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Avanti Air, a German airline, is styled as avantiair. The airline is based and headquartered in Burbach, Germany, has a main hub at Siegerland Airport, and operates ad hoc charter and wet-lease services. Avanti Air borrows its name from the Italian word for “ahead.”
In our latest Avanti Air reviews, we take a look at this airline from Germany, their official website, main services and features, along with their inflight experience and what passengers have to think about them. We hope that these Avanti Air reviews help.

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Background and History
“Our service makes the difference,” is the company slogan of Avanti Air, a German airline that started operations on July 1, 1994. Former pilots Markus Baumann and Stefan Kissinger are the founders of Avanti Air. Kissinger currently serves as Chief Executive.
Avanti Air had introduced a new corporate design and a Fokker 100 aircraft in 2014. As of August 2016, Avanti Air’s fleet is composed of 2 Fokker 100. They became an all-jet operator airline after replacing their last ATR72 with a second Fokker 100 aircraft in November 2015. Also, as of the most recent Avanti Air reviews, the airline company had 73 employees and was owned by the following: Gerhard Mahler (33,33%), Markus Baumann (33,33%) and Stefan Kissinger (33,33%).

Reviews/What Users Have to Say
Unfortunately, there are little to no Avanti Air reviews online from which to base our opinion on. In this case, we will rely on the general appearance of their official website to come up with our own Avanti Air reviews.

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Their Official Website, Main Services and Features, and Inflight Experience
Their official website’s easy to understand. The design features white, blue, and green in a simple layout. You can change the language from German to English at the top right corner of the homepage.
Avanti Air promises safe and flexible flights to their passengers. According to their site, Avanti Air offers corporate shuttle and charter, ACMI wet-lease, maintenance, training, and aircraft management. You can request your flight, fill up your passenger information, look up Avanti Air’s employees, and check out the airline’s News online. In this link, Avanti Air sells airline merchandise and souvenirs.

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Meanwhile, you can follow Avanti Air on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts at the bottom of their homepage.

Contact Details:
Website URL: https://www.avantiair.com
Contact number: +49 (0) 27 36 – 44 43 0
Contact Email: fly@avantiair.com
Fax: +49 (0) 27 36 – 44 43 99
Head Office Address: avantiair GmbH & Co. KG, Flughafenstrasse, 57299 Burbach, Germany

Concluding Words
Avanti Air unfortunately has no Avanti Air reviews online. All we have to work on is the details of their airline company history, and the information on their official website. They’ve been serving passengers for years but they don’t seem to be as popular or as well-known.
So far, their services are pretty straightforward and their site’s informative and easy to navigate. I can say that their inflight experience will be a smooth one for whatever travel. Avanti Air’s professionalism makes them a viable choice for whatever flight arrangement you want.
What can you say about our Avanti Air reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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