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Asia is the biggest continent in the world and that’s a fact. Have you heard of AirAsia? Well I gathered information about the Malaysian airlines named after the biggest continent. Join me as I study AirAsia’s progress in time.

Commencement of AirAsia
Air Asia was founded in 1994 by DRB-Hicom, a leading Malaysian corporation. However the airline started operations the 18th of November 1996.

The Malaysian low-cost airline, for 7 consecutive years has been headquartered at Kuala Lumpur International Airport with current fleet size of 80 consisting of 80 Airbus A320. The airline keeps growing over the years and it had multiple alliances from different airlines and affiliates: In 2015 with Filipino investors; In 2011 with Malaysia Airlines and All Nippon Airways; In 2012 with India as AirAsia India; In 2013 with Zest Air. However the most recent joint venture was with Thailand’s Asia Aviation and the airline was rebranded to AirAsia X began operations in June 2014.

AirAsia’s Services
AirAsia is categorized into three cabin classes, namely Economy, Hot Seats and Premium Class. Which customers enjoy a variety of Asian and Western palatable meals ready on their inflight menu. To see the list, click here.
AirAsia Reviews - tablet

With the airlines inflight entertainment at top priority, travellers experience the new Samsung Galaxy Tab with a 10.1 widescreen display. The tablet contains a list of the latest movies, TV shows, music, games and magazines updated monthly to make sure customers get the most recent entertainment.

BIG Loyalty Programme, the airline’s frequent flyer service. This program lets customers earn BIG Points every time they fly with AirAsia. Similar to other airline’s, their frequent flyer program points can be redeemed to get discounted flights, upgrade classes, seat selection and enrollment to loyalty member upgrade.

AirAsia values their customers necessity to keep in touch with their loved ones or even business purposes with roKKi. This is the airline’s inflight connection, which travellers get to have internet access even while on board.
AirAsia Reviews - lil'miss redFor AirAsia FAQs, Lil’ Miss Red is at your service. She is an online associate which travellers can ask other queries that they can’t be found on the official website. You can find the option to talk to her on the later part of the website next to the language selector.

The Official Website and Mobile App
AirAsia Reviews - page
I explored the website and I can say the layout of the page is pretty simple and casually presented. The official website of the airlines provides travellers various options to search and book flights, hotel reservations and car rentals. The header of the page gives access for travellers to check-in online, information about the airline services and log in their BIG Shot account.

AirAsia Reviews - mobile app
AirAsia has extended their services thru Mobile access. The new mobile app is available on iPhones, Androids and BlackBerrys or scan the QR code here. With the mobile version of these services, travellers can book flights, seat selection, upgrade class, check-in online and check flight status.

AirAsia Reviews and Feedback
Analyzing through different AirAsia reviews. I’ve noticed customers are really consistent with praising the airline’s quality of service. One reviewer said “I only had a short flight from Singapore to Denpasar with AirAsia but they were excellent. They were very helpful at check in with barely and queue, polite and friendly staff and excellent choice of meals which were good quality.” in this AirAsia, he gave them a 9/10 rating on 19th of September 2015 according to

Contact information

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact number:             +60 3 8660 4488
  • Contact Email:      
  • Fax Number:                   +60 3 8660 4889
  • Head Office Address:      LCC Terminal, Kuala Lumpur Intl Airport, Airport Main Terminal Building, 64000
                                           Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Overall Conclusion
After finishing and reading other AirAsia reviews. I realized that AirAsia might not be as big as Asia. However the growth of the low-cost airline made its way to the 25th spot from The World’s Top 100 Airlines. This has proven that strength and growth come only through continuous efforts and struggles. Feel free to leave a comment below!



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  1. Asian girls really are the best. I extremely want to recommend AirAsia specially their friendly and professional cabin crew. I never thought asian foods can be that sumptuous. Had a wonderful time flying with AirAsia.

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