Bearskin Airlines Reviews
Bearskin Airlines Reviews-bush-pilotBearskin Airlines traces its roots back when a bush pilot, Otto John Hegland founded the airline on July 17, 1963 based at Big Trout Lake in Ontario, Canada. The origin of the company name was named after the lake where a general store owned by Herald is located: Bearskin Lake. Initially it catered services to remote first nation reserves using bush aircrafts.

The first inaugural flight of Bearskin as an airline is in 1977 at Big Trout Lake and Sioux Lookout. In 1996, during the downfall of NorOntair, Bearskin acquired the two-thirds of the regional airline’s routes. This commenced the growth of the Canadian regional airline.

Now, Bearskin Airlines’ main bases are at Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay International Airport with a fleet size of 16 Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner that cater to 12 destinations within Manitoba and Ontario while carrying the slogan “Let the Bear take you there!”

In 2014, their 65-year old President and CEO, Harvey Friesen died which until now left the regional airline with no key executive. Mr. Friesen was also the chairman and CEO of Thunder Air.

Special Services
Bearskin Airlines offers bereavement fares with 75% off the full airfare for passengers in need of flight service during grief or death of an immediate family member (child, spouse, parent, legal guardian, brother, sister, father or mother). The best number to reach them for reservations is at  +1 800 465 2327.

For refunds, customers are advised to submit requirements which are listed on their official website and applications must be made within 90 days of bereavement. In case passengers want to personally process the refund, the address for their ticket counter is at:
1475 W. Walsh Street, Thunder Bay, ON, P7E 4X6.

Website Services
The official website of the airlines is obviously derived from the color of the bear, brownish orange. The page displays an image of the aircraft’s tail while on the sky to express the airline’s inflight calmness. The features let travelers to search book for flights and car rental services. It also gives the option to manage bookings online.
Bearskin Airlines Reviews-page
Bearskin Airlines’ page lets travelers view their airline policies which includes check-in, baggage and other flight information. If customers want to subscribe to their newsletter service, the option to enter their email address is located on the bottom part of the page next to their social media account links and contact information.

Customer Reviews
There are no Bearskin Airlines reviews found on Skytrax, AirlineRatings, Trustpilot or Yelp. However, customers and passengers had already left some feedback which are backdated last year that Bearskin Airlines is an amazing airline that takes them to places they need to get to.

But not all Bearskin Airlines reviews are showing the same appreciation as to majority. Some comments are saying that they are disappointed with the regional airlines overall service. One reviewer was actually sad about his unnotified cancelled flight. To see more of these Bearskin Airlines reviews, click the link below:
logoContact Information:

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact number:               +1 800 465 2327
  • Contact Email:        
  • Fax Number:                     +1 807 474 2609
  • Head Office Address:        PO Box 1447 Sioux Lookout ON P8T 1C1, Canada

In this Bearskin Airlines Reviews, we learned that the regional airline in Canada is one of the most in-demand charter services in Ontario, Canada. The reason why I actually wrote a review about this airline was by a request of a friend who was too overwhelmed with her experience with Bearskin Airlines. And it was a nice idea to write something about the airlines.

Just so you know, Bearskin Airlines already received an award for Outstanding Philanthropist Award. See how generous they are? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. Once flew with Bearskin and had a wonderful experience. Everything was worth the pay. The short duration of flight was not even boring with the wonderful view outside

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