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Barcelona-El Prat Airport Reviews-Lionel MessiThe land of many festivals. Heard of La Tomatina where for an hour everyone will be battling by throwing tomatoes on the streets of Bunyol at Valencia, Spain? And of course, who wouldn’t know the “Football Club Barcelona”? Since Spain is a football-crazy nation, this has always been their most famous sport because they excel in it. Let us see how sport they are when it comes to travel assistance? In this review we’re not going to talk about Lionel Messi, let’s talk about their international airport, Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport Reviews of Travellers
Based on 101 Barcelona-El Prat Airport reviews, the international airport of Spain doesn’t leave a good impression on its consumers. To be exact, Skytrax weighed all the Barcelona-El Prat Airport reviews published in a 4/10 rating score. Obviously, this is below the average score of 5-6. Even the most recent feedback which was posted on the 15th of January 2016 has a rating of 3/10.
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She actually had a problem with Barcelona-El Prat Airport on January 4, 2016, when she flew from Detroit to Paris and had a connection flight in the said airport, it was her final flight towards home in Mallorca. She was advised that it will be only 45 minutes between flights and they have to check in. However, there were no ground staff available and the office was closed.

They had to go through the hassle of going out of the airport as ordered by the available staff and come back in as new passengers as per security control given they are both senior citizens. They paid a Premium and had to wait for 45 minutes for their luggage and later did they know it’s not going to be there. They went home without their luggage. On a positive note, their luggage was delivered to their home the next day.

Since the airport is operational for 24 hours, if passengers are lost and need assistance to whereabouts, several information or help desks are located throughout the airport. In Terminal 1 there are seven and four in Terminal 2. But if in case, travelling mobile or electronic devices are almost drawn, charging stations are also available in Barcelona-El Prat Airport. In Terminal 1 there are two of them located near the Sky Centre and Boarding Area B, while in Terminal 2, the two stations are located near 2B-Floor 1/M3 and 2C-Floor 1 M1.

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Mobile Charging Station

To keep travellers feeling fresh, showers are available in the Air rooms which are located in Terminal 1, Floor 1 though it’s not for free. It costs 40.00€  and includes access to the VIP Lounge with Free WiFi, breakfast or snacks.

And speaking of food, both terminals have McDonalds, Cafe di Fiore, Jamaica and Lizarran. Aside from those food establishments, a variety of duty free, tobacco, entertainment and fashion stores are located throughout the airport.

Apart from the WiFi access service in the VIP lounge, there are other 25 wireless internet access points located in the food establishments and Barcelona-El Prat Airport has free unlimited WiFi, just connect to “kubiwireless” network. (SSID: Airport_Free_Wifi_AENA).

Let me tell or share how to get to the airport: by just driving from the center of Barcelona city, make sure to take the Barcelona ring road and turn to the Barcelona-Castelldefels C-31 motorway and from there, turn to exit 192 to join the airport access road.

However, there are other ways too: by public transportation such as rail, taxi or bus.

Location – Traffic – Service
The unique airport of Barcelona is situated 14kms far from the city. This has been an advantage of BCN since it’s specifically located at El Prat del Llobregat where the name “El Prat” was derived from. The airport has 3 runways and is owned by ENAIRE.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport is the primary hub for Air Nostrum and Vueling. Since it’s an international airport, it caters 143 domestic and international destinations. BCN was the 32th busiest airport in the world in 2012 handling 35 million passengers and it grew to 37 Million passengers in 2014. The most recent report was in 2015 where Barcelona-El Prat Airport made a 5.7% increase when they accommodated 39,711,276 million travellers.

Airport/Terminal Map
Barcelona-El Prat Airport Reviews-map

El Remolar was the location of the first airfield of Barcelona and this rooted BCN to begin operations in 1916. In 1948, the first runway was built and is now used as the primary runway. As early as 1963, Barcelona-El Prat airport reached its first million passengers.

So far, there are no major reports or news of any update about the airport. However, to keep in touch with their news and incidents, use the link below:
Barcelona-El Prat Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:                 BCN
  • Phone Number:             +34 902 40 47 04
  • Website URL:      
  • Address:                        08820 El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona-El Prat Airport had garnered several awards recently: they were 2nd place in the Best Airports in Southern Europe and 7th from the Best Airports with 30-40 million passengers per year. One of the most remarkable was when they were honored in 2012 with a Euro Annie award as the airport with most passenger growth in Europe in the top category. BCN might have poor reviews, but judging through its work, I guess the airport is one of the reliable.

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  1. Terminal 1 is large bright and airy with plenty of staff. However the really crazy arrangements of Gates D and E mean that once through passport control you cannot take advantage of the excellent range of shops – only a duty free and newsagent! There is a sign inviting you to take advantage of shopping but it does not point out the significance.

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