Air Transat Airlines Review

Air Transat Airlines’ slogan: “Your vacation people”. Initially the airline’s goal was just to establish new destination markets and solidify their position for Transat A.T. Inc, an outgoing tour operator in Canada and France.
The airline is at the 80th spot from The World’s Top 100 Airlines 2015 now. Let us see how they work!

The beginning
The Air Transat Airlines started in December 1986, wherein they first initiated flight from Montreal to Acapulco on November 14, 1987. The current CEO of the airlines is a 67 year old Canadian, Jean-Marc Eustache quoted “I’ve always been in business”. Since he was 14 years old he decided his own financial needs, a self-described workaholic who still tends to wake up at 4 in the morning to fire up. His character as a natural leader with a vision was the airlines foundation to its long service of 28 years.

Air Transat Airlines Review - Jean-Marc Eustache CEO
Jean-Marc Eustache

Just so you know
Air Transat Airlines is Canada’s leading holiday travel airlines, next to Air Canada and WestJet, where its main hub is in Montreal – Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau International with a fleet size of 26:
9 Airbus A310-300, 8 Airbus A330-200, 4 A330-300 and 4 Boeing 737-800 for 60 destinations.


The Air Transat Airlines received the honor of “Best North American Leisure Airline” at the Skytrax annual event in June 2015

Air Transat flight 961 Varadero to Quebec, on March 6, 2005, the Airbus A310-308 was flying 90 miles south of Miami, Florida, USA when one of the crew heard a loud bang and felt a vibration. The pilot had to manually fly the aircraft while controlling the dutch roll. The crew initiated a descent which helped to lessen the turbulence, it ended with the decision of returning to Varadero.

Air Transat classes with class
The Air Transat Airlines provides two classes; The Club Class and Economy Class.

Customers in Economy class enjoys complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and meal service. Customers in this class can purchase Option Plus, which entitles them to a seat selection, check-in and boarding assistance, baggage handling and access to the security checkpoints in Montreal and Vancouver. The other class, Club Class, lets their customer to enjoy wider seats, priority baggage handling, check-in and boarding priority and access to the security checkpoints in Montreal and Vancouver priority. In addition travellers enroute to Europe receives a travel kit. The airlines makes sure their passengers are not bored on board with their inflight entertainment and supplies the latest movies, TV shows and videos about their destination on overhead screens and audio programming.

Air Transat Airlines Review - Economy Class

Air Transat Airlines Review - Club Class

The Official website and Mobile app
The Air Transat Airlines’ official website’s interface uses calm colours, Blue and White which gives you the feeling of relaxing in the air.
Initially it will ask customers to select their country and language and will show you a 30 second page which will educate customers that “all prices shown on the website are in Canadian dollars” and will provide a toll free number to speak with their representative at +1 866 255 4871.
After 30 seconds the customer the customer is directed to the main page which provides the option to book a flight, book a hotel reservation and check their latest packages. The wider part of the screen promotes the airlines’ latest deals and offers providing the sale date and rate as well. The other functions of the official website lets customers check flight status, check-in online and seat selection. The upper section helps the customer with car rental, in booking a train ticket and avail cruise packages. The website’s language is interchangeable to English and French with the drop down language section located at the top right of the page.

The Air Transat Airlines launched a mobile app version for their customer’s smartphones. Once downloaded, their customers have access to check their flight status, information on destinations offered by the airlines and even allows customers to download their electronic documents. The mobile app is available in English and French. It entitles customers to view a wide range of inflight entertainment such as movies, TV shows and music using their smartphone or tablet.

Air Transat Airlines Review - Mobile App
The mobile app is free of charge and ready to be download by their customers at the App Store and the Google Play Store

Customer’s Feedback
The Air Transat Airlines receives average ratings from their passengers. One of the reviewers was embarrassed and said “This was the worst air travel I have experienced. The seats on the plane are the smallest and most uncomfortable I have experienced. There seems to be a lumbar support that doesn’t allow you to rest your head on the headrest without either a pillow or some item of clothing stuffed behind  your head, oh and by the way, pillows are not supplied, you must purchase them. The aisles are so narrow that you are bumped by most passengers and carts travelling up and down the aisle, making sleep impossible on the long flight. You couldn’t watch the movies unless you brought your own headphones or purchased them from the airline and the monitors were small and only located in the center of the aircraft. The food was terrible would not recommend this airline and never plan to fly them again.” she gave the airline a 3/10 rating. However another reviewer said “Food was very nice. But what was worth the review was the crew. They made the trip quite enjoyable. The crew member that generally dealt with us had a graceful, good nature and provide us with warm and caring service throughout. There was no lacking on our flight. Many thanks.” he gave the airlines a 10/10 rating.

Contact information

  • Website URL:      
  • Contact number:          +1 877 872 6728 or 514 636 3630
  • Contact Email:    
  • Fax Number:                +1 514 906 5133
  • Head Office Address:   5959 Chemin Cote Vertu Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, H4S 2E6, Canada

In this Air Transat Airlines review, the airlines took an ascending flight! Tracing its roots as just a business unit of Transat A.T. Inc. They were able to show that not a one or two incidents will stop them from soaring. “The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is the soul.”

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  1. I fly with Air Transat about three times per year to the UK and JA.
    Staff or very friendly and service… complaints.
    Prices are definitely a reason to keep using Air Transat.
    No Complaints !

    • Hi Spophisann!
      Indeed you are correct about riding with them, Air Transat is one of the most customer-friendly airlines.
      I am glad to receive a comment from you. You can also try to check other airlines review I wrote.
      Have a nice day.

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