value the ability of the AWAS team to focus on providing complete solutions for our growth plans and to support our expansion into widebody long-haul service”


Bolivian Services
BoA has only one kind of service, wherein travelers are served with complimentary snacks and beverages. Like other airlines, BoA has an inflight entertainment installed in each seat. However travelers considered this system as poor and as good as none. Some passengers are complaining about aircraft’s interior as being old and a bit worn out but some say it was clean and comfortable. Even Boliviana de Aviacion reviews are not really showing the same stories, what always match are their comments about the cabin crew as being friendly, polite and professional.
Boliviana de Aviacion Reviews - crew on board
The Official Website
I am having difficulties on understanding the page of BoA, even if the site is on English language there are still languages shown in Spanish which makes complications. Not alone I read other Boliviana de Aviacion reviews, saying this was the worst airline’s website they have ever encountered. The interface looks good but the functionality of the site is not really user-friendly.
Boliviana de Aviacion Reviews - page
The features includes Reserva de Vuelos, if I am not mistaken this is where customers can search and book flights. Other services are written in Spanish so I don’t want to assume what are the purpose of the other sections.

Boliviana de Aviacion Reviews of Passengers
The airline gathered an overall score of 6 out of 10 rating according to Skytrax. The airline was not perfect but professional in attending to unwanted problems inflight. This is the main reason why customers are satisfied with their overall services. Most of the recent reviews are passengers who had problems with delayed flights and missed connection flights. However they still ended their reviews with smiles and recommendation.

One reviewer said “Even though the planes are not new at all (I guess an average age of 15 years) they are well maintained and the crew members both in the air and on the ground are extremely pleasant polite and smiling making you feel welcome on board. Sometimes delays may happen because of the limited number of planes compared to the destinations served but in my experience this happened only a few times.

Fares are good and booking/checking in through their website is very easy. For sure this is not a luxury airline but I enjoyed my flights with them and I will have no problem flying with them again even for longer international trips.” through this he gave BoA a 7/10 rating according to
Contact information

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact number:               +591 414 08 73
  • Contact Email:        
  • Fax Number:                     +591 411 46 43
  • Head Office Address:        Nataniel Aguirre, Cochabamba, Bolivia

In a Nutshell
After learning from several Boliviana de Aviacion reviews, I won’t personally recommend BoA for your travelling plans. However if you want to fly low budget then Boliviana de Aviacion will be one of the cheapest air carriers. I wish that Mr. Casso will read this review, so they can at least improve not only their inflight services but also their online services.

Had you flown with Boliviana de Aviacion? Feel free to share your story below.



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  1. It was not that comfortable flying with BoA, The food was excellent! The seats where okay but you couldn’t lower it to a bed. I am still shaky to fly with rebooking with them for my return flight.

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