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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews-tfiosThe Fault In Our Stars shot their dating scene in Amsterdam. Reminisce how the two cancer-couples, Augustus and Hazel Grace lived their forever in just numbered days. The famous tourist destination where the best way to get around the Dutch capital’s famous canal is by riding a bicycle due to the traffic of approximately 50%. It might not be easy to get there but it’s worth the shot. Line of museums, brown cafe and restaurants. Even the house of Anne Frank is located right at the corner. Join me as we write a review about the main international airport of Netherlands一Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews of Travellers
However, based on some Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Dutch international airport harnessed a total of 5/10 star rating according to Skytrax, this is average but not good enough. Customers are commenting about the sudden changes to centralize the security checks which delays them and waste most of their time falling in line. But some reviewers, see the improvements as it was done to enhance the services inside the airport. This was like the break even of the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol volume of passengers.

AMS has 2 information desks located in between arrival halls 2 and 3. The other one is located behind the passport control in departure lounges 2 and 3. Transfer desks are also seen throughout the concourses which provides information on transfers and connecting flights. If traveler seems out of the way, there are also touchscreen-kiosk which offers general information regarding the airport. Another good thing about AMS is they have public shower room in each restroom wherein travelers can take a 45 minute shower for only 15 Euro. There’s an unlimited access of internet connection via Free WiFi service from the airport.

The following are list of stores and establishment available in AMS:

  • Food and Beverage:  16
  • Fashion 9
  • Flowers and Gifts:  6
  • News and Books:  2
  • Personal Care:  3
  • Shoes:  2
  • Supermarket:  2
  • Chocolates, Department Store
    Jewelry & Watches, Liquor and Sport:  1 *each
    *To see the list of stores according to classification and location refer to the Terminal Map below

To get to the busiest airport in Netherland there are two ground transport available. Either through  Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the national Dutch train operator which has a terminal railway located just underneath the passenger terminal complex of AMS. Or by bus, the airport is just located 14km outside the capital, Amsterdam (located 20 minutes southwest of Amsterdam, in the municipality of Haarlem, province of North Holland)

Location – Traffic – Service
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews-KLM
Being the busiest and international airport of Dutch people, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol caters annually to over 52 million mixed tourist and business passengers. The oldest airline operating, KLM Airlines is based at AMS. Aside from KLM, there are over 100 airlines flying into Schipol not to mention 20 more budget airlines catering low budget flights across Europe.

AMS has more than 100 carriers that serve a total of 301 domestic and international destinations on a regular basis. Direct (non-stop) destinations grew by 9 to a total of 274. Regular destinations serviced exclusively by full freighters (non-passenger) grew by eight to a total of twenty-seven. The international airport of Netherlands has non-stop connections with an extensive range of cities throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

Terminal Map
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews-terminal-map-AMS

Past: The airport name was originated from Fort Schiphol from the defence works, Stelling van Amsterdam, which was established in 1852 (AMS commenced operations in 1980). Schiphol was derived from English “Ship Hole” defines ship grave, as a reference to its geographical location (prior to Haarlemmermeer) wherein it was once had been a large lake whose violent storms destroyed several ships.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Reviews-Jos Nijhuis
Jos Nijhuis

Present: AMS is back to the ball game by being included again in the 5th spot from The World’s Top 5 Airports (now fourth spot from last year’s sixth). The airline operator of AMS is Schiphol Group and led by Jos Nijhuis. The 57 year old Dutch CEO of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol since 2009 had long been planning the growth of the airport, he said “If it is very busy at the airport, I always go to see how we manage it. We are constantly remodel; I want to see the impact on passengers. Cup of coffee, sit and observe.” Sales rose by 8.1 percent to 1.47 billion euros, net profit by 19.5 percent to 272 million.

Future: In reference to the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s Mission, their aim is “To permanently connect the Netherlands to the rest of the world in order to contribute to prosperity and well-being in this country and elsewhere; Connecting to compete and to complete. We conduct our domestic and international operations in a balanced manner, and in doing so reflect our key values: reliability, efficiency, hospitality, inspiration and sustainability.” To see the whole Mission description of AMS, click here.

Passengers have awarded AMS as being the “Europe’s Best Airport”, it was the first time they have been recognized for this honor. Alongside with that glory, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol had been awarded as well several times for “Western Europe’s Best Airport”. And all of these achievements were granted and fulfilled by Skytrax. To see more of their achievements, click here.
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Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:                    AMS (IATA) and EHAM (ICAO)
  • Phone number:                +31 20 794 0800
  • Website URL:          
  • Address:                            Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol, Netherlands

Based on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol reviews, AMS was built as a single-terminal airport concept which makes massive intake of passenger flow more concise. This strategic idea led the Dutch international airport to gather over 200 awards for almost 4 decades. This only proves the consistency of the airport’s stability in sustaining happy passenger flow.

An anonymous traveler once said “Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination.”




  1. I have used Schiphol many times over the past 30 years but as I grow older the advantages diminish. The one-terminal concept is a major selling point for this airport but the airport is too large for this concept to be viable. The last time I used Schiphol the planes landed on and took off from the Polderbarn runway and this added about 20 -30 minutes to the overall journey time. Both the incoming and return flights involved a lengthy trek to Gate E. Baggage handling was fine on this occasion but is not reliable.

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