BMI Regional Reviews
BMI actually stands for British Midland Regional, which traces its roots back to 1987 as “
Business Air” commencing operations in August of the same year. However, in the long run, it was purchased by British Midland that lead to its rebranding in 2001 as “BMI Regional.”

Please do not confuse Business Air of Thailand, which is now known as “Intira Airlines,” with Business Air of the United Kingdom, which is now known as “BMI Regional.” They are not related at all.
BMI Regional Reviews-aircraftBMI Regional was recognized in 2014 as the most punctual scheduled airline in United Kingdom for its ninth consecutive year. The British regional airline’s operating bases are in Aberdeen, Bristol, East Midlands, Karlstad, Munich, and Newcastle. The airline serving scheduled passenger services across United Kingdom and Europe has 18 Embraer aircraft on its fleet.

Peter Simpson serves as the airline’s CEO while Stephen Bond is the Chairman. It was in 2015 that BMI Regional became part of a new regional group called Airline Investments Limited (AIL).

Perks of Flying with BMI Regional

BMI Regional Reviews-inflightCustomers flying with BMI Regional are entitled without bag fees. No queues. An all-jet Embraer fleet with complimentary snacks and drinks. Advanced seat selection and all-leather seating. They are not just snacks, they are actually healthy meals. So sit back, relax, enjoy each flight, and get home on time.

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The Website

Navigating the official site was easy, since the interface was understandable and user-friendly. The site normally shows the option to search and book for flights, manage a booked flight or check flight status online. Scrolling further down will give more about the best destinations and guides about top tourist attractions in Europe. A link is also given to redirect customers to the airline’s social media account.
BMI Regional Reviews-page
BMI Regional does blogs too. But, if travellers are looking for more options to browse the website, the bottom part provides several categories about the airline, including policies, services, and customer service support. A newsletter service is also offered.

BMI Regional Reviews of Customers

We browsed through several BMI Regional reviews and we found out that the British airline had been garnering good scores from its passengers: so much to say they even prefer changing all airlines to how BMI Regional works. But, even though there are positive reviews, some complaints tell about the negligence of the airline’s services. On a positive note, they got a total score of 7 out of 10.

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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:            0330 333 7998 /  +44 330 333 7998
  • Contact Email:      
  • Fax Number:                   02 725 83 92
  • Head Office Address:      Pegasus Business Park, Herald Way, East Midlands Airport,
                                           Castle Donington, DE74 2TU


BMI Regional Reviews-crewA premium, full-service airline that offers much for its small scale and fleet. BMI Regional operating an all-jet fleet across the UK and Europe had been popular to most tourists and frequent flyers in Europe. One more good thing about BMI Regional is they value their employees as well. It shows how decent and presentable their crew looks like. Plus, the fact that there are not much negative BMI Regional reviews shown online only proves that this airline is one of the air carriers travellers can trust.

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  1. Really impressed with the service. Planes are really small but it’s a full service and the attendants are lovely. Edinburgh to Copenhagen and back. Flights were on time and smooth. No inflight entertainment. No issue though as its less than 2 hours.

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