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This review was created by request to check the credibility and efficiency of the site. I had to admit that searching for information about allHotels was not easy. Let me tell you why.

Why allHotels?
The page alone was designed to look modernized, I love the idea of compiled hotel buildings on the bottom part of the page. allHotels is a hotel search engine that seeks for hotel accommodations and reservations from hotel site giants such as Expedia, Booking, HotelClub, Hostelbookers and many more.

On allHotels, customers are allowed to customize their searching categorize to New York, Seattle, Miami, London, Paris and Dublin search results appearing right below the compiled hotel picture. However, the main search result page shows the volume of the weekly reservation on a specific city, results are also filtered by recommendation, star rating, distance, price and guest ratings and reviews. The result page also helps tourist to get directions via Google Map.

allHotels is basically the most convenient way to search for the best deals since the results are filtered from world renowned online travel agencies and not focused on one specific company or hotel.

allHotels Reviews-convinceHowever, these facts and services didn’t convince me in the slight, because if you’ll compare allHotels with other hotel sites that do the same kind of services on searching the best rate. You might forget that you stumble upon allHotels at all.

Why NOT allHotels?
allHotels is a one-page view online travel operator which lets customers search for the best hotel deals online from scanning through other online travel agencies. This action was proven cybersquatting by its own consumers.

Another thing, customers are complaining about their social media accounts that directly lead them to a “Link Orchard” social accounts from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. That even the page’s “Support” option doesn’t give out any number to call but just the name of their who-knows-who customer support representative.

The “About Us” of allHotels doesn’t even satisfy their travelers’ hunger for information about the company background. It does tell you its objectives but doesn’t include the origin and ownership of the travel site.
logoHow To Reach Them:

It was actually hard to write something about allHotels, since no customer reviews are appearing online and social media accounts are not even named under the company itself. It was quite suspicious to rely your travel searches on this kind of travel site. It is not safe to assume that they are credible, since let alone their site doesn’t come close to convincing at all.

Feel free to be the judge by leaving a comment below.



  1. I won’t even dare to try using this hotel site. From the initial looks of the page, it looks dull and scam. Maybe if one of my friends will prove the eligibility of the site then maybe i’ll give it a shot. For now, NO.

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