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What is Amadeus?
On 17th of 1987, Amadeus was founded as a product of Amadeus IT Group in its aim to provide extensive travel information. The online travel search engine now serves 195 countries with over 10,000 employees.

Amadeus Reviews - Luis Maroto
Luis Maroto

A Spanish businessman holding several managerial positions with Bertelsmann Group, Mr. Luis Maroto,  was announced  to be the president and CEO of Amadeus. He was a Law degree holder from Complutense University in Madrid.

Amadeus is a two Latin word combination which means ama(To Love) and deus(God) and also the middle name of the brilliantly renowned Austrian composer from the 1700’s, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, however, whether or not the name was inspired by him is unknown but anytime I get to mention Mozart for no apparent reason, I do!

Amadeus main features provides wanderlust customers options to search for flights, destinations and inspiration. Let me give you a brief description of each section in Amadeus.

  • Flights – search and compare flight sections of Amadeus showing deals and airfares depending on location, destination, date, duration, one-way or roundtrip and cabin class.
  • Destinations – viewing the vacation and tourist attractions section of Amadeus showing a tons of possible places wanderlust customers might want to visit. This sections is answerable by what type of vacation, where is the location and in when it asks for the season or month.
  • Inspiration – self explanatory section, where travellers can grasp for information or more ideas as to where they might travel the next time or might look into considering adding on their places-to-go list.

An option to send a feedback is shown on the main page of Amadeus. Once clicked, customers get a list of questions and blank space for their personal message. This feedback option is powered by SurveyMonkey.
Amadeus Reviews - feedback
Take a Tour service: The button located on the top center of Amadeus which directs viewers to another page where they are educated on how to use and navigate Amadeus with Find, Keep and Share.Amadeus Reviews - Take a Tour
Latest Announcements: Shown on the right hand side of Amadeus. This provides information of the latest updates done by Amadeus, customers will be shown any improvements or changes done to their overall services.

Amadeus Reviews - website
It wasn’t hard to find Amadeus reviews and I am really surprised to know how bad their name is. The reviewer said “Tons of silos still exist, benefits are lackluster, no real travel discounts, barely contribute to insurance cost increases, raises consist of a yearly inflation adjustment, extremely slow to change or process anything, not concerned with it’s line level employee’s opinions, no training opportunities.” thru that he gave Amadeus a 1 out 5 rating

Other reviewer said “If you’re a business person (business analysts), then this is where you shouldn’t be. It’s super boring, old technologies, low pay and french bureaucracy. None french or french brown noser will never make it beyond their current position. Stop the whole French politics and improve your retention program. Solid talents are either not utilized, trained or resign. It’s horrible.” thru that she gave Amadeus a 1 out 5 rating too.

Contact information

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:              +34 91 582 0100
  • Fax Number:                    +34 91 582 0188
  • Head Office Address:       Salvador de Madariaga 1 28027 Madrid, Spain

In a Nutshell
I believe that customers who experienced Amadeus services are finding them a bit of a French bureaucracy program. This will be a big problem when it comes to providing travel information because it means that the business has to be internationally ready, wherein it shows they are not. That’s my advice to the management.

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  1. Did you know that originally “Amadeus’ was not the middle name of Mozart?
    The real middle name was “Theophilus” which is in Greek.
    However Latin version “Amadeus” was better to hear.
    Anyway awesome review!

    • This is an interesting fact Stella. Thanks for letting me know more about Amadeus. Hoping to see more of your comments soon.

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