Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews

Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews-new ideaMost of our reviews here on “The Flight Reviews” are regarding about Airlines, Online Travel Agencies, Hotel Sites, Transportation Sites and any other travel related online sites and search engines. Let us take you to a new step, but still travel related; Airport Reviews. We’ll provide you information on your initial step towards your destination—at the airport. Now, we’ll talk about “Baltimore–Washington International Airport.”

BWI Customer Reviews
Not as prestigious as Baltimore–Washington International Airport sounds, the airport had been rated by Skytrax’s with a 3 star rating over 10. This below average score shows that the airport has been putting up a bad reputation lately with its customers. They even consider BWI with the worst service ever. One of the most recent reviewer said she spent a lot money, but the services are awful, because there are no power at the workstations and internet has security issues.

Another reviewer said “I like that we have security but damn it’s slow here. With how many people that must come through this airport and all the fees they charge each person you’d think they could have enough staff to make the lines move faster or be shorter or better yet, both. 30 minutes and still moving like cattle.”

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BWI has 2 information desks on the upper level ticketing area and on the Southwest Airlines baggage claim area. Hours for information desks may vary due to staffs are Pathfinder volunteers. They have a total of 14 restrooms throughout the BWI―four at the terminal building, five in the Concourse B area, one at Concourse C, another one on B/C Connector and three more at the Concourse D. For food and shopping stores:

    • Terminal:                 6 food and beverage establishments and 3 shopping stalls.
    • Concourse A/B:      22 food and beverage establishments and 12 shopping stalls.
    • Concourse C:            5 food and beverage establishments and 5 shopping stalls.
    • Concourse D:            9 food and beverage establishments and 8 shopping stalls.
    • Concourse E:             1 food and beverage establishment and 2 shopping stalls.

In 2012, for wireless internet connection service, WiFi is available in BWI. However, it’s complimentary that will only last 45 minutes consumption and users are required to watch the brief advertisement before usage.

The official site of BWI has been really generous and helpful in providing information on how to reach the airport. They use Google, MapQuest, Yahoo! And Live Search to assist customers with directions how to get to the airport from specific locations or cities within Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, West Virginia and Virginia. If the traveler uses GPS, they can get specific location from their units by using “BWI Airport, MD 21240”

Location – Traffic – Services
BWI is easily found because it is surrounded by highways I-695, 295, 100, I-97 and I-195 and found in between Baltimore and Washington which pretty much explains why it was called Baltimore-Washington. The airport serves both metropolitan areas. In 2014, from BWI’s report, the total commercial passenger count was 22.31 million on international and domestic flights from 3 runways. BWI has 16 international and 67 domestic, nonstop destinations.

Terminal Map

Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews-terminal map 1
Upper & Lower Level
Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews-Thurgood Marshall
Thurgood Marshall

Past: Origin of BWI began before the end of World War II in 1944 from an idea of a new airport on 3,200 acres that will serve the Baltimore-Washington. In 1973, with an aim to attract more passengers from the Washington metropolitan area, the name was changed to “Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport”. As an honor to the late Supreme Court Judge, Thurgood Marshall.

Present: Recently, on the 17th of November 2015, a report rose that four passengers of Flight 969 of Spirit Airlines at BWI were removed from the flight to Chicago due to a reported suspicious and unusual behavior. But were released after without charges. This was spread throughout news channels and other news providers. To see more than the current news and more press releases, click here.

Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews-Ricky Smith
Ricky Smith

Future: The newly appointed CEO of BWI, Mr. Ricky Smith, vows to continue the growth of the airport. He was chosen to be the leader of Baltimore–Washington International Airport for US Senator Ed Degrange believed in his straightforward personality and he knows that Smith knows the structure of the airport and the industry all too well. Mr. Smith’s aim for BWI is “We want to engage in a very aggressive effort . . . We want to make sure our friends in Washington recognize that BWI is a Washington-based airport.”

In 2010, BWI was awarded with the 2nd Place Award for Best Food and Beverage Program in Annual Airport Concessions Contest. The aim of the yearly contest was to inspire creativity and innovation in airport concessions. To get a brief background of the airport’s achievement in time, click here.
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Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:             BWI
  • Phone number:         +1 410-859-7111
  • Website URL:  
  • Address:                   7062 Friendship Rd Baltimore, MD 21240 United States
                                    *For more information on how to reach them, click here.

In this Baltimore–Washington International Airport Reviews, BWI had gathered an overall score of 4 out 5 star rating from 499 customer reviews based on Google reviews. This let alone makes the BWI a renowned airport internationally.

In this review, we aimed to provide our consumers essential travel information. Keep reading our reviews and future airport reviews. Feel free to leave a comment below. We are glad to help!




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