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BlackJet traces its roots back to 2012 and was originally backed by Uber Co-Founder & Chairman Garrett Camp. The idea was basically to be Uber for the jet-set, eventually settling into a membership model whereby people paid an annual fee in exchange for access to a network of private jets on which they could book seats.

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Dean Rotchin

They are currently managed by the founder and CEO Dean Rotchin. However, the promised-to-be “Uber for Jets” suddenly ceased operations in May 2016. Its CEO blamed inaccurate press coverage and a lack of capital as the reasons for its demise. The CEO even wrote:

“In the last few days, there was some inaccurate bad press that stunted membership sales, a critical team member stepped down unexpectedly, near-term and longer term financing opportunities were delayed, and it became impossible to continue,”

In this review, we’ll be writing and observing how it was to use BlackJet. Take time to judge if they are worth the shot or worth the shut.

What is BlackJet?

Basically, BlackJet is the world’s largest private jet by-the-seat booking company.  BlackJet Technology provides confirmed seats on private jets in seconds on all our available routes.  BlackJet is not an owner or operator of aircraft.  Flights are provided by professional aircraft operators who are authorized by the FAA and DOT to provide on-demand air charter service for hire.  BlackJet handles the booking, concierge, logistics, and membership services related to the private jet seat service and private jet charter offerings.
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See how awesome they are? Checking on their official site, it was quite obvious why black is their theme color. Black expresses power, elegance, and formality, which pretty much explains what private jets are supposed to mean.
BlackJet Reviews-mobile appBlackJet also has a mobile app. In 2013, BlackJet had released their mobile app for iOS users or for iPhones. This idea was to help travellers book their private jet away from keyboards and straight to their mobile devices.

BlackJet Reviews of Customers

We tried looking for BlackJet reviews online and just by looking at their feedback, it is safe to assume that they are not a scam nor a fraudulent travel company. Customers are looking forward to fly their luxurious yet affordable service again with no hesitation. Even though BlackJet is not a BBB-accredited travel company, they had made sure of the leniency of their services all throughout.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact Number:             800-916-JETS
  • Contact Email:       
  • Fax Number:                   561-689-7099
  • Head Office Address:       1675 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, Suite One West Palm Beach,
                                            Florida 33401 United States


BlackJet is a whole new way to fly and lives at the intersection of private aviation and the commercial airlines. BlackJet members enjoy the convenience, reliability, and private jet experience at prices you would expect from American, Delta or United first class. As promised, they had provided an exclusive service to customers and even if they had already ceased operations, we are looking forward to the rebirth of BlackJet in the future.

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  1. It seems the air service is not as smooth as the land one. There are many factors that can change the flight schedule. The positive side of Blackjet is when you ask for a refund, they will surely refund your membership fee.

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