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The tailor-made travel site has been known for its unique ways of providing travelling necessities. It all began in 2005 when 3 former Corporate workers (Tom Marchant, James Merrett and Matt Smith) decided to quit and just spent their days travelling. Prior to travelling out-of-work, the three men had been going to business trips internationally. This ignited the idea of creating a travel site to attend customers with the most reliable range of choice airfare prices.

There was no story behind the name of the company. But just so you know that Black Tomatoes are cousin and not as sweet as normal tomatoes, since they have a more savory flavor, and are nice roasted or eaten in salads. To further explain, Black Tomatoes are breeding of red and purple tomato plants, and is being heralded as a new superfood. They contain anthocyanin, an antioxidant said to help fight diabetes and obesity, with normal red varieties.

However, this explanation doesn’t connect to anything to travel. I wonder why Tom, James and Matt came up with this name?

The Website
It starts with choosing Where to choose a destination, What to choose a month desired and What to choose a type of experience either honeymoon, retreat, escape, discover or if travelers want to simply get lost. After selecting the initial questions and hitting search it will give you some places or inspirational tourist attractions relative to the consumer’s preference.
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Once travelers select a particular destination, they provide them with the estimated price, ideal dates and flight duration. Aside from these information is an attached page wherein customers can also see where’s the best hotel to stay in.

In 2011, BlackTomato also released their new product as EpicTomata which inspires travelers with different destinations worldwide. Unlike BlackTomato, it lets customers to search, compare and book. EpicTomato take customers to places they might want to discover.

BlackTomato Reviews NOT FOUND!
As of now, the bespoke travel site has no traces of customer complaints yet. Even, Trustpilot doesn’t have any BlackTomato reviews. But if by chance, that you stumble upon TripAdvisor’s The Black Tomato forum, please be noted that it’s totally different from the travel site. The Black Tomato in TripAdvisor is a restaurant in Ontario, Canada wherein BlackTomato is based in London, United Kingdom.
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Contact information


  • Website URL:             
  • Contact number:                  +44 207 426 9888 / +1 646 558 3644
  • Contact Email:           
  • Fax Number:                        +44 207 247 3714
  • Head Office Address:           40 – 42 Scrutton Street 1st Floor EC2A                                                           4PP London, United Kingdom

Please leave the tomatoes at home
Well, there’s no basis from BlackTomato reviews​, since there’s none to be found. However, this doesn’t mean that BlackTomato isn’t a credible company. They had been a great travel site, since they had gathered several awards since 2009. Recently, they were nominated for a British Travel Awards for Best Luxury Holiday Company 2015. To see more of their listed awards, click here.

Have you plan your trip with BlackTomato? Feel free to share your experience below.



  1. Always makes me wonder how much people were supposedly going to save when they try and book with these type’s of companies. I also find it amazing that people do not check out a company that they are going to send hundreds if not thousands of pounds to.

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