Price beat is a popular term in the Online Travel Industry. The meaning behind it is simple, beat the price, gain something with low rates without sacrificing the quality, or rather, having your cake and eating it too!

Let’s see if Beatthebrochure managed to beat the prices for the sake of their customers.

History and Present

BeattheBrochure is a subsidiary of Truly Travel Ltd, founded in 2004 in London. Kumar Edara is the President, making most of the calls for the company since January, 2005. Edara was born on January 02, 1971 in India.

Kumar Edara, CEO of Truly Travel Ltd.

What people are saying

It seems that BeattheBrochure’s deal packages are not packages at all. One customer was confident that he would be able to pay for everything and only have to worry about packing his luggage. When he arrived at the airport, he was charged extra for baggage allowance, in the package deal provided by BeattheBrochure, everything was included. Another target for complaints is their customer service representatives, despite an open phone line for concerns, customers are having a difficult time reaching BeattheBrochure, is the company doing this on purpose because there were several cases regarding this issue?

One fellow had a specific issue with their customer support, he said that he was unable to understand a single word coming from a certain agent’s mouth due to his accent. There were also complaints about misleading deals and sudden charges that are not justified by the agency at all.

The Interface


Everything on the homepage seems to be enlarged to fully use the entire page space, however, some information is hard to find, because the website is a little cluttered.

The website offers categories for booking, a customer can book a flight and a hotel at the same time. BeattheBrochure’s main function is to provide cheap flights, flight changes or cancellations can be processed through their customer service.

Even their deals are divided by categories, the deal finder, holiday shortlist and the perfect beach finder. Their target market is mostly vacationers looking for leisure.

Customer Service

Their customer support is operational the entire week from 9am to 11pm.  Most of the online reviews tackle their poor and unresponsive customer service, an immediate improvement of changes should be made. They offer email support with two email address, one for sales and one for feedback. Their FAQs page is efficient enough for commonly asked questions.


Their main office is in Scottish Provident House, 3rd Floor, 76-80 College Road, Harrow, HA1 1BQ with over 200 skilled employees behind the scene. Looks like their main office is a little small located only on a single floor.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:020 7741 1246(Sales) 020 7741 1327 (Customer Support)
  • Contact Email: (Feedback)
  • Head Office Address: Scottish Provident House, 3rd Floor, 76-80 College Road, Harrow, HA1 1BQ


BeattheBrochure hasn’t made a strong impact in the online travel industry yet and they are already experiencing major operation difficulties. Something needs to be done quickly or their reputation will keep on declining as they lose more customers. 

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