Airport Explorer Reviews

To begin let’s talk about the layout of Airport Explorer. It looks like the design was rushed and they say it’s giving the best deals of price flights across United States.

No customer service number, chat support, email support and not even a head office address. A good start to clean hands in case of trouble. However the “Contact Us” button is shown below and will ask your email address and to send a message. Puzzled if they will respond because they don’t even have contact email.
Airport Explorer Reviews - Contact Us

The right side of the page shows a list of airlines that you can search information. Customers can pick from the list and hit submit. After choosing Airport Explorer you get an overview, facts and even fleet size of the selected airport.

Airport Explorers main service lets you find cheap flights, hotel deals and best deal on tour attractions.

In finding cheap flights, it will direct customers to a page where they’re given a choice of domestic or international flights. However it will show several logos of OTA, which on the description for domestic flights shows a direct priority to TripAdvisor. The Airport Explorer said International flights are more complicated and their shortcut option, again, clicking the OTA logo listed below wherein some are mentioned on the description such as Mobissimo, Skyscanner and WhichBudget.

Travel Guide is shown on this part of the page where customers will be educated about the differences of flights from one-way, round-trip or multi-cities. A guide to price verification like OTA versus Airlines is shown as one of their Searching Tips.

In finding hotel deals, the page is categorized by price or location. Again the search option shows a list of online travel agencies which accommodates hotel reservations and searching too. However Airport Explorer again is warning customers to check the hotel reviews first before booking. There’s a Google Find Hotel Review search icon on this part of the page.
Airport Explorer Reviews - Google search
In finding cheap tours and deals, Airport Explorer will give customers a list of tour advisor sites which includes Viator, G Adventures, City Discovery and Tours4Fun.

Airport Explorer offers a pdf file ready for download about travelling guides. The name of the service is called “Avoid The Travel Blues”. The option to download is shown on the right hand of the page in which customers will be asked to fill out the email address and they’ll receive the guide.
Airport Explorer Reviews - avoid
For the sake of this review, I tried entering mine. The image below shows the email I received which will direct you to subscribe receive a mailing list not a book guide.
Airport Explorer Reviews - 12312313

Why NO Customer Complaints showing anywhere?
Have you ever tried searching for Airport Explorer reviews? No results found. Do you wonder why? Well maybe because no one dared to use it or took a risk giving away money without any information aside from the page itself. Or maybe it’s because when you try to search it will direct you to another online travel agency or Airline. So basically it’s just a page to search another page. A search engine.

Airport Explorer Reviews - Page

The page is just a click away on the web and you can start searching for flights or hotel reservations with some guides and tips.

It’s not going anywhere but will just let you open new tab after tab and another tab. In a nutshell, like a cybersquatting.



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