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Warren Avis

How Did Avis Start?
“We Try Harder” has been the company’s slogan for 5 decades now. However in 2012 the slogan was changed to “It’s Your Space” as a sign of improvement to service quality through the years. Join me as I pry into Avis and see how hard they’ve been trying for 69 years.

Avis Rent a Car System was founded in 1946 by Warren Avis using three cars from Willow Run Airport (Ypsilanti, Michigan). Mr. Avis was an American entrepreneur who died at age 92.

What is Avis?
Avis is an American online car rental company which operates in more than 4900 locations with over 30,000 employees.

Did you know AVIS stands for Advanced Vehicle Identification System? This company was owned by several companies in time from:

Year & Affiliates
1962  with Investment Group Lazard Freres
1965  with ITT Corporation
1977  with Norton Simon
1983  with Esmark
1984  with Beatrice
1986  with Investment Firm Wesray Capital Corporation
1987  under an Employee Share Ownership Plan
1989  with 29% stake from General Motors
1996  with HFS Corporation
2001  with Cendant
2006  with Avis Budget Group

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Why Avis?
Avis is a user-friendly Rent a Car System which traces its roots back almost 7 years. Given the long term of the business, Avis provides top-notch Car rental services. So let’s dissect their page. Booking a Car Reservation is the main service. The option to request a copy of receipt is shown next to modifying reservations.

TripIt, a leading mobile trip organizer, merged with Avis as of October 4th, 2011. This joining of two companies helped customers access their travel itineraries by TripIt linked with their car reservation by Avis in one shot.

Why NOT Avis?
I tried to read the most recent Avis reviews. I personally trust the company however judging thru some of customer’s complaints mixed with appreciation. I suddenly felt unsure with Avis. Be the judge. Here are the Top 2 of the latest negative and positive Avis Reviews:

Avis Reviews - positive“My family needed a rental for a vacation to Florida in October. I requested a mid sized SUV with low mileage. I picked up a brand new Chevy Traverse SUV.  That was a great surprise, we were very happy. The service at Avis was excellent. Also, if you prepay the rental fee you get a very nice savings. I will absolutely return to Avis when I need a rental.   There was no crazy up sell at the counter for insurance I didn’t need. That was nice as well.”

Avis Reviews - negative“ We used this truck for a local move from West long branch to Eatontown NJ. We went to the Quick Check feet away from the drop off and filled it up with gas. This merchant tried to charge us $6 for gas and $30 to fill it! I tried talking to him but he basically called me a liar. The business is a scam and will try to charge you for extras you didn’t incur. They never sent me a final bill, so I’m glad I checked my bank statement. Also, the truck was disgusting and didn’t work well (broken handles and ramp.) I would NEVER do business with them again. The main Budget company itself was no help as they themselves couldn’t reach the local merchant by phone all day. When asked to speak to a supervisor I was put on hold four times and no one came back on the line.”

Contact information

  • Website URL:                www.avis.com
  • Contact number:           (973) 496-3500
  • Head Office Address:    6 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054

Avis Reviews - logoMy Final Say to Avis
It was fun to learn while reading these Avis reviews. The online Rent a Car System really made a mark in their field of business. They are consistently getting the award for “World’s Leading Business Car Rental Company” since 2011. What can you say about them? Feel free to leave a comment below!



  1. Nice image of an Audi R8, I personally love the car too.
    Anyway I once tried car rental services with Avis. I won’t actually they’re bad or not legit
    But I will admit their service is not good enough. I am even shaky on recommending them to my friends.
    Thanks for this awesome review Max, this might help me explain a lot about Avis.

  2. I had great service from Avis and the price was great. They even sent an email confirmation for my payment, I would definitely use them again.

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