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Asaptickets was founded in 2004 by the International Travel Network (ITN). Asaptickets grew its size to over 1000 employees, headquartered in California, USA with its aim to ensure traveller’s an enjoyable experience. However ITN itself cultivated a bad reputation in the aviation industry, is this like their escape route? Let us investigate!

The layout of Asaptickets is pleasant on the eyes. It shows images of tourist attractions as their background with their latest tour packages and offers. Customers will initially get a discount ID code which is found on the topmost right of the page.
On Asaptickets, travellers are given the option to search for flight deals and this are shown as the main function of the page. Searching needs the following information from customers: location, destination, departure date, return date, number of passengers and what cabin class.

They give travellers a bunch of offers to start with by region and city and even the option to directly find deals from their featured airline: American Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air Europa and Virgin Atlantic.
mid pageIf you’ll notice, the freedom to send feedback to them regarding their site is available on the left hand side of the page, showing as the icon with thumbs up and thumbs down.

Customer service is all around, you can talk to them via skype by adding their account as “” or talk to a live agent to get a free quote. Their customer service number is 1-650-238-5588 and works 24 hours and  7 days.

I was actually looking at different Asaptickets reviews and I was shocked by the complaints raised that claim the online travel agency is a scam. Let me share some of the reviews with you.

  • “DO NOT BUY FROM OR DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. They will slap you AFTER charging your card, with all sorts of undisclosed conditions and terms, hold you at ransom, and give you *** ultimatums. Ask me, I have proof!!! They are a bunch of scammers and fraudsters! They will keep you going back and forth until you’re confused and just want to get off the phone with them! “ 
  • “The ad quotes a travel price for an exotic Asian destination at 20 % or more below all other discounted prices with a large conspicuous link to book or find out more which immediately leads to a phone call to or from an agent. The deal is at least six months off with other restrictions making it totally impractical or not worth testing. “

Some complainants actually created a separate website to start a forum with other victims of asaptickets. Here is the site I am referring to

Contact information

  • Website URL:      
  • Contact number:           800-750-2238
  • Contact Email:    
  • Head Office Address:    100 Pine Street, Suite 1925, San Francisco, CA 94111 

If you ask me to rate Asaptickets, i’d give them zero for their service. There is definitely something fishy about this outfit. What makes this worse is they never answer their customer complaints. Well, Asaptickets has the right to remain silent. Anything they say can and will be held against them! Feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. They charge “no booking fees” but will play a round of currency conversion tag to extract a fee out of you anyways. On top of that, customer service was unhelpful and rude when I asked about the discrepancy on my bank statement.

    • Hello Derrick, Some travel site like Asaptickets can be confusing an deceiving. What makes it much worst is when no one accommodates your concern. I hope your problem with them will be resolved soon.

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