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Have you ever wondered how are foods catered on an airline? Well, some of us are really rapt with the fact about what meals are served by cabin class from a specific airline. AirlineMeals was designed to provide traveler information regarding in flight meals of airlines. As their company slogan goes “Nothing but airline food!”

AirlineMeals Reviews-beginningMarco Hart was the mastermind behind the creation of AirlineMeals. On the 1st of October 2001, the 40 year old Dutch graphic designer who loves taking pictures at everything his eyes may sight, sprouted the idea after taking a picture of an inflight meal to show his curious mom what he was eating. People got interested with his shot that he come up with an idea of making a website which mainly talks about airline’s meals and he tried browsing other airline meals shots and was surprised to see only over 20 images. He saved it on his hard disk and sought permission from the original photographers to use their images as part of his personal website.

The growth of the website stopped in 2002, because no pictures were added. However he started to redesign his website by asking “if you are flying and you happen to have a camera with you, please take a picture of your meal and send it to me, I want to start a collection on my website.” He then sought for the help of his friends and visitors to freely send their in-flight meals pictures and comment rating. Each photo includes when was the photo taken, who took the photo and what airline are they flying, aircraft’s model and if it’s long or short haul. Everyone was given the freedom to rate the on board meals from 1-10.

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Now, AirlineMeals has over 697 airlines on their page with 36,541 pictures being updated daily. The site is showing on their main page the meal of the last added airline’s image and option to read the full review. Scrolling down shows the airline’s meals feature of the month and other first class, business class, economy class and special meals. AirlinesMeals also added a new category for low cost carrier and crew meals. Even though the page is known for only providing inflight meal information, they are also generous about amenity kits, on board movies, advertisement and lounges.
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Contact information

The page’s head office address and contact information are nowhere to be found, but AirlineMeals are proven to be a credible company. The best way to reach them is by going through their contact us section of the page. Click here, to get there directly or send them an email:, they also have social media accounts:

There are no complaints about AirlineMeals, for this site is one of the helpful travel sites around like FlyerTalk. We are looking forward for the page’s resourcefulness to keep growing in due time. However, I wonder why the founder doesn’t have at least a legal picture of him. I hope this won’t lead to something fraudulent in the future. Have you used AirlineMeals before? Feel free to share your story below.



  1. WOW! Really? There’s a site for me to know what are the food served inflight by airlines?
    This is way too cool! Thanks Max for sharing this review, now i’ll now which airline to book my flight with. More power to your site.

    • Yes, Miracle. I find AirlineMeals handy too. I am glad that I was able to help you discover a new source of food information. See you on my next articles.

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