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Airbnb logo was redesigned in 2004 as an expression of their continued success since 2008. Above was the image explanation of the new company logo of Airbnb. People, places, love and Airbnb.

Airbnb Reviews - Brian Chesky
Brian Chesky

​Airbnb traces its roots to 2008 when Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky can’t afford to pay rent and they just turn their loft into a lodging space with three air beds on the floor, set up a website and got three renters for $80 each. That sprung the idea and called their old friend who was a brilliant engineer, Nathan Blecharczyk, to join their team. Then that’s how Airbed & Breakfast was created.

Summer of 2008 when they bought tons of cereal and redesigned the packages to presidential candidates. They were able to sell 500 boxes for $40/box and was used to be their capital for Airbed & Breakfast. In 2009 they joined the Y Combinator’s Winter class pulling in additional $20,000 funding.

Airbnb Reviews - Joe Gebbia
Joe Gebbia

It was Spring of 2009 when Airbed & Breakfast changed name to Airbnb and that summer of the same year, they decided to include booking fee. That extended service made the company grew to 15 employees. However, for Joe and Brian to explore what’s still missing in their company, they flew to New York in 2010 and launched a photography program wherein Airbnb secured $7.2 million that hit 1 million nights booked in spring of 2011. They even bought on the same year and Ashton Kutcher joined their advisory board.

The Guest and The Host
Basically Airbnb is divided to two services. Customers can be the Guest or the Host. The Host are the ones who have a place they would want other travelers might want to rent which pretty explains that the Guest are the travelers.
The interface of Airbnb is updated with the newest layout design of website in which customers can easily understand what to do first. With Airbnb customers are asked “Where do you want to go?” where customers can type in their desired destination, date duration and number of guests. This will direct customers to a search result page listing of price and hotel information powered by Google Map. (The image below is the sample result when customer hit “Search”. In this review, I used Las Vegas, Nevada as my destination for a week with 2 guests)
Airbnb Reviews - search results
Airbnb Feedback
However given the continuous success of Airbnb, feedback and comments are not similar to what they have achieved. Scanning through Airbnb reviews, travelers are not happy and pleased with their services. Wherein customers consider Airbnb a horrible company and a bait & switch. Let me share you one recent review.

Customer said “I tried it for the first time on a trip to Miami. We prefer to stay in Coral Gables and our favorite hotel was full. I found a property on the map on a street I knew and booked it. 2 days later I finally get a reply and the house I booked is no where near the point on the map, that gave a specific street address right to the number. Fraud? Deceit? I would not have booked this place if they had truthfully disclosed its actual address. 1/2 mile away matters! The owner blamed airbnb, and its true The web site does not disclose that the addresses are approximate. Airbnb blamed the owner for being deceptive with a numerical address. I feel scammed and it will not happen again.” Mr. Withers gave Airbnb a 1 out 5 rating on 22nd of October 2015. Trustpilot have rated Airbnb with ⅖ rating out of the total reviews published.
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Contact information

  • Website URL:                 
  • Contact number:                      0843 504 7257
  • Contact Email:               
  • Head Office Address:               888 Brannan St., San Francisco, CA 94013, United States

Checking other Airbnb reviews makes me wonder how did Airbnb gained their success or maybe they were just good at aiming more but bad at maintaining customers. Because when you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others. Customer is the foundation of any business, without them then it’s not consider business. I hope this review helps, feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. I once tried using Airbnb but I prefer FlightHub instead when it comes to customer service. Airbnb has cheap rates too however with FlightHub customers like me where well accommodated. We deserve to be treated well. I know I am too young and new to travelling but atleast give us something worth the first impression.

    • I agree with you Pam, FlightHub is one of the leading and legit online travel agency. You should stay with them instead, if you’re comfortable with their services. Thanks for the comment.

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